mug shots

in the time of erap’s arrest in april 2001, it would seem that his mug shots were not meant to be released to media.  or so i gather from this article i found while googling edsa tres for my next (and last, promise!) EDSA book:

Pres. Arroyo was flabbergasted when an “enterprising Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) official” sold a video of a humbled Estrada to the local and international media. Estrada was shown in police custody and grim-faced as his mug shots were taken. A noted TV commentator said that the sight was enough to move people to take the deposed president’s side. And, certainly, this was supposed to have given the “EDSA III” instigators the spark needed to start an uprising.

there was another link that named the PAOCTF official, but can’t find it now, kainis, so guess who na lang, public figure din.

what’s interesting now is that the gma camp is begging the authorities not to release her mug shots to the media.  i suppose they’ve given up on the paawa strategy, which is smart of them.  it would seem there is little sympathy from the masses anyway, i guess because they can’t relate to the notion of, because they could never afford, medical treatment abroad.

which is not to say there is no sympathy for gma.  there is, especially from her own class, but who are not wont to expose themselves unnecessarily.  more likely they’re just storming the heavens with prayers that the supreme court regain the upper hand in the unfolding constitutional thrilla in manila.

meanwhile, media must be on tenterhooks:  heed this tweet…

Marvic Leonen @ANCALERTS there is no public interest in the release of the mugshots except to degrade the accused. Her pictures should not be released.

…or be scooped by the competition.  abangan.