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save the BBL

i get it naman.  of course, the president wants the BBL passed and in place by the time he steps down so he can take full credit for it, even bag that rumoured-to-be-coveted peace prize.  after all, this is a … Continue reading

gloria & the archbishop vs. RH

i’m sorry gloria arroyo choked on that lemon, i mean, melon, not too long after she went back to congress to rally her troops against the RH bill.  sorry because it means she’s not likely to make it to the … Continue reading

remembering Edsa Dos & Tres #CJ impeachment (updated)

not surprisingly, no one cares to remember Edsa Dos, obviously because installing gloria macapagal arroyo turned out to be a grievous mistake, like a giant 10-year step backward.  what if, instead of ousting estrada, we had allowed the impeachment trial … Continue reading

armida: what if, people power vs SC

read armida siguion-reyna‘s What people want.  she ends with thoughts of people power. I’ve been told there are lawyers invoking “the rule of law” and the Philippine Constitution, and I understand where they’re coming from. But, and this is a … Continue reading

mug shots

in the time of erap’s arrest in april 2001, it would seem that his mug shots were not meant to be released to media.  or so i gather from this article i found while googling edsa tres for my … Continue reading

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