nothing brilliant about brillantes

so brillantes promises to resign, yet again ( the fourth time by sunstar‘s account), this time over last night’s partial proclamation of the top six winning senators.

There is no way the six candidates who were proclaimed as senators on Thursday night will be removed from the top 12 once the full results are in, Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes said Friday.

“I will fight for it. I will resign if any of the six (winners) will be bumped off the (top) 12,” he told reporters, adding the six candidates have already netted enough votes to ensure election.

no doubt that those six are in the “magic” 12.  hindi naman iyon ang problema.  ang problema is the rush to formally proclaim them when the numbers are not all in.  you wonder why nga ba  brilliantes is so nagmamadali to proclaim anyone when the count has stalled, slowed down, with no clear and credible explanations.  it’s not as if these piecemeal proclamations render the automated system more credible.  the cloud of doubt only grows grayer and heavier.  it would seem that brilliantes is as much the problem as the pcos and cf cards.


  1. manuel buencamino

    Na-proclaim na ang 12 winners. Nancy, Jinggoy, and Gringo ng UNA and Cynthis and Kokoy of Team PNoy have accepted their proclamation. So yun nguy-nguyan binaliwala na nila. Tulad nga ng sinabi ni JV, “Maraming may duda sa mga kasamahan natin. Maraming hindi makapaniwala, and the bottom line eh ikaw ang ibinoto ng taumbayan, and we have the mandate to fulfill, kaya nandito kami.”

    So would Brillantes have proclaimed the top six if most of them were for UNA? Maybe yes, maybe no but it really does not matter anymore because all the three UNA winners accepted their proclamation. I await Dick Gordon raising hell about the premature proclamation of JV and Gringo and their acceptance of it. :-)

  2. […] it is telling after all of the state of discourse in this country, when we can bully Nancy Binay to death and she will land number 5 in the senatorial race; when we find the time to question every SMDC and SM Mall project and yet have nothing to say about the oppression of the Filipino worker; when we would all have an opinion on Aiai delas Alas’s marriage, but we will not go so far as to talk about divorce; when we would rather believe the propaganda of “credible elections” even as it is too obvious that stalled elections are never credible. […]