no guts, no gloria

well the woman has guts, and she really doesn’t care what fvr thinks, much less what wewho-want-her-out think, not as long as there are people in place who continue to support her.

but it’s offensive, that happy grin she was flashing for the cameras when she filed her certificate of candidacy, gleefully gratefulit would seem for the “clamor” from the 2nd district of pampanga.    she thinks we’re dumb, she thinks she’s got the world believing that that supposed clamor was is spontaneous and not the result of manipulation and spin, shades of edsa dos.

or maybe it’s an act. behind that gleeful grin maybe it’s a matter of life and death and chacha and she’s a bundle of nerves, the ghosts of the ampatuan massacre haunting her dreams, like andal jr.’s.   if so then she’s a damned good actress.   she could go into showbiz instead and give aling dionesia a run for the money.

so what now.   i think it was dean amado valdez of u.e. who’s saying it’s an impeachable offense, running for congress while still president.   a betrayal of public trust.   makes sense to me.   and fvr is right, the office is diminished.   she makes it seem that the presidency is a parttime job, and that right now until may 2010 there’s nothing that requires her urgent attention.   good grief.   what a president.



  1. I have never felt so invisible as a citizen of the Philippines as I do with GMA. She not only does not give a damn what we think. She joyfully flaunts her violation of the Constitution she promised to protect…through misinterpretation, she claims it is not illegal. She and her family hides behind “show the proof” of any accusation of corruption….C’mon! There will never be a document signed by them that shows they accepted payments with the particulars stating “to corrupt local officials for the period covering jan to mar 2009”! There are, however, the changes in SALN. They are screwing us over and they have their press secretaries mouthing nonsense. As helpless as I feel, I will have no greater joy should the members of the press ask hard and irreverent questions to force them to cut the bullshit. Since they have shown us, the citizens, how utterly they disrespect us, they deserve the same!