national security concerns

while i try to come to terms with rigoberto tiglao’s story that the prez rushed the crafting (behind closed doors) and signing of the enhanced defense ek-ek just so obama would drop by while he was in the neighborhood and not snub the philippines again as he did when he visited indonesia not once but twice… yeah yeah because if he had snubbed us yet again, china would have been delirious with joy…

and while i try to understand where the prez is coming from, giving american troops access to practically any place they might desire to occupy/locate themselves, almost any place — i assume the palace is off limits? — in the archipelago, rural and urban, civilian and military,  with the americans retaining jurisdiction, criminal and whatever, over everyone and everything they bring in and do wherever… i don’t get it, why do the americans want, need, to be all over the place?  what’s the real agenda?  why all the secrecy?

and while i wonder if government knows something we citizens don’t know regarding our status as sovereign nation, as in, we’re not pala, sovereign, akala lang natin, and we citizens are the last to know?  could this be america’s and the aquino admin’s way of telling us without saying it in so many words?

and while i wonder if senator miriam’s promised senate probe would could make any difference, and if taking the question of constitutionality to the supreme court would only bring on another double negative, as in, not unconstitutional, lol, and whether american soldiers are regularly tested for HIV-AIDS and have unlimited supply of top-of-the-line leak-proof condoms to keep our women and children safe from sexually transmitted diseases…

and finally there’s napoles and the pdaf scam, and talk that enrile, estrada, and revilla will be arrested soon.  talaga?  meanwhile i’m intrigued by this mother’s day tweet by malou tiquia :

@maltiq One flew over d cuckoo’s nest n landed on a sanitized list 2 b revealed next week. JN n Cam lost their aces! Circus coming! #pdafblues 

is d cuckoo who i think it is?  but isn’t that what sandra cam was warning about, a sanitized list that would not tally with napoles’s?

and what about ping lacson claiming in a radio interview that the napoles list is explosive, it could bring the senate down, and that’s a national security concern, therefore it can only be revealed to the senators themselves in a secret session.  big mistake.  keeping that list secret from the public would create more of a national security concern.  for sure it would infuriate and galvanize million-people-march-ers to storm the streets in protest, demanding that the list be made public, stop coddling the accused, or else!


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  1. Let me do my best to answer a few of your questions. America-the-government should be distinguished from Americans-the-people. The people supply the soldiers and those soldiers are generally good and kind people, not malicious rapists out to conquer the globe. They were the ones down south opening Tacloban so relief goods and Filipinos could get in after the storm. They work first and play later.

    America-the-government seeks to defend Americans and the ideals upon which she is based, democracy and freedom being two of the planks, and the opportunity to grow and even get rich a couple of others. America-the-government has soldiers in other lands to protect other lands, generally at the request of the host country, whose leaders know their well-being is fragile if they are not as strong as they can be, and America helps make them strong. This is also to the benefit of America, that other lands – like the Philippines – are strong and independent, and America likes secrecy because it keeps the enemy off-guard.

    Sometimes the enemy is where you’d least expect it.

  2. baycas

    Lists ayon sa balita at…bali-balita

    1. Napoles – listahang halos tumutugma sa Luy List

    2. Napolist – listahang pakawala ng sangkot sa katiwalian

    3. Na-pole – listahang tumuhog sa kung sinu-sino na lang

    4. Napolished – listahang self-explanatory

    5. Na-fool – listahan ng buong bayan

  3. baycas

    (Sound of reminiscence playing in the background: music from the olden days…)

    Even Marcos had his list. Thanks to Johnny…most likely.

    “My barber, Conrad, tells me that the overwhelming opinion outside Malacañang is that it is about time I took sterner measures against the demonstrators that are violent.”

    “The Armed Forces had a critique of the exercises for the Contingency Plan. Defects being ironed out.”

    “We must finalize the list to be arrested if there is massive sabotage or assassination. I assess the plans of the communists to include these activities by the middle of March.”

    “Johnny Ponce Enrile reports demoralization among the HMBs specially the Ma-Maos who are ready to surrender but would like to make it appear like a capture.”

    Ferdinand E. Marcos, 02.28.1970

    [Note: It is purely coincidental that, like baycas, Marcos had a penchant to listen to his erudite barber…not only great in hair cutting but likewise a politically astute citizen.]

    Mang Gani, who is a colleague of Mang Bernie, my barber, surely wished that those listed in the NAPO-LUY List will have the same fate as those listed in the ENRIL-MACOY List!

    • baycas

      Meanwhile, Mang Tony, the third of the three ‘20/20‘ perceptive barbers, wondered out loud in the vernacular during another “kuwentong barbero” session, “Where’s Reynaldo*?” (A la “Where’s Waldo?” in his tone)

      Mang Bernie quickly added,

      “Is he really in hiding…or is he actually being held captive by sinister people???”

      *Reynaldo Lim aka Jojo Lim, Jenny’s brother