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mindanao http://manilatimes.net/doublespeak-and-the-mindanao-peace-agreement/72293/
PDAF http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/572215/return-pork-4-solons-told
CARP http://opinion.inquirer.net/70623/where-is-social-justice
china http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2014/01/31/1284980/losing-goodwill


  1. manuel buencamino

    Double-speak notwithstanding – because double-speak has its uses – both the MILF and the GRP need the support of the people. Peace in terms of a ceasefire between the MILF and the GRP, and by extension the citizens, however temporary and tenuous, will allow everyone the thinking space to come to terms with the real issues at hand. The country has to recognize that there is a bansamoro people and they have the right to self-determination, whether they want to be independent, an autonomous region, or an integral part of the republic. This new peace agreement is a tacit recognition of this right. The establishment of the substate can be loosely likened to be establishment of a commonwealth, a transition period towards independence if the bansamoro chooses that option. Anyway, I think both the GRP and the MILF have reached a situation where peace is the only rational option. Each side can work towards their ultimate goals peacefully. If bangsamoro opts for independence several years down the road, then hopefully we would have had by then a mutually beneficial relationship and living side by side as independent states will not be the problem that it looks like from today’s eyes. Or maybe bangsamoro would be happy to remain a part of the Philippines, after it sees that its substate status works better than full independence. The peace agreement is just a step towards peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims. Maybe we can teach the world another lesson.

      • manuel buencamino


        A peace deal with the MILF is a start. It’s the largest group. Besides, the BIFF and Nur’s group have a different agenda. They will create trouble for sure but we cannot be forced into inaction just because they are not ready to sit down and talk. Somehow I sense there is a tribal thing going on in the power struggle between Nur and the MILF leaders or am I just imagining it?

        I think the GRP should just let the MILF deal with the BIFF, ASG, and Misuari’s faction. They can be considered internal probems to be resolved by the bangsamoro among themselves. Unfortunately, the constitution speaks of a national police so peacekeeping will still be under the PNP. Sayang, if not for the constitutional thing, the MILF can transform into a local police force under the bangsamoro government. They can keep their arms because they are now police and there will not be any need for decommissioned MILF soldiers to be integrated into the AFP or PNP. Or maybe they can all be integrated into the PNP and assigned permanently to the bangsamoro kaya lang siempre there will still be the problem of duties and responsibilities etc under the PNP.

        But propaganda wise a united front in the quest for peace between the GRP and the MILF – a give peace a chance crusade – would be difficult to beat. It could make the BIFF and Nur’s group very unpopular and they can end up being marginalized into extinction. Hopefully.

        • Batang-genyo,Alah,eh

          Yes, mb, I also hope these warring factions will die naturally as GRP-MILF peace deal is signed. Unfortunately, there are external factors which will spoil the broth like the oil-rich Islamic countries
          which will finance and arm these splinter groups plus
          some misguided AFP generals who wants attention to justify their budget.