mamasapano 2016

Timeline of the Mamasapano clash, according to President Aquino 28 jan 2015
Poe insists PNoy was responsible  8  jan 2016
‘JPE can ruin Aquino’ 19 jan 2016

looking forward to jan 25.  on social media it’s been suggested that enrile is out to get some leverage, hopefully to get gigi reyes out on bail.  hmm. pag hindi natuloy ang hearings, o biglang executive sessions rin lang ang magaganap, e ‘wag tayo magtataka.


  1. Batang-genyo, ala-eh

    It’s about time for Pinoy to realize that as Commander in Chief, he is the sole responsible person top official to be liable for the failed SAF44 operation. A public apology is the sine qua non action he should have done to close the issue.
    There is no other way out specially a foreign power was involved.

    • manuelbuencamino

      Has he not taken responsibility for it? If I remember correctly he has. Obvious naman the buck stops with him kasi. What he has not done is to take sole responsibility for it. But why should he?

  2. ricelander

    Cold and calculating as he has always been, this Enrile. Apparently he lives be the code Don’t get mad, get even.

    PNoy must be losing sleep if indeed Enrile has the goods on him. In a way I pity him, but as they say, we all get what we deserve.