lucky napoles, out in two years?

i usually give fearless forecasts by astrologers and other fortunetellers a wide berth at this time of year, i.e., i am never critical — some of these psychics are quite good — rather i’m just interested in gleaning whether or not their prognostications are consistent or not with each other.  when consistent, across tarot, feng shui, chinese and western astrology readings, no matter if as vague as “trouble in the second half of the year,” then in my mind it’s worth noting…

but here i’m taking note, before i forget, of one reading by astrologer henry palacios a few days ago in atom araullo’s ANC show Hiwaga, where after warning of possibly another, maybe even stronger, yolanda, and maybe a big earthquake maybe in september, and some huge problem na kakaharapin ng gobyerno, possibly corruption-related, he ends on a very definitely upbeat note on, of all things, of all people, janet napoles of PDAF-scam fame now under detention in a police camp in sta. rosa, laguna.

say ni palacios :

Matindi ang suwerte ni Napoles. Two years, she’ll get out. Because hindi lang naman siya e. May follow-through yan, may effect di ba, kung hindi lang … dahil sa kanya biglang umikot lahat. So may purpose siya para sa bansa. Wag mo sasabihin na masama siyang tao, may purpose siya.

on facebook palacios assured a group of astrologers that his statements were based on napoles’s birthchart.  i wished that araullo had said so, and shown us the birthchart, and asked palacios to elaborate a little.  after all, he’s practically saying that napoles will be exonerated, and i can’t imagine that happening, given COA’s truckload of documentary evidence, and the testimonies of benhur luy et al, UNLESS she turns state witness and tells all.

and when palacios says, don’t say she’s a bad person, may purpose siya para sa bansa, what does he mean?  that napoles’s motives for stealing PDAF funds were good, maybe a la robin hood?  or does he mean that her purpose for nation is to be the instrument for uncovering corruption?  again, that could only be true if she were to spill the beans and tell on the senators and congressmen who raked in millions and millions of pesos in kickbacks with her help.  which would entail nothing less than a change of heart vis a vis her refusal to answer incriminating questions in the senate hearing pre-yolanda.

as for the matinding suwerte, napoles’s birthchart, posted on the blog of astrologer col. romy solina, is indeed the birthchart of a very lucky and powerful native.  we have no way of knowing, though, whether palacios’ napoles chart uses the same birthtime.  but even if not, even without a birthtime, the zodiacal positions of planets and other elements, and the angles they make to each other, are enough to indicate extraordinary potentials for power and prosperity, especially if, like marcos and reagan in their heydays, she was, is, getting advice from astrologers.

in two years she’ll be free?  in two years it’s 2016, election year, which means she’ll be wheeling and dealing with the next prez.  can’t wait to see how she plays her cards.  maybe she could teach gloria, the other “lucky bitch,” a trick or two.


  1. kung gipit na gipit na talaga at alam na ni napoles na wala na siyang lulusutan at malaki ang tsansa na maco-convict siya ng non-bailable na plunder, aysus, kakanta na iyan at magsusumamo na gawin siyang state witness. lusot ang hitad.

    That’s one trick that Gloria can’t learn, :).

  2. Lucky Napoles is personally visited by the Black Nazarene (c/o Msgr. Josefino “Pepe” Ramirez, well, the image, that is. That is according to Benhur Luy et al’s affidavits.

    Presently, Quiapo church has two pilgrim images of the black Nazarene called Callejeros, one made by Estonactoc and the other carved by Maglaqui.

    The Estonactoc carving was commissioned by a Msgr. Ignacio, I believe.

    The Maglaqui creation was a donation from someone. Was it commissioned by Napoles that is why it is being brought personally to her home on occasions???

    I guess, not only does Napoles is lucky, she is continually blessed by ‘holy‘ men on account of her huge bankrolling of the church. (The bankrolling was used for church’s activities even Bishop Tobias declared.)

    • Batang-genyo-Alah Eh

      Naniniwala po ako sa “takda” o destiny. Kung mapa walang sala si Janet napoles sa hinaharap nyang kaso ng “pangdarambong” sa tulong ng mga “holy men” ng simbahan, ito ay isang masamang pangitain
      sa ating laban sa corruption at tuluyang malugmuk ang ating bansa sa
      “takdang” paglubog ng ating pampolitikang moralidad at isang kabihisnan (culture) walang kahalagang panlipunan. Ka unos unos ang kinabukasan ng ating henarasiyon tungo sa isang pamantayang naniniwalang taliwas sa kasabihang “crime does not pay”.