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19 June 2017

“the most brilliant filipino intellectual ever, bar none,” said adrian cristobal and jorge arago of our national hero.  on the 156th anniversary of his birth, sharing here my posts on dr. jose rizal that continue to be read by students and teachers alike.

rizal redux  19 june 2010
rizal’s twist of death  19 june 2011
rizal, elias, and the crocodile  19 june 2012

Rizal and socialism by Elmer Ordoñez  7 august 2011
Rizal and socialism (2)  28 August 2011
Rizal and socialism (3)  21 october 2011

Rizal’s Legacy for the 21st Century by Floro Quibuyen  6 May 2012
The Enigmatic Brotherhood of Dimasalang by Jose Victor Peñaranda  19 June 2013

Guniguni ni Isagani by Tom Agulto  June 19, 2015
Rizal, the Noli-Fili, and the Torre de Manila by Amelia HC Ylagan  6 July 2015
ambeth and the supremes, rizal and his ultimo adios  19 september 2015

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  2. June 19, 2017 at 11:17 am

    “Tortured Kuya aided Jose Rizal to the end” by Jarius Bondoc

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