help! need EDSA pics!

not too long ago i received email from alfred hardy, based in australia, offering me photographs he had taken of people power in manila in 1986 that “apart from exhibitions held at scottish libraries (edinburgh, glasgow) had spent most of their time in a dark cupboard.”   of course i said yes yes please, and at once he sent 35 color photos through dhl.   great stuff, mostly street scenes, some sky shots, brought me back to them days, thank you again, alfred hardy, i was  am  so touched.

it so happens that my techie son joel — who is why i blog, i mean if he didnt insist and make me kulit and make it really easy for me, tech-wise, all the way from holland, i wouldn’t be blogging — anyway, joel and i have been wanting to post updated versions of my EDSA books, except that we don’t have enough pictures.   and building up a photo file of the four days is no easy job, getting permission from professional photographers to use their photos gracing the many coffeetable books on EDSA is a major chore, kaya naman welcome na welcome talaga ang photos ni alfred, who also rightly points out:

But how many individual “amateur” (like many of mine!) photographs of People Power are lying around the Philippines never to see the light of day. Could be hundreds, some of them “classics” taken on $30 cameras. Can I suggest advert on your website… Could be worth a try before they (photos) disappear forever.

worth a try indeed.   ANY photos relevant to EDSA 1 are welcome.   street scenes, barricade scenes not just along EDSA but around malacanang, mendiola, malate, sta. mesa, around mbs channel 4, greenhills…   camp aguinaldo and camp crame events – the last stand, the defection, the many presscons, the move from aguinaldo to crame, the landing of sotelo’s gunships, the false alarm…   people stopping tanks sa ortigas…   riot police dispersing crowds in libis, entering camp aguinaldo, poised to bomb crame…    inside and outside radio veritas, inside and outside radyo bandido…   inside and outside the palace…    cory in cebu…   cory in EDSA….   inside and outside club filipino…   gate-crashing the palace…  dancing in the streets…

if like many bloggers and readers you were just a kid or still just a gleam in your mom’s eye in 86, then maybe your parents aunts uncles older sibs cousins family friends were EDSA veterans and have photos wasting away in some dark aparador, tell them here’s a chance to get them published on the internet, be a part of my EDSA online project, with full credits to the photographer who retains copyright, and gets zapped with lotsa link-love ;))

email me for address if you wanna send hard copies by snail mail.   puwede rin pa-pick up kay katrina kung di masyadong malayo ;)   puwede rin by email if your file is digital na.   please please help me… ika nga ng beatles ;)