enrile’s EDSA (update)

efren danao’s column today,JPE finally talks about EDSA 1, says enrile finally talked lengthily monday not just once but twice about unknown details of the events that led to the EDSA revolution, the first at the anniversary celebration of radio veritas, the second in a privilege speech on the senate floor.

danao’s account is admittedly limited but i dare say, except for some trivial details, enrile said nothing new, well, to me, at least, and to anyone who has read my books on EDSA, Chronology of a Revolution (published 1996) and Himagsikan sa EDSA — Walang Himala (2000).    still nothing new about the coup plot, such as the civilians who were/must have been behind it, how enrile’s ruling junta would have been different from marcos’ dictatorship, why he denied it time and again, and what cory promised in exchange for his support.


  1. Started the revolution? What in the name of Bola Bola Republic is JPE talking about? A coup that never was having been discovered prematurely that left them no choice but to delay their inevitable doom at Camp Aguinaldo……… yeah they act as if the soldiers did it for the people when the intent was to take over the government and running out of options had to use the people as a shield that eventually turned the tide in their favor.

    The numerous coup attempt during Cory’s time was not because of the soldiers disenchantment but an attempt to finish what they started to take over the government. Nothing changed during the Ramos administration and yet we see no coup attempt so what in the name of Bola Bola Republic is Enrile yapping about?

  2. bola bola republic *lol* you are soooo right. imagine if jpe fvr and cory had come right out post-EDSA and told us what had happened behind the scenes, siguro we would all have been smarter about edsa dos, including erap and davide ;)

  3. Nakakatawa at nakakainis at the same time how Enrile and company continue to delude themselves and us on their actual role in EDSA. Yes, I too am curious if ever they will tell us the real score. Acting so valiant and heroic in the aftermath, but like scared little children trembling at the prospect of facing Marcos wrath in the early days before Butch Aquino and cardinal Sin came to their rescue. Bola Bola Republic talaga and the media is not helping because they lack the cajones to ask direct questions so we can all get enlightened on what really happened. Yeah, revolution daw that they started….. give me a break, enough already, I cant take it anymore… lol.