hallelujah america

gave me goose pimples, brought tears to my eyes, the sight and sound and substance of black and beautiful barack’s first speech as president-elect of the united states of america.  what a man.  what a feat.  what a winner.  i am so awed by his audacity and so excited by the change he promises — hopefully, somehow, at the very least, deep-seated change that would narrow the gap between the rich and the poor of america, and which could become the template for monkey-see-monkey-do “democracies” like ours.


  1. Watsonville

    Not necessarily a good event. I hope it is. There are currently 17 lawsuits with 3 before the US Supreme Court waiting on Mr. Obama to produce a Birth Certificate to show he is Constitutionally qualified to be President of the United States. He has so far spent $800,000 to fight these cases. Why?

    It was not exactly good news for him to mistakely say that “my Muslim religion…” during an interview, as I am yet to find anyone that makes a mistake about which religion they are.

    What most Americans know about Mr. Obama is essentially the same things the most Filipinos know namely: He is Black (50%white, 43% Muslim, 7% Black), a good speaker with a teleprompter and good looking.

    The fact that he has never accomplished anything in his life other than run for office (normally he disqualified his opponents with the help of the Chicago political machine) and wrote 2 autobiographies (the latter one highly unlikely that he wrote himself) is not anything particularly
    impressive as a qualifier for perhaps the most difficult job in the world.

    If I was looking at his resume, I could not imagine what he would be qualified for let alone President. If he could not produce a birth certificate, he could not even qualify for the Little League Baseball World Series.

    When he spoke without a teleprompter, he mentioned that there are 57 states in America. You probably know the currect answer. There are 57 Muslim states.

    If he pulls all US troops back to the US and the 60 year party is therefore over for Europe…the world may be a very different place in the near future.

    Most Americans hope he will be a good President.


  2. hello david ;) these are interesting points you raise. yes not just america but all the world is watching mr. obama and here in the philippines i can only hope that he will not only be a good president for americans but that he will set the example for leaders like ours. also i hope he will bring home the u.s. troops in mindanao, visiting forces that have stayed and stayed and show no signs of going home, not if we are to believe ambassador kristie kenney.