Grace’s China response

B00 Chanco

Frontrunner Grace Poe is usually well briefed by her panel of expert advisers. But the second debate revealed she needs a little more polish on how to respond to the China question. Not that there is a really good answer to how to respond to the regional bully, but a future president must show savvy that can elicit respect here and abroad.

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  1. scary scenario. very curious what brought on the drastic and agressive change in china’s posture — the 9 dash line, the reclamations, the infrastructure, militarization — which is all fairly recent. in gma’s time meron pang joint oil n gas explorations. was it because of zte and north rail, na mga hindi natuloy, at nagalit na lang nang bonggang bongga ang china? parang there must have been more going on that got china so angry. i hear the US was also doing gas n oil explorations, tho maybe elsewhere in the area?