fund-raising for EDSA Uno, Dos &Tres, the book…. (updated)

yes, i’m on fund-raising mode for this third book on EDSA.  an updated english version of Himagsikan sa EDSA–Walang Himala! (2000) that was based on Chronology of a Revolution 1986 (1996).  i wrap it up with a reading of Edsa Dos & Tres — how we could have done them better had we been more informed of and attuned to EDSA Uno’s 10-day template.  yes, 10 days.  my count starts with cory’s launch of the civil disobedience and crony-boycott campaign.

the title of the book is EDSA Uno, A Narrative and Analysis with Notes on Edsa Dos & Tres.  it has a foreword by ninotchka rosca, an afterword by patricio abinales, and blurbs by randy david, peque gallaga, and rene saguisag.  the book is being laid out by designer adam david.  the cover, inspired by‘s edsa graphics and executed by merv malonzo, is due for a final tweak.  am doing the index myself (now on day 3) to cut on costs.

so i can sell the book cheap, php 350 at most, so it gets into the hands of as many of the pinoy reading public as possible, i am publishing EDSA Uno independently of mainstream media, and asking kindred spirits for donations — no return-on-investment other than the satisfaction of helping spread the story of EDSA Uno.

i hope to raise some P250,000 at least to cover production costs — artists’ fees, printing costs (1000 copies), and book launch.  the proceeds, after give-aways to media and donors, to pay me a bit for the work.

donors will get a free copy and credits in the book’s acknowledgements and website.


katrina started emailing family and friends on our mailing list some two, three weeks ago.  maraming salamat kina nancy & dante amador (who kicked it off with a 10K check), lyca benitez-brown, randy david, tom umali, gary salcedo, leilani & art mapili, cielito corpuz, manuel buencamino, baboo mondonedo, sara and nicky santiago, gretchen and jun macabasco, exie abola, j. carlitos g. cruz, kenneth cobonpue, estela navarra, ipat and howie severino, godofredo stuart jr. and leila mariano, delan and jae robillos, gang badoy, and an anonymous one, whose donations add up so far to a stash of some 160, 000 php.

salamat salamat, you all, for the vote of confidence.  and to everyone else reading this, please please feel free to contribute to the cause and to spread the word.

all donations that come in before we go to press will be acknowledged in the book. late donations will be acknowledged on the website in-the-making.  and please please feel free to be generous.  in the happy event that we overshoot the target, we will simply have as many more copies printed, some for distribution to public school and university libraries.

i do hope that you decide to be part of this project.  we go to press around mid-july, and we launch the book on the 21st of August 2013, the 30th anniversary of Ninoy’s assassination.

email for donation details.


thank you, too, for offers to buy advance copies at a discount.  i understand that this is the way some indie publishers go to raise funds for printing. unfortunately it would defeat the purpose of selling cheap, getting the book out to as wide a reading public as possible, and still getting paid some for the research, writing,  and production.


    • ahaha :) applying for a grant sa ncca, THAT would be begging. the real scandal is the millions some writers get paid by politicians and institutions atbp. for hagiographic works that are all spin and propaganda.

        • the problem with grants is, you cede some if not all control over the material. this way, no one messes up my content and style and i don’t have to deal with editors and lawyers who might have other interests to protect. Complete control is carried over to the book’s look and feel, as we work closely with the artists (for cover and book design) of our choice.