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Theater of Pacquiao

By Godofredo U. Stuart

I revelled as spectator in the decade of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and Tomas Hearns, the reign of Muhammed Ali, the era of Mike Tyson. They were, for me, the glory days of boxing, the ultimate gladiator sport, mano a mano, never failing to provide for the testosterone needs of men.

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Gossip as history

By Luis H. Francia

NEW YORK CITY — Imelda Romualdez Marcos leads a charmed life. So far able to dodge the bullet of criminal liability and seemingly inured to the regular impugning of her past and her character, she’s living proof that lives can have third acts.

Ooh’d and ahh’d over in public, the congresswoman now has her own “Evita,” the musical based on Evita Peron’s life with whom she was often compared, a comparison she didn’t like one bit. But she has never raised objections, at least publicly, to the rock musician, he-of-Talking-Heads-fame, David Byrne’s poperetta “Here Lies Love,” reviewed last year in this column.

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SONA as farce

farce. a comic dramatic piece that uses highly improbable situations, stereotyped characters, extravagant exaggeration, and violent horseplay. The term also refers to the class or form of drama made up of such compositions. Farce is generally regarded as intellectually and aesthetically inferior to comedy in its crude characterizations and implausible plots, but it has been sustained by its popularity in performance and has persisted throughout the Western world to the present.

musical playwriting competition 2013: 1M in prizes

via leo martinez who has been invited to be one of the judges:

This year, Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. [IBGFI] is organizing a playwriting competition wherein entrants submit a musical play in English of approximately ninety [90] minutes in length [complete with score and a CD recording], which is suitable for dramatization. The competition is entitled IBGFI Playwriting Competition 2013: Theatre begins here and is open to both amateurs and published writers alike.

… A committee will screen all of the entries and rank them according to the criteria below. The top ten will be submitted to a panel of prominent judges from the media, theatrical schools and stage play industries, who will rank and determine the first, second and third place winners. The criteria for ranking of all musicals are the following:

* Storyline – 20%
* Singability – 25%
* Music composition – 25%
* Originality/Creativity – 15%
* X-Factor/Judges’ discretion – 15%

The panel of judges, taking the contest criteria into non-binding consideration collectively chooses the winners from the shortlist of plays.

If the judges cannot come to a consensus, a vote is taken and the entries that gain the most number of votes shall be declared the winners.

There shall be three [3] winners who shall receive the following cash prizes:

First Placer – Php 500,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition
Second Placer – Php 300,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition
Third Placer – Php 200,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition

IBGFI Playwriting Competition 2013: Theatre begins here is part of IBGFI’s ongoing efforts to provide employment, share the positive message about life and the benefits of exercising human rights. It harnesses the theatre’s ability to make real and relevant the importance of civil liberties on our everyday lives in order to inspire the soul and the Filipino community at large.

We believe that this competition can play a significant role in demonstrating the important contributions each of us can make to our community, promoting knowledge, education and wisdom.

… Please be informed that the schedule and dates for judging will come out once all our prominent judges are inducted on the necessary rules and regulations of the competition.