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what ails jun lopito

word is out via social media that legendary blues&rock guitarist jun lopito is back on the scene after battling multi-system problems that saw him hospitalized twice.

my brother butch, doctor of internal medicine, has been looking after him — jun’s partner sandra is our niece, their 3-year old lazuli is our apo — and he issued this update upon sandra’s request:

From a low point in his life, health, and music several months ago, when he could barely manage through the day, and even suffered the thought that he might never be able to play again, Jun is indeed better, in many measures of demeanor, and the smile and the light in his face. In many ways, he’s back. And we hope he continues to improve.

However, there remains the diagnoses of the liver condition (cirrhosis and hepatitis C), together with the thyroid and other medical problems. Although he has shown improvement in many measures, short- and long-term prognosis is uncertain, and setbacks and relapses can happen. He will continue to require regular laboratory evaluations, frequent medical follow up, and chronic maintenance therapies.

and this, from sandra:

Jun started to get sick in November last year. We found out about the Hepatitis then but there were other abnormal results and he was feeling a lot of things that may not have been all due to Hepatitis. He continued to undergo tests but became very weak and was hospitalized in June for malnutrition, dehydration and pneumonia.

His daughter, Bebop, and I reached out to family and friends and the response was immediate and overwhelming. Word spread quickly and help poured in from family, friends, musicians, fans, writers, friends from distant places and from many many years ago. It saw us through the very complicated work-up and two hospitalizations. We can’t thank them enough. Jun really got by with help from his friends.

Jun is doing well and is in better spirits. He will continue with regular follow up to prevent complications of cirrhosis, possible treatment of Hepatitis and management of other medical problems. He hopes to be able to jam someday with all who’ve helped, and offers his time and music to his Buddhist faith.

as medical expenses mounted, it was heartwarming that pinoy musicians, young and old, babyboomers and generations x, y, and z alike, rose to the occasion as they always do when fellow musikeros are in need, knowing full well that government, not to speak of the music industry that embraces the likes of annekapal, cares little for true pinoy artists like jun lopito, never mind that he is the greatest blues guitarist this side of the planet.


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musical playwriting competition 2013: 1M in prizes

via leo martinez who has been invited to be one of the judges:

This year, Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. [IBGFI] is organizing a playwriting competition wherein entrants submit a musical play in English of approximately ninety [90] minutes in length [complete with score and a CD recording], which is suitable for dramatization. The competition is entitled IBGFI Playwriting Competition 2013: Theatre begins here and is open to both amateurs and published writers alike.

… A committee will screen all of the entries and rank them according to the criteria below. The top ten will be submitted to a panel of prominent judges from the media, theatrical schools and stage play industries, who will rank and determine the first, second and third place winners. The criteria for ranking of all musicals are the following:

* Storyline – 20%
* Singability – 25%
* Music composition – 25%
* Originality/Creativity – 15%
* X-Factor/Judges’ discretion – 15%

The panel of judges, taking the contest criteria into non-binding consideration collectively chooses the winners from the shortlist of plays.

If the judges cannot come to a consensus, a vote is taken and the entries that gain the most number of votes shall be declared the winners.

There shall be three [3] winners who shall receive the following cash prizes:

First Placer – Php 500,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition
Second Placer – Php 300,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition
Third Placer – Php 200,000.00 [tax free] + a certificate of recognition

IBGFI Playwriting Competition 2013: Theatre begins here is part of IBGFI’s ongoing efforts to provide employment, share the positive message about life and the benefits of exercising human rights. It harnesses the theatre’s ability to make real and relevant the importance of civil liberties on our everyday lives in order to inspire the soul and the Filipino community at large.

We believe that this competition can play a significant role in demonstrating the important contributions each of us can make to our community, promoting knowledge, education and wisdom.

… Please be informed that the schedule and dates for judging will come out once all our prominent judges are inducted on the necessary rules and regulations of the competition.

OPM is alive!

Katrina Stuart Santiago

Gusto kong sabihin ng simpleng-simple kung papaanong buhay ang OPM. Ang original Pinoy music, ang musikerong Pinoy, ang tugtugang Pinoy. Gusto kong ihagis lang, maglista ng mga pangalan ng mga musikerong patuloy na nagsusulat ng mga kantang original, mula kay Cynthia Alexander hanggang kay KC Concepcion, mula kay Barbie Almalbis hanggang kay Kitchie Nadal. Gusto kong basta ilista ang mga bandang gumagawa ng original na kanta, mga musikerong nag-gi-gig mula 70’s Bistro at Conspiracy sa Quezon City hanggang sa 19 East sa Las Pinas, umiikot sa mga probinsya para mag-promote ng CD, nagma-mall-show, nagtiya-tiyaga sa kakarampot na panahong nabibigay sa kanila ng iilang TV show, nagtiya-tiyagang kumanta kasama ang mga non-singers pero big stars ng bawat panahon. Gusto kong sabihin lang na kapag nakikinig ako ng radyo napapatigil ako sa boses ni Eric Santos, at memorized ko ang album ni Cathy Go, at gustong-gusto ko ang Q-York, at kanina lang may nag-revive na pala ng “Kay Palad Mo” na mabilis kong na-recognize bilang original na kinanta ni Lilet nung bata pa ‘ko.

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