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What the pork barrel scam reveals about us

By Randy David For more than 10 years, a good number of lawmakers, with the aid of the fixers who assisted them, were able to pocket the entire cash value of their Priority Development Assistance Fund, without anyone in government … Continue reading

The bases redux

By Randy David In September 1991, the Philippine Senate voted to reject a new bases treaty that would have allowed the United States to keep its military facilities in the Philippines. That decision was a watershed in the relationship between … Continue reading

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Communities of memory

By Randy David A few days ago, I participated in a forum to explore the purpose and methodology of establishing a “museum of memory” that would contain and preserve memories from the dark period of martial law. The concept behind … Continue reading

The fate of our mother languages

By Randy David This school year, when public school teachers begin using 12 of the country’s mother tongues as languages of instruction in the first three years of grade school, they may find that employing the local language for writing … Continue reading

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inday socked the sheriff! woot!

i know, i know, many more were offended, shocked, outraged at the mayora’s mala-pacquiao attack on the sheriff, but in the context of a demolition scene gone violent, as usual, i could only enjoy the spectacle of sara duterte letting … Continue reading

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