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Why have all the digital signatures from the Election Returns been stripped?

By Joel Disini 21 May 2013 Facebook Notes Something is not right with the way the Comelec is conducting the elections. If you go over to and check the ERs (Election Returns) from each precinct you will find that … Continue reading

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didn’t vote

i had always voted, since the late 1960s when i came of age. never voted for marcos, but he kept winning.  voted for cory in 86 but she was cheated and had to mount the huge protest that led to … Continue reading

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automated garci

… all the hard work of the candidates and their supporters can be negated by what Information Technology people call the Automated Garci — or the automated dagdag-bawas operation. How dagdag-bawas operations can be pulled off with the automated electoral … Continue reading

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praning about PCOS

praning, that  is, paranoid, about those blasted PCOS machines for the 2013, maybe also the 2016? elections.  my beef in 2010 was that there were no manual counts done in random towns / provinces/ regions to prove without a doubt … Continue reading


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