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‘A-class’ con artists dupe condo buyers

Federico Pascual Jr. IT IS NOT just low to middle income-earners who are robbed of their dream homes by scheming real estate sellers. The well-to-do also fall victim to con artists of high-end reputable developers as this case shows. Read … Continue reading

the more lists, the merrier

to my mind, all legislators, past and present, who have availed of pork barrel funds for whatever project through whatever agency, governmental or non-governmental, fake or real, in all the years since cory institutionalized it — whether these legislators appear … Continue reading

walang kamatayang pork barrel

so, we’ve been had, we who rejoiced when the supreme court declared the PDAF unconstitutional last november and thought we had heard, seen, the last of it. Pork Barrel is very much alive and kicking! warns prof. ben diokno.  and, … Continue reading

ping’s box-office flop

interesting that 10,000 hours, touted as a ping lacson biopic, is a box-office flop.  it won most of the awards, including best picture, in the recent filmfest pero, aray, kulelat ito sa takilya, bakit kaya?  maybe it should have been … Continue reading

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Open letter to Erap: Stop Manila Bay reclamation

By Katrina Stuart Santiago The votes are in and it is not surprising that you won, Erap. I imagine that as the congratulations poured in, so have the countless proposals and suggestions on how to run Manila. I’m sure you’re … Continue reading

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attention, mayor erap! why dan brown chose manila

i was curious about the context, as in, why manila in particular as “gates of hell,” and no one who has ranted about it seems to know, or if knowing, cares to mention it.  so, having received two digital copies … Continue reading

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