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justice sabio reminds me of jun lozada

besieged court of appeals justice jose sabio reminds me of nbn-ztewhistleblower jun lozada, both good guys.

a pattern emerges. you blow the whistle on someone powerful and corrupt, and very quickly the information is spinned and twisted so that you turn out to be the villain of the story. it happened to jun lozada, it’s happening again to justice sabio.

this time the real meanie would seem to be quite savvy about setting things up, exactly what to say when and where, for spinning and twisting later, just in case. having a giant media network hanging on his every word helps no end, of course.

what’s interesting is, elevated agad ang kaso to the supreme court, with the investigation to proceed on tuesday. hmmm. who wants to bet that the court will go the way of gma, as usual, which means against the lopezes? for sabio? really? hmmm. that would be good, for a change. abangan.