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the finger of marwan

at monday’s senate hearing napeñas said that he didn’t get to see marwan’s finger.  when he asked for it, he was told that it was already on the way to general santos city where FBI agents were waiting.

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hey, joe! epic fail, joe?

let’s hope that senator grace poe who will be conducting the senate hearings on mamasapano is taking note, and preparing to get to the bottom, of stories in different major dailies re american involvement in that january 25 carnage of … Continue reading

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the buck stops with the president

PNOY … could say, “As the buck stops here, with me, in Mamasapano, I take full responsibility; I regret my failed effort to check terrorism, and I will answer to history.”

Mr. Aquino’s comfort-zone presidency

By John Nery Shortly after President Aquino marked his 100th day in office, in 2010, I wrote a column attempting an analysis of the new commander in chief’s self-evidently well-defined sense of limits. The unfortunate controversy over his decision to … Continue reading

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the president, people power, primetime

on facebook and on twitter it’s impossible not to see that indeed the president still has his staunch supporters who are behind him, benefit of the doubt (if any), all the way.  good for him.  makes it harder, even impossible, … Continue reading

robredo, the aquinos, and the commission on appointments

that DILG sec jesse robredo’s body was finally found on august 21, the same day that ninoy aquino was felled by a bullet 29 years ago, is not to be discounted.  synchronicity.  in both cases, the loss to family and … Continue reading


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