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spinning egypt

the spin is in.   the economic losses are being blamed on the youth protests rather than on the tyrant’s intransigence.  and the opposition is now engaged daw in negotiations with mubarak’s vp.   are the youth protesters represented in these talks?   some say … Continue reading

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mubarak’s good friday?

so mubarak has dug in.   insists that he is the legitimate ruler until september elections.   his supporters agree, afraid that if he goes life will get even more chaotic, not only for pro-mubarak egyptians, but for israel and america, because … Continue reading

mubarak / marcos / endgame

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said he will not run for a new term in office in September elections, but rejected demands that he step down immediately and leave the country, vowing to die on Egypt’s soil, in a television address … Continue reading


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