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Brion’s hand on Abad’s collar

By John Nery Much has already been said about the incident involving Budget Secretary Butch Abad and a score of student protesters at the University of the Philippines the other week. Inquirer reporter Erika Sauler’s summary sentence, in a report she … Continue reading

where’s our sense of priorities? #bohol

boholanos are feeling abandoned, said tina monzon-palma on anc news last night; many devastated boholanos had yet to receive any kind of relief goods and services three days after the quake.  on tv patrol charie villa observed that there seemed … Continue reading

A permanent solution to the broken budget System

By Benjamin E. Diokno … Recent events show what’s wrong with the present budget system. After almost a year of budget preparation (January to July) and budget authorization (August to December), the President may choose to reorder the budget and … Continue reading

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mini pork barrel fund

…since 1998, there seems to be a mini pork barrel fund that the senators (and apparently members of the House of Representatives as well) have been feeding off, courtesy of some provision inserted in the General Appropriations Act at the … Continue reading

write it down, miriam!

Senate Prez JPE and Speaker Sonny may not be free to give year-end “bonuses” to themselves and to their staff, as a matter of law and delicadeza. Such “pamaskos” should be in the sunlight, given with transparency. … Supposed to … Continue reading

Recklessly noynoying a fatally strong peso

By Dean de la Paz Citing 2013 as the Year of the Eagle and ejaculating as if the stars, the Zodiac and the Chinese calendar had really anything to do with economic governance, some stockbrokers, with their head in the … Continue reading


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