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“Suspend all reclamations in Manila Bay.”

Posted by Ipat G. Luna on Facebook
15 Nov around 10 pm

Look Yolanda in the face and tell us you will still reclaim 26,000 hectares of Manila Bay. Even before she came, “In a span of only 20 years, the country has seen its sea levels increase at three times the rate of the rest of the world – one of the many reasons why the country is extremely vulnerable to climate change.”

1. Suspend all reclamations in Manila Bay.

2. Change PRA’s mandate, make it the Philippine Rehabilitation Authority.

3. Legislate a presumption against reclamation, that can only be overturned by an overriding public need.

4. Require genuine alternatives in all reclamations going through our EIA system, specifically that of developing instead the inner cities into diverse neighborhoods that accommodate the rich and poor alike in decent, climate-resilient and “green” housing.

And lastly, let’s vote with our precious pesos — LET’S NOT BUY PROPERTY in newly reclaimed land in Manila Bay. They may only be speculating and even if they’re not, think of liquefaction and storm surges.

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