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OPM is alive!

Katrina Stuart Santiago Gusto kong sabihin ng simpleng-simple kung papaanong buhay ang OPM. Ang original Pinoy music, ang musikerong Pinoy, ang tugtugang Pinoy. Gusto kong ihagis lang, maglista ng mga pangalan ng mga musikerong patuloy na nagsusulat ng mga kantang … Continue reading

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dolphy, media, awards

… the circus that is happening at the Makati Medical Center is not only intrusive but also hints of disrespect. I was at the MMC Friday and Saturday for some medical procedures and I witnessed for myself how media people … Continue reading

last-minute blues

there must be another way of handling the comelec registration process.   alam naman natin na may last-minute mentality ang pinoy.   comelec should have expected, and prepared for, the swarm instead of saying, kayo kasi…   lalo na’t merong concessions made to … Continue reading

ninoy’s politics: “The Filipino As Dissident”

In 1954 when I first established contact with Huk Supremo Luis M. Taruc, high government policymakers held as dogmatic truth that our insurgents were communist-led, if not all communists. After my series of interviews with Taruc, I reported to President … Continue reading

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the senator’s daughter

pregnant at 18. what a bummer for bong revilla and lani mercado, no matter what they say (now that they’re over the shock and the shame) that it’s okay, they did their best, hindi sila nagkulang sa pangaral, hindi naman … Continue reading

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new year high

both our kids were off to the beach – one to montemar, the other to boracay – for the new year with their significant others, so cholo and i, after decades of hewing to supposedly good-luck traditions that never really … Continue reading

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