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The Tiananmen amnesia

Manila Times Editorial  Every June 4th, a collective amnesia grips the leaders of China. On that day in 1989, thousands of soldiers smashed a pro-democracy demonstration of almost a million students and their sympathizers in Tiananmen Square in the heart … Continue reading

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Imperialism 2.0

The Philippines will extend once more the rights of a foreign military power on its islands — and it will welcome the continuing betrayal of its constitution. But a national unconscious also drives it, creating emotional binaries, and a lack … Continue reading

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interesting times

obama stomping across asia — is this why china is rather quiet, even nice?  two popes elevated to sainthood in rome — ratcheting up prayer as opiate.  ukraine breaking apart; putin digging in.  hearts broken by the terrible loss of … Continue reading

China on the Edge

There is something very wrong in China at the moment. China, I believe, has just passed an inflection point. Until recently, everything was going its way. Now, however, it seems all its problems are catching up with the Chinese state … Continue reading

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When even the Chinese liberals keep silent

By Glenn David MANILA: When a government is known to censor truth and suppress freedom of speech, why do its citizens easily take to the streets in protest against their Asian neighbors? The Chinese liberals and pro-democracy groups have kept … Continue reading

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usaping tsina

painit nang painit ang usapin.  patindi nang patindi ang mga banat ng tsina sa west philippine sea; itinataboy ang ating mga mangingisda (tinira ng watercannon noong enero) at nanghaharang ng supply boats to ph outposts like the sierra madre wreck … Continue reading


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