calling out angel #azkals

so she’s dating, or is in a relationship with an azkal, but she’s also a gabriela supporter? member? which makes it even more dismaying that angel locsin has not seen fit to keep her silence while due process for cristy ramos takes its course.  instead she saw fit to pounce on arnold clavio and accuse him of “racism” for saying that the culprits are not really pinoy, not having been raised here.

In one of Unang Hirit‘s segments, Clavio had discussed the Ramos-Azkals issue. Then, at some point, Clavio addressed the Azkals, saying, “Talagang aral na sa inyo ‘yan. Ang yayabang n’yo. Akala n’yo porke’t dinadagsa kayo ng mga fans, ang gaguwapo n’yo, e. Parang God’s gift to women (Let it serve as a lesson to all of you. You’re all so arrogant. You think because you have fans that you look so good. Like God’s gift to women).” Clavio went on to defend Ramos and support her statement against the Azkals. Clavio then addressed the Azkals once more: “Hindi naman kayo Filipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki, mahirap yun. Insensitive (You’re not Filipinos. You’re only pretending to be brown-skinned. You didn’t grow up here, that’s hard. Insensitive).”

clavio was quite candid about expressing his feelings, good for him, which must have caught many viewers unprepared dahil hindi naman tayo sanay sa prangkahan — we’re just so non-confrontational, so averse to facing facts; easier to deceive than to confront ourselves.

even better, clavio hit a sensitive nerve when he suggested that these azkals are not really filipino, not having been raised in the philippines, even if half-filipino by parentage.  it raises the question of what is it to be filipino ba.  is half-parentage good enough even if they don’t behave like pinoys do around here, rather, like ill-bred conquering whites who are so full of themselves, they think they’re entitled to break rules and get away with it?

no, there was nothing racist about clavio’s remarks.  sabi nga ni marco harder sa facebook:

Heard it, it’s not even remotely racist. Saying someone is dumb because he’s black is racist. Saying all Jews are loan sharks is racist. Saying two people were clueless about cultural norms isn’t. [march 14]

clueless about cultural norms, mismo.  one of my first reactions when i heard of cristy ramos’s travails was, ay, walang takot ang azkals kay FVR, the general, the disciplinarian, chief of the martial law police, EDSA hero, and former president?  which is not to say na ok lang if cristy were the daughter of a nobody, NOT AT ALL, as angel would know.  rather, that even the most bastos and mal-educado konyo pinoy would know better than to behave improperly with a ramos lady dahil hindi ‘yan magpapalampas ng kabastusan, matakot ka.  i guess no one told them.

good of cristy to do this, show pinays the way, what to do when harassed: don’t put up with it.  women are dejado enough in the arena of sex without having to put up with inappropriate remarks and indecent behavior in the workplace, including boys’ locker rooms.

and if it’s true, as told to beth celis the sports columnist, that the azkals have a contract with abs-cbn, it explains why the machos of Hard Ball choose to give the azkals the benefit of the doubt and to take it out on arnold clavio of the rival network instead.  good job, guys :(

i don’t care that the azkals just lost to turkmenistan.  karma kicking in maybe.  in my book, until they get down on their knees, all of them, and apologize to cristy, show real remorse, the occasional victory is theirs only, and abs-cbn‘s, but certainly not worth claiming for nation.


the latest is this from gma network, a response to the philippine football federation (pff) ‘s complaint re clavio et al’s commentary.

Sa liham ng Philippine Football Federation, sinabi nilang racist, discriminatory, libelous at malicious ang mga pahayag nina Arnold Clavio at Rhea Santos. Pero ang GMA Network po, walang nakitang racist, walang discriminatory, walang libelous at walang malicious sa mga komentaryo nina Arnold at Rhea.

way to go, gma!



  1. racism isnt the right word to use. still, and angel was quite clear in her first tweet, that it was a hasty generalization by clavio on what foreign born people with filipino heritage are like. generalizations like that dont help anybody, and muddles what is already a contentious sexual harrassment issue.

    btw, there should be a word for this kind of generalization. not racism, but…

  2. Dina Sumulong

    It wasn’t racist. But it was completely irrelevant. And now, a distraction as it’s become about Clavio, and GMA vs ABS-CBN rather than about the sexual harassment. Bastos ang ginawa nila, ke lumaki dito o hindi, ke mayabang sila o hindi.

    It would be like saying re: Clavio “Matapang siya dahil ABS-CBN ang mga Azkals.” Which may or may not be true, but irrelevant.

    • ang naka-distract ay hindi si clavio kundi ang reaksyon ng azkals fans sa sinabi ni clavio. azkal fans na nagpapatawad ng kabastusan kasi basta, fans sila. bakit hindi ang kababawan at kahunghangang ganyan ang pinag-uusapan at tinitira.

      • anonymous

        re: “ang naka-distract ay hindi si clavio kundi ang reaksyon ng azkals fans sa sinabi ni clavio”


        e kung sabihin ko, “si midas, di naman filipino iyan. isa siyang filipina,” at pagkatapos, may napikon (na dapat lang), puwede ko rin bang sabihin – ang problema ay ang reaksyon, hindi ang sinabi ko.

        nagtatanong lang po. di po ba irrelevant nga ang sinabi ni clavio? na ang pinag-uusapan natin ay sexual harassment na walang kinalaman sa “cultural norms”. na may mga asal na bastos, na dapat alam ng lahat, kahit saan ka pa man sila ipinanganak, kakulay man nila si redford white o si mang temi.

      • Nagpatawad? How can you be so sure? All of us wants the truth to come out, whatever it is, through the proper process. Eh ikaw, nag-decide ka na ng guilt ng mga akusado di pa tapos ang investigation and you have not even heard the other side. You lump fans together as if we are one unthinking mob. Excuse me lang ha. It seems to me a more intelligent writer such as yourself would assume innocence until proven guilty. Oh ano uli isasagot mo sa akin, LOL? Hahaha

  3. E ba’t si Redford White? Hindi naman siya kayumanggi. SLN. At si Whitney Tyson, paborito ko ‘yan.

    Saka si Nino Muhlach – hindi naman siya lumaki dito, di ba? Si Weng Weng din. SLN.

    • what do i want done to the azkals? for playing the macho card and making it appear that cristy ramos was the one at fault? i’ve just stopped watching their games and rooting for them, and wish everyone else would too (haha, fat chance) until they apologize. whether or not cristy accepts such an apology and drops the case is another matter of course.

      • they have apologized. the case is moving forward. dont you think that further commentary on their character is uncalled for?

        also, why the focus on the foreign filipinos? lots of philippines based pinoys there.

        its either you dislike the whole team, which means there is no diff between natural born filipinos or not.


        you dislike only the non-natural born filipinos, and the question becomes why give the natural born filipinos a free ride?

      • i have a question for you angela, for example in one of the azkals’ game you are the match commissioner. you enter their locker room. of course what do you expect in a men’s locker room? chaos and a lot of bantering. but when you enter the room you thought that they were talking to you or teasing you. and then you feel that you were being harassed, what you do on that moment being the match commissioner and with high authority over them? would you just keep your mouth shut and stand on the side or slap them on their right then and there and call the coach or the team management?

  4. You can write. But for the life of me, I cannot understand how you can rant on and on about Sexual harassment and ignore the very reason why the issue was blown out of proportion. Clavio’s remark was uncalled for. Totally irresponsible and runs smack of hypocricy considering his stations campaign for Think before You Click..

    Nobody’s discounting and making light of the issue on sexual harassment- DID SHE not file the complaint already? By all means punish those guilty- but the boys are also entitled to their day in court right?

    The reaction was based on Clavio’s comments about our NTs nationality and how they are not Kayumanggi enough. Its a diff issue altogether..

  5. ” rather, that even the most bastos and mal-educado konyo pinoy would know better than to behave improperly with a ramos lady dahil hindi ‘yan magpapalampas ng kabastusan, matakot ka.”

    Really, so we really expect these guys to disappear? I think Ramos’power and the power of people like don’t go beyond Philippine boundaries.

    And I notice we’re so egalitarian on the bad things (matakot ka, baka mapano ka).

    We overreact on the immaturity of these guys who are obviously not the most intelligent people in the world at baka naninibago lang sa status nila na biglang kilala at kinahahangaan ng lahat. I bet they all used to feel like zeros.

    • Dina Sumulong

      I feel your pain, Tita. I really do.

      I worry, however, that this debate on racism is turning us into pawns of a proxy war (ABS-CBN vs GMA), just as the impeachment trial and the mining debates probably did. If so, it is an effective way to emasculate members of the intelligentsia, on both ends of the spectrum — fool them into thinking that their debates are in the service of something bigger than the pissing contests of Pinoy clans.

      • my attitude is, whatever the issue, esp. when the thinking is so muddled and kneejerk, that it’s better to speak up than say nothing at all. to say nothing at all would be to allow them the illusion that they’re right just because no one says they’re wrong.

        • Dina Sumulong

          Thank you. I think I understand. I suppose another way of saying it would be that we are each of us accountable for our views, not for whatever conspiracies swirl around us.

          I guess that has been my attitude toward the impeachment trial as well and I have shared my views on the subject, in a number of settings.

          I should admit though that I still wonder (re: impeachment y otros) whether I am being used and whether I am surrounded by individuals who are all compromised in some way. Put it another way – whether I am the only one not getting the joke, that it is some elaborate, perverse charade. Away-mayaman, as I think you said (tama ba? sorry if I misquote) in another entry/site.

          It leaves an awful feeling in my stomach, to say the least.

          Bad trip, Mamu!

        • if the players are guilty then they have to do the punishment. racism? maybe but definitely prejudice. let’s give them a chance to tell their side of the story. sobra naman kayo, paratang pa lang, guilty na kaagad sayo. intindihin mo din ang due process. Filipino din sila, kesyo maputi sila at di lumaki sa pilipinas at iba ang ugali nila, di mo na sila pwedeng tawaging pilipino? aminin mo na maykamalian ang sinabi ni Mr. Clavio.

  6. manuelbuencamino


    1. Nilahat ni Arnold ang Azkals at ang mga mixed race, foreign-born and bred Filipinos based on an incident where two non-kayumanggis exhibited bad behavior. Recently two kayumanggi assholes who were born and bred here raped and murdered a seven-year old girl. Ako kayumanggi and if a mixed race, foreign born and bred Filipino were to use the behavior of those two rapist/murderers to judge all kayumanggis I would call him an arnold clavio. Clavio’s comment was not racist, it was stupid.

    2. As to the cristy ramos incident. the one who said b-cup was rude. the other who was in his underwear was in a room where players suit up. I think the problem there is with the AFC/FIFA guideline that says the team check must be done in the locker. The match commissioner is supposed to check the player’s IDs and their uniforms to see if they meet AFC guidelines. These can be done outside the locker after the players are dressed and in the tunnel. (The inspection, per the guidelines is done 90 mins before the match begins.) That way there won’t be a problem of half-dressed players. (Maybe the AFC/FIFA guidelines were written by males for male match commissioners.)

    On a related issue, if the situation were reversed – a male match commissioner in female locker – can the male complain about half-dressed female players? Should he? However if one of the female players makes a comment about the size of his penis being the equivalent of a b cup, he should definitely complain.

  7. Angela, let me take you up on the charge/challenge to speak up.

    It seems a ‘dissonance’ of perceptions: female vs. male, feminist vs. pigs, apparatchik vs. hoi polloi, tv network vs. tv network, etc. both sides misrepresent somewhat to make a point in the adversarial court of public opinion. but the truth, if there be, is likely ‘in between.’

    that leaves one point of view – against the azkals – as somewhat one-sided, ‘jumping the gun’ so to speak. after all, the ‘offending’ azkals have a right to Due Process, just as a female sports official has a right to damages for tort on contra bonus mores, never mind sexual harassment (which requires that the harasser do his thing in school or at work because of his greater hold on power) or unjust vexation (a crime under the penal code that requires malice – not easy to prove).

    who should prevail?

    i submit that it doesn’t much matter. it’s a tempest in a sideshow teacup. one side naturally dislikes (perhaps even disdains) authority because they prefer dealing with the reality of a sports competition. the other side won’t brook disrespect full stop. both sides should accept that respect isn’t given – not by a tv network contract, nor by an official badge. the reality, as senator judges will learn, including those who grandstand, that respect is earned — and from the public. in this case, the public includes more fans than the so-called ‘elite.’

    in short, in the game of life, the fans will do the judging.

  8. You’re calling out Angel Locsin because she defended Phil from Clavio’s statements because he basically said all the foreign based players weren’t a Filipino. She doesn’t even call Clavio a racist. She just said that it was insensitive and below the belt. Yet you somehow fit in the Cristy Ramos Jalasco angle? FYI, Phil isn’t being accused by Jalasco. Angel doesn’t even touch on that issue.

    Before you dish out all that hate, and prejudices that you have… keep calm and re-read the article that you linked.

    • Angel Locsin’s Tweet: “I think arnold clavio’s a good person. But this time, sobrang foul lang. That’s his opinion. This is mine. Madali lang sumira ng reputasyon, mahirap ibalik. Konting sensitivity lang sana.”(@143redangel)

      chelle del rosario
      @143redangel well Arnold Clavio’s comment is true, it may be a bit harsh but nothing is really wrong. He is very much correct! #reality

      Angel Locsin @143redangel
      @19shin26 na pag Fil-Am hindi pinoy? Racism po yan

  9. Sutpid article…SO BIASED. Even your article in is plain STUPID. Research before you write.

    Sa kagustuhan niyo lang linisin mga ginawa niyo (GMA 7, Clavio at Santos) kung anu-anong katangahan na article ang sinusulat niyo.

    Ang Ms. Angela….please, stop commenting anymore. You’re not making sense!

  10. “angel locsin has not seen fit to keep her silence while due process for cristy ramos takes its course.”

    this line says it all. If there’s a case alrady filed in court, only the judge’s opinion would determine guilt or innocence. Sexual harassment is a crime and anyone found guilty would be branded as a criminal. No apologies needed from anyone here. It’s not right to condemn the whole team for what the 2 players did. That’s stereotyping.

  11. knicksstark

    i don’t know why clavio had a right to insult or pre judge two players during national television without due process yet.. isnt that unfair?

    Does clavio ever got to know the team? i dont think so…

    How could one accuse a failure of other’s culture if one does not know the person at all?

    SO does that mean all of the filipinos who commits a crime are not filipinos because what they did are considered wrong in filipino culture?

    “Sexual harassment hands down is a serious case but it is also a sensitive case to accuse someone… What Clavio did was not even relevant to the sexual harassment because it does exist and it happens…Filipino or not all nations have cases of it” He is a bigot and a Racist for attacking the person’s nationality not the persons action…

    If ever we accept the logic of clavio this is out turns out, Kung hindi kayo Filipino= insensitive kayo.. HAHAHAHA! THAT IS ONE STUPID STATEMENT… Clavio himself is insensitive does that make him not a filipino?

  12. if this were robin padilla or ate vi, matagal nang pinagsabihan ang fans na maghinayhinay, maghunos dili. instead, angel and the azkals i suppose are liking all these hate messages on their behalf. sino na nga yung bilib na bilib sa “wisdom of the crowd”? napakatahimik nila. except to post a “collective response” na ni hindi signed. good job :(

      • there’s a rule even for real judges in real courts. judgments cannot be bare conclusions. the facts and the law behind them are summarized, if only to meet the Due Process clause. so, mr. chris, since you presume to judge, what is fair to ask is what you have in your noggin on angela’s inability to write, and what ‘requisite’ research you thought was lacking.

        as to ‘atrocious,’ it’s a nice 3-syllable word, but i suppose it’s a favorite of supercilious headmistresses in posh finishing schools (the authority here is, of course, the celebrated jane austen).

        but LOL works too.

        • My opinion on her writing style is based on years of reading well-written articles and prose. And that fact that her reply is a childish “LOL” reinforces that. If you think she writes well then that is your opinion and this is mine.

          I believe she didn’t do her research because her piece “Trivializing Racism” lacks real insight into football as a sport, as she seems to think the members of the team got their spot via the color of their skin and she seems to think the Azkals is the ONLY National Football team in the country.

          • Chris, the piece wasn’t about football as high sport. And waving the flag of expertise, self-serving as it was, detracts from the controversy re ‘sexual harassment’ and/or ‘racism.’ I thought it was more about xenophobia and the entitlement of the elites.

            Here’s my opinion: A few write well, and perhaps an even smaller number read well. Why that is, I’m not sure.

  13. tiaongero789

    ang ibig yatang sabihin ni clavio ay mga local pinoy na puro, kayumanggi, native, pango at mga ipinanganak sa pinas lang ang mga hindi bastos, may urbanidad, magagalang lalo na sa mga babae … ‘yan, lumabas tuloy ang tinatago niyang anak daw kay sarah balabagan.