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calling out angel #azkals

so she’s dating, or is in a relationship with an azkal, but she’s also a gabriela supporter? member? which makes it even more dismaying that angel locsin has not seen fit to keep her silence while due process for cristy ramos takes its course.  instead she saw fit to pounce on arnold clavio and accuse him of “racism” for saying that the culprits are not really pinoy, not having been raised here.

In one of Unang Hirit‘s segments, Clavio had discussed the Ramos-Azkals issue. Then, at some point, Clavio addressed the Azkals, saying, “Talagang aral na sa inyo ‘yan. Ang yayabang n’yo. Akala n’yo porke’t dinadagsa kayo ng mga fans, ang gaguwapo n’yo, e. Parang God’s gift to women (Let it serve as a lesson to all of you. You’re all so arrogant. You think because you have fans that you look so good. Like God’s gift to women).” Clavio went on to defend Ramos and support her statement against the Azkals. Clavio then addressed the Azkals once more: “Hindi naman kayo Filipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki, mahirap yun. Insensitive (You’re not Filipinos. You’re only pretending to be brown-skinned. You didn’t grow up here, that’s hard. Insensitive).”

clavio was quite candid about expressing his feelings, good for him, which must have caught many viewers unprepared dahil hindi naman tayo sanay sa prangkahan — we’re just so non-confrontational, so averse to facing facts; easier to deceive than to confront ourselves.

even better, clavio hit a sensitive nerve when he suggested that these azkals are not really filipino, not having been raised in the philippines, even if half-filipino by parentage.  it raises the question of what is it to be filipino ba.  is half-parentage good enough even if they don’t behave like pinoys do around here, rather, like ill-bred conquering whites who are so full of themselves, they think they’re entitled to break rules and get away with it?

no, there was nothing racist about clavio’s remarks.  sabi nga ni marco harder sa facebook:

Heard it, it’s not even remotely racist. Saying someone is dumb because he’s black is racist. Saying all Jews are loan sharks is racist. Saying two people were clueless about cultural norms isn’t. [march 14]

clueless about cultural norms, mismo.  one of my first reactions when i heard of cristy ramos’s travails was, ay, walang takot ang azkals kay FVR, the general, the disciplinarian, chief of the martial law police, EDSA hero, and former president?  which is not to say na ok lang if cristy were the daughter of a nobody, NOT AT ALL, as angel would know.  rather, that even the most bastos and mal-educado konyo pinoy would know better than to behave improperly with a ramos lady dahil hindi ‘yan magpapalampas ng kabastusan, matakot ka.  i guess no one told them.

good of cristy to do this, show pinays the way, what to do when harassed: don’t put up with it.  women are dejado enough in the arena of sex without having to put up with inappropriate remarks and indecent behavior in the workplace, including boys’ locker rooms.

and if it’s true, as told to beth celis the sports columnist, that the azkals have a contract with abs-cbn, it explains why the machos of Hard Ball choose to give the azkals the benefit of the doubt and to take it out on arnold clavio of the rival network instead.  good job, guys :(

i don’t care that the azkals just lost to turkmenistan.  karma kicking in maybe.  in my book, until they get down on their knees, all of them, and apologize to cristy, show real remorse, the occasional victory is theirs only, and abs-cbn‘s, but certainly not worth claiming for nation.


the latest is this from gma network, a response to the philippine football federation (pff) ‘s complaint re clavio et al’s commentary.

Sa liham ng Philippine Football Federation, sinabi nilang racist, discriminatory, libelous at malicious ang mga pahayag nina Arnold Clavio at Rhea Santos. Pero ang GMA Network po, walang nakitang racist, walang discriminatory, walang libelous at walang malicious sa mga komentaryo nina Arnold at Rhea.

way to go, gma!