Ayala Land: Health hazard

Katrina S.S.

One of the things that I appreciate about President Duterte is his consistent stand against oligarchs’ abusive ways (no matter how selective), and his notion of community justice that happens not just in terms of peace and order ala war on drugs (highly arguable strategy notwithstanding), but also in terms of bringing back peace and quiet to our communities. During the campaign, I heard him talk about videoke bans in public places, and I was hopeful that things might change for us who suffer through the incessant construction noise of big urban land developers.

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  1. SEPT 18: having the first quiet sunday ever in the longest time, thank god. but the day isn’t over — we’ve had sundays when construction noise suddenly explodes in the afternoon siesta hours.

    SEPT 17. it was a loooong stressful saturday. some noisy machine going until 9:28 PM. had to take a tranquilizer.

    SEPT 16. friday. noise pollution from 8 AM to 9 PM.

    SEPT 15 thursday. received email from amaia: “We wish to set an appointment with you within next week so we can further discuss the concerns you pointed out in your email …
    Please let us know of your most convenient time. Thanks and kind regards, Tricia Macawile”

    but what’s to discuss? malinaw ang hinihingi namin. and quite reasonable. observe decent hours. stop construction noise pagkagat ng dilim on weekdays. halfday on saturdays. absolute peace and quiet on sundays and holidays.

    oh, and today sunday, there’s a comment by some ayala defender (troll?) sa manila times comment section, accusing us of black propaganda, and we’re just angling daw siguro for a free unit. LOL. is that why they want to meet with us? ganoon ba mag-operate ang ayala/amaia?

  2. SEPT 24 saturday 2:31 PM lakas ng ulan pero bawal magsiesta dahil tuloy tuloy ang construction NOISE — BAKAL AGAINST BAKAL AT KUNG ANOANO PA — on a saturday afternoon #fortherecord #shamelessoligarchs #healthhazard #noisepollution

  3. SEPT 30 friday 8:30 pm. NOISY PA RIN. BANGING METAL. #nagmamadali #obscene profits

    SEPT 29 thursday 8:20 pm. construction NOISE PA RIN. started 8 AM with LOUD BANGING OF METAL STUFF. how much longer, guys??? #fortherecord #noisepollution #obsceneprofits

  4. OCT 4 tuesday 9:22 PM heavy equipment noise from @amaiaskiesayala shaw at this late hour. why is this ok with cityhall?

    OCT 3 monday ALMOST 9 PM and we’re hearing BANGING from AmaiaSkiesAyala pa rin. for the record MAHIGIT 12 hours na. #NOISEPOLLUTION #healthhazard

  5. 26 oct. 8:30 pm GRABE ang ingay ng construction kung kelan gabi na, the noisiest it’s been all day!!! #NOISEPOLLUTION 9:20 na tuloytuloy pa rin ang pukpukan. for the record. shame on you, ayala land and mandaluyong cityhall na rin!