armed women & children?

got this from the grapevine via the friend of an uncle of a family friend of a soldier who was wounded in the deadly clash in al barka.  allegedly, our soldiers did not, could not, fight back, not because they were ill-prepared for combat in mindanao, or because they felt bound by the ceasefire agreement, but because the muslim fighters / killers were mostly women and children, who were quite ruthless.  i hope it’s not true.


  1. manuelbuencamino

    Could be true kc there was a news report that when the soldiers went back to retrieve the vodies f their fallen comrades the Basilan gov i think had to pull back a woman who tried to bolo the soldiers

    • if it’s true, it explains a lot, no? like why we can’t get a straight story. i suppose govt would hate to admit that our soldiers were defeated by women and children.

      what’s military doctine ba when it comes to armed women and children? meron ba? di ba dapat, treat them like any enemy pag me tangang baril at pumapatay?

  2. Steve Salonga

    i doubt this report altogether. The MILF is obviously in fine fettle and does not need to mobilize women. There is no history of women fighting except during the early American colonial period’s all-out war in Moroland.

    • reminds me of the movie rules of engagement where tommy lee jones acted as a lawyer of a bemedalled colonel (samuel l. jackson) who was put to trial when he ordered his troops to fire at civilians who stormed the embassy in a third world country.

      it turned out that these civilians(women and children including the physically disabled) were armed with high calibre weapons and did the shooting. After they all died, these weapons were collected by the rebels to make it look like a massacre.

      2. I just finished reading a book about a soldier who almost died because he hesitated to fire back st his shooter who was just a boy. The parents are convinced that they can offer their young sons for martyrdom.