anne curtis and the president

Posted by Boo Chanco on Facebook
3 Dec around 2:30 pm

showbiz must really be a tough dog eat dog world so that putting down a star gives hope to rivals they have a chance to take her place.  based on what i see on my FB newsfeed and on my twitter feed, they are still bashing anne curtis for her drunken behavior.  i think she deserves a break.  many of us have been drunk before and acted in ways we regretted in the light of day.  but how many have apologized the way ms curtis did?  as someone who has professional experience handling crisis situations for corporates, i think her instincts are right.  rather than being in denial and letting her own band of apologists fight it out, she apologized and said she did wrong.  that was more than we got from some people we know who clearly bungled the first few days after yolanda in leyte.  both p-noy and mar roxas were defensive and it took 8 days for the administration to somehow apologize and promise to do better courtesy of sonny coloma.  but we haven’t heard the president say sorry even once for the many blunders under his watch for which he must take responsibility.  just imagine how different things would have been for the administration if p-noy wasn’t too defensive on the number of dead and didn’t give that sarcastic remark to the local businessman complaining about the breakdown of peace and order.  how different things would have been if mar roxas didn’t argue with andrew stevens of cnn about the cadavers scattered in the streets as different cadavers every day rather than the same ones stevens claimed he had seen.  perhaps stardom has gotten into the head of anne curtis that led to that drunken behavior but when push came to shove she apologized.  that takes a lot of humility for someone who is up there as a celebrity.  can anyone imagine if the top guns in this government had an ounce of anne’s humility?


  1. Do you think this analogy is appropriate, even IF you think pinoy bungled the first few days of crisis management?

    are the contexts even comparable, one exhibiting drunk behavior at an event, the other managing a crisis?

    they would be, if there were more similarities to the event.

    put it another way: would ANY analogy be appropriate here? a man who killed his wife? a student who didnt do his homework?

    if ANY analogy would work, wouldnt that worsen and dilute the power of analogies in discourse?

  2. thats why perhaps my paternal auntie advised me once dont go to media journalism their works are just like parasites,a source of livelihood subsisting on inconsequential for their survival in the system.