anderson cooper et al are doing victims a favor

Posted by Boo Chanco on Facebook
14 Nov around 1 pm

I now doubt the validity of calls to stop criticizing government’s slow pace of relief operations. it looks like criticism, specially if coming from foreign media, is just the thing to get our bureaucrats to get a sense of urgency. Seems to me, Anderson Cooper and the rest of the CNN and BBC reporters on the scene are doing the victims a lot of favor. We ought to unite as a people to get through this tragedy but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t point out how things could and should be made better along the way. As for the quality of our national leadership, that is a given already and we have enough experience with them to know their capabilities. There should be time enough to deal with them in 2016. As for now, constructive criticism like what the foreign and yes, local media reporters are doing should be fine.


  1. andrew lim

    Ill take Anderson Cooper’s criticisms. They are valid. Their histories do not indicate evil intent to destroy. They are professional journalists.

    But Jojo Robles'(false reports)? Or Kit Tatad’s? (no need to elaborate)Or Belinda Cunanan’s? (ask Sandy Prieto) Their histories ask for much explanation.

    In journalism, it is as much about the messenger as it is about the message. So it is justifiable to “shoot” the messengers if they are liars.

    • ricelander

      That means if at anytime you will find some hints of evil intent, like maybe Cooper does not like PNoy pala from the start, the validity of his observation which now you acknowledge will right there and then vanish. Did I get it right, Andrew?

      • andrew lim

        Oh you got it wrong by a thousand miles, ricelander.

        First, Cooper “not liking Pnoy from the start” hardly qualifies as a hint of evil intent.

        Second, I base my views of Robles, Tatad, Cunanan et al on their body of work, their histories, their political activities, etc. For example, ask Ms Prieto why she had to kick out Cunanan from the Inquirer.