8 in 10 Filipinos ‘struggling, suffering’ financially

By Camille Diola

MANILA, Philippines — Only 18 percent of Filipinos saw themselves as “thriving” financially, while the rest of the represented population said they are “struggling” or “suffering” in terms of economic security.

The recent Gallup-Healthways State of Global Well-Being Index 2014 reported that Filipinos’ perception of financial security is notably below the Asian and global averages of 25 percent.

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    • all of it? or just the headline? if u read the whole thing, philippines is doing well in some…

      also, why add struggling and suffering? arent we all struggling? parang ibang level ang suffering

  1. andrew lim

    “Pessimists are usually right, and optimists are usually wrong, but all the great changes were accomplished by optimists.” -Thomas Friedman

    The Stuart Santiagos are probably “eternal pessimists”, but hey, nothing lasts forever. LOL