7 of 10 pinoys favor, but gma will veto, RH bill

on the philippine daily inquirer’s “second front page” is a report on the latest social weather stations’ survey re the reproductive health (RH) bill.

Majority of Filipinos across all areas and classes were in favor of the RH bill. Seventy-eight percent in Metro Manila, 72 % in Mindanao, 69 % in Balance Luzon, and 68 % in the Visayas supported the bill, as did 77 % in Class ABC, and 70 % each in both class D and class E.

While prior awareness of the RH bill is slightly higher among women (50 %) than men (42), support for it was equally high among both sexes (70 among men, 71 among women), regardless of marital status.”

ang punchline, sa right bottom corner of the second front page:

But GMA is set to veto measure

Saying her faith as a Roman Catholic influenced her policy decision, President Macapagal-Arroyo virtually indicated that she was set to veto the controversial reproductive health bill currently under consideration at the House of Representatives.

…”I’m pro-life as far as population is concerned,” she said. “I’m pushing for birth spacing, not birth control.”

wow.  she’s going to defy public sentiment?  really?  so it doesn’t matter what happens, pass or fail, in the lower house, it’s doomed?  or is this her way of telling the lower house to get it out of the way na para maka-chacha na.

ano kaya ang ex-deal ni gma with the catholic church?  considering that a veto would lose her plentyof pogi points all around, it must be a mega-ex-deal.  hmmm.  perhaps the church will support, nay, campaign for, charter change?  support the milf and the moa-ad?  agree to u.s. bases in mindanao?  support mikey arroyo for speaker?  gilbert teodoro forpresident?  ano nga kaya.

o baka naman she’s just asking for a lot of prayers and indulgences to pay for her sins and buy her a ticket to heaven, as in the time of noli and fili.  back to the dark ages talaga.  what a drag.


  1. Joey Abella

    Alam ninyo … parehong may problema … yun ANTI RH BILL … may problema hinaharap … itong PRO RH BILL meron din. Bakit hindi na lang tayo magtulungan tungkol sa issue na ito. Ayusin natin ang mga sinasaad na mukhang di ok sa PRO RH Bill, magkaroon tayo ng technical na discussion kung ano yun mukhang di tama. Mas may problema kung wala tayong planning, Yun mga may problema sa contraceptives … di huwag kayong gumamit … pero yun gusto … tuloy … dapat may choice … dapat may kalayaan … magkaroon tayo ng mas malawak na pananaw kung ano ang nararapat … huwag natin isama ang relihiyon tungkol dito … dahil .. one side lang sila … pero huwag naman ipagkait ito sa mga taong mangangailangan ng suporta ng gobyerno tungkol sa pagpa plano ng pamilya … hindi yun mananakot kayong mga taga simbahan … parang kayo lang ang tama. Ako PRO sa planning ng pamilya… PRO life … at PRO humanity …