exposing manny villar

mala-mr.exposey ang drama ni lito banayo these days.  patindi nang patindi ang mga banat niya kina manny villar, the senate president, at cynthia villar, the congresswoman from las pinas, sa kanyang malaya column.  check out A case of plunder and The road to nowhere or read on.

A case of plunder

When Rep. Joker Arroyo of the first congressional district of Makati was robbed of the speakership in June 1998, he asked some investigative journalist to dig deeper into information he received about an alleged land-grabbing incident in the hilly town of Norzagaray in Bulacan, right beside the foothills of the Sierra Madre. He had information that behind the supposed land-grabbing was the Villar couple, Manuel, soon to be proclaimed Speaker of the House by the grace of the newly-elected president of the land Joseph Ejercito Estrada, and his wife Cynthia.

On August 17, 1998 Joker Arroyo spoke before his peers and charged the new Speaker with violations of the Constitution and the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, or R.A. 3019, in all of ten specific instances. The fourth charge of corruption stated by Arroyo was about the Capitol Bank’s receipt of financial accommodations from the Bangko Sentral between 1992 and 1998, when Mrs. Cynthia Villar was its CEO, and her husband Manuel was a congressman from Las Piñas, and now, Speaker of the House.

Sometime last week, at just about the same time that now Senator Arroyo was defending his by now good friend and fellow Wednesday dining companion, Senate President Manuel Villar, on charges of conflict of interest discovered because of a 200 million peso “singit” in the 2008 national budget, a story appeared in one of the national dailies. It said that a certain Gina Jarvina and Valentin Amador, representing several farmers of Norzagaray, filed charges of probable plunder against Villar, his wife Cynthia, now congresswoman of the lone district of Las Piñas, along with Anacordita Magno, first vice-president of Capitol Development Bank, Arturo de los Santos, executive vice-president of Optimum Development Bank, and Andres Rustia, managing director in charge of the Department of Loans and Credit as well as the Assets Management Department of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, in connection with an unpaid loan from the BSP amounting to almost P1.5 billion.

Cynthia Villar was charged in her capacity as president of the Capitol Development Bank (now Optimum Development Bank) who was one of the signatories in the P1.5 billion loan, while Senate President Manuel Villar was made respondent for being a shareholder in the family-owned bank.

The plunder case was filed last Friday by a group of farmers whose ownership of some 484 hectares of agricultural lands in Norzagaray, Bulacan is being disputed by the Bangko Sentral before the Regional Trial Court of Malolos. Complainants are assisted by their lawyer Sergio Angeles of the Angeles, Golla & Associates which holds office in Eagle’s Nest, Sumulong Highway, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City.

Based on that complaint, pertinent facts of which were confirmed to this writer by the investigative journalist Joker Arroyo commissioned in 1998, this is the story of the case:

Mrs. Cynthia Villar and Ditas Magno (once introduced to this writer by then Speaker Villar), president and vice-president of Capitol Development Bank, managed to secure a loan from the Bangko Sentral amounting to one and a half billion pesos in two tranches: 1.17 billion on 22 April 1998, and 332 million on 24 April,1998.

Based on the promissory notes signed by Villar and Magno on the two mentioned dates, they promised to pay their loan after six months or 180 days at an interest rate of 14.957 percent per annum. Upon maturity however, the bank and/or the signatories to the loan accommodation failed to pay.

Instead, they settled the loan through a dacion en pago of 483.97 hectares in Norzagaray, Bulacan, the same property that the complainants now before the Ombudsman are claiming to be lawfully theirs. At the time of the dacion, the zonal value assigned by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which is supposed to approximate actual market value, was 60 pesos per square meter or 600,000 pesos per hectare. Those 484 hectares should therefore be worth 290 million pesos, but it was used to settle an account from the Bangko Sentral of 1.5 billion pesos! Can you beat that?

In fine, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, fiduciary trustee of the people of the Republic of the Philippines, issuer of legal tender used by its benighted residents within the metes and bounds of the same Republic, now holds assets valued at 290 million, which “erased” liability of the Villars worth one and a half billion, or five times the value of the property now in its possession. In effect, the Bangko Sentral lost 1.210 billion of the people’s money to some very, very wise guys, for and in behalf of a hopelessly bankrupt Capitol Development Bank.

The deed of real estate mortgage was dated June 29, 2001 for the 483.973 hectares (484 has.) of agricultural land in Norzagaray, Bulacan which was used as payment for the P1.5 billion loan of CDB in April 1998. By this time, Manuel Villar had ceased to be Speaker of the House, and was already a candidatefor senator of the realm under newly-proclaimed President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s People Power Movement ticket, in the “unusual” company of Joker Arroyo, his erstwhile tormentor-rival in 1998. Both won, Joker Arroyo for his tagline “Uubusin ang corrupt!” and Manuel Villar as “Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga”.

The perfect corporate crime, with the people of the Republic holding land one-fifth the value of the monies it lent? That’s not the end of the story, though.

It was only in 2007 that the complainant-farmers learned about the so-called nine transfer certificate of titles (TCT) covering the 484 hectares of land now being claimed by the BSP as their property after the foreclosure proceedings it conducted against the CDB.

The complainant-farmers, whose forebears had been cultivating the land since the turn of the last century, learned about the BSP’s claim only when they filed before the Malolos City Regional Trial Court for reconstitution of their land titles after the records of their titles in Norzagaray were burned in a fire that destroyed the building which houses the local Register of Deeds.

The complainants questioned the validity of TCTs in the possession of BSP since the date of issuance of the sales patent on July 17, 1944 and the date of issuance of the original certificate title (OCT) on July 25, 1944 “took place when there was no civil government in the Philippines.”

The complainants added that Commonwealth Act 141, as amended, maintained that “authorizing the issuance of sales patent was illegal and inoperative during the Japanese occupation.”

Sa madaling salita, “peke” pa ang mga titulo ng lupa na ibinayad sa Bangko Sentral!

Niloko na nga sa over-valued na halaga, naloko pa ang Bangko Sentral, na binayaran ng “mickey mouse” torrens title, issued during the Japanese occupation. At ninakawan ng lupain ang mga mahihirap na magsasaka. Will wonders never cease?

When the complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman was printed in a broadsheet, the spokesperson of the Villar companies, or was it the Nacionalista spokesman, former Rep. Gilbert Remulla of Cavite, the young man who would be senator of the realm, called it “old hat”, “recycled issues” that were already dismissed by the Ombudsman. “Pulitika lang ‘yan”, he scoffed. Yet a check with the agency records in the pink building along Agham Road in Quezon City shows that what was brought before the graft prosecutor was a mere letter-complaint, and this is the first time that a formal complaint of plunder regarding the transaction was received by them.

The signatories of the promissory notes for which Bangko Sentral loaned out 1.5 billion of the people’s money were Mrs. Cynthia Villar, not yet a congresswoman at the time of the transaction, and Ditas Magno, with Arturo de los Santos participating at the time of the dacion. The signatory for the Bangko Sentral was Andres Rustia.

Yet, the complainants and their lawyer included Senate President Manuel Villar in the complaint, who at the time of the transaction and its episodes, was either a congressman or already Speaker of the House. The lawyer explained that though Villar was not a signatory, the circumstances in the irregular and unusually generous transaction suggest clearly that the latter must have exerted undue influence or pressure upon the officers of the Bangko Sentral.

While that contention may be legally debatable, would Manny Villar leave his wife the congresswoman to answer this complaint singly? Can he simply shrug these charges off as “recycled” and “old” or leave the explaining to his faithful political acolytes, as he did the mystery of the 200 million double entry which would cross through properties he and his wife own, and for which monies of the Republic were used to compensate for road right of way? ”


A road through elsewhere

The Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, from SLEX to Sucat Road Extension, and from there, onwards to the Coastal Road, is not a “road to nowhere.” More appropriately, it is the “road through elsewhere”.

What has become a road to nowhere though is another-the original C-5 as planned, and for which money spent by two previous administrations have been laid to waste. Read on and find out how this happened:

The Circumferential Road that was to thread around the metropolis, just as EDSA does, was planned long ago, in fact, as far back as Ferdinand Marcos’ extended stay in Malacañang. EDSA stretches from the city of Caloocan at the Bonifacio monument all the way down to Roxas Boulevard, crossing through Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati, and Pasay. C-5 strings Navotas-Malabon in the northwestern side of Manila Bay, goes through Caloocan, then Quezon City, to Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasig, Taguig, crossing SLEX around the Bicutan area, and through Parañaque up to the Coastal Road along the southwest part of Manila Bay. There is absolutely no doubt that it is a major road artery with great benefit to motorists and transport operators. Nobody disputes that.

In fact, it certainly qualifies for foreign funding. But somehow, we’ve always been using funds appropriated piece-meal from the General Appropriations Act, except for fly-overs traversing it, which were funded by bilateral financing assistance from Japan.

But here is the startling discovery the Senate investigation into the 200 million peso “insertion” triggered: The original C-5 stretch from SLEX to Coastal as planned, has been transferred to some other site. It has been moved elsewhere!

Originally, DPWH would have constructed the road from somewhere in Bicutan through Parañaque, and comes out to Sucat after passing through the huge property of Amvel Corporation, owned by Bro. Mike Velarde of the El Shaddai, which ends at Sucat Road. From there, it goes through San Dionisio in Parañaque, almost at the border of La Huerta, widening an existing road called Kabihasnan. In fact, as early as FVR’s term, concluded in Erap’s shortened term, a negotiated price had been set for the road right-of-way traversing Amvel’s land. Government had already paid 1.2 billion pesos for that stretch of road.

Yet in a macabre twist of events, that stretch of C-5 or Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, was moved from the area traversing Amvel’s paid-for right of way, and forays farther south, through other properties, and approaches Sucat elsewhere, near the border of San Dionisio, right smack into the SM Mall complex. Then, a new road, already constructed, traverses the SM property, cuts through portions of Pulang Lupa in Las Piñas, and ends in Aldana, also in Las Piñas. From there, it will cross onto the Coastal Road. The new road will be longer than the original C-5, but what’s more, it passes through 39 lots, 12 of which belong to either Adelfa Corporation, or Brittany Corporation, or Golden Haven Memorial Park, all of which belong to the Villar spouses, Manuel and Cynthia, their children and minority assigns.

By moving the C-5 Road “elsewhere,” not only has the cost of construction expanded, but the purchase of right-of-way has multiplied.

Worse, criminal in fact, is that by so doing, government throws away 1.2 billion precious pesos paid out in road right-of-way rights to private landowners, chief of which is the Amvel of Bro. Mike Velarde.

How was this done? How was the original plan scrapped, and the road effectively moved elsewhere? Ask the spouses Manuel and Cynthia Villar, now Senate President and lone representative of Las Piñas City in the Lower House.

For when Villar the husband was yet the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee back in 2004, he and his Cynthia worked out a project proposal with the Department of Public Works and Highways, providing funds amounting to 710 million pesos, for road construction and “road right-of-way” payments in the newly-moved location of C-5. For that year alone, 355 million was allocated for right-of-way settlements. And clearly, Villar and his family corporations own so much of these properties. From the public monies appropriated in the budget Villar “amended” – to his own pocket, right?

And that is just the 2005 appropriations law. What about the 2006 budget, which was a re-enacted budget? Did the Doña’s DBM release re-aligned funds once more to fund Villar’s favorite project? After all, Villar was a pillar of the administration’s support base in the Senate, having in fact become Senate President by virtue of a term-sharing deal ironed out with Franklin Drilon, who in the middle of 2005, after discovery of the election cheating conspiracy between Garci and Gloria, had the courage to call for his president’s resignation. Not Villar. Never Villar, who now styles himself as “opposition”.

Now, pray ask our dear senators of the realm – did then Senator Manuel Villar, by effectively causing the re-routing of C-5, not cause the waste of public monies already sunk in road right-of-way payments to private persons to the tune of almost 1.2 billion pesos? Is this not violative of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act?

And in proposing the new C-5 project, passing through properties that his family corporations own, pray ask, was not Senator Manuel Villar guilty of conflict of interest, which violates constitutional provisions?

And in appropriating funds for the revised road project, the road right-of-way problems for 2005 alone amounting to 355 million pesos, was not Villar guilty of self-dealing, using funds that belong to the Treasury over which he had greater power to appropriate than any of his peers, being at the time chair of the Finance Committee? Isn’t this again a clear conflict of interest?

Then again, this time as Senate President in 2007, while passing the General Appropriations Act for the current year 2008, did not Villar cause the “insertion” of an additional 200 million pesos over and above a similar amount proposed in the President’s budget through the National Expenditures Program? That fact was established during the single open-and-shut hearing called by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, who himself confirmed that it was his Senate President who asked for the insertion, earmark or amendment.

That the money had not yet been spent, and that the money was not to go directly to Villar’s pocket or anybody else’s, does not detract from the fact that all along, the Senate President who was once chair of the Senate Finance Committee, was profiting, and profiting immensely, from the relocation of a new C-5 from an old C-5 road plan. And would profit even more, in fact, humongously more, once the new road opens up all his real estate, which will later spot such ultra-expensive brands as Portofino, or La Marea, or Brittany, or whatever else, no more the plebeian Palmera or Camella?

Why am I now detailing the specifics of the bizarre arrangements made by Senator Manuel Villar with the present administration, as if I were a reporter instead of an opinion writer?

Because the public has the right to know what many sectors of media have conveniently hidden from them, whether through deliberately shortened reports of through a plain news blackout, as happened on the night and succeeding nights of the nation’s biggest television network. 1.2 billion pesos down the drain, and additional public funds spent and yet to be spent, simply because one family’s greed knows no bounds, yet this is not considered important enough to be news? One wonders whether the network’s moguls are in the know about what their editors and news managers do “on the side.”

But that is not the only story. There is more than what we see on the surface. This is not just a case of self-aggrandizement, enriching one’s coffers by using power and influence to determine policies, plans and programs of government.

In the next column, we will detail more sinister C-5 related deals of the man who heads the Senate of the Republic. . . .



  1. The only problem I have with this C-5 scandal is that it seems they don’t want to touch Mike Velarde who also stands gain a windfall profit.

    I asked Sen Ping Lacson about this and the way I sense this is that he is not enthusiastic on that aspect and would rather stick to the “ethics” issue on Villar.

    If they truly want to get to the bottom of the scandal they should not leave any stone unturned and they should also invite Velarde……. or are they afraid of losing his support come election time?

  2. Nobody is exempting Mike Velarde from possible prosecution. There is, as far as I know, a pending case with the Ombudsman, impleading him along with former Pres. Estrada, in the alleged over-pricing of his lot, which was to be used for the original C-5. I do not know the status of this case, but will check on it.
    The issue of Villar has been filed with the Ethics Committee, which has jusridiction ONLY with senators.
    The issues are clearly joined here. Why transfer the C-5 from an origonal to a new route? By so doing, government has wasted 1.2 billion pesos in taxpayers’ money, already paid to Bro. Mike and other lot-owners.
    Who benefitted from the re-routing? Clearly the Villars.
    It’s not a case of shielding Velarde, but a question of jurisdiction. However there is a cse filed by Sen. Madrigal, referred to the Blue Ribbon Committee, where the matter of Velarde’s property and the road right-of-way payment can be taken up. The ball is therfore in Cayetano’s court.

    • Paul espiritu

      Sir lito
      We, espiritu family are one of the most affected on this c5 case. I discovered recently the documents that could prove that our property lies within the c5 vicinity and acquired by avida, amvel,and am shoemart.
      We are in need of help thru legalities as if no attorney wouldn’t want to hold our case yet. Even fortune narvasa Salazar law office or Chan Robles due to conflict of interest.
      Hope u could guide us.
      Fraud cannot be used to defeat justice.
      Justice must prevail.

  3. hi lito ;) you’re right, it’s scandalous how superLAKAS manny villar is with government (and the central bank). and if by any chance, the rerouting of C-5 were a sensible thing (maybe there was something wrong with the original route?) there should have been some way of getting back most/some of that 1.2 billion bucks from velarde and co. i mean, someone should be liable for that loss of taxpayer’s money. maybe villar himself?

  4. An Open Letter to Senator Manny Villar

    I am Amos “mOi” Victorio, I don’t know if you are aware of my name, but last year 2007 I was awarded Top Business Partner representing Premier Communities Partners Inc. a subsidiary company of Communities Philippines Inc. a company under Vista Land and Lifescapes a publicly listed company you founded and family owned majority shares. I think you attend the Awards Night at Insular Auditorium at Filinvest Corporate City.

    First, I am sorry to see the news today that you are replaced by the now Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Honestly, I feel glad and vindicated. I am sorry, but since year 1999 I am selling your subdivisions, and last year was when I got to the peak of my career when I got awarded for my efforts. I attributed my success to the success of your company. I would not be where I am now without Crown Asia, Camella Homes and other brands you created.

    Secondly I would like to ask you, Where are my remaining receivables? Why the people that handles your company in Bulacan deprived me of receiving my remaining commission which I deserved to enjoy. Why I cannot have access to records so transactions will be transparent? Is this the “Corporate Values” your company practices? I believe this was not my orientation during my early years in your company. My poor elderly mother who once begged for the General Manager of your company to have access to my remaining receivables was totally shoved away. I am just asking for my money that I worked for. And what ever outside problems I had with other entity must not involve your company, because it is outside the company parameters and the agreement I had with your company. Unless, your people secretly conniving outside your company.

    Third, where are my taxes? For years I am working as seller for your subdivisions, my commissions and other incentives was automatically deducted 10% withholding taxes. I just want to have the copies of BIR remittances; I think it is my right as a taxpayer to receive a copy of receipt that the government actually receives my money.

    I am now with another developer. I am broken hearted because your company that I respected for so long and molded me to embrace real estate selling has treated me badly. There are changes and decisions I need to take, your management might not be happy and support those changes and decisions I made. But it is not an excuse for your company to deprive me of what I still deserve to have. Or I will believe that stealing might be a common practice in your company.

    Lastly, just like my concern with my withholding taxes remittances. As a Filipino, I will quote Senator Jamby Madrigal as she spoke today on TV evening news that “Sipag at Tiyaga was turned to C-5 at Taga.” I hope not.



  6. hey ferdie ;) i agree. ito’y malaking isyu na dapat harapin, hindi harangin, ni villar now that the senate is ready to hear the case. kung inosente siya as he and his supporters in the senate insist, then what’s the problem di ba.



  8. Gerald Gallardo

    ngayon open na ang C5 extension malaki ang tulong na may mga alternative route at mawala ang trafic sa las pinas. pwede kang mangaling sa philam Bf resort casimiro admiral manuela at marami pang subdivission para madeclogged ang alabang zapote road. Pwede rin dumaan from bacoor imus dasma via pulang lupa pa c5 extension malaking ginahawa sa amin ito. saves time fuel and smoother travel. tumaas pa ang value ng lupa dahil sa maluwag na kalsada. Iyan ay dahil sa initiative ng mga residente at local executive ng paranaque laspinas at cavite. Sino sa mga nakaupo ang gumawa nito kahit c lacson dadaan din dito dahil kung ikaw ay pupunta sa west metro manila pasig taguig makati at qc you dont have to passed coatal road at baclaran na matrafic. Ok la sa amin kung nabago ang original na sa kabihasnan dadaan. dahil bottle neck nanaman sa costal road kaya tama lang ang ginawa na sa pulang lupa papunta costal. Kaya KAYONG PURO SALITA AT WALANG NAGAGAWA AY TUMAHIMIC NA BUTI PA C VILLAR MAY NATATAPOS PARA SA IKAKAGINHAWA NG AMING BUHAY. ANG PERA NG BAYAN AY DAPAT GASTUSIN PARA SA IKKAUUNLAD NG BAYAN.

  9. Gerald Gallardo


  10. hey gerald ;) balita ko nga ay malaki ang igininhawa at iginaan ng traffic salamat sa alternative routes na pakana ni senator manny villar. pero dapat ay kaya niya ring ipakita at patunayan na wala siyang nilabag na batas. kasi kung meron, anong sinasabi natin. na okay lang lumabag ng batas kung ayos naman ang patutunguhan? baguhin muna ang batas, kung ganoon, or let’s not talk of the rule of law.

  11. manny villar is indeed a land grabber. he deserves credit for his own genius, creating all the dummy accounts (using deceased people’s names) to clean his tracks then making ads about how he is an philanthropist. he deserves applause alright. he’s done everything, from as small as having someone’s house stoned in the middle of the night to get them the hell out of the way of land-grabbing plans to something as big as his C5 scheme.

    looking at his history of underground activities, one could just guess what kind of damage a man like him can do to our ailing economy.

  12. Minggay

    Gerald we’re glad that you’re one of the beneficiaries of the C5 extension. Unluckily for the rest of us, it’s our taxes that was pocketed by Villar! Because of his corruption, he deviated from the original plan for his own benefit. Kahit naman iba gagawa nyan na hindi si Villar, matatapos yan. Pinatapos nya agad yan para lumaki na agad ang value ng mga lote nya na nadaanan at masingil na ang gobyerno sa right of way.

    Have you seen him on TV lately? Yun ang mga nakurakot nya sa C5! Yes mayaman sya pero don’t expect na ayaw na nyang magpayaman — GAHAMAN ANG TAWAG DYAN! Read as well about his land grabbing cases. Tignan mo sa Senate lagi syang absent kapag dinidinig ang kaso nya. Dahil guilty sya. Ni ayaw nga nyang mag-attend sa leadership forum. Instead, gumagawa sya ng biography nya sa TV dahil may pera na sya.


  13. employee at villar company

    to mr. villar: How can you sleep at night while your employees are struggling for injustice in your management? How can you lead higher positions in the government like Vice President and President perhaps if you don’t see the problems inside your management? Beware Philippines!!!












    Jamby’s bombshell vs Villar fizzles out

    By Angie M. Rosales


    Sen. Ma. Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal tried to drop a bombshell yesterday on political rival Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. revealing that companies of Villar acquired real estate properties worth P42 million which he used as collateral to secure a P281-million loan at the family-owned Capitol Bank more than a decade ago that led to the bank’s collapse.

    Madrigal’s latest exposé made before the Senate committee on the whole inquiring into allegations Villar had infused government money into the C-5 road extension project to benefit some of his real estate properties proved to be a dud after Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who is the presiding officer of the proceedings, said these revelations will not be taken against Villar “because he was not yet a member of the upper chamber” during the period that Madrigal’s supposed expose happened.

    But the charges were not disputed.

    The transactions took place sometime in 1998, while Villar was still congressman and his wife, Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar, was yet to join the House of Representatives.

    “The borrowing of money at that time would not be taken as part of the ethical misconduct because he was not yet a part of the Senate at that time,” Enrile said, emerging from the hearing.

    “That was her declaration (that it was a modus operandi). We will see if there is no contradictory evidence… We will just determine whether the statements of Madrigal are true to fact and that’s why we’ll have to ask the Central Bank people if indeed the findings, the documents submitted by the good senator, are corroborated by their records,” he said.

    Villar’s camp, the senator himself and his lawyer, were quick to dismiss any significance on the latest claims made by Madrigal as far as the C-5 road controversy is concerned, saying Capitol Bank’s transactions are not in any way related to the issue at hand.

    Villar, in a press conference after the hearing, shot back at his accuser, charging Madrigal of peddling lies and using the C-5 issue as for “free” political mileage, especially now that she has proclaimed to be also a “presidentiable.”

    “I don’t know where this would lead us. In today’s hearing, what we heard were all lies, trumped-up stories. Where can you find a senator who is acting as a complainant while at the same time also performing duties as a judge, a fiscal and a constitutional expert,” he said, referring to the occasions in which Madrigal would cite constitutional provisions, to back up her charges, as to the alleged violations committed by him.

    “She even included in her testimony her personal assessment. All I can say is that it’s been a year already and until now they have yet to prove anything, except that of the issue getting out proportion,” he lamented.

    In her power point presentation, Madrigal claimed that Villar acquired three lots previously owned by a certain Enrique Factor, Maria Rodriguez, and Iluminada Rodriguez, for a total of P42 million.

    In a matter of 10 days or less than a month, these properties were allegedly used by Villar’s companies collateral for a P281 million loan from Capitol Bank.

    At that time, the Villars owned about 19 percent of the bank that has since folded up while his, now a congresswoman, was a director of the board.

    At the height of the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s, the BSP bailed out Capitol Bank to the tune of P3.5 billion which the bank – now reincarnated as Optimum Development Bank – allegedly has yet to repay.

    “The fact that these properties were acquired way back (1998), the amount then was cheaper compared to today’s rates. The P100 million doesn’t mean that it represented a single loan for one lot. There’s a pool of properties not just a single property,” Villar’s legal counsel Nalen Galang explained to reporters in a press briefing.

    “At that time when the country was hit by financial crisis, almost all of the banks suffered liquidity problems and it’s not unusual for banks to obtain emergency loans from BSP. So it’s not just Capitol Bank that did that but a number of other banks due to the Asian crisis that hit in 1997. So we had to go to the BSP to the emergency loan.

    “Capitol Bank was not 100 percent owned by Villar because it is not allowed by the law so that would not been possible.

    “I find the issue on Capitol not related to the C-5 issue. These are acts, transactions that happened way back in 1998, at that time when Mrs. Villar was an ordinary citizen and Sen. Villar was a member of the Congress. Those were acts beyond doubt, beyond the jurisdiction of the Senate and I don’t see any, even a small connection or relevance to the issue in question.

    “You cannot consider a 19 percent ownership as major. And today, Optimum Bank is not owned even by a single percentage by the Villar family. Of the three lots that were mentioned, only two has anything to do with BSP, the other one – Illuminada, nothing at all.

    “It was an emergency loan and I think what is important to emphasize is that as of today, as we speak, Capitol Bank has no outstanding obligations to BSP and all of the depositors of Capitol Bank got their money. I think that’s what important to emphasize insofar as Capitol Bank is concerned. These are loans by the registered owners to Capitol Bank. These are not loans made by the Villars. That’s not true,” she said.

    “They’re insisting on the issue even if there’s no relevance, just so they could tarnish the name (of Villar) because at that time the senator then was not in the board of directors of Capitol Bank. It was only Cynthia Villar who at that time was a private citizen. So what insertion are they talking about? And this happened in 1998, 11 years ago which is not really covered by the Senate?” former Cavite Rep. Gilbert Remulla, for his part, said in defending the couple.

    Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago gave similar assessment as to what transpired in the hearing.

    “It might not be proper (for the committee to handle the issue raised by Madrigal today). But whatever it is, because Villar is a front-liner in the presidential race, I’m sure he will answer these issues in public,” said Pimentel.

    “Until now the committee’s jurisdiction over the case is still under question (by us) and so, that’s the basic issue that we’d like the Supreme Court to take consideration of,” he said.



    Madrigal bares Villar
    loans taken in 1998

    SEN. Ma. Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal yesterday dropped another bombshell against Sen. Manuel Villar, saying he got P3.5 billion in loans in 1998 to keep his defunct Capitol Bank afloat with only P42 million worth of properties as collateral.

    Madrigal made the accusations at the resumption of the Senate Committee of the Whole hearing on the ethics complaint against Villar over the C-5 road project.

    But Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the presiding chair, said Madrigal’s allegations would not be included in the ethical misconduct complaint against Villar as he was not yet a senator at that time.

    Madrigal, in a Power Point presentation, traced the history of three lots which Villar’s company sold to the government to give way to the C-5 road extension project.

    She said the three lots were previously owned by Enrique Factor, Maria Rodriguez, and Iluminada Rodriguez and were bought by Villar’s companies in 1998 for a total of P42 million.

    Ten days after the sale, Madrigal said Villar’s companies used the properties as collateral for a P281 million loan from Capitol Bank. At that time, the Villars owned about 19 percent and Villar’s wife Rep. Cynthia Villar was a board director.

    “After 10 days lang na binili ito, sa loob ng ilang araw, naisanla na ito. Ang Villar(-owned) Capitol Development Bank ang nagpautang sa mga Villar mismo,” Madrigal said adding that this was the cause of the bank’s collapse.

    The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas then bailed out Capitol Bank, with the three properties as collateral, to the tune of P3.5 billion. Capitol Bank has been renamed Optimum Development Bank.

    Nalen Galang, Villar’s legal counsel, said Capitol Bank transactions with the BSP “are all legal, above-board and in full compliance with all applicable banking laws.”

    He said Capitol has no outstanding obligation to the BSP and that of the three properties, only two – the Factor and the Maria Rodriguez properties – are related to the BSP.

    Villar’s spokesman Gilbert Remulla said Madrigal has gone overboard.

    “This happened in 1998. Nangyari ito na wala pa sa pwesto ang mag-asawa (spouses Villar). Ikalawa ang lahat ng isyu dito ay nasampahan na ng kaso ang mga Villar at lahat ng mga ito ay na-dismiss noong 1995,” he said.

    Enrile said the Committee of the Whole will just determine whether the statements of Madrigal are true. “That’s why we want to ask the Central Bank people if indeed the documents submitted by the good senator are corroborated by their records.”

    Villar said: “Hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ito. Kanina sa hearing puro kasinungalingan na naman ang narinig natin, puro imbento. Saan ka naman nakakita ng isang senadora na siya na rin ang complainant, siya na rin ang judge, siya na rin yung fiscal, siya na rin yung constitutional expert.”

    Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said Madrigal’s statements would be under suspicion as she had declared her presidential aspiration in the 2010 elections.

    “Her statements as a complainant may no longer be as effective as it otherwise would have been if she was completely uninvolved in the process. I’m afraid the public would be looking at her testimony with subjective prisms or glasses,” Santiago said.


    Jamby: Villar reaped windfalls in ‘grandfather of Legacy scam’

    Senator Ma. Ana Consuelo Madrigal on Wednesday accused Senator Manuel Villar and his wife Rep. Cynthia Villar of buying lands at a low price and reaping windfalls by mortgaging them to their own bank.

    During the Senate of the whole hearing on the ethics complaint against Villar, Madrigal said the couple profited a total of P281 million through the alleged modus operandi that she described as the “grandfather of the Legacy scam.”

    Madrigal said she has in her possession official documents showing that the Villar-owned companies Adelfa Properties and Link Holdings bought a 37,788-square-meter land from Enrique Factor for P11 million.

    Ten days after the transaction, the land was mortgaged by the two companies to the Villar-owned Capitol Development Bank for P100 million. The amount was released on the same day.

    In another transaction, the same Villar companies bought a 23,703-square-meter land from Maria Rodriguez for P11.3 million, and mortgaged the same also for P100 million to Capitol Bank.

    A third transaction involved a 23,474-square-meter land from Iluminada Rodriguez, which Adelfa and Link Holdings bought for P18.799 million and mortgaged for P81.5 million also to Capitol Bank.

    Madrigal did not mention the exact date of the transactions and the exact location of the lots, saying only that these were along the route of the C5 extension project.

    “Ito ang dahilan kung bakit pagkatapos ng dalawa at kalahating taon ay bumagsak ang Capitol Bank. Kumita sila ng P281 million sa kanilang sariling bangko,” Madrigal said.

    She added that when the bank went bankrupt in 1998, Cynthia Villar, the bank’s president and chief operating officer, asked for an emergency fund from the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas in the amount of P3.5 billion, which was granted.

    In 1998, Capitol Bank was renamed Optimum Development Bank and in 1999, the BSP sent a demand letter to Optimum Bank to pay the emergency fund it asked and the interest incurred in the amount of P4.3 billion.

    Madrigal said the three mortgaged lands were among those bought by the government from the Villars for the construction of the C5 extension project.

    She presented documents from the Land Registration Authority, Department of Public Works and Highways, Securities and Exchange Commission, among others.

    Villar stands accused of realigning the C5 road extension project to benefit properties registered in the name of corporations that he and his family own and control.

    There was also supposedly a conflict of interest on Villar’s part when he failed to divest himself of interest in corporations whose properties were acquired by the government for road right of way for the Las Piñas-Paranaque road.

    He was also accused of allegedly making an insertion of P200 million in Republic Act 9498 or the General Appropriations Act of 2008 for the construction of the C5 extension from South Luzon Expressway to Sucat Road including the right of way even though the project was already covered in the same law with the same amount.

    Madrigal said the government paid Villar P137 million for his 13 lots affected by the road construction.

    She said the Villar’s “modus operandi” affected small depositors just like the scam allegedly perpetrated by Legacy owner Celso delos Angeles.


    Gross inaccuracies



    One sees clearly the big inaccuracy in the use of different methodologies when conducting surveys.

    The Social Weather Stations (SWS) has been coming out for months on end with survey results under the heading of “top presidential picks” using a model that requires respondents to name three choices for their presidential preferences and worse, has the respondents come up with their choices on a top of the mind basis, which means an unaided survey.

    This is truly a lousy methodology, given the fact that this gives an advantage to those who fill the airwaves with their advertisements.

    This newspaper has always taken the position that the SWS results, using this methodology, cannot be deemed accurate, nor reflect the real gauge of the public pulse on their choices for president because in any presidential election, the voter can only have one choice for president, and one choice for the vice president. It is a different matter altogether in the case of senatorial choices, where one can have as many as 12 choices.

    For still inexplicable reasons, SWS has been coming up with the same mode in its surveys of “top presidential picks,” knowing that not even the percentages released are reflective of the respondents’ or the voters’ choice, for that specific period.

    Thus it was that a presidential aspirant wanted to know just how his candidacy fares in a survey, but with the choice of the respondents limited to just one choice for the presidency and with respondents given a list from which to pick their choices.

    This methodology is much more realistic, as voters voting in the precincts are given a ballot to fill, and in the case of automated elections, will merely have to shade the oval where their choice’s name is listed.

    The SWS survey results showed a completely different percentage for each presidential aspirant.

    In a recent survey released by the SWS, Sen. Manuel Villar obtained some 33 percent, landing in first place in the SWS “top presidential picks.” Former President Joseph Estrada made a big jump from a previous 13 percent rating to 25 percent rating, landing in second place.

    Also rating highly was Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero who landed in third place, tied with Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas at 20 percent.

    The one choice, one vote per respondent survey showed just how inaccurate the SWS presidential picks were, as the results showed Estrada leading the pack, at number one position, with a percentage rating of 21 percent, or three percent less than the three choices per respondent methodology.

    Villar, who has been leading in the SWS surveys, dislodging then top rater Vice President Noli de Castro, drew 33 percent in an earlier survey, but obtained a mere 19 percent in this one choice per respondent method. This would be a huge drop of 14 percent. This percentage rating is much too inaccurate — by way of guaging the voters’ presidential pick.

    The same went for Mar Roxas, who in the previous survey took a two digit percentage rating, only to end up with a single digit rating of 9 percent on a one choice one vote methodology.

    Given the clear inaccuracy in such SWS survey methodology in getting the so-called top presidential picks, why then does SWS even bother to come up with such survey types, if not to inflate the numbers of certain candidates, with the probable intention of creating the perception that not only is Candidate X a runaway winner, but also that Candidate X already has the biggest slice of the voters’ share.

    At the same time, Candidate Y, who is on a one digit percentage, is given the push by the survey to go ahead and stay the course, since he has jumped in points and has already obtained double digit ratings, only to go down to a single digit rating again.

    While SWS does state just how the results were obtained through the three choice presidential picks, it also knows that when media pick up these survey results, what is being highlighted is the top ranking presidential aspirants, not the methodology.

    Such a questionable SWS mode in projecting an inaccurate gauge of the public pulse and evidently being done for mind conditioning does the Filipino electorate a great disservice.


    Surveys can be designed and conducted in such a way as to “show” that a certain candidate like Villar is consistently being chosen by the Filipino people as their top pick.



    Villar’s wealth attracts senatorial bets

    By Maila Ager
    First Posted 18:37:00 08/13/2009

    Filed Under: Politics, Eleksyon 2010, Elections

    MANILA, Philippines—Senator Manny Villar’s vast resources have attracted a handful of senatorial aspirants who want to be included in his party’s ticket, Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said on Thursday.

    “My understanding is that there are so many senatorial applicants pumupunta doon sa kampo ni (are going to the camp of) Manny Villar. I do not know the exact names. Madami na raw, masyado na, over na daw sa 12 (There are reportedly over 12),” Pimentel said.

    “If you say 17 or mga ganun, meron na (about that number),” he said.

    Pimentel and Villar both belong with the new minority bloc in the Senate.

    Pimentel said some of those who want to be part of Villar’s ticket belong to the administration group.

    “Manny Villar is attracting also those coming from the administration and I even suspect that Recto might be one of those winding up under the senatorial slate of Many Villar because in the first place, kasama sila dati doon sa tinatawag na (they are together in the so-called) Wednesday’s group,” he said, referring to Ralph Recto, who just resigned as socio-economic planning secretary and director of the National Economic Development Authority.

    Along with Senators Joker Arroyo and Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, and Vice President Noli De Castro, Recto and Villar were members of the Wednesday group in the Senate.

    Asked why these senatorial aspirants would like to be in Villar’s ticket, Pimentel said, “I supposed among other things they know that Manny is prepared to back them up with their financial requirements.”

    Pimentel said Villar’s resources could even match that of the administration party, which he expects to split come the 2010 elections.

    “There’s Noli, who is to my mind is the strongest candidate that the administration can put up in terms of drawing popular support. But he is being challenged by Gibo Teodoro who seems to be a favorite of some segments, powerful segments in the admin side. Then there’s Dick Gordon on the side,” he pointed out.

    Teodoro is Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Gordon is Senator Richard Gordon.

    Of the three—de Castro, Teodoro, and Gordon, only Teodoro has publicly declared his presidential bid.

    In a statement, NP denied seeking the support of the ruling Lakas-Kampi Christian Muslim Democrats though admitted that it “accepted” and were inviting “willing individuals from the Lakas and other parties.”

    “But we are focused on strengthening the NP and not on building coalitions or on merging with other parties,” it said.

    The statement even thanked all members of Lakas-Kampi-CMD who have signified and officially manifested support for Villar’s candidacy.

    “There exists a long and deep relationship between Senator Villar and members of Lakas-Kampi-CMD and other parties. The bond was firmly established when he became speaker of the House and later on Senate President,” it said.

    The NP will continue to build its machinery for the 2010 presidential elections. Showbiz-like intrigue from rival political groups will not in any way detract us from the big fight which the NP chooses to participate in,” it further said.


    Worse than Gloria
    by Herman Tiu Laurel (Ka Mentong)
    It’s been on many people’s lips: “The way Manny Villar is buying up everyone and everything with his money in clearing his path to the presidency. He’ll be worse than Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo” who has bought with corruption money everything from elections and watchdogs, to police and AFP generals, princes of the Catholic Church and other Christian sects, US diplomats, poll surveys, media, NGOs, opposition politicians, ad nausea. Villar, who isn’t even in Malacañang yet, has been doing pretty much the same thing with much more gusto and vehemence than Gloria ever did before she was thrust to the top. Aside from spending what some estimate to be between P350 to P800 million on his media blitzes, Villar is also known to be spending even bigger amounts buying local and provincial politicians to his side, bringing his pre-election expenditure already in the billions.
    The sources of Villar’s present seemingly bottomless cornucopia of money is labyrinthian. No matter how many times it is explained, it almost beyond comprehension. One real estate explained the gist of it: It’s all rooted in the old Unified Home Lending Program (UHLP) and National Home Mortgage Finance Corp. (NHMFC) from decades ago that put together resources of three government housing agencies to finance and restart workers and employees home ownership. Manny Villar was a major player in these programs working through real estate brokers to buy up housing loan privileges from workers and employees without intending to build those homes, taking the financing proceeds and just letting the projects be foreclosed. These constituted hundreds of thousands of non-existent homes, described as “ghost deliveries” of homes, resulting in at least P43 billion losses to government housing finance agencies.
    The windfall from these massive, anomalous housing deals started his other land banking activities and his use of his congressional and Senate privileges to divert and fund roads through these properties to boost their values. Villar’s rise to billions is a story of his genius in allegedly corrupting government housing and financial agencies and officials, financial shenanigans including DOSRI loans over overpriced real estate collaterals to his own bank which he eventually collapses, abuse of the SPAV law to buy back his own debts at a huge markdown, and diverting public money to infrastructure for his own properties to geometrically inflate and multiply the value of his holdings. If someday an honest government starts an inquiry into Villar’s tree of bountiful plenty it will likely find the gnarled roots in billions of illicit earnings of Villar’s real estate companies in the losses of the UHLP and NHMFC.
    The losses of the UHLP and NHMFC amounting to over P30 billion still have to be resolved, according to housing industry sources I have interviewed. When uncovered, these may well be the undoing of Manny Villar. In the multi-billion Daang Hari scam exposed by Senators Panfilo Lacson and Jamby Madrigal we have seen how Villar’s neck can really be put on the chopping block, what more when even bigger scams from way, way back are uncovered. Manny Villar has to run and run hard to keep ahead of all these cases pursuing him. He has to spend more and more billions to stay ahead, and he’s buying up media time and space, and media commentators and opinion makers, to brainwash the public mind. The media blitzkriegs are taking effect and he is genuinely surging ahead in the public consciousness, especially that of the masa, and particularly with the “tulong sa OFW” spiel.
    Villar thinks that he can buy everyone and everything. If Villar is not effectively exposed as the scam man that he is, and with his frame of mind going into the elections and into Malacañang we will no doubt have someone at least as bad as Gloria Arroyo heading the next government, but probably worse since even Gloria had to rely on various groups to grab power which had a dampening effect on her voracity. Villar is totally using only money to buy, buy, buy and buy victory. What can we expect from the conjugal partnership behind this Villar campaign, another conjugal kleptocracy to not only to recoup the wild campaign spending in the shortest time possible but to expand their property and financial amassing using government resources. We should bring this question to the people: Do they want another kleptocracy in the next government?
    To campaign against the money and media of Villar is to wage a two pronged assault on the false image Villar is buying for himself. First, a “truth campaign” to expose the lie behind his wealth and his propaganda; second is to unmask the fraudulent image Villar is building for himself by projecting a candidate and leader with real qualities the Villar can only pretend to have. These qualities are: Demonstrated spirit of love for and among Filipinos, palpable compassion for the nation, proven capacity for reconciling and unifying conflicting forces of this country to overcome the growing crises of the times, with a record of concrete achievements and the pledge to do more of what has been proven beneficial to the nation, correct, pragmatic and effective in governance, peace and order, and in patriotic and effective economic development strategies.
    Chiz has been stuck in his pandering to the youth vote, Korina hopelessly muddled Mar’s message, Noli is so desperate he’s announced his desire for Gloria’s kiss of death. All of them, like Loren, are being relegated to the vice-presidential derby. The race is now down to Estrada and Villar. Villar is peaking too early with his media blitzkriegs, the “truth campaign” will make mince meat of it now. Estrada is cruising along at the right pace. A very human and humorous movie with Ai Ai de las Alas will touch the heart of the nation. A modest communication campaign should remind the nation of the achievements of his abruptly interrupted governance and recall how over time his vindication came. His passion for truth and justice that generated reconciliation and unity should be highlighted. Such is the message of hope and vision Erap brings, versus the only thing that Villar offers: A leadership worse than Gloria.
    (Tune to 1098AM, M-W-F, 6 to 7 p.m.; Global News Network, Destiny, Cable Channel 7, Tuesday 8:15 to 9 p.m., Talk News TV with FDC on “Laban sa Laiban Dam-nation”; visit http://www.hermantiulaurel.blogspot.com)


    C-5 road mess witness turns evasive, angers Senate probers

    By Angie M. Rosales


    A Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) official who was brought to the Senate as a key witness in the double-funding allegations on the C-5 road project and who testified on the supposed changes in the alignment of the road extension project flip-flopped yesterday on his earlier assertions and gave conflicting statements before a Senate probe yesterday.

    In the resumption of the Senate committee of the whole?s inquiry into the alleged double funding of the C-5 project by Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. yesterday, DPWH National Capital Region (NCR) Director Edilberto Tayao also submitted “unreadable” documents, earning him an admonition from some lawmakers.

    Tayao, in a sudden turnaround, steered clear from being involved in drafting the so-called blueprint for the project.

    Tayao was evasive in giving categorical statements on being privy to the parceliary plan or the survey that indicated the location of lots or properties affected by the road right of way for the proposed project, in particular the questioned Las Pi

  24. henry of paranaque city

    good day everyone! personally, i dont know the true identity of manny villar. but i do read in some news articles, that this man is reported land grabber in bulacan and even in cavite and laguna. if this is true, such information about this supposedly land grabbing will help filipinos know the true color of this man. who only knows is to make a road or to make a way leading to his properties for his personal satisfaction.

  25. I dont know people what you are talking about. As far i know, my heart and my hands are clean. All these things are fabricated by my opponents. I dont need money because i have it already. My finances is enough to run this elections and i dont need any help from any hands even from the president. Sipag at Tiyaga is still my motto…Wala ng hihigit pa, Subukan nyo. Kung kaya ko – Kayo nyo rin. Manny V po para sa 2010. Sulong Pilipinas!!! Bangon hangat my buhay!


    Ex-BIR exec sorry over high value on Villar property

    Consultant threatened with contempt by Senate

    By Maila Ager
    First Posted 12:47:00 09/29/2009

    Filed Under: Graft & Corruption, Congress, Government

    MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) A former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) official has apologized to the Senate for certifying a high zonal valuation to properties owned by Senator Manny Villar, who has been accused of allegedly using his position to profit from the controversial C-5 road extension project.

    Carmelita Bacod, former revenue district officer in Parañaque, issued the apology during Tuesday’s hearing in the Senate committee of the whole into the ethics case filed against Villar.

    It was Bacod, who certified that a portion of the Masaito properties or 1,600 square meters sold to Villar’s Adelfa Properties Inc., was classified as commercial regular with the zonal values of P30,000 per square meter.

    The lots were later sold to the government to pave the way for the construction of the C-5 road in Parañaque.

    Bacod admitted that there were other similar properties classified as commercial regular with lesser values but she chose the P30,000 valuation for the Masaito/Adelfa properties to raise more revenues for the government.

    “There are properties [classified as] commercial regular with values at P20,000 and P10,000 but I chose the P30, 000 because it will mean more collection of capital gains tax for [the government],” he told the committee.

    “Why did you choose that valuation? I appreciate your loyalty [to the government] but since there are lands classified as commercial regular within the vicinity of that property, P10,000 to P20,00 as an inequitable consideration for the owner, why did you not use those valuation?” an irked Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile asked.

    “You knew that the property was going to be taken by the government for the road right of way and it’s going to be sold to your government that you wanted to protect, why did you…your excuse is you want to increase the capital gains but at the same time you are increasing the value of property that the government will buy,” he said.

    Enrile did not buy Bacod’s explanation that she made the zonal valuation becasue she simply wanted to raise more revenues for the government.

    The Senate leader reminded the former BIR officer that the principle of taxation “must be fair and equitable.”

    “You are telling me that you want to be arbitrary simply because you want to squeeze the highest amount of money from the people even if it’s unjust? No way, that’s not what taxation, is,” he said.

    Bacod later on conceded and apologized to the Senate.

    “”I’ve already cited my reason, that’s to increase our collection so if I made some poor judgment, I’m very sorry,” she said.

    “Don’t be sorry. this is not a place to be sorry about,” Enrile answered.

    “We’re testing your credibility, my dear. Your are an intelligent person , I’m sure you’re an accountant, a lawyer, that’s why you are entrusted with the collection of taxes but I’m quite surprised that you are not taught how to be fair and equitable in collecting taxes for the government,” he added.

    Under questioning by lawyer Ernesto Francisco, Bacod also admitted that she could no longer remember why she certified the zonal valuation for Villar’s properties.

    Earlier in the hearing Francisco, lawyer of Senator Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, moved to have Anastacio Adriano Jr., a Villar consultant, cited for contempt “for lying to the honorable committee when he said that what Masaito ceded or transferred to Adelfa properties were lots and cash.”

    “We’re also moving to have this witness cited for contempt for lying to the honorable committee for stating that the 1, 600 square lots is owned by Masaito,’ he said.

    “We’re again moving to have this witness cited for contempt for stating in his affidavit that Senator Manny Villar had nothing to do with the project as stated,” he further said.

    But Enrile deferred action on Francisco’s motion for lack of quorum.

    Enrile himself, however, gave Adriano until 12 midnight Wednesday to submit a summary of his submissions to the committee or be cited for contempt by the Senate and detained.

    “Otherwise, there’s a basis to cite you for contempt and held you in this Senate until you comply,” Enrile said.

    It was Adriano, who assisted Villar, then Senate president, in endorsing an additional P200 million budget for the construction of the road project.


    Detention poised vs Villar exec

    SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile on Tuesday threatened the consultant of Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. with contempt and possible detention at the Senate premises if he fails to submit a copy of his income tax return in 2008 and a summary of his statements on the C5 road extension controversy.

    Enrile gave Villar’s consultant Anastacio Adriano until midnight today to submit his income tax return which will show the P10 million bonus he received from Villar when he retired in 2008.

    Enrile chairs the committee of the whole investigating the alleged double-insertion made by Villar in the 2008 national budget for the construction of the C5 extension from the South Luzon Expressway to Sucat Road.

    In yesterday’s hearing, Enrile also warned Adriano and his lawyer Gabriel Enriquez against lying under oath. “Ikaw (Adriano) at iyong abugado mo (Enriquez) isipin na itong komite may kapangyarihan na ikulong kayo pareho kung magsisinungaling kayo at hindi susunod sa utos namin. Kaya sundin ninyo ang utos namin. I’m warning the lawyer and you,” Enrile told Adriano.

    Enrile had asked Adriano for the documents last week yet.

    Adriano has admitted that he was the one who “dictated” to Yolanda Doblon, director general of the Senate legislative budget and research monitoring office, the amendments Villar wanted made in the 2008 proposed national budget, including the P200 million funding for the controversial road project.

    Villar was also accused by Sen. Jamby Madrigal of causing the realignment of the C5 road extension project to benefit properties registered in the name of corporations owned and controlled by his family.

    Villar has repeatedly denied the accusations against him and has not attended a single Senate hearing on the matter.


    DPWH prober grilled, admits plans, inexistent Manny property altered

    Villar’s P78-M RoW collectible based on a ‘ghost’ lot—Senate

    By Angie M. Rosales


    A P78-million collectible of one of Sen. Manuel Villar Jr.’s real estate property for road right of way (RoW) payment from the government for the construction of the C-5 road extension project was found to be a “ghost” lot by Senate probers.

    A scrutiny of the so-called parceliary survey submitted by officials from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the Las Piñas-Parañaque link road, compared with the alleged original plan, yielded this information.

    In the continuing probe by the Senate committee of the whole on the alleged unethical conduct of Villar in funding the C-5 project, DPWH-National Capital Region special investigator II, Carlos Bacolod Jr., found himself under intense grilling on the supposed RoW due to Golden Haven Memorial Inc. (GHMI) that remains unpaid by the government to this day.

    Bacolod, who negotiated and facilitated the payment for the acquisition of the road RoW in the said portion of the C-5 where a portion of GHMI is said to be affected, along with another Villar property, Adelfa Properties Inc. (API), was initially questioned for submitting what appeared to be an altered plan.

    Bacolod was rebuked by Senate probers when he first testified as he furnished the committee an illegible copy of the said parceliary survey.

    Lawyer Ernesto Francisco, counsel of Sen. Jamby Madrigal who acts as the complainant in the ethics case against Villar, noted that the duplicate copy presented by Bacolod to the committee, had the inclusion of GHMI property, when in the supposed original plan prepared in 2002, this was not included.

    The geodetic engineer who conducted the parceliary survey, one Gil Sirjueco, was allegedly commissioned by the Villar companies and is supposedly in possession of the copy of the missing original plan.

    Bacolod admitted knowing professionally the said surveyor and testified that he met him only once.

    “You came up with a new parceliary survey and you included the bottom portion of the original compared to the original, this (duplicate) is different. You included here a lot which is not found in the original (plan),” Francisco pointed out, which Bacolod vehemently denied, stressing that he merely extracted the document from the blueprint of the project.

    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, presiding officer, when he intervened and questioned the line of Francisco’s questioning was told that it was Bacolod who was responsible in preparing a document with unpaid lots,” one of which is for the P78 million pertaining to Golden Haven.

    “And based on the map prepared by the Namria (National Mapping and Resource Information Authority). This Lot 2 cannot be found in this location,” Francisco said.

    “So this is a ghost lot,” said Enrile.

    “That is the result of our investigation your honor, because we were wondering why the Golden Haven is not claiming the P78 million, has not submitted documents for this. Golden Haven has claimed lesser amounts of P10 million, P20 million but there is a big unpaid amount of P78 million,” the lawyer said. airing his suspicion of a collusion between Villar and the BIR as well as the DPWH.

    Bacolod told the committee that GHMI has no pending claims before the DPWH and in fact, has not submitted any requirement to process their supposed collectibles.

    That statement raised more questions from Senate probers as it appeared that Bacolod or the DPWH came up with a zonal valuation of P13,300 per square meter of GHMI, which is several lots away from the C-5 road, yet further scrutiny showed that another property owned by Antonia Ramos which is beside the infrastructure project, was pegged at only P4,000/sq.m.

    “What’s your basis for coming up with a list of unpaid lots for GHMI when there are no claims for payment filed? And it would appear that there is no actual property. How did you come up with this P78 million claim? How can you come up with that total lot area?” Sen. Panfilo Lacson, in trying to corner Bacolod, said.

    Bacolod maintained that it was their licensed geodetic engineer who had prepared the plan and who identified the property, along with the other supposed affected lots, with the amount, allegedly pegged by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and not the DPWH.

    “But you are telling the committee that the GHMI is yet to submit documents,” Francisco pointed out.

    “Correct. But on our part, our office, we requested how much that area would cost based on the zonal valuation so even if they have not submitted any request to us, we already have an idea how much (government should pay them),” Bacolod said.

    This was however questioned by Enrile, who pointed out that this cannot be computed up to the last decimal point since it is just an estimate.

    Francisco said that even if Bacolod is supposedly telling the truth, the zonal valuation is still questionable as figures on other lots such as the Ramos property is way below the amount given to GHMI.

    In trying to extricate himself from the mess, Bacolod then started to pass the buck to the BIR claiming that they have no authority as far as pricing mechanisms are concerned on road RoW, adding that their duties are merely ministerial.

    Enrile expressed skepticism at Bacolod’s claim, stressing that when properties are being bought by the government, there is expected a strict examination to ensure that government does not pay over what the properties are worth. These agents are given zonal valuations, and it should have been logically noted that the prices were suspect since the Villar lots, which were farther away, were valued at P13,300, while the lot nearest the road was pegged at P4,000.

    “You are an agent of the government. You are a civil service employee. Your loyalty is to the Republic of the Philippines, why would you allow government to pay more, more than double for a lot that is far from the road simply because the agencies say so? Why didn’t you ask? You did not do that?” he further asked.

    Also during Bacolod’s interrogation, it was found that he himself personally delivered the letter-offer to Masaito Development Corp. for a road ROW to its office in Makati City when the standard operating procedure is to have it delivered by mail.

    In previous Senate hearings, senators were told that Masaito, another real estate company affected by the C-5 project, sold some of its properties to Villar’s API.

    API entered into a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with Masaito where Villar’s firm traded more than 27,000 square meter property to the former’s 26,900 sq. meter located at San Dionisio, Parañaque City along with a P25 million “cash.”

    Lacson insisted that the P25 million cash was actually the government’s payment to Masaito for the road right of way (RoW) and this is on top of supposed collectibles from the government of some P83 million, also RoW, for API and GHMI.

    Bacolod confessed to the validity of such visit to Masaito office, but maintained that it was his first and last, adding that such initiative was taken by him to familiarize himself with those engaged in transactions with them.


    In the continuing probe by the Senate Committee of the Whole on Sen. Manuel Villar’s “unethical” C-5 power maneuvers, a scrutiny of the parcellary survey submitted by the DPWH yielded information that a non-existent lot was used to try to collect 78 million pesos for road right-of-way payments from government.

    Lawyer Ernesto Francisco, counsel of Sen. Jamby Madrigal, noted in the last hearing that the duplicate copy presented by DPWH-NCR special investigator II, Carlos Bacolod Jr., had the inclusion of Golden Haven Memorial, Inc. property, when in the supposed original plan prepared in 2002, this was not included.

    The geodetic engineer who conducted the parcellary survey, one Gil Sirjueco, was allegedly commissioned by the Villar companies, and is supposedly in possession of the copy of the missing original plan. Bacolod, it would seem, came up with a new survey that included the bottom portion of the original, which included a lot not included in the original plan. It was almost like an intercalation meant to increase the size of the property. Based however on the map prepared by NAMRIA, the official mapping agency of government, the so-called “lot” cannot be found in the alleged location.

    An exasperated presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile exclaimed, “So this is a ghost lot.”

    Francisco, who ought to be congratulated for this sleuthing, wondered why Villar’s Golden Haven corporation is not claiming the P78 million, while it has claimed lesser amounts of 10 and 20 million, even as there is a big unpaid amount of 78 million pesos. Evidently, there must have been collusion between DPWH, BIR and the Villar corporation.

    Worse, Bacolod and DPWH came up with a zonal valuation of 13,300 pesos per square meter for the Golden Haven property, which is several lots away from the C-5 road, yet a property owned by a certain Antonia Ramos right beside, was pegged at only 4,000 pesos per square meter. To try to extricate himself from the quicksand, Bacolod passed the buck to the BIR. Enrile expressed scepticism at Bacolod’s buck-passing, stating that when properties are bought by government, strict examination to ensure that public monies are not improperly paid out must be done.

    “You are an agent of the government. You are a civil service employee. Your loyalty is to the Republic, so why would you allow government to pay more than double for a lot that is far from the road simply because other agencies say so? Why didn’t you ask?” Enrile told the DPWH inspector.

    It was also discovered during the hearing that Bacolod himself personally delivered the letter-offer to Masaito Development Corp. for a road R-O-W to its office in Makati City when the standard operating procedure is to have it delivered by mail. Masaito Properties had earlier engaged in property-swapping with Villar, at the latter’s instance, before the C-5 Road was built.

    This “queer” behavior and solicitude on the part of Bacolod should explain in future hearings why Villar and Masaito swapped properties, and what happened to the “excess” payments DPWH made.

    Of course, Villar and his propagandists would say they did not press for payment on the “ghost” property. But what if he becomes president by the grace of voters duped by his slick advertising fuelled with lots and lots of money? Would the “ghost” resurrect and quietly get paid?

    What other “ghosts” in other areas, such as Daang Hari, Daang Reyna, Norzagaray in Bulacan, San Pedro in Laguna, in Cavite, Cebu and Iloilo, might resurrect and be shuffled over by DPWH, BIR, Bangko Sentral, and other agencies in an attempt to please the “bagong hari”?


    Villar among C-5 extension proponents — DPWH exec

    By Angie M. Rosales


    Sen. Manuel Villar Jr., who is being probed by his peers for alleged improper acts, was among the proponents of a feasibility study for the construction of the controversial C-5 road extension project, an official of the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) said yesterday.

    DPWH-National Capital Region (NCR) director Edilberto Tayao affirmed the information presented by lawyer Ernesto Francisco on the C-5 road extension study during the continuation of the Senate committee of the whole inquiry into Villar’s alleged questionable funding of the project.

    Francisco, counsel for Sen. Jamby Madrigal, complainant in the case, said Villar’s participation in the C-5 project can be gleaned from the feasibility study made sometime in 2006 by DPWH director Jerome de la Rosa.

    He made Tayao read into the records of the proceedings a portion of the study that provided the background of the project stating that “conceptualization and the initial release of funds for the C-5 project was initiated by

    Sen. Manuel Villar, whose efforts also paved the way for the funding of the Las Pinas-Parañaque link road.”

    That stretch of the C-5 road will be linked to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) upon the completion of C-5 and the main idea behind this project is the linking of Coastal Road to C-5 effortlessly connecting the cities of Taguig, Paranaque and Cavite as well.

    Based on the said feasibility study, Tayao noted that the road project will eventually link the Quirino Ave. in Parañaque City to Coastal Road.

    Although the study was made years ago, the DPWH official also admitted that conceptualization of the program of work the Quirino Ave. to Coastal Road portion, took place only in Feb. 2008.

    “Prior to Feb. 2008, the Quirino Ave. to Coastal Road portion was not yet discussed and the DPWH had yet to consider a fly over that would cross the Coastal Road,” he said.

    The project was conceptualized when (DPWH) Secretary (Hermogenes) Ebdane made a visit and this took place February 2008,” said Francisco, to which he received an affirmative answer from Tayao.

    Francisco then made a motion for the committee to issue a subpoena duces tecum on copies of the Special Allotment Release Orders (Saros) and other pertinent documents summarizing the fund releases for the construction of the project as well as civil works and road right of way (RoW) payments.

    He noted to the committee that the documents submitted by Tayao were incomplete.

    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, however, denied his request, pointing out that the records to be culled from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) were not disputed, in the first place.

    “Second there is already ample evidence to establish those facts and rather than go and wrangle with the DBM, the chairman felt that we have enough, sufficient evidence to draw a conclusion already from the record,” he said.

    “This is not a criminal case where we are actually proving the guilt of the accused, beyond reasonable doubt. This is an ethics case. Now, as far as the ethical conduct of the witness is concerned, we have already, in the opinion of the chairman, sufficient evidence to draw a conclusion from the evidence presented. As far as the Saros are concerned, those are only corroborative evidence to indicate the conduct of the witness. But the fact that the ethical norm to be observed by the respondent in the performance of duty as a senator, has been bridged. There ius already enough evidence on that. One of which is the very document that was presented by the counsel awhile ago, the feasibility study,” Enrile added.

    “That is why, the chairman decided to deny the request for a subpoena duces tecum calling for the representation of this request, for funding and so called or so forth because we are dealing with an ethical conduct. I don’t think the Sarosthat has been submitted by the DPWH dealing with payments done for the construction and RoW of that project would be denied,” he said.

    “If they will present, if the respondent (Villar) will present a rebutting evidence against those, maybe at that precise time the motion that the counsel presented to the chairman would be proper and material to obtain a rebuttal evidence,” Enrile explained.

    But Sen. Panfilo Lacson backed up Francisco’s motion, by inquiring from the lawyer if it will help the committee in accounting for the excessiveness of the payment by government to respondent as far as road ROW is concerned.

    “If we are able to secure the request. We will be able to prove that these funding were requested by Villar or at least most of them,” Francisco said.

    “I think, the chairman does not think that that is necessary because I don’t think these Saros will be controverted because these are public documents and even they are only copies, it is up to the respondent to rebut the authenticity and the admissibility of this evidence presented. Now if they are not questioned, and then they don’t think they can question unless they appear here to present a rebutting evidence. This will be admissible evidence already,” said Enrile.

    “Now with respect to amounts of damage to the government, whether the damage is only P10 or P20 pesos or P20-million or P1 billion, the ethical conduct if ever there is a misconduct and unethical conduct was done, would be already established not by the magnitude of the amount by the fact that indeed an act was done to transgress the ethical conduct of the respondent,” Enrile added. “The unethical conduct was not spawned by the issuance of the SARO. The unethical conduct was spawned by the fact that he himself made the request and without disclosing it to the House,” Enrile further said.


    Senate ends C-5 road probe; Villar asked to answer

    By Maila Ager
    First Posted 12:17:00 10/13/2009

    Filed Under: Graft & Corruption, Infrastructure, Congress

    MANILA, Philippines – The Senate hearings that presented evidence against Senator Manny Villar over his alleged involvement in a controversial road project ended Tuesday and the lawmakers gave him until Friday to answer allegations that he used his position to benefit from the project.

    Senator Juan Ponce Enrile terminated the sessions that heard the ethics complaint filed by Senator Ma. Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal against Villar.

    On Tuesday, only Senator Panfilo Lacson was present.

    A written notification has been sent to Villar last October 6, asking him to inform the committee whether or not he would want to submit any evidence to controvert those presented against him.

    Until now, however, the senator has not responded.

    Enrile, chairman of the committee of the whole, then gave Villar until Friday to notify or “indicate” to the body if he would still dispute the evidence otherwise, he said, this evidence would be deemed submitted for resolution.

    “The chair of the committee of the whole gave Senator and respondent Manuel Villar until that time to tell the committee whether he would present any evidence to controvert those that were presented against him and indicate when he would, if he will, he wants to present controverting evidence …within a reasonable time,” he told reporters after the proceeding.

    “Unless he will do, he will notify the committee of the whole that he will be presenting evidence to controvert the evidence against him, the ethics case against Senator Villar will be deemed submitted for consideration and resolution of the committee of the whole,” he pointed out.

    If Villar will not dispute the evidence, Enrile said, then the committee would decide the case based on the evidence submitted.

    Enrile said the committee may start writing its report even during the break and submit it for plenary action when Congress resumes its session next month.

    Congress will take a break this week.


    People look up to vertically-challenged persons like those in Hobbit House but not to “ethically-challenged” persons.

    Colleagues to pass judgment on ethically challenged Villar

    By Angie N. Rosales


    The ethically challenged Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. had until Friday, Oct. 16, to refute the charges that he had a hand in the questionable double budget insertion for the C-5 road extension project but he simply chose to let the deadline lapse without sending a word to his peers about his intention to rebut those accusations or present counter-evidence.

    “It means, the case is deemed submitted for resolution. We will now buckle down to work on the report,” Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who also acts as chairman of the Senate committee of the whole, said in a radio interview over the weekend.

    Put in another way, Enrile meant that Villar’s fate is now sealed, with his colleagues having no choice but pass judgment on his ethical behavior.

    Although Villar was given until end of office hours or 5 p.m. last Friday to give notice to the committee of the whole of his intention to controvert those presented against him, Enrile said they waited for Villar even beyond the deadline.

    Enrile said he would direct the committee staff to come up with a report on the issue and hopefully present it for plenary deliberations when Congress resumes sessions next month, Nov. 9.

    The charges against Villar stemmed from a complaint by Sen. Jamby Madrigal that he or his companies benefitted from the realignment of C-5 road extension project that was funded with two separate P200-million budgetary items included in the 2008 general appropriations act. It was a case of one project with two budgets of similar amounts.

    Madrigal, was also directed to submit not later than 5 p.m. Friday her supposed pieces of evidence and have it formally received and marked by the committee.

    Since May when the committee of the whole started hearing on Madrigal’s complaint, Villar has never attended any of the committee’s public hearings.

    In one of those hearings, a budget monitoring official, lawyer Yolanda Doblon, testified that the order to insert a P200 million budget for the construction of the C5 road extension project in 2008 came from the office of then Senate President Manuel Villar.

    Doblon, director general of the Legislative Budget and Research Management Office, specifically pointed to Villar’s consultant by the name of Adriano as the person who “dictated” the inclusion of the extra amount.

    Enrile said there was never politics involved insofar as the preparation of the committee report was concerned. The Senate rules, he added, provide for the submission of the findings and recommendations of the panel following the termination of the proceedings.

  33. Alberto D. Pempengco

    Thank you for clearly presenting the anti-Villar side.

    I hope there will be people who will present the Villar side.

    It would be to the benefit of the people to see both sides of the story instead of basing their judgments on the anti-Villar side only, which as we all know, is just 1/2 of the coin.

  34. Alberto D. Pempengco

    Although looking at the excerpts of news, it somehow looks to me like everything was accomplished through Villar’s brilliant business acumen, as well as some incompetent government people.

    It doesn’t look to me that he violated any law, does it?

  35. Diehard Noypi

    alberto :=( a perfect crime is accomplished when the evidence is hidden under the veil of legal technicality and above the clouds of reasonable doubts. Villar’s brilliant business acumen can be attributed to hus profession as a CPA and his wife’s legal profession (if I am not wrong). There is nothing wrong being successful but to use your wealth to gain political power at all cost is a dangerous sign.


    Senator Manny Villar magpaka totoo ka at harap ka na sa Senado

    Posted by PatricioMangubat in c-5 road controversy, double insertion controversy by manny villar, senator manny villar

    Mayroon akong challenge kay Nacionalista Party presidentiable and billionaire Senator Manny “Sipag at Taga” Villar.

    Kung ala ka talagang tinatago, pare ko, tungkol diyan sa C-5 road controversy, puwede bang pagbigyan mo kami at humarap ka sa Senate ethics hearing mo? Binabastos mo kami, Manny dahil ibinoto ka namin (ako binoto kita at frat brother ko ang kapatid mo) at may accountability ka sa mga bumoto sa iyo na ipaliwanag ng mabuti ang side mo sa Senado.

    Huwag kang magtago sa saya ng BIR, dahil, sa palagay mo, maniniwala kami sa pagdepensa sa iyo ng BIR? Syempre, sa ganyang kalaking anomalya, me sabwatan na sa pagitan ng BIR pati na mga taong sangkot dito.
    We’re not born yesterday Manny. Hindi ganun kadaling maloko ang taumbayan. Kung sa Las Pinas ay nagagawa mo ang gusto mo, dito, sa larangang sinuungan mo, hindi ganun kadali ito, pare ko.
    Pareho tayong taga-Tondo. Laking Tondo din ako. At alam kong alam mo na me batas tayong sinusunod sa Tondo—magpaka totoo ka. At huwag na huwag mong pagnanakawan ang kapitbahay mo.
    Huwag mo ring gamitin ang alibi na ang lahat ng ito ay pulitika. Hindi pulitika ang tanungin sa iyo bakit 10 beses mas mataas ang ari-arian mo dun. Hindi rin pulitika ang tanungin ka bakit sa kabila ng pagbabawal ng batas sa mga senador na tulad mo na mag endorso ng mga proyektong may direkta kang pakinabang.

    Manny, hindi yan pulitika kundi ethics yan at pagtatanong kung bakit ka lumabag sa saligang-batas. Ibig sabihin ng ethics, Manny, eh, delicadeza.
    Pera namin yung napunta pambayad dun. At me karapatan kaming tanungin bakit overpriced ang proyekto mo.
    Gumagamit ka na ng impluwensya dyan, Manny. Hindi na tama yan. Humarap ka sa Senado, wag lang sa midya. Kundi, tiyak matatakot kami kung maiboto ka at nandun ka na sa palasyo. At alam mo naman, sa ating mga taga-Tondo, pag takot tayo, iba ang nagagawa natin.


    Madrigal camp taunts Villar on C-5 claim

    by Fel V. Maragay

    The camp of Senator Jamby Madrigal has belittled the claim of Senator Manuel Villar that he expects to be cleared by the Senate on the conflict-of-interest complaint that she filed against him arising from the C-5 road extension project.

    Madrigal’s lawyer Ernesto Francisco said there was sufficient evidence presented to the committee to prove the complainant’s allegations of double funding, overpricing, diversion of the C-5 route to benefit Villar’s properties and his failure to divest business interests.

    Francisco also berated Villar for demanding an apology from Madrigal and the other lawmakers even if the investigating committee has not yet released its report.

    “As far as I am concerned, as a lawyer and the one who prosecuted the case, there is nothing to apologize for,” Francisco said.

    If Villar believes that he is really innocent of the charges, he should not have boycotted the investigation, Francisco told the Standard Today.

    “If we go by evidence that was presented before the Senate committee of the whole, there was more than enough evidence to find him [Villar] guilty of unethical conduct and even to file charges against him before the Ombudsman,” he said.

    Francisco said he has already filed a memorandum to committee summarizing the testimonial and documentary evidence that were presented by the prosecution during the committee hearings.


    Loren: Manny’s girl Friday?

    Villar said he was elated by the move of his colleagues.

    “Ako po ay nagpapasalamat at masaya rin ako na finally malinis ang aking pangalan… Ngayon masasabi ko na maski kailan ay hindi ako kumukuha ng maski piso sa pamahalaan at malinis ang aking record,” Villar said.

    (I am thankful and happy because my name has been cleared finally. Now, I can say that I did not get any money from the government and my record is clear.)

    “Sa akin ay saradong chapter na ‘yan (For me, it’s already a closed chapter),” he added.

    Madrigal, however, is not about to give up on her complaint. She insists that her complaint against Villar has basis.

    “My fight against corruption is non-negotiable. My complaint against Sen. Villar is based on principles,” the senator said.

    Madrigal also made snide remarks against her colleagues who cleared Villar, particularly against Legarda.

    “I congratulate Mr. Villar for his fantastic lobbying in turning someone like Sen. Loren Legarda, who was rabidly against him into his Girl Friday,” Madrigal said.

    Legarda was among those who voted in favor of Enrile replacing Villar as Senate president.

    “As they say, Manny talks and money talks louder. I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country’s interest is at stake. Public service is not a numbers game,” Madrigal added.


    Formidable team-up

    Malacañang, meanwhile, described the Villar-Legarda tandem as a “formidable team-up” and wished them well.

    “The personal chemistry and geographical complementarity are there. We wish them well,” said presidential political adviser Gabriel Claudio.

    He, however, said that the tandem would be a threat more to the opposition than the administration.

    “A strong NP ticket will divide the opposition further, as the administration consolidates its forces into a single, united and compelling electoral machinery,” Claudio said.

    Among those present in the event were NPC president Frisco San Juan, Cainta mayor Mon Ilagan, San Juan Rep. Ronnie Zamora and Camarines Sur governor LRay Villafuerte.

    Other tandems in the 2010 elections are Senators Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II for Liberal Party; former President Joseph Estrada and Makati mayor Jejomar Binay of United Opposition; and former Defense chief Gilberto Teodoro Jr. and actor Edu Manzano of Lakas-Kampi-CMD.


    ‘Deception committed by minority on Manny’s C5 absolution’

    Enrile: Reso clearing Villar ‘out of order’

    By Angie M. Rosales


    A resolution absolving Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar on the C5 road controversy which was being handled by the Senate committee of the whole, signed by 12 senators even before a report from the committee had been written, has been ruled by Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile as “out of order,” as Enrile staked his leadership and position in making this ruling.

    Senators are again embroiled in a new scuffle over charges of alleged ethical misconduct against their colleague, Senator Villar, surrounding the construction of the C5 road extension project, which has been triggered by a move of the minority bloc, surprisingly supported by six members of the majority bloc, to issue a resolution clearing Villar without even giving the committee the courtesy and respect for the institution in the minority issuing its report.

    Among the 12 members who signed the controversial resolution is Villar’s newly named vice presidential candidate, Sen. Loren Legarda, sponsoring the filing of Resolution No. 1472, effectively moving the Senate to dismiss the complaint and clear Villar of alleged acts of disorderly behavior investigated by the Senate committee of the whole.

    While Villar and Legarda were busy declaring their

    political plans for the May 2010 polls, their allies in the upper chamber were at the receiving end of the criticisms of some majority members and a strong admonition from the Senate president.

    Enrile was quick to rule the attempt by Villar and his allies to absolve Villar of the charges of questionable funding of the C5 road project, declaring as “out of order” the filing of the resolution when Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. tried to steer the resolution into being read on the floor.

    Enrile, according to Sen. Panfilo Lacson, considered resigning from his position as he viewed the move of the 12 senators as an affront to his leadership and subversion of the rules of the institution.

    Some members of the majority bloc claimed there was “deception” committed by the minority in luring their colleagues into signing resolution No. 1472. There were those who also admitted having been misled or made to believe that the resolution will come in after the committee of the whole report on the C-5 controversy is submitted on the floor.

    “Based on what we gathered, it was what they were told, when this was being circulated for the signatures of the senators. Some were made to believe that filing this would come in later or would be made to stand against the committee (of the whole) report. There was also an impression, to others, that the Senate president knew about this resolution or at least that there was his imprimatur which is not the case at all.

    “He (Enrile) was upset when he learned about this and even considered, this morning (yesterday), resigning because next to 12 signature is a 13th signature, the votes needed to oust him as Senate president. So early this morning he was thinking of resigning as Senate president,” Lacson said in an interview.

    “You can see the implication. But you know, it’s very dangerous. If you can deceive your fellow senators into believing that it is okay for them to affix their signature on this for this or that reason, that’s very dangerous,”he reiterated.

    Sen. Gregorio Honasan, a member of the majority bloc and among the 12 senators who introduced the resolution, admitted that he had signed it believing that the committee report was to be filed ahead of time.

    “I have no control over that. But I am not inclined to withdraw my signature because of that, because there is a more fundamental issue and I signed it in good faith.

    “I was operating on the assumption that the committee report will be rendered first before the resolution could have been filed,” he said in another interview with reporters.

    Honasan, known to have been closely associated with Enrile, further admitted that he did not discuss the matter with the Senate chief as his decision to move in favor of Villar was due mainly to his belief that the complaint lodged by Sen. Jamby Madrigal was politically motivated from the very beginning.

    “That was my sense. I reinforced my belief as the hearings went on. I take full responsibility on this. It was my decision. I accept full responsibility for it, recognizing that we must do justice to a fellow senator especially in a case of ethics and we must preserve the institution.

    “My objective personally and officially as a senator of the Republic is to preserve the institution and do justice,” he said, adding that upholding the leadership of Enrile “is another matter.”

    Enrile virtually confirmed Lacson’s statements, saying that the filing of the resolution was like discharging the functions of the committee which he heads.

    “But I want to find out from them if they want to discharge of the committee. If they will express that this is an expression of no confidence then of course will abide by their consent they can have a new Senate president.

    “Some of them were thinking we were deceived. We never expected that they would file it. This was only an indication of our position if there is a committee report,” he said.

    Enrile gave his colleagues a mouthful as he asserted his leadership, in acting on the motion of Pimentel.

    “I would like to amplify my ruling. The matter calls for an interpretation of the rules and so therefore, the body that has jurisdiction over this is the committee on rules, for in effect, the resolution tends to discharge the committee of the whole and bring back the issue to the plenary session of the Senate,” he said.

    “The committee of the whole is still in the process of performing its function. It was not remiss in the performance of its function and so therefore, to discharge the committee of the whole which is the tendency of this resolution is not in order because the resolution tending to discharge the committee of the whole does not comply with the rules of the house. So properly, this issue has to be resolved by the committee on rules and that is the ruling of the chairman,” he added.

    Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, a known staunch supporter of Villar, virtually admitted on the floor that the move regarding the resolution was mainly political.

    “While respecting the opinions of my colleagues and I hope that this resolution will not be interpreted as an affront to the committee of the whole or the chairman who happens to be the Senate president, I affirm my respect and belief in the chairmanship of the Senate president.

    “However, I think when it is the reputation of a senator, the name of a senator is involved — and we know that a presidential election is coming up, I think my colleagues here would understand how important it was for many of us. As to the timing, I will not debate it. As to the procedure, I am just stating in plain language, the reputation of Villar, many of us or those who signed felt that there was no double insertion, no road insertion, no anomalies. We felt that it is very important that the Filipino people know this before the filing of the candidacy so that everyone will be an equal footing as far as the Senate’s judgment,” Cayetano said.

    “I would like to state and put into the record the true state of things. This resolution, by its own very title although it says it expresses its sense, the sense of the Senate, not the sense of the people who signed this, you are talking of the Senate of the Republic, not the sense of the 12 who signed this resolution and it says you want to dismiss the case against the respondent,” Enrile retorted.

    “You want to clear him of the charges, without asking the committee to convene and perform its function. We are not rushing to condemn or exculpate the respondent, we are exercising utmost care and responsibility to do justice to a colleague, but here is a resolution which in effect discharges the committee that you created in this house.

    “Now as chairman of that committee, I want an explanation why the committee is being discharged.

    “Gentlemen I don’t want to sit in this chair if do not want me. But you have given me a responsibility to perform and as gentlemen of this house, you should at least have accorded some degree of respect to the chairman of this house before you filed this resolution. Did I fail you in any way? Tell me. You see the records of the proceedings.

    “Now I would like to look whether there was committee session that assessed the evidence that was assembled by the committee of the whole. Why was not the documentary evidence not cited in this resolution if you really assessed the evidence. I respect your opinions but I would like to put this into the record. And so without rendering any judgment on the resolution filed, the chairman has decided to refer it to the committee on rules and for it to wait for the committee report that will be prepared by the committee of the whole and let these two committee reports stand side by side, to be judged by the Filipino people. That is at least an honorable thing to do. So ordered,” Enrile added.

    The resolution was referred to the committee on rules pending the filing of the committee of the whole report, although sources said, it would be a futile exercise as failure to secure needed numbers to constitute the majority support, will not enable the panel report to be read on the floor. Sources also pointed out that number of votes to constitute the majority will be dependent on the seriousness of the recommended sanctions, if Villar is found guilty and in a case of being meted with “expulsion,” the committee of the whole will be needing the vote of 16 out of the 23 senators.

    It was gathered from sources that resolution 1472 was penned by Villar’s office, although it was the minority leader who broached the idea of specifically mentioning that their position is for the Senate to express its sense to “dismiss the complaint” rather than “clearing” the senator from the charges.

    Legarda’s “role” in sponsoring the resolution, the filing of which, incidentally came a day before she was named Villar’s running mate, was not allowed to pass by colleagues in the majority and even those in the minority with whom she “sided” over this matter.

    Madrigal, who is currently in Europe , resorted to name calling in criticizing Legarda.

    “My fight against corruption is non-negotiable. My complaint against Villar is based on principles. I congratulate Villar for his fantastic lobbying in turning someone like Legarda, who was rabidly against him into his girl Friday. As they say, ‘Manny talks and money talks louder.’ I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country’s interest is at stake. Public service is not a numbers game,” Madrigal said.

    Sen. Francis Pangilinan did not spare Legarda from criticisms as he made a snide remark, obviously addressed to the lady senator in appealing to the sense of the colleagues to protect the institution and not be used as a vehicle for personal ambition.


    Enrile slams maneuvers
    on Villar ethics probe

    SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile yesterday declared as “out of order” the attempt of allies of Sen. Manuel Villar to exculpate him from alleged misconduct over the P200-million C-5 road extension project.

    Twelve senators, including six from the majority bloc, signed resolution No. 1472 expressing the sense of the Senate to dismiss the ethics complaint against Villar.

    The signing preempted possible recommendations to be contained in a committee report to be presented by the Senate committee of the whole.

    Enrile, chair of the committee of the whole, said the resolution caught him by surprise.

    Sen. Loren Legarda was among the 12 members who sponsored the filing of the resolution.

    Enrile declared as “out of order” the filing of the resolution when minority leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. tried to steer the matter to be read on the floor.

    “Di ko malaman kung ano ang resolution na ‘yan. Wala pa kaming committee report na ginagawa. Sinusuri pa lang ang mga iprinesintang ebidensya sa committee of the whole,” he said.

    According to Sen. Panfilo Lacson, Enrile considered resigning as he viewed the resolution as an affront to his leadership and subversion of the rules of the institution.

    Lacson in a privilege speech had accused Villar of double insertion for the road project in the 2008 national budget.

    Sen. Jamby Madrigal then filed an ethics complaint against Villar for realigning the C-5 road extension project to benefit properties registered in the name of corporations he and his family own and control.

    The complaint said there was also a conflict of interest on Villar’s part when he failed to divest himself of interest in corporations whose properties were acquired by the government for road right of way for the Las Piñas-Parañaque road.

    Some members of the majority bloc claimed the minority deceived their colleagues into signing the resolution.

    “Based on what we gathered, some were made to believe that filing the resolution would come in later or be made to stand against the committee (of the whole) report. There was also an impression, to some, that the Senate president knew about this resolution or at least there was imprimatur which is not the case. He was upset when he learned about this and even considered, this morning, resigning because next to the 12th signature is a 13th signature, the votes needed to oust him as Senate president,” said Lacson.

    “If you can deceive your fellow senators into believing that it’s okay for them to affix their signature on this for this or that reason, that’s very dangerous,” he said.

    Sen. Gregorio Honasan, who was among the 12 senators, said he signed the resolution believing that the committee report was to be filed ahead.

    “I have no control over that. But I am not inclined to withdraw my signature because of that, because there is a more fundamental issue and I signed it in good faith,” he said.

    The other senators were Pimentel, Senate Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Manuel “Lito” Lapid, Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Ramon Revilla Jr., Francis Pangilinan, Villar and Legarda.


    Senate shelves reso dismissing Villar ethics raps
    11/17/2009 | 09:48 PM
    | | More
    The Senate on Tuesday shelved a resolution dismissing an ethics complaint against presidential aspirant Sen. Manuel Villar Jr., who was accused of profiting from the government’s C-5 road extension project.

    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile referred Senate Resolution 1472 to the Senate committee on rules to determine if the resolution was in accordance with the procedures.

    “This resolution at this point is not in order. Therefore the referral of this resolution to Committee on Rules is proper. The matter calls for an interpretation of the rules. So therefore the body that has jurisdiction over this is the committee on rules,” he said.

    He added that without rendering judgment, the resolution would be referred to the committee on rules for it to wait for the committee report that would be prepared by the committee of the whole, which investigated the case against Villar.

    Enrile said the resolution, signed by 12 senators, effectively preempted the committee of the
    whole report.

    A report on GMA News’ “24 Oras” Tuesday night said the senators agreed not to act on the resolution for now.
    No objection

    Senate minority leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr., who penned the resolution, said they had no objection to it being referred to the committee on rules. He, however, said their only hope is that “there should be a timetable” for the committee to come up with its findings.

    Enrile presided over the Senate committee of the whole’s ethics investigation into allegations that Villar and his companies benefited from the C-5 deal with the government.

    Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo Madrigal lodged the ethics complaint against Villar, who was accused of making a questionable P200-million insertion into the 2008 national budget for the construction of the C-5 extension from South Luzon Expressway to Sucat Road.

    The resolution was filed Monday, or a day before Villar’s announcement that he is picking Sen. Loren Legarda as his running mate in the May 2010 elections.

    Legarda was among the signatories of the resolution.

    Villar defended the resolution, saying it was clear that the witnesses had exonerated him.

    “Doon sa mga hearing maliwanag naman mga witnesses sinabing wala akong kasalanan (In those hearings, it was clear the witnesses said I had no fault),” he said, although he was not present in any of the hearings done on the case.

    Sen. Francis Pangilinan said they voted to dismiss the complaint “because we felt the institution was being used for personal ambitions of certain individuals.”

    Angry Enrile

    Sen. Panfilo Lacson, whose privilege speech on the C-5 road mess triggered the ethics investigation on Villar, said Enrile was so angry he nearly quit as Senate president upon learning of the resolution.

    “He thought of resigning, 12 signatures is one signature away from ousting a Senate President. He thought and rightly so that this is a direct affront on his leadership,” he said.

    Senate majority leader Juan Miguel Zubiri said some of those who signed the resolution were fooled.

    “Mukang nabola sila (Seems like they were fooled). That is a sign of bad faith, not a sign of good faith,” he said. – GMANews.TV




    “My fight against corruption is non-negotiable. My complaint against Senator Villar is based on principles. I congratulate Mr. Villar for his fantastic lobbying in turning someone like Senator Legarda, who was rabidly against him into his girl friday. As they say, Manny talks and money talks louder. I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country’s interest is at stake. Public service is not a numbers game.”


    Loren on her own in team-up with Villar — NPC members

    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 14:16:00 11/18/2009

    Filed Under: Loren Legarda, Manny Villar, Eleksyon 2010, Elections

    BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental – Although he has convinced Senator Loren Legarda to become his running mate, presidential aspirant Senator Manuel Villar could not be assured of the support of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), party leaders in Negros Occidental said on Tuesday.

    Sagay Mayor Alfredo Marañon Jr., United Negros Alliance gubernatorial candidate and a member of the NPC, said Legarda’s running with Villar was not a signal that they would also support the latter.

    Villar is the standard bearer of the Nacionalista Party (NP).

    Legarda joined Villar on her own, Marañon said.

    Negros Occidental 6th District Representative Genaro Alvarez, an NPC member, said they were still waiting for a party directive on which presidential candidate to support.

    Negros Occidental 4th District Representative Jeffrey Ferrer, another NPC member, said their party leadership has not made any commitment to support Villar since Legarda joined the NP as a guest candidate on her own. By Carla P. Gomez,
    Inquirer Visayas


    Jamby on Loren: She changes like the climate
    Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal likens fellow senator Loren Legarda to climate change, the latter’s favorite advocacy of late.

    In an exclusive interview, an irritated Madrigal said Legarda’s decision to become Sen. Manuel Villar’s running mate after pushing for a Senate ethics investigation against the latter smacks of political opportunism.
    Madrigal, who initiated the ethics probe against Villar over the alleged double insertion in the C-5 road project, said Legarda has a history of shifting allegiances.
    “Well, she has a history. She used to be with Lakas, which is how she became senator. Then, when she thought that [actor] Fernando Poe Jr. would win [in the 2004 elections], she abandoned Lakas and joined FPJ. But then she and FPJ lost. She became an oppositionist because being pro-Gloria wasn’t very popular. She was given an opportunity but now she’s siding with Villar,” she said.
    “So mahal mo ba sarili mo o mahal mo ba ang taong bayan? Siya ang chairman ng oversight committee ng climate change. I know now why she loves climate change. She will always change to the climate that is favorable to her,” Madrigal said.

    Madrigal said Legarda lacks conviction, which is why she finds it easy to shift alliances.
    “Ako’y naaawa sa bayan. Sabi niya she will pray for me. I am also praying for her because I pity her na bawat ihip ng hangin tatalon na lang siya o sasampa siya,” she said.

    On Tuesday Legarda said she had accepted Villar’s invitation to become a guest vice-presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party for the 2010 elections.
    Legarda said she and Villar had numerous discussions about the campaign and found that they had similar advocacies and platforms. She also denied that she was taking back her fiercest criticisms of Villar at the height of the Senate ethics investigation.
    “Lilinawin ko, wala akong tinatalikurang salita. Ang aking pagtulak ng anumang.. imbestigasyon ay ukol na rin sa proseso sa Senado at sa ating bansa. Demokrasya yan eh. Pag merong magsulong ng isang resolusyon ay tatayo ay susuporta sa proseso . Nobody is above the law, kung ako, si Senator Villar o sino man,” she told reporters.
    In a separate ABS-CBN interview, Legarda took issue with Madrigal’s statement that joining Villar was a form of “political prostitution.”
    “Ang pag-aalyansa ng mga partido politikal at ayon sa plataporma ay hindi pagbibili ng boto o pagbibili ng katauhan ng tao. Walang pera sa pinag-uusapan. Ito’y alyansa ng plataporma ayon sa aming mga adbokasya,” she said in an “Umagang Kay Ganda” interview.
    She added that she would pray for Madrigal.
    No surprise

    Madrigal, who was in The Netherlands when the Villar-Legarda tandem was formally announced, said she wasn’t the least bit surprised by the team-up.

    She said she and her fellow senators have long suspected that Legarda would go to Villar despite leveling harsh words against the senator at the start of the ethics investigation.
    “[Legarda] hasn’t been very visible lately maybe because she’s busy negotiating or campaigning. But we in the majority know na talagang galit na galit siya kay Villar. Marami pa siyang unsavory names na sinasabi sa kanya,” Madrigal said.
    She said Legarda even chided her and Sen. Panfilo Lacson that they might switch sides and not push through with the ethics investigation.
    The senator said she does not see Legarda’s decision as a personal affront but a betrayal of her fellow senators. “She betrayed the institution of the Senate at nataksil din niya mga taong bayan na umaasa sa kanya na isang taong me prinsipyo,” Madrigal said.
    Madrigal also leveled harsh words against her fellow senators who are allegedly seeking the dismissal of the ethics case against Villar.
    She said the resolution sought to pre-judge the case against Villar especially since the Senate Committee of the Whole had yet to issue a final report on the case.
    “Sasabihin ko na… nakakasuka. (It makes me vomit.) Parang sasabihan mo isang judge na maraming ayaw nito. Parang suhol ito. This is like bribery. Bago pa lumabas ang ebidensiya hahatulan mo na,” Madrigal said.
    Villar, meanwhile, denied paying any money to the senators who signed the resolution clearing his name.
    “Jamby thinks that everything I’ve accomplished is because of money. Maybe it’s because that is her life. I worked hard for my money. I don’t know where Senator Jamby got the idea but none of the senators who signed got a single peso from me. It’s called pakikisama,” he said.
    No stopping presidential bid
    Madrigal, meanwhile, said that unlike Legarda, her ambition to run for president in 2010 is fueled by a genuine love for country and the Filipino people.
    She added that she wanted to give Filipinos another choice even if she doesn’t win the election.
    “If I love myself and only my career and ambition then I will not run because I’m a sure winner in the Senate. Yung pagmamahal sa bayan at sa taong bayan. Na mabigyan naman sila ng alternatibong plataporma, isusugal ko ang lahat para sa taong bayan,” she said.


    Lacson criticizes Legarda

    SENATORS Manuel Villar and Loren Legarda, the Nacionalista Party’s candidates for president and vice president next year, were right to team up because “they deserve each other,” Senator Panfilo Lacson said yesterday.

    Legarda, who bolted the Nationalist People’s Coalition to accept the Nacionalista Party’s invitation to run with Villar on Tuesday, had joined Lacson and Senator Jamby Madrigal in calling for Villar’s ouster as Senate president following Lacson’s claim that Villar had benefited from a double financing for the C5 road extension project.

    Lacson could not hide his disappointment over Legarda’s about-face yesterday.

    “I gave Senator Loren my word that I would not hit her,” he said, after she had called him to inform him of her decision to run with Villar.

    “What I can say is that it is only right that they should team up because they are suited to each other. They have the same character, the same credibility. So they really deserve each other.”

    Legarda denied claims she was offered campaign funding to become the Nacionalista Party’s guest candidacy.

    “I can look directly in your eyes. There was no discussion of money,” she told reporters.

    She said she resented critics who treated her “like a commodity…” that anybody could buy at the right price.

    Earlier, Senator Jamby Madrigal said Legarda, who used to be “rabidly against” Villar, had turned into “his Girl Friday.”

    “As they say, Manny talks and money talks louder,” Madrigal said in a statement from the Netherlands.

    “I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country’s interest is at stake.”

    Legarda said it was inaccurate to describe her and Villar as former enemies because they had not figured in any personal or political feud.

    “What is important is we are teaming up because we have a shared and common vision for the country,” she said.

    She also took a snipe at an anonymous e-mail campaign against her.

    “I don’t bother to read the negative because my politics is positive,” she said.

    “Our people cannot eat dirty politics.”

    Legarda was one of the senators who supported the Senate investigation of Madrigal’s ethics complaint against Villar over allegations of impropriety in the C5 Road project. She was also part of the Nov. 17, 2008 coup that led to Villar’s ouster as Senate president.

    But Legarda this week said she now believed that the charges against Villar were politically motivated, and that he should be cleared by the Senate committee of the whole. Fel V. Maragay

  48. Die-hard NoyPi

    As they say in politics, there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies, only permanent INTERESTS. I think Sen. Jamby is right, Loren’s political acrobatics earn the norm of a political prostitute.
    An insider wrote Loren demanded P500 million from a party-mate. Then, She can demand from outside her party the Highest bidder, di ba???

  49. Die-hard NoyPi

    btw, that’s how low the bar of national political game can be played by self-proclaimed “principled and cause-oriented” presidentiables and vice-presidentables. Let “money” walked the talk and jump over the hurdle with just a side-step.hehehehe…

  50. Die-hard NoyPi

    in hindsight, I think that’s what our national dance “Tinikling” repreents in our nationa political life. Leaping from one bamboo steps to another and at the same flirting with our partners.

  51. Berto Bartolome

    Jamby Madrigal. Ikaw ang nakakasuka. Pati nga tiyahin mo na namatay hindi mo ni respeto kasi yung last will and testament nya eh pinawalang bisa mo.Yang abogado mo kasing sama ng ugali mo din. Pag tumagal pati asawa mo na inaa under mo hihiwalayan ka na. Takot lang sayo kasi baka ipa salvage mo at palabasin mo na aksidente. Wala ka namang ebidensya laban kay Villar. Nag mukhang tanga lang ang abogado mo kasi nung nag tetify yung taga BIR eh sya mismo nagsabi nawalang over pricing. Si Villar yumaman dahil sa sariling kayod nya. Ikaw kaya kalang mayaman dahil marami kang lupa na minana sa mga ninuno mo sa Muntinlupa. Dapat ang pamilya mo ang pa imbestigahan. Ngayon tatakbo ka pa ng pagka presidente.4 words. KAPAL NG MUKHA MO. Im sure kung pinatakbo si Perlas mas marami pa syang boto kaysa sayo.Baka asawa at mga kamag anak mo hindi ka pa iboto dahil masama ang ugali mo. Pati si Judy Ann Santos di rin boboto sayo unless bigyan sya ng mana na makukuha mo. Pero miski bilhin mo boto nya di ka pa rin iboboto at lihim na boboto kay Villar o kay Noynoy yun.

  52. Why look further? Take a drive at Daang Hari road from Muntinlupa to Cavite and you will know how Villar operates. From end to end and side to side are properties of Manny Villar’s companies. This road was funded by the government at the time when both Villar and Gloria are friends.

    I could remember very very well the many and huge billboards of Villar and Gloria together, the typical announcement of accomplishments by trapos proclaiming ‘this road is built because of us’ as if they spent a single centavo on the project.

  53. Berto Bartolome

    AS between Noynoy and Villar, the country deserves to have Villar. Noynoy has absolutely no leadership, managerial skills to speak of. Imagine Noynoy as the commander in chief. My gosh. He was not even a boyscout in his youth as he was i believe exempted from physical activities. Please spare the country from Noynoy. Even if Cory was aliv im sure she would not have campaigned for his son.

  54. Berto Bartolome

    To the bloggers here and to JAMBY, well even how much you try you cannot put VILLAR down. The man came from down there and in his way to the t he has amassed all the life experience and emotional intelligence needed to lead this country and make evey Filipino competitive in the world economy. God please make VILLAR our next president. He is the chosen one and will make the country the next singapore and south korea.

  55. Berto Bartolome

    Thanks Manny Villar for giving us daang hari. Even the residents of ayala alabang and other posh subdivisions there belonging to filinvest are rejoicing. Even Ted Failon is using the road on his way to the Orchard to play golf. Failon should thank Villar for the road. Bad people always think of the negative thats why they see evil in everything. Noynoy is even happier since the SCTEX was diverted to make a stop at Hacienda Luisita. Now daang hari is not even 1 % of the length and span of the SCTEX.



  56. Restituto Menendrez

    ” I could remember very very well the many and huge billboards of Villar and Gloria together, the typical announcement of accomplishments by trapos proclaiming ‘this road is built because of us’ as if they spent a single centavo on the project. ”

    The c-5 extension project is benefiting and will benefit millions of residents of cavite,las pinas, paranaque and help de clog edsa and other major highways in metro manila. Less traffic less pollution more savings on gasoline expenses less road rage. How about your favorite politician ? has she or he done anything so as to make sure that his or her pork barrel gets to be spent on projects which will benefit us taxpayers.

  57. Restituto Menendrez

    ” Pinoy voters speak of more ills about Villar in this website (http://www.markjimenez.com). It’s very interesting how this website has transformed from Jimenez’s personal website to an active public forum for the people.”

    The mere mention of his name makes anything that comes from his mouth (and his website) not worth reading so much more believing unless you share some similarities with the “hulog ng langit”.

  58. Juan Dela Cruz

    All of the politicians need to create projects that benefit some of the Filipino people. That’s a necessity. If Villar becomes president of course he will have some good projects (just like GMA) but it won’t mean he will not be the most corrupt official in the country…

    Damn you all my beloved Filipino countrymen for being so ignorant…You are all so f*cking ignorant!!!

  59. Melchor Aquino II

    sa lahat ng tumatakbo bilang presidente gusto ko si villar, gibo at gordon dahil ang pangalan nila ay galing sa sarili nilang kayod. Si Noynoy wala namang napatunayan sa kanyang mahabang panahon bilang congresita at senador. ang tanong ko sa mga nanampalataya kay noy noy ay isa lang. kung hindi namatay si cory iboboto nyo ba si noynoy? oh kaya KUNG SI NOYNOY BA AY HINDI ANAK NI CORY eh ibobo nyo ba sya? tama ba naman kayo manampalataya kay noynoy dahil lamang na na nalungkot kayo nung namatay si tita cory?

  60. Janice de Belen

    the statement above is correct. leadership as well as management skills are not learned via mere genetics unless you are a clone of the erstwhile leader. noynoy you know deep in your heart that you are incompetent and that you are merely riding on your mom’s popularity. you have been indicisive all your life and even kris aquino knows this personality flaw. when kris was being battered by phiip salvador you cose to be quiet and let kris take care of her own mess.YOU ABANDONED KRIS at her lowest moment.being the only brother you were expected to take care of her.it was cory who came to her rescue. you will never be decisive nor will you ver acquire leadership skills. now you want to be king of the philippines.god save the philippines.

  61. Cristy Fermin

    ang mga mayayaman dito sa pilipinas naka asa sa minana na yaman. madriagal, roxas at aquino. puro kayo nakaasa sa yaman. kayo ang mga hindi nakadanas ng hirap sa buong buhay nila. ikaw noynoy naka ranas ka ba ng pumunta sa palengke oh kaya matulog na gutom dahil walang makain? roxas kanila ang buong araneta center, mga madrigal pag aari ang muntinlupa. mga aquino pag aari ang buong tarlac. mayaman kayo pinanganak. papano nyo masasabi na alam nyo ang pakiramdam ng mahihirap eh samantalang lumaki kayo na utusan o kaya driver or kaya hardinero lang ang mahirap na tao na nakasalimuha nyo.

    si villar alam ano ang pakiramdam ng isang mahirap dahil galing sa hirap. kung sya ay mayaman ngayon ay dahil sa kanyang sikap at tyaga. kayo NOYNOY , ROXAS AT MADRIGAL mayaman kayo dahil swerte lang kayo at pinanganak kayong mayaman. WALA NAMAN KAYONG GALING . Kaya nga kayo nakapag aral sa ATENEO at LA SALLE dahil mayayaman kayo. Si Villar nag-aral sa UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES na libre ang tuition fee dahil sya ay matalino at hindi naging hadlang ang pagiging mahirap para sya makakuha ng college degree sa pina kamagaling na pamantasan sa pilipinas. kayo nung nag aaral kayo sa ATENEO AT la salle may driver pa kayo.

  62. Cristy Fermin

    bago ko makalimutan. sa mga supporter at nanampalataya kay noynoy. ALAM NYO NA NA SPOKESPERSON AT CONGRESSMAN DATI NG TARLAC SI NOYNOY AQUINO NG PAMILYA AQUINO NUNG MANGYARI ANG HACIENDA LUISITA MASSACRE. May bahid ng dugo ang mga kamay mo Noynoy. MAY PINAPATAY KAYONG TAO sa Hacienda Luisita Noynoy alam mo yan at IKAW ANG PASIMUNO SA COVER-UP NA NANGYARI. May partisipasyon ka din sa SCTEX ROAD DIVERSION SCAM para makinabang ang hacienda luisita. Hinamon ko kayo mga supporter ni Noy noy na ipaliwanag ang partisipasyon ng “kandidato” nyo ukol dito.

  63. tarlakeno

    wala akong kabilib bilib kay noy noy. ni hindi namin nakikita yan dito kasi walang ginawa kundi mag tago sa hacienda luisita. saka medyo hindi pa sya ka gwapuhan at di natin maitanggi na mukha nga syang retarded sa personal kasi lagi sya naka nga nga.

  64. Die_Hard Noypi

    Sorry to say to all attack-dogs of Villar, these diatribes against the personality of Noynoy/Mar does not bite. Villar will remain the second man in waiting because destiny calls for a Noynoy/Mar victory in May 2010. Honesty and sincerity to lead is the only criteria that will be the basis in electing the kind of leader we need in order to have a righeous and good governance. Villar and the other presidential candidates are all compleat “trapo” wannabes. Its “good-vs-evil political game,…..divine intervention will prevail..read my lips.

  65. Lito Banayo

    Gloria’s Real Candidate

    THE last reputable surveys done after the filing of certificates of candidacy show three presidential candidates at the top: Noynoy Aquino in the mid to high forties, Manny Villar and Erap Estrada in a virtual tie at 20 or 19 percentage points. And Gilbert Teodoro, the man anointed by the once humongous Partido Lakas-Kampi founded by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, incumbent and long-staying president of the benighted republic, at low single-digit numbers. The rest are also-rans, at 1 percentage point or even lower.

    Why the regime’s anointed is languishing at bottom lows, despite the vaunted party machinery, the well-placed ads projecting competence and intelligence (“galing at talino”), and despite inarguably better speaking and debating skills than the competition, is attributable to the public belief that he is “Gloria’s man”, the chosen “one”, the person she deems most fit to succeed and most acceptable to her. Unfortunately for him, the person who chose him above all else happens to be most distrusted by the population. That distrust for his patroness drags Gibo down, never mind his personal qualities. It carries over to his persona, reinforced in no small measure by his having expressed not only the usual paeans of gratitude, but a public admiration for her “many achievements,” something clearly the people do not share. To do a volte face at this time will no longer be credible. Gilbert Teodoro’s chances are virtually nil. Even Ronaldo Puno’s vaunted skills cannot resurrect flagging hopes. Nor Virgilio Garcillano’s magic do the trick. Perhaps if Norberto Gonzales succeeds in discombobulating everything and upsetting the applecart of elections… perhaps, but that’s a big if, and assuming the guy and his patroness can pull it through, will the people ever be so supine as to take such adventurism lying down?

    It does not help Teodoro one whit that his patroness has filed her certificate of candidacy for the second congressional district of Pampanga. The undisguised attempt to pull strings even beyond her wished-for political demise, ruling beyond the grave as it were, makes Teodoro look all the more the puppet that he is unfairly made to be.

    Yesterday, the papers carried Speaker Prospero Nograles’ inclusion of the call for a constitutional convention, as if to further stress the GMA plan so obvious. But because Gibo’s presidential ambition is singularly anchored on the support of her party and its minions across the archipelago, he cannot publicly balk. In fact, he is on record as supporting a change in the Constitution. While amending the fundamental law is right, espousing it at the moment when people so clearly distrust the sincerity of the incumbent is off-key. Gilbert cannot even publicly state that if elected president, he will wield his influence to ensure that GMA does not become his Speaker of the House. So whether for better, or predictably for worse, Gloria’s distrust rating will be the albatross around Gilbert’s neck. His goose is cooked, never mind how often Prospero Pichay and Mitos Magsaysay whistle in the dark.

    Which brings me to this story: A few days before Manny Pacquiao knocked down Ricky Hatton in early May, the spouses Cynthia and Manuel Villar flew to Spain. Likewise, Gloria flew to Egypt and Syria for official visits. Why she had to go to these North African countries the public was never clear at, but in any case, they took it as just one of her usual flights of fancy. The Villars were waiting in Spain for cues from a well-placed Gloria crony, who was supposed to arrange a rendezvous with her in some warm Mediterranean coast.

    Fortunately, this writer found out about the Villar travel plans. And so, just as Doña Gloria landed in Egypt, the cat was out of the bag. Expectedly, Malacañang made denials. Senadora Jamby Madrigal got into the act, and denounced Villar for desperately seeking La Gloria’s support in his attempt to derail the Senate ethics probe. This, after all, was Villar’s immediate problem. The attempted rendezvous panned out.

    But then, and here our travel facts jibe with the veracity of highly reliable sources, a top-level meeting was supposed to have yet pushed through here in the country. And GMA, wanting for a strong contender her PaLaKa simply could not pull off from its hat, warmed up to the idea of Villar as her “secret” candidate. Classified as opposition, though not an “obstructionist” or a GMA basher as the rest of the presidential pack, Villar qualified as an acceptable alternative bet. Moreover, he was already ahead of her vice-president, Noli de Castro in the May surveys. Better yet, he had wherewithal to the max, the result of “smart” transactions capped by an even “smarter” IPO of his real estate empire the year before. Noli she had to spend fr, but with Manny, she gets a free ride.

    The result of the “transaction” as my source confided is that GMA would endorse a “weak” but credible enough candidate, and not “encourage” Noli to run for president, a prospect that the not-so-ambitious vice-president was not inordinately “lusting” for. And on his part, Villar would keep dangling a “repeat vice-president” string, loaded with generous freebies, to his bosom friend Noli, a “red herring” of an offer. If GMA would have a weak official candidate, Manny with his huge war chest would prevail in the 2010 derby, the ideal surrogate. Neat.

    After all, Lacson had withdrawn; Escudero had no money and would have to rely on Danding and Ramon Ang’s promises; Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda were languishing in single-digit survey static; and Erap would be disqualified. And true enough, when the SWS polled in mid-June 2009, it was a statistical tie among Villar, Chiz and Erap, with Noli behind, Loren and Mar even more so. Teodoro had launched his clumsy disaster preparedness infomercial a month before, its debut timed with Hatton’s early knock-out from the Pacman’s fists, and while everybody shook his head at his “late” entry and doubted his chances, most agreed he had intellectual credentials, credibility as candidate but not enough to win. Gravitas, but not votes.

    And then the Lord writ his providence with sad tidings. On August 1, Corazon Aquino died after a long bout with cancer, and the political stage shook underneath. Forty days later, a game changer came in with Noynoy on the presidential trail. All previous assumptions changed, including the fortunes of Gloria’s pre-arranged surrogate. Likely unstoppable winner became a distant second, despite tons and tons of creative advertising and a bevy of turncoats. From September till December of the year past, Noynoy kept his commanding lead. Escudero withdrew, Erap persists, but Gibo continues to languish in the political netherworld.

    And that is where the woman of the decade finds immediate political dilemma at this point in time. Her anointed has not risen, and her alternate, though far from victory, presents the single most “possible” threat to the front-runner she could not accept because he is the least likely to “transact.”

    If creative advertising and a well-run because well-funded campaign pulls Villar up in the next three months, and a demolition job somehow pushes down Noynoy’s lead considerably (or so the evil are planning), then it’s game for Manny and goodbye for Gibo. Garci and the “operators” should be able to do the trick, with Smartmatic laying the predicate.

    But would Manny the new president be faithful to his “no me impune” assurances? Why not?

    They would need each other most after a certifiably controversial “election”. She with her residual powers as “commander-in-chief” between May 10 and June 30 just might be able to quell the tumult of the rabble. That’s why Del Bangit and the Class of ’78 are in the “proper” places. And he would at least be able to recover his billions, while stopping prosecution for “smart” deals made as congressman, Speaker, senator and Senate President, charges with enough documentary evidence to prosecute, but parried successfully by “smart” propaganda so far. Never mind if he has to deal with “her” congressmen with her (misma!) as Speaker. If he is off to wobbly start, he would not get his bearings composed, and she, as “Speaker” and alternate “power center”, just might be able to pull off her parliamentary dreams of becoming the prime minister.

    There you are – “her” real man for the May elections. God save this country.

  66. Ka Menong

    Villar’s Leadership

    Manny Villar is on a roll. The latest survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that he has narrowed the gap between him and Noynoy Aquino, the frontrunner, to 11%. The survey came in the wake of a media blitzkrieg during the holiday season.

    A friend of mine, an executive in a major television network, conservatively estimates that Villar has spent P2 billion since the third quarter of 2009 for his media campaign. (Other estimates are on the high side, ranging between P3 billion and P4 billion.)

    His ads are very populist. In one ad, responding to Michael V’s complaint about the prohibitive cost of education, Villar says that college education must be free. Why Villar focuses on college education, not on basic education, which is a bigger problem, is easy to answer. Villar wants to get the vote of college students. Elementary and high school children don’t vote.

    Populist rhetoric works during elections; that was part of Gloria Arroyo’s tactics in 2004. She ordered a price subsidy on electricity, mainly benefiting the rich and the non-poor; she wasted billions of pesos for dole-out; she stalled revenue-enhancement reforms so she would be popular. All this led to a fiscal crisis, and the people had to suffer from the consequences of Arroyo’s irresponsible populism. But Arroyo won the elections — her populist rhetoric and action attracted votes, though the decisive factor was the cheating.

    Villar is doing a Gloria. Villar, like Gloria, is a master of populist language bordering on demagoguery. He even adopts the program of the Left so he can get its command votes. In his obsession to win the presidency, this multibillionaire has wooed a force that regards him a class enemy. (Incidentally, Gloria also forged tactical ties with the Left in the 2004 elections.)

    And Villar is doing to Noynoy what Gloria did to Fernando Poe, Jr. in 2004: question the leadership qualities of his main rival.

    The Villar camp attributes the gain from the latest SWS survey to “the shift in voting preference over the last three weeks in December as respondents start to put a premium on proven competence, leadership and accomplishments.” And in a televised debate that was staged immediately after the release of the SWS survey, Villar highlighted again the issue of competence and leadership.

    The problem is that Villar’s propaganda on leadership will backfire.

    One of the enduring quotes from Winston Churchill is: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Villar, however, has exhibited recklessness and waste, not responsibility.

    Let’s take another look at his ad where he promises free college education. If only the Philippine government were very rich in revenues, free college education would have been a viable option. But because of the severe lack of resources, the next administration must specify the priority spending. And undoubtedly, basic education must be the top priority because it has a bigger impact on poverty reduction and has higher social returns.

    It is the mark of irresponsibility for Villar to promise many good things like free college education, without identifying where he will get the resources.

    Villar would have a more responsive contribution to society, at the same time he would gain political capital, if he devoted the billions that he spends on ads to the housing and education projects initiated by civil society — like Tony Meloto’s Gawad Kalinga on housing and Nene Geuvara’s Synergeia on basic education. Let an undergrad economics student calculate the opportunity costs of the billions that Villar spent for his media campaign at a very early stage of the campaign.

    Villar is thus the opposite of a good leader who knows how to husband resources and use such resources efficiently.

    Villar also boasts of his performance in the Senate to boost his claim of being a good leader. But let us not forget how Villar turned against the very institution that he once led as he resisted the Senate inquiry into the controversial C5 project. The C5 controversy, at the very least, exposed Villar’s conflict of interest with regard to the budget insertion.

    In fact, Villar did a Gloria act by boycotting the Senate inquiry and by condemning his fellow senators for prejudging the case. This was the same way Gloria rejected the Senate in relation to the notorious ZTE-NBN deal.

    At any rate, Villar is correct in making leadership a main issue in the elections. He may be a good manager, but he misses the point that what we need now is someone who will rebuild the institutions that Gloria has destroyed.

    And there’s the rub. Villar’s leadership is no different from Gloria’s.

    To repeat what Churchill said, “the price of greatness is responsibility.” We can also quote Dwight Eisenhower, Churchill’s ally during World War II: “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.”

    Unfortunately, Villar has neither responsibility nor integrity. He does not adhere to the ethics of honesty, uprightness, and transparency. He makes money do the talking, but he veers away from obligations, accountabilities, and tradeoffs. He is another Gloria.

  67. Ka Butch Maniego

    Si Noynoy Abnoy Abnoy is already running scared with his tail between his legs. His add last night where he spoke his platform makes him look stupid. For one he does not look presidentiable. Mas mukhang presidentiable pa si Mar Roxas. Your eyes does not look sincere enough. Noynoy has a blank stare like his thoughts are somewhere else. All the things he mentioned in his add were mere motherhood statements which might have been better said by a senatoriable wannabee. Suggestion to Noynoy in his adds just re run the burial of Cory Aquino and im sure viewers might listen to you. Lets face prior to Cory’s death nobody listens to you and the reason why you won as senator is because of Cory’s adds. I m sure you Noynoy as well as Noynoy’s “believers” all across the Philippines will admit that Noynoy has none of the traits of a leader. Even Kris Aquino disliked him prior to this brouhaha. Noynoy prior to Cory’s death has accomplished nothing. Erap while he was senador was able to enact into law the Philippine Carabao Act. How about you Noynoy have any of your bills been enacted into a law ? silence……………….. Noynoy brags about being an economist. Records however will show that him being an economist was lack luster at best. Noynoy now stills credit in promoting the Nike Air brand in the 80s. Excuse me Noynoy are you stealing the credit from his airness Michael Jordan. By the way do you know how to play basketball ? we’ve heard the only sport you know is playing with your atari and nintendo family computer and you dont even know how to dribble a basketball.

    To Noynoy Abnoy Abnoy well soon kakain ka ng alikabok once the surveys for january and february comes out.

    “L” stands for L O S E R S ! ! ! !

  68. Die_Hard Noynoy

    Kaming mga loyal kay Noynoy tanggap namin na panget at mukhang retarded si Noynoy Aquino. Tanggap namin na kalbo sya at tulo laway pag nagsasalita. Pero wag nyo naman sabihing mukha syang tanga sa personal. Nasasaktan na kami nyan.

    Pero sa May 10 kami pa rin ang mananalo kasi nakakarami kami.

  69. William Orjalo

    Lahat tayo sabay – sabay !!!

    Ang Number 1 jinggle sa radyo at tv. !!!

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na bas gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manilla Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

    Please cut and paste and pass to your friends and relatives and sing it while the commercial is being aired in abs-cbn and gma.

  70. Mitzi Decastro

    To William Orjalo salamat for posting the lyrics. Favorite ito ng mga anak ko at pinapakopya sa akin ang lyrics. Ang bilis kasi di ko makopya.

    Go go go Villar !!!

    Lahat tayo sabay – sabay !!!

    Ang Number 1 jinggle sa radyo at tv. !!!

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manilla Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

    Please cut and paste and pass to your friends and relatives and sing it while the commercial is being aired in abs-cbn and gma.

  71. Michael San Juan

    This is the best political jinggle that is sweeping the entire nation. Hope they can have an extended version. I LOVE IT !!!

    Lahat tayo sabay – sabay !!!

    Ang Number 1 jinggle sa radyo at tv. !!!

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na bas gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manilla Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

    Please cut and paste and pass to your friends and relatives and sing it while the commercial is being aired in abs-cbn and gma.

  72. Die_Hard Noyphi

    In fairness maganda nga yung jinggle ni villar. pati kaming mga panatiko ni NOYNOY eh kumakanta na rin nyang jinggle na yan. sa mga supporter ni villar pwede ba maka hingi ng dvd nyang mtv nya. for personal use lang naman.

  73. William Orjalo

    Sa mga gusto makita at ulit-ulitin ang sikat na sikat at paborito nating jinggle ngayon, punta lang kayo sa website na to. Pati nga raw supporters ni Noynoy eh napapakanta nito pag nakikita nila yung jinggle.


    I click nyo yung “naging mahirap” sa features.

    Again here are the lyrics:

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na bas gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manilla Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

  74. William Orjalo

    Villar’s Leadership

    Agreed : Manny Villar is on a roll. The latest survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that he has narrowed the gap between him and Noynoy Aquino, the frontrunner, to 11%. The survey came in the wake of a media blitzkrieg during the holiday season.

    Issue No. 1 : A friend of mine, an executive in a major television network, conservatively estimates that Villar has spent P2 billion since the third quarter of 2009 for his media campaign. (Other estimates are on the high side, ranging between P3 billion and P4 billion.)

    My Comment : Campaign adds are legitimate and valid and came from contributions. Villar’s adds were made so as to level the playing field. How about Noynoy? he got tons of free publicity when his mother died last year. Plus Kris Aquino is on tv 24/7. Guess who the people sees when they see Kris.

    Issue No. 2 : His ads are very populist. In one ad, responding to Michael V’s complaint about the prohibitive cost of education, Villar says that college education must be free. Why Villar focuses on college education, not on basic education, which is a bigger problem, is easy to answer. Villar wants to get the vote of college students. Elementary and high school children don’t vote.

    Comment: There is already free elementary and high school. Why should Villar focus on something that is already there. Villar is correct in his analysis that college education should be free. Not everybody can pass UP or fit in the other state colleges and univesities. Thats why we have giant college and universities making a killing – sti, ama, ncba, etc etc etc. Indeed elementary and high school children dont vote but you completely forgot that their parents do.

    Issue No. 3 : Populist rhetoric works during elections; that was part of Gloria Arroyo’s tactics in 2004. She ordered a price subsidy on electricity, mainly benefiting the rich and the non-poor; she wasted billions of pesos for dole-out; she stalled revenue-enhancement reforms so she would be popular. All this led to a fiscal crisis, and the people had to suffer from the consequences of Arroyo’s irresponsible populism. But Arroyo won the elections — her populist rhetoric and action attracted votes, though the decisive factor was the cheating. Villar is doing a Gloria. Villar, like Gloria, is a master of populist language bordering on demagoguery. He even adopts the program of the Left so he can get its command votes. In his obsession to win the presidency, this multibillionaire has wooed a force that regards him a class enemy. (Incidentally, Gloria also forged tactical ties with the Left in the 2004 elections.)

    Comment : Villar thru the forces of GMA and ERAP was unseated as senate president. Unlike GMA, Villar has no power over government so as to adopt a populist stance for the sake of good governance. Villar did not adopt a leftist rhetoric. It is his pro poor stance all the while going back to his congressman days. For your information, it is Satur Ocampo who shunned the Liberal Party and deemed acceptable Nacionalista’s party values. Villar is laser focused on winning the presidency and knows what it takes to play his cards right.

    Issue No 4. – And Villar is doing to Noynoy what Gloria did to Fernando Poe, Jr. in 2004: question the leadership qualities of his main rival.

    The Villar camp attributes the gain from the latest SWS survey to “the shift in voting preference over the last three weeks in December as respondents start to put a premium on proven competence, leadership and accomplishments.” And in a televised debate that was staged immediately after the release of the SWS survey, Villar highlighted again the issue of competence and leadership.

    Comment : Ofcourse if you are running for the elections you will question the skills of your opponent. On the contrary can you show a presidential candidate who did not do the same. The electorate needs to watch the contenders slug it out and see blood spilled so as to see whose the best for the position. This is how a debate should run no holds barred. If the opponents of Villar was so candid in throwing to him everything ( 99.99 % of which proved to be nothing) , why are you so sensitive of Noynoy.Are you afraid that Cory will visit you in your dreams and stranggle you?.

    Issue No. 5 : The problem is that Villar’s propaganda on leadership will backfire.One of the enduring quotes from Winston Churchill is: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Villar, however, has exhibited recklessness and waste, not responsibility.

    Comment : Villar is the true Statesman and leader. Villar is the epitome of a responsible public servant with a grand vision for the country. Vision which is sourly lacking in Noynoy.

    Issue No. 6 : Let’s take another look at his ad where he promises free college education. If only the Philippine government were very rich in revenues, free college education would have been a viable option. But because of the severe lack of resources, the next administration must specify the priority spending. And undoubtedly, basic education must be the top priority because it has a bigger impact on poverty reduction and has higher social returns.

    It is the mark of irresponsibility for Villar to promise many good things like free college education, without identifying where he will get the resources.

    Comment : Villar has the political will to make this happen. The government has the money and its up to the leader where to allocate government resources. By the way Villar did not promise that the Philippines will be building the tallest building in the world right ot build a space ship that will land the first Pinoy in the moon. Now that is something that needs extra funding.

    Issue No. 7 – Villar would have a more responsive contribution to society, at the same time he would gain political capital, if he devoted the billions that he spends on ads to the housing and education projects initiated by civil society — like Tony Meloto’s Gawad Kalinga on housing and Nene Guevara’s Synergeia on basic education. Let an undergrad economics student calculate the opportunity costs of the billions that Villar spent for his media campaign at a very early stage of the campaign.

    Comment : Villar uses the media as vehicle to communicate his ideas and platform of government with. Unlike Noynoy who got free publicity all his life, Villar has to use his own resources as well as contributions from well meaning friends. Atleast he is using private funds and not like those of government. How about Noynoy, if he was so committed in helping the poor how come their family is milking the poor Hacienda Luisita farmers dry.

    Issue No. 8 – Villar is thus the opposite of a good leader who knows how to husband resources and use such resources efficiently. Villar also boasts of his performance in the Senate to boost his claim of being a good leader. But let us not forget how Villar turned against the very institution that he once led as he resisted the Senate inquiry into the controversial C5 project. The C5 controversy, at the very least, exposed Villar’s conflict of interest with regard to the budget insertion.

    Comment : Villar acquittal of the C5 controversy is forthcoming. Despite all the government resources tapped by Ping Lacson, and Jamby Madrigal all their evidence turns out to be based on hot air.

    Issue No. 9 – In fact, Villar did a Gloria act by boycotting the Senate inquiry and by condemning his fellow senators for prejudging the case. This was the same way Gloria rejected the Senate in relation to the notorious ZTE-NBN deal.

    Comment : The prosecutor is a presidential candidate. What can you expect ? Do you honestly believe that the prosecutor will like to see justice done? on the contrary they want to use their position to persecute a fellow senator and make him look bad in public. So who in his right mind will allow himself to be part of this farce.

    Issue No. 10 – At any rate, Villar is correct in making leadership a main issue in the elections. He may be a good manager, but he misses the point that what we need now is someone who will rebuild the institutions that Gloria has destroyed. And there’s the rub. Villar’s leadership is no different from Gloria’s.To repeat what Churchill said, “the price of greatness is responsibility.” We can also quote Dwight Eisenhower, Churchill’s ally during World War II: “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.”

    Comment : You have totally missed the point by a mile. No comparison. Integrity in a society like ours is always subject of attack by individuals with their own selfish motive. The issue here is whether despite the individual despite the smear campaign like yours remains to be untarnished. Yes that is Manny Villar.

    Issue No. 11 – Unfortunately, Villar has neither responsibility nor integrity. He does not adhere to the ethics of honesty, uprightness, and transparency. He makes money do the talking, but he veers away from obligations, accountabilities, and tradeoffs. He is another Gloria.

    Comment – Villar on the contrary is HONEST, UPRIGHT AND TRANSPARENT. He does not veer away from obligations and accountabilities. In fact he is second to no one in terms of qualifications for the highest position of the land.

    GO MANNY VILLAR . Our country deserves to have you as President of our Republic.

  75. true ofw

    kaming mga OFW ang tunay na natulungan ni Villar….

    meron dito fake na ofw obvious naman.

    Villar tunay na mahirap….Villar tunay na may malasakit…Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . . At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . . Si Manny Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!!


    Mission ni Villar na pagandahin ang Pilipinas para di na kailangan ng Pilipino mangibang bayan. Alam ni Villar na maraming pamilya ang nagkakahiwalay dahil sa pangingibang bayan ng mga Pilipino.

    Si Noynoy sabi nya na pag sya ay umupo ay papalitan nya ng pangalan ang EDSA at gagawing CORAZON AQUINO BOULEVARD.

    Panglawang gagawin nya ay papalitan nya daw ang pangalan ng St.Lukes Medical Center at gawing Cory Aquino Memorial Medical Center.

    Pangatlong gagawin nya daw ay palitan ng pangalan ng Sucat road into Cory Road at ang Manila Memorial Park into Cory Aquino Memorial Park.

    At syempre gagawin nya daw na National Hero walang iba kungdi si…guess nyo.

  76. bong bong barrera

    Kakatawa naman ang mga projects ni Noynoy pag sya ang maging presidente. Haaayyyyyy….Lord sana naman wag please…….

    Pakiramdam ko mababaliw ang mga Pilipino pag si Noynoy ang maging presidente. Hawa hawa na. Dadami ang mga …alam nyo na….para atang asa lahi nila yung…..parang si josh….alam nyo na yun yung parang kulang kulang.

  77. Die_Hard Noypi

    Villar’s last DREAM is to be the president. That will remain to be a DREAM. If he wins, it will be a NIGHTMARE to the entire country, a continuation of GMA’s Enchanted Kingdom,

  78. bong bong barrera

    Mali ka don Die_Hard Noypi. Villar will bring the Philippines to the promise land. Just wait and see. Villar usher in a new Philippines. A country where every Filipino aspires for. Even you as well as the paid anti-Villar detractors here will benefit.

    Nightmare will be if abNoyNoy will be president. A temparemental and emotionally stable person (ask his grade school guidance counsellor) and she will tell you that Noynoy had lots of emotional fits in his childhood years.

    Malas ng Pilipinas. Sa mga nabubulagan pa dyan, wag kayo magpapaloko sa Liberal Party at kay Noynoy. Pati Diyos at kaluluwa ng mga patay eh ginagamit nila. Si Jamby siguro di pa lalagpas ng 100 ang boboto sa kanya im sure.

    VILLAR KAMI !!!! Si Noynoy nababaliw na ngayon dahil alam nya na 11 % nalang lead nya. May survey na ginagawa ngayon ang im sure SASAYA LAHAT pag lumabas ito. Akala namin March pa pa uungusan ni President Villar si abNoyNoy……he he he he.

  79. Cristy Fermin

    To abNOYNOY may room ka na dito sa Mental Health Unit ng PGH after May 10 2010. He he he. Paiinumin ka ng mga pantutulog kasi since namatay si Cory last year eh sabi ng isa sa mga yaya ni Kris Aquino eh di ka na raw mapag katulog at addict ka na daw sa sleeping pills na ni rereseta ng family doctor nyo sa St. Lukes. He he he. ADDICT KA PALA !!!!

    Sa mga Pilipino gusto nyo ba ng presidente na ADDICT SA SLEEPING PILLS ?

    No to drugs kami !!!!!

  80. Cristy Fermin

    Mentally unstable si Noynoy. Sa mga nanampalataya sa Jesus Nazareno alam nyo ba nung sabado (piesta ng quiapo) eh ininsulto tayo ni Noynoy Aquino. Sa halip na i respeto nya ang ating paniniwala kung saan halos 2 million tayo dun (kasama si ka Noli De Castro). Isipin nyo bang sabihin nya na nabibili lang daw sa Quiapo ang survey ng SWS kung saan hinahabol na sya ni Manny Villar. 2 million tayo dun sa Quiapo nung sabado kung saan pinipilit nating makalapit sa imahe ng Nazareno. Eto naman si Noynoy nung araw na iyon eh ang SWS daw ay nabibili lang daw sa Quiapo. Ibig sabihin nya lahat ng asa Quiapo ay peke oh kaya walang kwenta. Tingin sa atin ni Noynoy ay wala tayong kwenta at peke. Iyan ba ang gusto nyong maging presidente? Siguro kung buhay si Cory sinampal na sya nito.

    Galing ng timing mo Noynoy !!!! Salamat sa insulto noong sabado na tamang tama piesta sa Quiapo. Atleast kaming may tamang pag-isiip.Eh ikaw meron ka ba? at hindi rin kami nakakalbo at tulo laway.

  81. Anti-Noynoy ako. :)

    May nakuha din akong mga opinions from other people who would not vote for him.

    -He’s too good to be a politician – He may be pure but are the people suurounding him also clean? He will be exploited. Siyempre, pagnaka-upo na siya, he will have to thank those who helped him. How? By giving them positions in the government. Anong uri ba ng tao yung mga tumulong sa kanya? Di naman katulad niya. Maloloko pa rin bansa natin.

    -He haven’t made any contribution while he was in congress (or passed any bill) – di ko to sure. Sinabi lang kasi sakin ‘to (I’m not really politically aware)

    -He’s just a shadow – wala pa siyang napaptunayan (o meron na, di ko lang alam). I don’t like it na lumalabas na ginagamit niya yung name ni Cory. He’s not Cory. And the way Cory ruled the country will not work anymore in this kind of period.

    -I’m beginning to hate Kris Aquino – Di talaga nagkakalayo ang politics at showbiz. I don’t like Kris using her popularity in “vote-buying”.

  82. Princessprecious27

    i am only 17 and i’m not entitled to vote yet. :)

    but my OPINION goes this way:

    i am also against Noynoy’s candidacy because if Cory Aquino didn’t passed away, Noynoy wouldn’t be pushed to run.

    for me, the thing here is Filipinos are so maawain.

    makakita lang nung parang na agrabyado, makiki simpatiya na talaga ng bonggang bongga. :o

    i think natural na sa atin yun. but OMG!

    it doesn’t necessarilly mean na because of Ninoy and Cory A. they would let Noynoy run. :D

    and ooops, before i forgot.. how about the Mendiola massacre, way back? and yung sa Hacienda Luisita? ;)

    well that’s it.


  83. Princessprecious27

    By the way in a survey made amongst high school students here in our school in St. Paul Pasig the following came out:

    Villar – 35 %
    Gibo – 32 %
    Noy – 14 %
    Gordon – 10 %
    Bro Eddie 8 %
    no vote 1 %

  84. Princessprecious27

    By the way i looooveeee the Manny Villar jingle…. :) Noynoy’s commercial is a bore and somebody ought to tell him to have his images photo shopped first. his bald forehead is a negative really and we young girls finds a bald head as a stand out ” yuuuuuckk !!!”.

  85. Princessprecious27

    Noynoy your so corny ha meron ka pang swear swear dyan na di ka magnanakaw ha. corny. how about mga tao sa paligid mo? kamaganak incorporated during your mom’s time eh kaliwat kanan ang kurakot and she was not able to stop it. i really hate seeing your face on t.v kasi walang side sa face mo na may itsura ka sad to say. tinitingnan ko picture mo and talagang wala akong makitang kahit katiting ng kagwapuhan.thats why wala kapang asawa at your age. lungkot siguro ng buhay ng matandang binata no. tapos ngayon gusto mo pang maging presidente kasi ride on ka sa cory wave. shocks anong klaseng style yun.imagine yourself this time last year im sure ni hindi sumasagi sa isip mo maging presidente.alam mo nag pray talaga ako na wag ka manalo. kasi pag ikaw manalo kawawa naman kami kasi we will be stuck with you for 6 years and im sure that will be hell for us. buti samin sa student council eh yung tumatakbo as president eh sya ang pinakamagaling sa batch namin and that she relied on her own competence and credibility. even thou she is the daughter of an Ayala she did not use the family name and instead relied on her own accomplishments.eh ikaw ? nakaasa ka lang sa pangalan ng nanay mo na patay na.kakainis ka talaga.dapat di mo pinatulan ang mga nag push sayo tumakbo kasi sumasakay ka lang and inaabuso mo ang pagmamahal ng tao kay tita cory. ang daya mo talaga. para kang hindi lalake.

  86. argie guevara

    Ive heard Villar and Gibo did well in the debate involving the leading presidential aspirants. Would you believe Noynoy boycotted the debate over at AIM. The topic was foreign policy.Rumors has it that Noynoy knows nothing about foreign policy that why he chickened our of the debate. This is another thing about Noynoy is that he chickens out in a debate. As May 10 approaches, the more we see who the true Noynoy is. As reason Noynoy said that he has a previous commitment. Lame excuse Noynoy. You have confirmed as early as Decemebr 2009 to join this debate on foreign policy. Shame on you.

  87. argie guevara

    After boycotting the forum orgnized by the Makati Business CLub regarding Philippine competitiveness, Noynoy now threatens the justices of the Supreme Court that if elected as President he will banish from the judiciary those who will accept the appointment of GMA as Chief Justice.

    This statement of Noynoy like his attack and insult of millions of Manilenos ( taga quiapo comment) speaks of the Noynoy that millions of Filipinos as based from surveys put their trust into.

    Whatever processes there are in the Supreme Court Noynoy should keep himself out of it considering that he is totally ignorant of what he is saying. Again here we have the Noynoy who is totally mayabang and hambog also shows how insensitive he is to the feelings of other people. Does Noynoy know that a seating justice of the Supreme Court may only be removed via impeachment and that the justices have security of tenure until they reach the age of 70. Noynoy thinks that he is the force of good in this country and that his statements should be revered as the same is the “will of god”.

    You are so stupid Noynoy and i think you will be worst than Marcos when in case you indeed become President. Right now your “hitler” tendencies are already showing despite. What more if you are thrown to the presidency. If that time probably you will erase evey oppositor you have since you will be perceiving them as “counter revolutionaries” which have no place in your Noynoy Kingdom.

    If you become President then Kris Aquino (who just recently insulted a well to do and decent family in Valle Verde infront of visiting bishop from the Visayas)will probably be your executive secretary and wverybody knows what you are capable of doing.

    A liberal party stalwart just recently told me that your campaign is in disarray since you have no management capability even to run your own campaigns and you just end up insulting even your own team when they fail your expectations.

    To those people in the internet who still manage to blindly trust Noynoy Aquino please think again and study this person who you think is the second coming of Christ himself.

  88. mayabang at hamobog talag iyang si noynoy. pero ito ang masasabi ko kay noynoy:

    1. walang alam sa management
    2. panget
    3. kalbo
    4. tulo laway
    5. autistic (sira ulo)
    6. mayabang
    7. walang nagawa ng syay congressman
    8. walang nagawa ng syay senador
    9. malaki ang tyan

  89. kris aquino brat talaga.

    manang mana sa kuya nya.

    kala nila kanila ang pilipinas.

    mahilig pa emote emote sa t.v

    lulubog din kayo mga aquino

    sa mga ilokano walang boboto sayo noynoy

    sa tarlak kay gibo kami.

  90. Mo Twister

    Well all i can say is Villar has my vote. Your the man Manny. Im fucking tired of seeing other politicians promising you something that they themselves cannot do themselves. Noynoy you have nothing to be proud of other than you being the son of a national hero and a former president.

  91. juan cesar

    Ang pathetic naman ng dahilan nyo para hindi iboto si noynoy, nasa itsura bang pagiging presidente? di nyo kasi matapatan ang DETALYE na ibinibigay ni Lito Banayo. Nakakaawa kayong fanatics ni Villar, may pera nga kayo para magtype ng comment dito, wala naman kayong dignidad.

  92. Die-hard NoyPi

    to anonymoks, ganyan talaga walang silang mai-batong ?@####” kaya puro personality traits ang kaya nilang masabi. Ika nga ng mga kibitsers “pera-pera lang yan” walang personalan. Di panlolok sa taong bayan ni Villar ang inihaharap kung di “papogi-” points. Hintayin nating ang lumabas ang tunay na evidence against Villar’s voluminous chicanery in using the govt funds at mahihindak sila sa kanilang kamang-mangan. Ang laban na ito, ayong kay Lito Banayo, ay kung sino talaga sa mata ng tao ang may “Trust” sa puso ng mga botante at di ayon sa mga “bayarang” media freaks.

  93. To Manny Villar’s fans.

    Sa mga comment nyo ay alam na natin kung anong klaseng tao kayo.
    Sana magiging matalino na ang mga botante, Villar ay may sipag at tyaga sa corruption kaya sya yumaman.

  94. cesar asar

    Sino ba si Lito Banayo? kilala ko si Lito Camo. Si Lito Camo suporter ni Manyy Villar yun. May binigay ba si Lito Banayo ? diba alalay lang ni Ping Lacoson na mamatay tao at malapit na makulong dahil double murder na non bailable ang kaso.

  95. cesar asar

    Political harassment lang naman ang ginagawa nyo kay villar kasi INGGIT KAYO LALO NI SI LITO BAYADNO.KAyo asasa lang sa mga pala gatasan nyo na tao sa lipunan na may pera kaya sunod sunod lang kayo kung asan may mag bigay sa inyo. Si Vilalr pera nya ginagamit nya. Kayo ? Pila kayo sa mana ni Jamby?

  96. laila chikadora

    no to kris aquino no to noy noy aquino. sawang sawa na kami sa pamilya nyo.

    sa mga aquino sawang sawa na ang sambayanang pilipino sa pamilya nyo!!! ginagawa nyongtele nobela ang pilipinas.




    LAHAT TAYO SABAY SABAY PATI NA RIN IKAW LITO BAYADNO — 1.2.3… at ang mga bayad at uto uto ni ABNOY NOY AQUINO…game…

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na bas gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manny Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

  97. Villar’s jingle:
    si Villar ang tunay na mahirap..???> pero sya ang PINAKAMAYAMAN na Senador.

    Villar’s Vision:
    Hangad niyang maging mayaman ang bansa/pamahalaan natin, pero hindi niya masabi ang tungkol sa utang ng gobyerno natin na $53.5B and counting. Yayaman ka ba kung may utang ka? hello?

    Ginagawa nyang tanga ang mga Pilipino. Well, kayo lang na maka-Villar. Ayusin nyo na lang ang pagtatagalog nya instead of “tunay na mahirap”, dapat “tunay na GALING SA mahirap”…


  98. laila chikadora

    Yung tunay na mahirap ang ibig sabihin nung ay sya lang sa mga kandidato ang tunay nanggaling at naka ranas ng kahirapan. Yung iba dyan anak ng mga haciendero sa tarlac at pinalaki buhay konyo.

  99. Kylla Eztufadah

    Tama lang naman pala magutom at pagtawanan ng buong mundo Pilipinas eh. Hanggang ngaun pala Patanga tanga pa rin mga Filipino eh. Boto nyo si Villar para tuloy tuloy lang ang ligaya, mga TATANGA TANGANG kapwa ko Filipino!!!!


    Think twice and hard on the presidency

    Ninez Cacho-Olivares


    The Senate committee of the whole’s report which reportedly censures Sen. Manuel Villar, finding him guilty of improper and unethical conduct on the issue of the C5 road extension project and for which the report sought the return of the money amounting to P6.22 billion that has been spent on the anomalous road project had his supporters in Congress quickly trash it, saying this is nothing but a scrap of paper since the report — coming from the majority bloc of the Senate does not have the 12 needed signatures.

    Villar’s all-out supporter, Sen. Nene Pimentel, said that apart from this censure report being a useless draft, this is politically motivated. He added that this draft is nothing but a product of the committee composed of “biased members” that did not follow the rules.

    Gilbert Remulla, also a staunch supporter of Villar, questioned the timing, saying that this was surely suspect and that the basis for the censure was disproved by all their witnesses and evidence.

    This is really funny, coming from Villar’s supporters, because they can also be accused of the same thing they now accuse the majority bloc in the Senate.

    Pimentel claimed the draft report which was being circulated by Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile is nothing more than the product of “biased members” that did not follow the rules.

    It was precisely the Villar bloc in the minority that broke the rules, when it came out with that resolution clearing Villar without even waiting for a majority bloc report.

    The resolution clearing Villar, was more a product of bias that has been moreover, suspected as having been “bought.”

    And didn’t the Villar supporters in the Senate also release its clearing Villar report also politically motivated?

    It was evident that Villar wanted to be cleared early on, as he feared this would affect his presidential candidacy.

    Gilbert Remulla really shouldn’t talk about “suspicious timing” since the Villar camp’s release of that report clearing his principal was also timed “suspiciously.”

    The draft report being circulated, as JPE stated, may not reach a plenary vote if it is short of the needed signatories.

    However, he also did say he wanted to present this draft, alongside the Villar draft resolution clearing him, to let the people know, and for them to be the judge.

    The Senate committee’s report banks on evidence, while the Villar clearance resolution, had no evidence at all, to disprove the charges leveled against him.

    If the committee report has been accuratedly reported in the media, this is really pretty damning for Villar, as it stated that Villar’s involvement in the C-5 project “made the Filipinos suffer the total amount of P6.22 billion.”

    And worse, this amount is being demanded to be returned.

    Villar is running for the presidency, and this C-5 issue is as valid an issue as can be. The people have to know and judge for themselves, given the evidence collated, whether Villar is fit to be elected president of the republic, given his alleged ways of making the Filipinos suffer the total amount of P6.22 billion.

    If he becomes president, how many more billions, if not a trillion, will the Filipinos be made to suffer?

    The report said that the P6.22 billion came from the realigned P4.28 billion for the extension project, the P1.8 billion spent for the original project was wasted due to the realignment. There was also the P141.1 million in overpriced right-of-way payments for Villar’s real estate companies.

    The problem Villar faces is the fact that he does have business interests which he has not given up. He can therefore hardly assure the Filipino people, even with his many ads that he is pro-poor and knows just what the poor feel since he was born poor, that he isn’t going to use the presidency to benefit his business interests.

    He can deny it, but there is that piece of information that he used his position in government to get involved in projects that would benefit his business interests, and worse, he didn’t bother to care that the Filipino people would be shouldering P6.22 billion. That is making people, even the poor suffer. That does not speak well of the promises he makes about making things happen in the country once he is elected president.

    That’s really a scary proposition. We might end up as The Republic of Camella.

  101. ernie legartz

    lito banayo exposee of manny villar bsp loan and c5 is just pure envy kasi hindi siya napartihan ,kung meron man. manny villar is a businessman siyempre he did all the requirements needed to approved the loan and the c5. so lets blame the people approved that transaction. WILL MAKE HIM PRESIDENT! HE IS MY PRESIDENT.,.,..,.

  102. MAKABAYAN 2010

    Obvious naman na politika lang ang rason kung bakit nilabas ng mga anti-Villar senators ang kanilang report.

    Obvious naman na gusto lang nilang katayin at masakerin si Manny Villar sa harap ng taong bayan.

    Ikaw Noynoy may pa “unfair-unfair” ka pa dyan. ULUL !!!! Unfairin mo ang mukha mo!!!!

    Ginagawa mong tanga ang taong bayan. Ikaw naman ang tuwang tuwa dito dahil alam mo naman na kalaban mong numero uno si Villar.

    Kung di ka ba naman isang tangat kalahati Noynoy eh for delicadeza ( na wala kang minana ni katiting sa nanay mo) eh dapat di kana bumoto. Bakit?

    una kalaban mong numero uno si Villar sa pagka presidente.natural eh gusto mo pahiyain ang kalaban dahil alam mo naman na unti-unting nauubos ang lamang mo. may pa unfair unfair ka pa duan. ang unfair ay ang taong gustong sumakay sa popularidad ng kanyang nanay na namatay.

    pangalawa ang kapal ng mukha mo noynoy aquino ka ni ikaw eh di sinusunod ng mga kamag anak sa tarlac at ngayon akala mo ay ikaw na ang pinili ng dios na mag ligtas sa Pilipinas? si kris aquino nga lang eh di mo mailigtas dati kay philip salavador at joey marquez eh ang buong pilipinas pa.

    sa mga 12 pumirma kayo ay parang mga demonyo sa mata ng tao at para kayong mga hayop na gusto ibagsak ang isang taong alam nyo ay higit pa sa inyo.

    sa mga kandidato bilang presidente at bise presidente ang kakapal ng mukha nyo. puro kayo walang delicadeza dapat naginhibit kayo. ikaw noynoy, gordon,mar roxas, jambyu alam nyo naman na kalaban nyo si Vilalr. Sa tingin nyo ba na may maniniwala sa inyo sa ginawa nyo eh kitang kita naman na gsuto nyo lang sirain si Villar at gingamait nyo ang senado para gamitin ito . MAKAKARMA KAYO MGA WALANG HIYANG SENADOR KAYO.


    hayop 1 – si jamby
    hayop 2 – si ping
    hayop 3 – si enrile
    hayop 4 – mar roxas
    hayop 5 – noy noy aquino
    hayop 6 – dick gordon
    hayop 7 – biazon (tanda na kasp pa)
    hayop 8 – zubiri (mandaraya sa elecksyon)
    hayop 9 – angara (traydor pa)
    hayop 10 – pangilinan (traydor pa)
    hayop 11 – jinggoy (traydor pa)
    hayop 12 – ESCUDERO (ingitero).

  103. Dindo Fernando

    Ang mga politiko talaga sa pilipinas para kayong mga payaso.

    Kakatawa kayo lalo na ang 12 na senador.

    Una anong klaseng mga tao kayo? kapwa senador na palibhasa suto tumakbo bilang presidente ay kakatayin nyo. Kayo ay kahihiyan. Ikaw Noynoy bilib pa sana ako sa iyo kung hindi ka bumoto dahil alam mo naman na kalaban mo sya no.1. Siguro rerespeto pa ako kung nag inhibit ka. Kayong 12 kayo sana kaiinin kayo ng lupa.

  104. Anti-Hayop


    hayop 1 – si jamby (pokpok mukahng pera killer)
    hayop 2 – si ping (killer at massacre king and closet queen)
    hayop 3 – si enrile (tanda na martial law executor)
    hayop 4 – mar roxas (bakla, maitim at pussy foot)
    hayop 5 – noy noy aquino (panget, kalbo,tulo laway)
    hayop 6 – dick gordon (bakla, pikon at smuggler sa gapo)
    hayop 7 – biazon (tanda na kasp pa)
    hayop 8 – zubiri (mandaraya sa elecksyon)
    hayop 9 – angara (traydor)
    hayop 10 – pangilinan (traydor)
    hayop 11 – jinggoy (traydor)
    hayop 12 – ESCUDERO (ingitero, bakla at insecure kay villar).

  105. Anti-Hayop

    Kayong 12 miski pagsamasahin ang utak ant pagkatao nyo ni wala pa kayo sa kalahati sa nagawa at naitulong ni Villar.

    Kayong 12 magkakamukha, magsisimangamoy, magsimpapanget, magsimbabaho at mas simbobobo.

  106. Restituto Mendroza III.

    LAHAT TAYO SABAY SABAY PATI NA RIN IKAW LITO BAYADNO — 1.2.3… at ang mga bayad at uto uto ni ABNOY NOY AQUINO… at ang mga hayop na dose.

    1.2.3 sing!!!!

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “ At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manny Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

    Mabuhay si Manny Villar. Mga kapawa ko mahihirap kitang kita naman na inaapi ang ating bida. Mga kontra-bida umeeksena. Kami ang nakakarami. Kami ang magluloklok kay Villar bilang presidente ng bagong republika.

  107. Barack Binay

    Si Enrile ang yabang mo. Malapit ka na masibak as senate president. Di mo alam pero kumpleto na ang pirma. Yung committee report mo ni jamby madrigal isaksak nyo na lang sa kulubot na tumbong nyo dalawa.

  108. Atty Aga

    The senate being a political body where everything is whimsical cannot be trusted to act as if it a judicial body. If the villar case was only filed in court, it would be very easy for villar’s lawyers to have the case dismissed since all the evidence presented by jamby and his lawyer came from secondary sources, biased as well as corrupted. I cannot recall a witness who directly implicated villar of the accusations made. Now since it is election season already, enrile being the senate president should have not rushed with his committee report or at the very least should have referred the matter to the ombudsman instead of him using the senate as venue for prosecuting a presidential candidate. Jamby in newspaper reports say that she will be filing a case at the ombudsman. So what are you waiting for? go ahead? lets face it jamby is merely using the senate as convenient venue in destroying villar.

  109. Republic of Camella

    Bastat kaming mga nakatira sa camella subdivision dito sa caloocan ay haping hapi. Maganda ang bahay, mura, malinis ang hangin, 24 hours tubig, maganda facilities. Maganda buhay camella. Sana buong pilipinas maging parang giant camella subdivision na rin.

  110. Nokia 2010

    Ako kay Gibo. Galing at Talino. Kailangan natin ang magaling at maasahan sa hirap at ginhawa till death do us part.

    Ang bansa natin ay nasa earthquake zone, typhoon zone, sea trajedy capital of the world.kailangan natin ang presidente na handa sa emergerncy.

    C noynoy na pinsan nya ni hindi handa magkamilya on his own at ni hindi ma plano buhay nya kung kailan sya mag asawa. Aasa pa kayo sa gunggong na yun?

    GO GIBO !!! POSIBLE !!!

  111. Hulog ng Langit

    Ang pilipinas 90 million ang tao.

    90 million na tao na humihingi ng pagkain,tirahan,edukasyon at pagkalinga.

    Si Noynoy ni sariling pamilya nya wala. 52 years old na matandang binata. Ako nga 35 years old lang pero anak ko 10 years olds na.Ako simpleng employado sa gibyerno pero marunong magpalakad ng pamilya.Si Noynoy walang pamilya at pakaiinin lang dati ni cory nung buhay pa sya. Tapos ipagtitiwala nyo buhay nyo sa kanya?

    Sa mga maka NOYNOY ano ba kayo? position pagka presidente na to. Si Noynoy ni buhok nya di nya maayos at ang itsura nya di nya pa rin maayos. Ni pantalon daw nyan eh bigay pa ng mga kapatid nya kasi si marunong pumili ng susuutin nya. Ayos lang kayo dun? presidente ng pilipinas ni hindi marunong pumuli ng pantalon nya? maawa naman kayo sa mga mahihirap at mga kabataan na magmamana ng ating lipunan.

  112. Sabi nung iba politika. Eh ano bang hinde…

    Sabi nung iba, galing ito sa kampo ni Noynoy, Gibo. Ganun ba? Eh ano ngaun! Napakahilig talaga natin sa personalidad!

    Yung iba naman naiinis, nagagalit o nabuwibuwisit!

    Yung iba wala lang pakialam

    Pero sa tutuo lang LALONG NAKAKABUWISIT sa mga mahihirap ang kuwentong ito. Binoto ko si Manny Villar as senator nuon pero, ano b ito? 1.2 Billion? laki nun hah

    Dapat sagutin ni Manny Villar ang mga PARATANG na ito.

    Patunayan niya na hindi tutuong GINAMIT NIYA ANG POSISYON NIA para kumita siya sa C5 extension.

    Anong klaseng PRESIDENTE ka kung ikaw ay SINUNGALING, MANDARAYA AT MAGNANAKAW! Nagpapayaman samantalang ang iba ay naghihirap.

    Aba, kung tutoo ito, IPOKRITO AT PLASTIC ang dating nia. Para b talaga sia sa mahirap?

    Pero Pag napatunayan nia NA HINDI ito TUTOO, laLong babango ang pangalan nia. Baka manalo pa sia. Pero hindi ito ang point.

    ANG POINT KASI DITO Sana naman ay ang mga senador, tongressman, at iba pang mga nandiyan sa taas na magpakita naman ng kahit konting katinuan kundi ay talagang pupulutin tayo sa kankungan!

    Ang tutuo manalo man si Villar o hindi, kapag ang kahayupang ito ay tutuo TALO TAYONG LAHAT!!

    Di ba sia rin yung nag bang ng gavel upang patalsikin si Erap…wala pang isang bilyon yun a? Pero ito 1.2 BILYON?


  113. Anti Tanga

    Kakatawa kayong mga bayaran dito. Tinitira nyo si vilalr. eh obvius naman na mang mang kayo kasi di nyo sinusubaybayan yung nangyari na hearing.

    Hoy tanga alam mo ba na sa report ni enrile eh sya mismo nagsasabi na walang ebidensya para i link kay villar yung controversy.

    Yun na yun. Kasing tanga mo si Noynoy pareho kayo takas ng mental hospital. ha ha ha.

    Ulul !!!

  114. Anti Tanga

    Ikaw ayaw sa kurap sigaw ko sayo – > ikaw ibalik mo ang ulirat mo!!!! loko loko ka parang si noynoy abnoy tulo laway. sabay sabay.

    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.
    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.
    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.

  115. Laban sa Kahirapan

    Ang pilipinas 90 million ang tao.

    90 million na tao na humihingi ng pagkain,tirahan,edukasyon at pagkalinga.

    Si Noynoy ni sariling pamilya nya wala. 52 years old na matandang binata. Ako nga 35 years old lang pero anak ko 10 years olds na.Ako simpleng employado sa gibyerno pero marunong magpalakad ng pamilya.Si Noynoy walang pamilya at pakaiinin lang dati ni cory nung buhay pa sya. Tapos ipagtitiwala nyo buhay nyo sa kanya?

    Sa mga maka NOYNOY ano ba kayo? position pagka presidente na to. Si Noynoy ni buhok nya di nya maayos at ang itsura nya di nya pa rin maayos. Ni pantalon daw nyan eh bigay pa ng mga kapatid nya kasi si marunong pumili ng susuutin nya. Ayos lang kayo dun? presidente ng pilipinas ni hindi marunong pumuli ng pantalon nya? maawa naman kayo sa mga mahihirap at mga kabataan na magmamana ng ating lipunan.

    LAHAT TAYO SABAY SABAY PATI NA RIN IKAW LITO BAYADNO — 1.2.3… at ang mga bayad at uto uto ni ABNOY NOY AQUINO… at ang mga hayop na dose.

    1.2.3 sing!!!!

    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura…

    ” Nagpasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba ang isa sa amin …

    ” Alam mo ba na mapag aaral ka nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan tayo para magkatrabaho . . .

    “ At ang kanyang plano na magkabahay tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na may malasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kakayahan . . .

    ” At gumawa ng sariling pangalan . . .

    ” Si Manny Villar and magtatapos ng ating kahirapan !!! ”

    Mabuhay si Manny Villar. Mga kapawa ko mahihirap kitang kita naman na inaapi ang ating bida. Mga kontra-bida umeeksena. Kami ang nakakarami. Kami ang magluloklok kay Villar bilang presidente ng bagong republika.

  116. Anti Tanga

    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.
    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.
    noynoy abnoy tulo laway.

    Si noynoy ay :

    1. Autistic
    2. Kalbo
    3. Lake tyan
    4. Matanda na binata pa.
    5. Walang sex appeal
    6. Ponget
    7. Tulo laway
    8. Duwag
    9. Pinaka panget sa mga anak ni Cory
    10. Mukhan mongoloid
    11. Nagpapatay sa mga magsasaka sa haciendaluisita
    12. Kumita sa gibyerno dahil sa hacienda luisita scandal
    13. walang nagawa bilang congressman
    14. walang ngagaw bilang senador
    15. nagtatago sa saya ng nanay nya miski 52 years old na.
    16. walang alam
    17. bobo
    18. inutil
    19. gago
    20. silahis.

  117. Anti Tanga

    Punta kayo sa pinakamagandang website sa pilipinas.


    Dito na tayo sa bida.

    Dito na tayo sa panalo.

    Dito na tayo sa may sipag at tyaga.

    Dito na tayo sa magaangat sa ating mahihirap.

    Napakasaya ko ngayong araw dahil lalong dumarami kaming mga Manny Villar supporters. Join na kayo !!!! sagot ko na ang orange t-shirt nyo.

  118. Gibo Ako

    Ako kay Gibo pa din.

    Pataasan na lang sa UP entrance exams.

    Pataasan na lang sa score sa bar exams.

    Walang tatalo kayt Gibo.

    Kailangan ng UP EDUCATED bilang presidente ng Pilipinas.

    Iharap nyo sa debate sa amin yang si noynoy abnoy na yan at siguradong ilalampaso namin yan kasi si noynoy eh nagbabasa lang ng script yan at yung sinasabi lang naman ay motherhood statements.

  119. Joseph76

    I have nothing against Manny Villar.

    I think he’s a nice guy. I’ve read many great things about him.

    He’s jingle is simply, I think, the Best.

    That does’nt mean he’s perfect but who is?…For all we know Manny could in fact be a little better than some of us….including this writer. You see….

    I’m supporting NOYNOY’s candidacy all the way but that does’nt mean I loath the rest of the presidentiables….

    Some people don’t think its fair for a man (Villar) who has done great good – like helping abused OFW’s , the poor, etc…to be unfairly judged. Villar has categorically stated that he has not been illegally involved in the soon-to-be-proven event mentioned by Lito Banayo above. Well, we have a principle of law which states that one is innocent until proven guilty. Let our courts decide then. And as Mo Twister has elegantly written let’s “get our facts straight and unadulterated” For now, who are we to judge the man?

    Now, our Senators are also involved in this issue. We’ve known some of them. You know, there was once a time when I thought things were just plain good and bad. If you’re not good then you’re bad, period. But experience have taught me that there are good and unfortunately, bad people on both sides of the equation. To label them as plain backbiters, all of them, is I believe unfair. For all we know, some of them could simply be persons who wants to do their job sincerely. After all, in the end we, the voters, would have the last say.

    No person is above the law in our country. I neither believe the people who shouts praises to Villar’s innocence nor the people who claims that he is indeed guilty until I have heard our institutions decide. After that, if our institutions (the courts, congress, senate…) fails, we have ourselves 90 M people as the court of last resort. That is the essence of true Democracy.

    Thus, its up to Senator Manny Villar (the man I voted for Senator once and still admire) and the other senators to live up to what they believe is an honorable senator of our republic.

    If you are proven innocent then all praises to you.

    If you are proven guilty then at least you have shown that no one reigns supreme in a democracy, no one, but THE LAW.

    Nevertheless I am

    Still for NOYNOY, Honesty and Integrity….


  120. Hustisya


    By Hustisya

    1.) Gumawa si Villar ng maraming subdivision…. na WALANG TUBIG.

    2.) Gumawa siya ng maraming subdivision….. na nasa ilalim ng TUBIG.

    3.) Gumawa siya ng maraming subdivision….. na NAGTUTUBIG sa putik. Landslide o soil erosion prone kasi.

    4.) Marami siyang tinulungang OFW…. sa HARAP NG KAMERA.

    5.) Marami siyang cameraman na binigyan ng trabaho…. para ikover ang pagtulong niya sa mga OFW

    6.) Marami siyang ginawang commercial, nagbuhos na siya ng 4 bilyong piso ( and still growing ) sa TV and radio industry….para bolahin ang tao

    7.) Marami ang naaliw sa mga commecial niya,… lalo na yung mga galit sa nang-uuto. His commercial sharpens one’s skill in detecting lies and deceptions.

    8.) Marami rin ang natutong magsinungaling, natuto sa mga sinungaling na commercial ni Vilar.

    9.) Ngayon hindi na lang mga kriminal ang nagsusot ng orange,…. pati yung magiging kriminal pa lang ay nagsusuot na rin ng orange.

    10.) Maraming pinagawang kalsada si Villar,… na dadaan sa kanyang mga subdivisions.

    11.) Yung mga lupang di niya maibenta, sa gobyerno ibenenta…mas mataas pa ang presyo.

    12.) Masipag at matiyaga si Villar. Masipag sa korakot, matiyaga sa napangasawang kamukha ni Tiya Pusit.

    13.) Tuta ni Marcos si Villar,…pero simpleng TUTA ni Marcos, ha?

    14.) Tuta rin siya ni GMA,…garapal na tuta ni GMA.

    15.) Walang katiwalian na tinutulan si Villar sa panahon ni Marcos….nakisama pa sa diktadura.

    16.) Wala ring katiwalian na tinutulan si Villar sa panahon ni GMA,….tunay na GMA man si Manny.

    17.) Kung magiging presidente, wala pa ring tututulang katiwalian si Villar lalo na yung sarile niyang katiwalian.

    18.) Sarileng pera ang ginastos ni Villar sa kampanya. Halos 4 Billion pesos na po….yun ang sabi niya. Pero seguro, pera din natin yun na ninakaw lang niya.

    19.) Kung paano niya babawiin ang mga nagastos, walng halaga yun kay Villar. Kaso lang, baka maraming subdivision projects ang hihinto dahil ang mga perang nakuha ni Villar sa preselling ng kanyang mga subdivision ay tila sa kampanya niya napunta.

    20.) Kamukha ni Villar si Ampatuan…kambal ba sila. At least, pag natalo si Villar, para na rin natin naiganti yung mga biktima ni Ampatuan.

    21.) Kung ngumiti siya ay para ring si GMA, malaki ang ipen. Ganyan yata talaga ang nangyayari pag ipinipilit ang ngiti.

    22.) Ayon sa kanyang campaign jungle, si Villar ay lumangoy sa basura,… pati sinasabi tuloy niya ay puro basura.

    23.)Ayon pa rin sa kanyang campaign jingle, si Villar ay namasko sa gitna ng kalsada,…. tulad ng ibang corrupt na pulis at traffic enforcer.

    24.) Si Villar ay may bubong na may butas, type model ng iba niyang housing projects.

    25.) Si Villar ay hindi trapo, basahan pwede pa.

    26.) Si Villar ang pinakamaagang nangampanya. Masipag siya pero ayaw niyang madaig ng maagap.

    27.) Si Villar ay nanggaling sa hirap,…. kaya lalo niyang padadamihin ang mahirap.

    28.) Si Villar lang ang may vice-president ( LOREN ) na nagsabing siya ay corrupt.

    29.) Si Villar lang may mall na nasa ibabaw ng simenteryo ( wow, astig !) Metropolis Mall.

    30.) Si Villar ang magpapayaman sa bayan natin, katunayan 25 bilyon daw ang gagastusin ni Villar sa election na ito. Madadagdagan ang pera sa circulation. Pwes, lalong hindi dapat iboto si Villar para manatiling kandidato sa habang panahon at marami pang pera ang maibuhos niya sa bawat eleksyon.

    31.) Si Villar lang ang may kaso na dinudulog ng senado, hindi um-attend ng hearing, pero inabswelto pa rin ng mga kaalyado. Grabe kayo, ah !!!

    32.) Si Villar lang ang may LIHIM na suporta ni GMA. ( Bakit nga ba? )

    33.) Si Villar lang ang bukod tanging presidentiable na hindi mananalo sa sarileng balwarte ( Las Pinas )…. Pati nga sa Star Mall at Metropolis Mall ay di pa rin siya mananalo.Pati nga sa mga subdivision niya ay di siya mananalo.

  121. Die Hard Noypi

    Dear Joseph76,
    Thank you for sticking to the issues of Honesty and Integrity which I also bellieve will be the deciding factor when choosing the celebral president qualified to lead our dying institutions and degraded political democracy. I am saddened that some people have abused this blog to exercise their freedom of speech in such a gutter level that demeans our Christian values of honor and respect because it does not suit their parochial and self-interest. Thats why our Asian neighbors are laughing at our “damaged culture” because some supposed to be “intelligent and emotionally matured ” people have expressed themselves as if we are in a cave century era.

    To those who still believe that the Pinoy is still worth dying for, lets give this last chance to our fellow Pinoy that golden hope for Noynoy to lead us.

  122. Hustisya


    Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat na pera…

    ” Nagpasko ka na ba na binili ang kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba at ika’y aamin…

    ” Alam mo ba na bilyon ang nakaw nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan daw tayo pero di na naman totoo. . .

    “ At ang kanyang plano na mabola uli tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mailap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na nakakasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kalokohan . . .

    ” Sisimutin niya ang kaban ng bayan. . .

    ” Si Manny Villar ang mag-uubos ng ating kabuhayan !!! ”


    In attempting to thwart C-5 censure resolution passage

    Villar coup bid vs Enrile fails

    By Angie M. Rosales


    Desperate to kill the voting on Senate resolution censuring Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar on the C-5 controversy, he and his camp attempted to stage a coup against Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile yesterday, but the coup plot failed, as a member of the majority bloc also being wooed by the Villar camp to oust Enrile bared the plot to the Senate President yesterday.

    But the supporters of Villar managed to thwart the deliberations on the floor of the committee report finding Villar guilty of unethical conduct and calling for the refund to the government coffers of the P6.22 billion spent in the C-5 road extension project by “boycotting” the plenary sessions that left the Senate without a quorum yesterday.

    As this developed, the plan to oust Enrile, in a desperate bid to prevent the panel report from being debated upon and approved on the floor, surfaced.

    The coup plot was foiled by a member of the majority bloc who was approached by Villar’s camp, with Sen. Edgardo Angara reportedly being offered by the Villar group to replace Enrile.

    Angara was, however, quick to belie this allegation when asked by some reporters on the plot of Villar to oust the incumbent Senate President, with him replacing Enrile.

    “I categorically deny it,” he said even if two of his colleagues, who asked not to be identified, confirmed the plot to depose Enrile.

    The senator approached by Villar camp reportedly refused to “participate” in the coup plot, thus frustrating what could have been a leadership change in the Senate yesterday afternoon, well over a year after Enrile was installed to replace Villar due to the then raging issue on the C-5 road project.

    Villar’s allies were said to have sent an emissary to discuss the coup to the senator who was being wooed, but the lawmaker was not sold to the idea, sources said.

    The senator himself told Angara about his sentiments on the matter, sources added.

    It was not clear when the talks between the two senators took place. Angara earlier in the day, presided over a bicameral conference meeting in the Senate but was nowhere to be seen when the 3 p.m. plenary session when it was called. Delayed for almost an hour due to the absence of majority of its members, it was declared open by Enrile.

    At the start of the proceedings, the lack of needed quorum of 12 of the present 23-man Senate was immediately noted by the Senate leadership.

    All the six-man minority bloc was absent, two of them were on “official business”, one was abroad and three were not present, without any notice of their absence.

    Sen. Francis Pangilinan, according to Senate Secretary Emma Lirio Reyes, was attending a consultation meeting on an agriculture-related program while Sen. Pia Cayetano had a meeting with a women’s group and non-government organizations (NGO).

    Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Joker Arroyo and Villar were marked absent along with Sen. Lito Lapid who is aligned with the majority bloc.

    Sen. Ramon Revilla was not present and declared himself to be on official business, attending a festivity in Tarlac while Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago called in sick.

    Revilla, Santiago and Lapid are all with the majority bloc and did not affix their signatures in the committee of the whole report. They were also among those who stood as sponsors of Senate resolution No. 1472 which effectively seeks to absolve Villar from the charges.

    Sen. Panfilo Lacson sent notice to Enrile that he will not be able to attend the plenary proceedings.

    Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada and Manuel Roxas II berated their colleagues’ “boycott” of the proceedings.

    Roxas was prompted to make a motion for the leadership to compel the attendance of all the senators in their seven remaining session days, which Enrile immediately acted upon.

    “Mr. President I just wish to say that all of us have other engagements. But I think it is important to note that with the seven remaining days, all hands be on deck so that we can we can finish the people’s business,” Roxas said on the floor.

    Rule 14, Section 40 says “The Senate shall meet in session at 3 p.m. on weekdays, except when the Senate decides otherwise. When the session is ongoing, no committee meeting or hearing under Rule XI shall be held,” Estrada said.

    “And under section 99 of the Senate Rules, art. 6 of the Constitution, the senators are required to attend the session of the Senate unless they are excused. These provisions are provided in the rules and the Constitution because while Congress is in session, the business of legislation is more important than any other thing, that members of the Senate are elected to legislate and not be somewhere else.

    “Moreover, no matter how important or urgent their engagements are, they should not be subordinate to the highest interest of the Senate.

    “The affairs of the nation should not be allowed to wait. The senators are elected to legislate and not be guest speakers outside of the Senate. The business of legislation waits for no man,” Estrada added.

    The Senate chief did not hide his displeasure over the apparent maneuvering resorted to by Villar and his allies, issuing a veiled threat in taking appropriate steps, if need be.

    “I call it for what it is. I think there is an effort to prevent the consideration of the committee report on the case of Senator Villar. For what reason, each one can guess. The obvious is I think it is loud and clear, they do not want the public to hear what is contained in the report.

    “We have a sensitive matter to discuss so I suppose they are allergic to it, to the committee report of the committee of the whole (CoW). I think this is a maneuver of some sort,” Enrile told reporters after calling for the suspension of the proceedings.

    The Senate chief said they cannot be accused of politicizing the issue on Villar as they are only acting on the resolution of the case. “It had to be filed. When will it be filed, after the elections? It has to be filed now I hope they will not underestimate my notion of what a president of a Chamber like this can do,” he warned.

    Enrile would not say if they will force the senators to have a quorum although he said that they will deal with the issue when they have to. “We will see how things will be. I would rather that the people will judge them because all of us are responsible to the people anyway so its up to them to show what they are supposed to do for the people. I am not afraid of anybody here,” he said.

    But Enrile lost his cool during a separate interview with another group of reporters as he openly expressed his disgust over the tact taken by Villar’s camp.

    “I told him (Villar) not to be a coward. If he wants to be the President, he should be a man enough to face the truth. If he insists (on his cowardice), I will tell the nation not to vote for him, because he is a coward,” said Enrile.

    “This is a first test of the quality of this person to become a president, this is a test of his capacity to rule this country. To let the people know things about him no matter how difficult and painful those truths are and I am sorry to say that with the attitude that he (Villar) has displayed today, he is not worthy to become the president of the Philippines. He does not have the capacity to be a good president.” Enrile stressed.

    Enrile insisted that there is nothing political about this report. “I did not write this report to favor anybody, they can read it backward, forward, it is the plain truth about this man who thinks he can become a president.”

    On the attempted coup against him, he said: “I don’t care if there is a coup. They can always unseat me, so what? I am not clinging to this position. Let them come. I am not going to be threatened by coup or whatever. My goodness, if I was willing to die for my country twice, once when I was a young man fighting the Japanese and again in 1986, once more will make no difference.”

    The Senate chief was also quoted telling Senators Rodolfo Biazon and Richard Gordon as saying that he will not think twice in resorting to having them arrested if their colleagues will continue with their maneuverings.

    “I don’t give a damn! I will order the arrest if they want too!” Enrile was quoted as saying.

    As if the sanctions imposed to Villar were still not enough, the complainant in the ethics case, Sen. Jamby Madrigal, announced in a press conference her planned filing of plunder charges against the former, using as a basis the committee of the whole report, before the office of the Ombudsman.

    In the said 84-page report, the committee said Villar allowed an officer of one of his real estate companies to propose an amendment to the 2008 national budget in the amount of P400 million when there was no specific program of work for such project and despite the fact that there was already an appropriation for the same amount for the same project and that the only apparent reason for such amendment was to make available the allocation for the payment of outstanding road right of way (RROW) compensation claims of about P200 million by the corporations owned by the senator.

    “The committee takes official notice that while the amount proposed was P400 million, the actual figure appropriated in said 2008 budget was only P200 million,” the report said.

    The total cost of the realigned C-5 road extension project reached P6.9 billion, the original cost was at P2.7 billion or an additional cost of P4.2 billion, the report said.

    The amount of P1.8 billion spent by the government for RROW was wasted due to the realignment of the project, the report added.

    On top of these figures, the committee also noted an amount of P141 million representing the overprice on some of the properties of Villar acquired as RROW for the project, the was gathered.


    Leadership test failure

    (note: Everybody MUST know that Villar is the real candidate of GMA and not Gibo. Kabayong Pilay lang si Gibo o “decoy”.

    Click to enlarge
    Being able to face the music is a true test of leadership, and from the looks of it, Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar has failed that test — and this, over a mere censure resolution that still would have to be voted upon by the senators.
    Instead of frontally challenging the resolution on the C-5 controversy censuring him for unethical conduct and seeking the return of P6.2 billion involved in the changes done in the original road project that moreover were said to have benefited Villar and his real estate corporations, he and his supporters wanted the Senate committee of the whole’s (ScoW) resolution covered up, and killed, through the unseating of the Senate President, to get Villar absolved by the Senate.

    Clearly, the earlier resolution prepared by the Villar camp that predictably absolved him of any unethical conduct, was meant to cover up and cleanse him from the irregularities in the C-5 road extension project.

    But when the ScoW resolution finding him guilty of unethical conduct that caused damage to the Senate as an institution, having gained 12 signatories to bring this up to the plenary for discussion and voting, the Villar camp not only boycotted the session, to ensure that there would be no forum, but also attempted to stage a coup against Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile, which failed.

    But these moves from Villar and his supporters are tell-tale signs of what a Villar presidency — if he gets to win the presidency — will be like: A series of cover-ups for irregularities, moves to kill investigations into graft and corruption and perhaps even bribery, which really would be no different from the ways of Gloria Arroyo in Malacañang.

    It was evident that Villar and his supporters wanted this censure resolution to be killed through a change in the composition of the Senate, where he and his camp will be in a position to trash the ScoW resolution and replace it with his earlier resolution clearing him of all charges. Thus explains the coup attempt and the alleged offer of the Senate presidency to a majority bloc member who had signed the ScoW.

    But these moves of Villar and his Senate supporters also say a lot about their integrity as senators of the republic, since they appear to be willing to cover up anomalous transactions and worse, allow transgressions to thrive — all because they are with the Villar camp. Are they serving the interest of the nation and of the Filipino people when they deliberately try to stop a public discussion of the report and the voting in plenary?

    They say it is all politics, with the camp of Villar coming out to say that Villar was already closing in on Liberal Party presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino in surveys, but wasn’t it also politics behind the resolution the Villar camp engaged in when his supporters in the Senate broke all rules and issued that resolution absolving him of any irregularity, without as much as disproving the evidence presented during the hearings?

    It will be recalled that Villar and his senator-supporters refused to participate in the ScoW hearings and Villar himself refused to offer any evidence to disprove the charges.

    How then can the Villar supporters even clear him of any unethical conduct displayed by their presidential bet as well as clearing him without even touching on the evidence against Villar then claim this absolution has nothing to do with politics?

    But even granting that politics, as claimed by the Villar supporters, is behind this resolution to censure Villar, the fact is that there is that resolution, supported by evidence and up for senatorial judgment, that Villar and his camp want to kill, knowing that this could prove damaging to the campaign of Villar.

    Why so, when the supporters of Villar, who claim to believe in his non-involvement in the C-5 road extension controversy, can and should debate on this issue and disprove the charges raised against Villar in the censure resolution?

    If they have proof that Villar is squeaky clean and not guilty of unethical conduct and making the people suffer a loss of some P6 billion while enriching himself and his companies at the expense of the Filipino people, then disprove these charges, not kill the resolution.

    But perhaps they can’t disprove these charges, which is why they fall back on claims of this censure resolution being all about bringing down Villar’s survey ratings.

    And by trying to kill it, Villar may just have proved that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a president who will do right by the country and the people.

  125. Lolit Valleza

    Answers to the stupid posts of this paid faggot hustisya.


    By Hustisya

    1.) Gumawa si Villar ng maraming subdivision…. na WALANG TUBIG.

    Comment: You must be kidding. Enjoy the swimming pools in brittany, crown asia as well as camella. Iyung walang tubig yun yung mga naputulan or nag kabit ng illegal water connection.

    2.) Gumawa siya ng maraming subdivision….. na nasa ilalim ng TUBIG.

    Comment: Hindi kay villar yung sta. lucia and filinvest. villar has no subdivision in flood prone areas. wrong again.

    3.) Gumawa siya ng maraming subdivision….. na NAGTUTUBIG sa putik. Landslide o soil erosion prone kasi.

    Comment: Is this the best you can state? anyway your just inventing facts so that you have semblance of reporting facts. Erosion? ha ha ha. wala naman subdivision si villar sa baguio. try again fagggot.

    4.) Marami siyang tinulungang OFW…. sa HARAP NG KAMERA.

    Comment: Ofcourse hindi mo alam yung thousands of people that villar has helped because your are hopelessly dumb ang ignorant like noynoy.

    5.) Marami siyang cameraman na binigyan ng trabaho…. para ikover ang pagtulong niya sa mga OFW

    Commnet: Atleast may natutulungan. Ikaw? lapit ka kay villar para matulungan ka rin at ang pamilya mo na mahihirap.

    6.) Marami siyang ginawang commercial, nagbuhos na siya ng 4 bilyong piso ( and still growing ) sa TV and radio industry….para bolahin ang tao

    Comment: Advertising is part of the political campaign even in the U.S. Inggit lang yan si noynoy kasi sya walang pera dahil asa lang naman sa nanay nya yan dati pati sa pag kain nya. Issue dito kung sya di matulungan sarili nya eh papano pa sya tutulung sa iba. Ikaw im sure di ka nya matutulungan except kung boyfriend ka ni boy abunda.

    7.) Marami ang naaliw sa mga commecial niya,… lalo na yung mga galit sa nang-uuto. His commercial sharpens one’s skill in detecting lies and deceptions.

    Comment: yes everybody loves villar with his commercials even more. Ikae memorize mo na. Kanta ka nga. Kung binababoy nyo ibig sabihin ganun ka click talaga yung jinggle. Sige babuyin nyo kasi ibig sabihin lalong sumisikat si manny villar miski sa kampo ng mga ugok at retarded tulad mo !!

    8.) Marami rin ang natutong magsinungaling, natuto sa mga sinungaling na commercial ni Vilar.

    Comment: Ang babaw ng analysis mo. Lapit ka nga kay villar para matulungan ka. Yung commercial ni villar inspires hope specially sa mga mahihirap na malapit na tayong magka pangulo na tutulong sa lahat.

    9.) Ngayon hindi na lang mga kriminal ang nagsusot ng orange,…. pati yung magiging kriminal pa lang ay nagsusuot na rin ng orange.

    Comment : Are you referring to erap? must be. Orange is the color of life and abundance. Si noynoy mo pansin mo nakakulay itim lagi. Yun sya at dun nya dadalhin ang pilipinas – sa kamatayan ng ekonomiya at ng pamahalaan.

    10.) Maraming pinagawang kalsada si Villar,… na dadaan sa kanyang mga subdivisions.

    Comment: Dumaan din sa mga subdivision ng ayala, filinvest at madrigal. Kung yan ang pag iisip mo dapat idimenda mo si noynoy aquino dahil ginawan ng exit toll sa hacienda luisita. Yung 5 billion worth ang project. Barya lang ang c-5. lapit ka kay villar para magawan ng kalsada ang harap ny bahay mo.

    11.) Yung mga lupang di niya maibenta, sa gobyerno ibenenta…mas mataas pa ang presyo.

    Comment: Obvious na wala kang alam banat ka ng banat. Yung lots na yun ay mortgaged in return for loans. Siguro row 4 ka nung high school kaya di mo alam ang mga transactions na ganito na valid at legitimate. Pagnatulungan ka ni villar bibigyan ka ulit matapos ang pagaaral mo. Ibot mo si villar at gagaling ka sa katangahan mo.

    12.) Masipag at matiyaga si Villar. Masipag sa korakot, matiyaga sa napangasawang kamukha ni Tiya Pusit.

    Comment: Namemersonal ka. Nakita mo na ba si mrs. villar in person. 40 years na kasal si villar at ang kanyang nagiisang asawa at 3 ang kanilang anak na mabubuting tao. Ikaw kaya? si noynoy pakainin lang ni cory nung buhay pa at matandang binata at age 52. kung walang nagkagusto sa kanyang babae siguro dahil mukha syang mongoloid. ikaw mukha ka ring monggoloid?

    13.) Tuta ni Marcos si Villar,…pero simpleng TUTA ni Marcos, ha?

    Comment: Baka di mo alam 20 years ng patay si marcos baka kasi sa kaboboan mo eh di mo alam.

    14.) Tuta rin siya ni GMA,…garapal na tuta ni GMA.

    Comment: Si noynoy ang tuta dahil nagka tie up sila para bigyan ng exit point ang SCTEX sa hacienda luisita. Bilyon bilyon na pera ang kapalit nun.

    15.) Walang katiwalian na tinutulan si Villar sa panahon ni Marcos….nakisama pa sa diktadura.

    Comment: Tanga ka pala talaga eh. Nung panahon ni marcos eh di pa congresita at wala pa sa politika si villar. Tanga ka talaga. Magbasabasa ka muna bago ka bumanat. siguro out of school youth ka or addict ka sa kanot.lapit ka kay villar para matulungan ka.

    16.) Wala ring katiwalian na tinutulan si Villar sa panahon ni GMA,….tunay na GMA man si Manny.

    Comment: Opposition block si villar sa senado at nilabanan nya ang anti poor and anti people policies ni villar. yan si recto na senatorial candidate ni noynoy yan ang may aksa ng eVAT law na ginamit ni GMA. Alam mo ba yun? obvious na hindi kasi wala ka naman alam.Lapit ka na kay villar para matulungan ka.

    17.) Kung magiging presidente, wala pa ring tututulang katiwalian si Villar lalo na yung sarile niyang katiwalian.

    Comment: Sa program of government ni villar sinabi nya na aayusin nya ang gobyerno para mapalakad ito ng mahusay at mawala ang corruption at red tape na nagpapagal efficiency. Walang katiwalian si villar. Ikaw siguro sa personal may katiwaliaan ka kasi nagiimbento ka at baka pati pera ng magulang mo kinukuha mo.kung nagtrabaho ka sati siguro natanggal ka dahil nagnakaw ka pera ng opisina.

    18.) Sarileng pera ang ginastos ni Villar sa kampanya. Halos 4 Billion pesos na po….yun ang sabi niya. Pero seguro, pera din natin yun na ninakaw lang niya.

    Comment: Siguro? yung siguro ma mali. Ikaw na mismo nagsabi na mayaman si vilalr (9th richest sa phiippines). Pano manggaling sa tao yung pera eh hindi naman sya ang presidente ng pilipinas. Tanga ka talaga.

    19.) Kung paano niya babawiin ang mga nagastos, walng halaga yun kay Villar. Kaso lang, baka maraming subdivision projects ang hihinto dahil ang mga perang nakuha ni Villar sa preselling ng kanyang mga subdivision ay tila sa kampanya niya napunta.

    Comment: Pre selling? siguro ahente ka dati ng camella na nasibak dahil sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng buyer. Lahat ng developers ay nag pre-selling. Considered part yun ng business practice sa property development.

    20.) Kamukha ni Villar si Ampatuan…kambal ba sila. At least, pag natalo si Villar, para na rin natin naiganti yung mga biktima ni Ampatuan.

    Comment: DI hamak na napaka gwapo ni vilalr kumpara kay noynoy mo. Para ngang artista si villar.matangkad, simpatiko at gwapo. Nakita mo na sya sa personal kaya alam mo na sya ang pinaka gwapo na tumatakbo bilang presidente. robert redford look alike sya. si noynoy mo mukhang mongoloid.

    21.) Kung ngumiti siya ay para ring si GMA, malaki ang ipen. Ganyan yata talaga ang nangyayari pag ipinipilit ang ngiti.

    Comment: Si noynoy kung ngumiti lumalanas ang dila para tlagang mongoloid.pansinin mo si noynoy may tuyong laway pa sa gilid ng bibig. kadiri talaga. si namnny villar naging model yan ny happee toothpaste kaya sparkling smile. ikaw siguro bungal ka sa personal.

    22.) Ayon sa kanyang campaign jungle, si Villar ay lumangoy sa basura,… pati sinasabi tuloy niya ay puro basura.

    Comment: Mali ka nanaman. Yung lumangoy sa basura ay yung mga mahihirap na gusto tulungan ni villar.

    23.)Ayon pa rin sa kanyang campaign jingle, si Villar ay namasko sa gitna ng kalsada,…. tulad ng ibang corrupt na pulis at traffic enforcer.

    Comment: Mali ka nanaman. Ang mga nagpasko sa kalsada ay yung mga mahihirap na walang sariling bahay o mga squatter.Tutulungan din sila ni villar.

    24.) Si Villar ay may bubong na may butas, type model ng iba niyang housing projects.

    Comment: Siguro yung bahay nyo may butas ang bubong.lapit ka kay villar para matulungan ka.

    25.) Si Villar ay hindi trapo, basahan pwede pa.

    Comment: Kung kailangan ng basahan at trapo para maiahon ang bansang pilipinas ok lang na sabihin mo yan kay villar.

    26.) Si Villar ang pinakamaagang nangampanya. Masipag siya pero ayaw niyang madaig ng maagap.

    Comment: Maaga pinaalam ni villar ang kanyang mga plata porma sa taong bayan. Si noynoy at ang mga artista dyan 10 taon na asa telebisyon ang mga panget nilang mukha.

    27.) Si Villar ay nanggaling sa hirap,…. kaya lalo niyang padadamihin ang mahirap.

    Comment: Si villar ay galing sa mahirap at naging mayaman.Sya ang magbibigay inspirasyon sa mga mahihirap na tulad nya ay pwede rin sila maka ahon at yumaman.

    28.) Si Villar lang ang may vice-president ( LOREN ) na nagsabing siya ay corrupt.

    Comment: Si Loren ay nagsabi na inosente si villar sa mga paratang laban sa kanya sa c5.

    29.) Si Villar lang may mall na nasa ibabaw ng simenteryo ( wow, astig !) Metropolis Mall.

    Comment: Siguro lagi kang nagpupunta dati dun dahil alam mo yung metropolis. Ahente ka ata dati na nasibak dahil sa pagkulimbat ng pera. Punta ka sa metropolis mall para makab ili ka ng mga murang damit at sapatos. Parang si villar din ang metropolis starmall. para sa masa. para sa nakakarami.

    30.) Si Villar ang magpapayaman sa bayan natin, katunayan 25 bilyon daw ang gagastusin ni Villar sa election na ito. Madadagdagan ang pera sa circulation. Pwes, lalong hindi dapat iboto si Villar para manatiling kandidato sa habang panahon at marami pang pera ang maibuhos niya sa bawat eleksyon.

    Comment: Pano mo nalaman na 25 bilyon? i check mo facts mo kasi walang tao sa pilipinas na may 25 billion in cash.miski central bank wala nun sa vault nila. talagang bobo at tanga ka. parang abonoy noy ka din.

    31.) Si Villar lang ang may kaso na dinudulog ng senado, hindi um-attend ng hearing, pero inabswelto pa rin ng mga kaalyado. Grabe kayo, ah !!!

    Comment: Maraming may kaso sa senado – si jamby, gordon, noynoy, mar roxas, lito lapit atbp. obvious na gusto ni jamby at noynoy na usigin si vilalr dahil kalaban nila ito sa politika. talak sila ng talak samantala yung kaso sa kanila ay hindi umuusad dahil sila mismo oh kaya ka alyansa nila ang committe chairman para ito patulugin.alam mo ba kung sino ang committee chairman ng ethics? si ping lason yun.

    32.) Si Villar lang ang may LIHIM na suporta ni GMA. ( Bakit nga ba? )

    Comment: Si noynoy ang lihim na kandidato ni gma dahil binigyan sya ng bilyon bilyon ng bukasan ang sctex na papunta sa hacienda luisita.

    33.) Si Villar lang ang bukod tanging presidentiable na hindi mananalo sa sarileng balwarte ( Las Pinas )…. Pati nga sa Star Mall at Metropolis Mall ay di pa rin siya mananalo.Pati nga sa mga subdivision niya ay di siya mananalo.

    Comment: Ang laspinas ay 99.99 susuporta sa vilalr.nakita na ito since magsimula pa lang sa politika si villar. tanga ka pala eh hindi naman lungsod ang starmall na may presinto sa eleksyon.BOBO!!! Sa mga CAMELLA SUBDIVISON SOLID VILLAR KAMI LAHAT. Ang sarap mabuhay sa subdivision camella dahil maganda ang facilities, malinis at masarap ang tubig na 24 hours 7 days a week ang serbisyo.

    Sa mga tanong nyop punta lang kayo dito. Click na.


  126. One million assertions do not equal to single truth. Let’s wait for the court’s decision before judging Villar bad. If the senatorial investigation did not condemn villar as guilty, why you always assert him guilty if he is not? 12 senators, be sensible in your moves and thoughts.

  127. Josephus Jimenez

    It is obvious that Lito Banayo is :

    1. envious of manny villar
    2. jealous of manny villar’s money since unlike him who relies on the bribes, envelopmental journalism as well as payola of politicians like jamby, ping lacson, and the chinese mafia as well as middle income businessmen, his bank account his pathetically low.

    3. lito banayo has always been outside the circle of erap and has been rejected when he tries to solicit donations from people he attack.

    4. lito banayo thru his intermediaries has in the past tried to approach manny villar to ask for donations and concessions in projects not excluding the c-5 project but manny villar has rejected them.

    5. lito banayo is trying to position himself as an anti-villar so that he will be able to get the attention of noynoy supporters.

    6. lito banayo has no credibility since his writings can be only be printed in second rate broadsheets whose readership is quite low.

    7. lito banayo is a born loser while manny villar is a born winner.

    That is the fact Mr. Lito Banayo.

  128. true cebuano

    During the debate at cebu among the presidentiables, manny villar at one point tried to shake the hands of noynoy. It can be seen in the face of noynoy that he hesitated and seems to grudgingly accept villar’s extended right hand. Look at the picture at the inquirer and you will see this scene.Look at noynoy’s face. It is obvious that noynoy is pikon and has a hot temper in dealing with people he is pitted against. Manny Villar on the otherhand appears to be cool and good natured.


    Explain SCTEx deal, Aquino told

    By Michael Lim Ubac
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

    AFTER PROBING THE ALLEGED DOUBLE funding of the Circumferential Road 5 (C-5), the congressional inquiry has shifted its focus on the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx).

    Turning the tables on Liberal Party standard-bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Nacionalista Party (NP) asked Aquino to explain the allegedly overpriced SCTEx deal.

    “The glaring question here is why the SCTEx construction, originally priced at P15.7 billion, shot up to P32.8 billion?” said Cavite Rep. Crispin Remulla in a statement.

    He was referring to the alleged overpricing in the purchase of the road right of way in Hacienda Luisita, the 600-hectare sugar plantation owned by the Aquino-Cojuangco family.

    The issue is now under investigation by the House oversight committee due to the delay and alleged overpricing of materials.

    Remulla claimed that the government and the Aquino-Cojuangco clan of Tarlac had conspired to defraud taxpayers.

    The SCTEx project was first conceived in 1999 at the cost of P15.7 billion. By 2007, the cost of the project more than doubled to P32.8 billion, with an additional supplemental loan of P6.7 billion made to cover price escalation, contingency and interest that further bloated the price.

    Expensive road

    “The cost of the project ballooned to almost P39 billion [or] P419 million per kilometer of road. This must be the most expensive stretch of road,” Remulla said.

    The government paid P83 million for the purchase of the road right of way and poured in another P170 million for the construction of a road interchange in the middle of the hacienda, he said.

    The government had agreed to buy 83 hectares of Luisita land at P100 per square meter, which he claimed was more than 10 times the zonal value of P6 to P8 per sq m for similar raw sugar lands in Concepcion and San Miguel, Tarlac.

    “The House investigation is now looking at the legality of the right-of-way payments for the hundreds of thousands of square meters of land inside the Aquino-clan-owned Hacienda Luisita, which were purchased through negotiations with patriarch Pedro Cojuangco for the construction of the SCTEx,” Remulla said.

    Controversial case

    Although Aquino admitted that he owned 4 percent of Hacienda Luisita, “it does not spare him from criticism for not helping hacienda farmers affected by the SCTEx deal. This highlights the fact that his family’s influence is such that deals like this can happen,” Remulla said.

    The hacienda is a controversial agrarian reform case, currently under a Stock Distribution Option (SDO) plan wherein the farmers are supposed to own 33 percent of the estate.

    The farmers got less than 4 percent, contrary to their ownership of 33 percent under the SDO. Instead of getting P25 million, only a little more than P2.7 million was paid to 6,000 farmer beneficiaries, Remulla said in a statement.

  130. Cristy Fermin

    Hoy Noynoy Aquino pagpakatotoo ka.

    Kung ang plataporma mo ay malinis na gobyerno magpaliwanag ka sa tinanggap ng pamilya nyo sa SCTEX scandal.

    Magpaliwanag ka dito:

    Ang gobyerno ay nagbayad ng P83 million para bilhin ang right of way at nagbayad ng P170 million for the construction of a road interchange sa gitna ng hacienda.

    Ang gobyerno ay bumili ng 83 hectares of Luisita land at P100 per square meter, kung saan ito ay 10 times the zonal value of P6 to P8 per sq m for similar raw sugar lands in Concepcion and San Miguel, Tarlac.

    Sinungaling ka Noynoy. Ikaw ay manloloko at manlilinlang ng taong bayan. Akalo mo malinis ka pero ang puso at isip mo ay kasingitim ng imburnal at nabubulok na bangkay na pinapatay nyo sa Hacienda Luisita.

    Sa mga kababayan ko marami pa akong ipapasabog na kabulukan ni Noynoy Aquino. Ako ay hindi maka Villar. Ang gusto ko lang ay magpakatotoo si Noynoy Aquino at huwag sya maglinislinisan sa publiko. Nararapat din malaman ng publiko na kinukubli ng mga kampo ni Noynoy. Pati nga si Kris Aquino galit na galit dyan kay Noynoy na yan bago mamatay ang mahal nating si Presidente COry. Meron kaming balita na aatras na raw si Kris Aquino sa pag suporta sa kapatid nya. Hintay lang kayo. Ilalabas ko ito sa aking artikulo sa Remate Tonight at Bulgar.

  131. Die Hard Noypi

    hOY! cRISTY fERMIN, mahiya ka sa balat mo. Wala kang credibelitad sa mga mang-babasa dito dahil sinipa ka ng ABS-CBN sa talkshow na the most popular The Buzz, dahil lumabag ka sa code of ethics sa mga kabulastugang isinu-sulat mo na walang katotohanan. Ang iyung galit kay Kris ay binabaling mo sa kapatid nya dahil malapit si Kris sa mga tag-ABS-CBN nawalan ka ng mga racket sa kapwa mo ka-industriya. Sinong niloloko mo di sarili mo lang????

  132. Hustisya

    Kahit sa mga subdivision niya ay di mananalo si Monet Vil-Liar and here’s why;


    Monday, October 19, 2009
    Villar’s Golden Water

    Subdivisions in Las Piñas not owned by the Villars are celebrating. The reason, they are now freed from Villar’s water company with the entry of Maynilad. Unfortunately for the people who live in Camella, they will have to continue paying for high water rates. Villar refused to allow Maynilad to service his subdivisions. Maynilad’s rates are way below what Villar’s water company charges its subscribers. He clearly does know how to put his interests above that of the public.

    Let me show you how expensive water coming from Villar’s company can be. Maynilad’s basic charge is P106.77 while Manuela 4A-4H charges P 190.00. The difference doesn’t end there. Maynilad’s rates gradually increases and plateaus at P45.28 at 200/cum and over. Villar’s is P47.50 for 51 cum and over. Spot the difference? The poor residents have no other alternative. If they want cheaper water, they should live elsewhere. “Iiyak talaga ang lahat kay Manny!”

    I don’t think Manny Villar invested as much money as Maynilad did. If he really cares for the people, he will help them lessen the burden by allowing Maynilad to enter his subdivions. We all know how high the cost of living is. Without competition, those residing in his developments will not have any option but to pay what he charges them. And I thought that monopolies are illegal in this country? This is the kind of businessman Manny Villar is. This is the kind of person who presents himself as coming from the poor or even pro-poor. This is the kind of person who would like to become our president.

    If you cannot even help alleviate the burden of those living in you area, you constituents,then why should we believe your advertisements? Here is how he makes money, he sucks the life out of those who buy from him with exorbitant charges. Sure he develops low-cost housing but here’s the catch. Take the case of Camella Homes which did not have its own drainage system. It was the government who spent for its drainage. Can you imagine living in a house witjout drainage? Every time you took a bath, it drains into some other part of the house, usually the kitchen. No wonder Villar is rich, he doesn’t complete the job, he let’s others spend for his projects’ completion.

    This is just one example of how “good” a businessman Villar is. Don’t believe him when he says he spends his own money. I’m quite sure that you and I spend for his programs in one way or another. No trapo or businessman will spend his own money, that is why they find donors and investors. This is just one example of how Villar cares for the public. You’ll be surprised at why Las Piñas now experiences floods. But that’s another story. Stay tuned and I will share it with you soon.

    *Elizabeth Seton School’s PTA has been actively distributing relief goods to typhoon victims in Las Piñas. In one barangay, the barangay captain told them to leave the goods with him. The PTA protested, they want to be the ones to distribute the packs to the victims. The captain refused and told them that they will still have to repack the goods in Villar’s bags. Wow! Makapal talaga. Villar will never spend his own money for his projects. Ano siya, hilo? That is why he is a billionaire. Why should he spend his ill-gotten riches when there are caring people that will spend for him? I’m sure this is not an isolated case. That’s only in Las Piñas, what about the other places?

  133. True Las Pinas

    Yung issue mo sa tubig wrong ang facts mo. Ikaw ata yung talunan sa Homeowners Association ng Manuela subdivision kaya nag puputok ang butche mo!!!! walang pakialam si villar dyan sa patubig ng subdivison mo. Ang babaw naman ni villar king tbig lang dyan pakikialaman pa nay. Ang dapat sayo nakipagusap ka sa Maynilad mismo oh kaya sa NWRB para ilabas ang hinaing mo. Sana lumapit ka kay noynoy para bigyan ka nya ng tubig. Napaganda ng patubig sa camella subdiviosions sa bung pilipinas at napakamura ng bayad namin sa malinis na tubig. Dumadayo pa nga ang mga kamag anak ko dito sa camella subvision namin para lang humungi ng tubig. Pagmay reklamo kami sa tubig tumatawag lang kami sa prime water services para aksyonan ang problema. Ikaw ano ang aksyon mo? ni hindi ka maboto ng mga kapitbahay mo sa manuela kasi masama ang ugali mo. LAS PINAS 101 % KAY VILLAR !!!!

  134. Cristy Fermin

    Si Manny Villar ang nagiisang kandidato na ang puso at isip ay para sa mga kababayan nyang naghihirap. Nagsimula sya bilang isang maliit na negosyante sa las pinas kung saan sya ay nag dedeliver ng mga buhangin. bago doon si Manny Villar ay nagaaral sa Univeridad ng Pilipinas ng B.S Accountancy at isa syang ganap na CPA.

    Si Noynoy ay pinanganak na mayaman at pinalaki ng kanyang mga hacienderong tiyohin sa Tarlac na pinagkakakitahan ang hirap ng mga maliliit na magsasaka. Magtanong kayo sa Tarlac at malalaman nyo na ang pamilyang Aquino mula nuoong dekada 70, 80 at 90 at ni hindi nagbibigay ng abuloy sa mga pamilyang namamatayan. SWAPANG ANG MGA AQUINO SA TARLAC. SILA AY MISTULANG MGA DEMONYO NA NAGPAPAHIRAP SA MGA TAGA HACIENDA LUISITA.

    Sana naway sa nalalapit na halalan ay huwag tayo pa pa linlang sa matatamis na talumpati ni Noynoy Aquino. Isang artista si Noynoy tulad nang kanyang kapatid na si Kris Aquino na alam naman natin ang masamang ugali. Si Kris Aquino anak din Ninoy at Cory. Sa tingin nyo ba dahil lang anak ni Cory at Ninoy ay rason na yon para nyo siya iboto bilang presidente ng pilipinas. Huwag po ma mahal ko na kababayan. Si Manny Villar po ang inyong iboto dahil sya ang may kakayahan, talino,galing,sipag at tyaga na para maihanon ang nagiisa nating bansang Pilipinas.

  135. Hustisya


    ” Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat na pera…

    ” Nagpasko ka na ba na binili ang kalsada…

    ” Yan ang tanong namin…

    ” Tukoy mo ba at ika’y aamin…

    ” Alam mo ba na bilyon ang nakaw nya . . .

    ” Tutulungan daw tayo pero di na naman totoo. . .

    “ At ang kanyang plano na mabola uli tayo. . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na mailap . . .

    ” Si Villar aang tunay na nakakasakit . . .

    ” Si Villar ang tunay na may kalokohan . . .

    ” Sisimutin niya ang kaban ng bayan. . .

    ” Si Manny Villar ang mag-uubos ng ating kabuhayan !!! ”

  136. juan cesar

    May naisip lang ako tungkol kay Villar.

    Sya pala ay nasa PUBLIC SERVICE na noon pang 1992.

    Noong 1992, hindi pa sya BILYONARYO.
    Noong 1992, hindi pa sya pang SIYAM na PINAKAMAYAMAN sa PILIPINAS.

    Nagtataka lang ako, sa labing walong taon nya sa trabaho na dapat UNAHIN ang KAPWA, bakit ang DAMI nyang ORAS para payamanin ang SARILI nya?

    Hindi masama ang maging mayaman, pero masama atang record na lalo kang YUMAMAN ng SOBRA SOBRA habang nasa PUBLIC SERVICE!!!

  137. juan cesar

    ‘the difference between GMA and Villar is, GMA has a mole’ – anonymous.

    Sabi sa libro na ‘rich dad, poor dad’ para mapag-ingatan at dumami ang yaman mo, kumuha ka ng magaling na accountant at magaling na abogado.

    accountant, for obvious reasons.
    abogado, para malaman mo ang pasikot-sikot ng batas para konti ang tax na bayaran, at para protektahan ang yaman mo sa legal na paraan. May butas ang mga batas na mayayaman lang ang nakakaalam.

    PERO MAS TUSO pala si Villar kesa sa author ng nasabing libro.
    para kay Villar, para yumaman ka, ikaw na mismo ang gumawa ng BATAS, unahin ang sarili. gamitin ang nalalaman sa batas para sa pangsariling kapakanan. Wag nang isipin ang mga squatter ng Las Pinas. sabihin na natin na SOBRANG GALING nya, pero ginamit lang nya yun para sa SARILI nya. HINDI nya inayos at pinaunlad ang Las Pinas nya.


  138. Cristy Fermin

    Kitang kita na mahina ang ulo mo juan cesar at hustisya. Ikaw juan cesar siguro ay hindi ka nakapagtapos ng pag aaral. Naiintindihan kita. Karamihan sa mga mahihirap ay tulad mo rin na hindi nakapag tapos ng pag-aaral.Magandangbalita. Pwede ka lumapit ka kay Manny Villar para matulungan ka tulad ng milyon milyon ng ating kababayan.Ma. Hindi pa huli para maiayos ang kamangmangan mo. Nakakaawa ka dahil sigurado ako wala kang trabaho dahil mapurol ang ulo mo. I lagay mo dito cel phone number mo at tawagan kita para ang ulo mo ay matulungan ni manny villar.Sagot ko na ang pang taxi mo.

    Si Hustisya at Juan Cesar ay isang tao lang. Kitang pareho ang pagkagawa ng kanilang mga pangungusap.

    Si Manny Villar ay ginintuan at busilak ang kanyang puso. Miski ikaw juan esar asar ay tutulungan nya.

    Salamat kapatid na Dolphy sa iyong pag indorso kay Manny Villar. Tapat si Manny Villar at wag po kayo mag alaala at sasagutin po ni Manny Villar ang anak nyo at apo nyo tulad ng milyong milyong Pilipino. Simple lang paraan ni Manny Villar. Papaunlarin naya ang bansang Pilipinas para lahat tayo ay yayaman. Pagyayamanin nya ang bawat Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng magandang edukasyon, pabahay, trabaho at wasto na gobyerno.

    Salamat po sa tumatangkilik sa akin mga artikulo sa Taliba at Remate.




    GAGO 1 – JAMBY

    GAGO 2 – PING







  140. lightedcandleinthedark

    I hate to hear Villar’s political jingle, nakaligo sa dagat ng basura, tutulong sa mahirap, etc. the lines are full of DECEIT. They are not true. As proof, go perosnally to his Palmera Tierra Monte Subdivision, established in the late 1980s, na walang tubig in Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal. Look, how many of those water reservoirs that were put in place, na kahit minsan ay walang tubig. Mga defective housing units na may flushing toilets and showers that were never used. Inteview the residents, kung gaano ka bingi ang kanyang Palmera Homes, pinapalitan ang mga staff every month, to listen to their complaints para ayusin ang mga housing units and amenities sa loob ng subd. Sabi sa mga papers ng Palmera noon, an M.B. Villar company and formerly AFP-RSBS property daw ang kinatatayuan ng Tierra Monte. Hanapin ang Administrator Mrs. Cipriana G. Bauzon) ng Angulo, Precilla at Andaya families na nagmamay-ari ng lupa where the subdivision is located, at malaman ninyo ang lahat. Pati yung decree of title ng Lot 15 sa pagmamay-ari ni Melecio Santos na may lawak na more than 120 hectares kung saan nagmula ang mga ginamit ni Villar na numero sa mga titulo ng mga buyers ng house and lot sa Tierra Monte. Ano kaya ang ginawa ni Villar, kung hindi niloko ang mga buyers sa Phase 1, 2 and 3 sa Tierra Monte. Tierra Monte is a monument to the DECEIT of Villar’s Palmera in many ways, subdivision na may mga private owners ang lupang kinatatayuan, hindi naman binili sa kanila. Hindi ba ito panloloko? Wala pang tubig. The means does not justify the ends for his running for the highest post in our country. Malalaman at malalaman pa rin ng buong Pilipinas na hindi siya karapat dapat maging Pangulo. Ang hindi mapagkatiwalaan sa maliit na bagay kagaya ng subdivision niya na Tierra Monte, hindi rin mapagkatiwalaan sa malaking bagay, na mamahala sa ang ating mahal bansa, kasi personal interest lang sa kanya at sa mga negosyo nila sa pamilya niya. Masipag sa panloloko. KURAKOT sa mga kawawang mahirap na mga homeowners sa Tierra Monte. Buong Pilipinas pa kaya,ipagkatiwala sa kanya?

  141. Yung mga Supporters ni Villar lahat yan nakinabang sa kanya lalo na si Remula, kilalang mukhang pera ang pamilya niyaan sa Cavite, malaki nakuha niyaan kay villar, si Dolphy kailangan ng pera kasi para sa addict niyang mga anak. Naging syota ko ang kabit ni Remula, lagi iyang kinukwento yung mga pinagkukunan ni Remula ng pera,mandarambong yan.

  142. Employee Grievances

    How can Villar be a good leader? how can he handle his countrymen and fulfill his promises if he can’t even give what his employees rightfully deserve?? Pay your employees overtime work, settle their SSS remittance problems, provide for employee benefits. I remember Vllar’s employee complained and called themselves as kayod kabayo, kayod kalabaw. How can Villar be fair to his countrymen if he can’t even be fair to his employees??

  143. Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap

    Si Villar ba ay tunay na mahirap? [check!]

    Nakapagpagawa ba siya ng maraming bahay? [check!]
    Kumita ba siya dun? [ ]

    Nakinabang ba ang pamilya niya sa pinag-ukulan niya ng kanyang pork barrel? [check!]

    Project niya yung San Pedro toll exit, may property ba siya dun? [check!]

    Project din niya yung daang hari, may properties b siya dun? [check!]

    Nakolekta na ba niya yung right of way payment (P1.2B) para dun sa Daang Hari project niya? [ ]

    Di ba pork barrel niya ang ginamit dun, para magkaroon ng access road yung Portofino South and Amore? (google nyo na lang). Dapat siya pa nga ang magbayad sa gobyerno [check!]

    Pauunlarin daw niya ang bayan para di na kailangan magnakaw. Kami pa pala ang magnanakaw? Sus

    Ikaw talaga ang mahirap…..ispelengin! [check!]

  144. Noypi Aquino

    Salamat Manny Villar sa lahat ng tulong na ginawa mo at gagawin mo pa sa bansang Pilipinas.

    Ikaw ang ispirasyon namin at ang aming idolo.

    Sayo lang namin ibibigay ang aming tiwala.

    Ikaw lang ang mag aahon ng buhay ng mga mahihirap na Pilipino.

    MABUHAY KA !!!!!

  145. Noypi Aquino

    Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap.

    Si Villar ang tunay may malasakit.

    Si Villar ang may kakayahan at gumwa ng sariling pangalan.

    Si Manny Villar ang magtatapos na ating kahirapan.

    Versus Noynoy

    Si Noynoy ang laking hacidnerong mayaman .

    Si Noynoy ang nagpapatay sa Haciende Lusiita at Mendiola.

    Si Noynoy walang sariling pangalan at umaasa lang sa pangalan at nagawa ng magulang.

    Si Noynoy Aquino ay maglulubog sa Pilipinas sa kahirapan lalo.

  146. Anti Hayop

    Mga HAYOP sa SENADO !!!

    JAMBY ” ABUSED CHILD / under sexed ” MADRIGAL
    JINGOY ” unggoy ” ESTRADA

    HAYOP KAYO !!!!

  147. Anti Hayop

    Mga Hayop dito :

    Mga inggit kay manny villar. palibhasa inggit kayo sa kayamanan, kagalingan at popularidad ni manny villar.

    Kandito nyo kasing panget nyo. HA HA HA HA.

    Bagong cheer.

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 1-2 1-2 (drum beat)





  148. Cristy Fermin

    Si Alfredo Lim palibahasa noong presidente pa si Cory Aquino at pagkatapos nito maging presidente ay nagkaroon sila ng lihim na pag-ibig. Alam nyo ba yun? natakot lang si Cory sabihin sa mga anak nya ang kanilang pag-iibigan pero alam nila yun lalo na si Balsy. Iyan ang rason kaya nagpagawa ng monumento si Lim sa Maynila. Pero malapit na matapos si Lim dahil isusuka na sya ng Maynila dahil ang mananalo ay si Lito Atienza. Si Noynoy naki sawsaw nanaman at talagang sakay ng sakay kay Cory. Kahapon sa Senado ang sinabi lang niya ay ” birthday ng nanay ko ngayon..”

    Basahin po ang aking mga artikulo sa Remate at Bulgar. Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

  149. Tierra Monte Resident

    Salamat po Manny Villar sa murang pabahay at ang pagbigay sa amin ng magandang kinabukasan.

    Kami po ang buhay na testigo ng mga taga Camella Subdivisions. SALAMAT PO.

    Kami pong mga taga Tierra Monte sa San Mateo ay buong pusong susuporta sa inyo at boboto 100 % sa inyong kandidatura para maging presidente.

    Sarap tumira sa Camella.


  150. Anti Hayop

    Sabay sabay tayo lahat sa beat ba to.

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 1-2 1-2 (repeat 4 times)

    Game !!!

    NOY (1) NOY (2) AB (3)NOY (4) TU (5) LO (6) LA (7) WAY (8) NOY (1) NOY (1)

    NOY (1) NOY (2) AB (3)NOY (4) TU (5) LO (6) LA (7) WAY (8) NOY (1) NOY (1)

    NOY (1) NOY (2) AB (3)NOY (4) TU (5) LO (6) LA (7) WAY (8) NOY (1) NOY (1)

    NOY (1) NOY (2) AB (3)NOY (4) TU (5) LO (6) LA (7) WAY (8) NOY (1) NOY (1)

  151. Pinoy Ako

    Kapag nakahuli ang taong bayan ng holdaper, kinukuyog sa gulpi!
    Nang mabiktima ang kapitbahay natin ng akya-bahay, galit at takot din tayo.
    Asar na asar tayo kahit sa mga cellphone snatchers lang.
    Dahil ayaw natin ng ninanakawan ng ating pinagpaguran!

    Dapat magalit din tayo kahit naka barong tagalog man yan o naka armani suit. Lalo na kung bilyon bilyon ang ninakaw!

    Walang masama kung magagalit tayo sa magnanakaw. Magalit na tayo sa mga magnanakaw! Wag na nating bigyan pa muli ng “excuse” yung mga small time na magnanakaw sa gobyerno. Wag na natin silang bigyan ng lider na gagayahin. Dapat mawala na tayo sa listahan ng most corrupt nation.

  152. lightedcandleinthedark

    Ang sinasabing Tierra Monte resident, magpunta sa mga kapitbahay, pakinggan mo sila kung totoong boboto kay Villar sa ginawa niyang panloloko. Nilagyan ng mga reservoirs, 24 hours daw ang tubig malakas, may showers at flushing toilets pa. Saan na iyong Northwell ninyo ng Palmera na developer, na M.V. Villar company? Kon matuod siya nga Ilonggo, ,indi ugali sang Ilonggo ang manonto. FULL of DECEIT. Kahuluya sa mga Ilonggo! Hoy, pakadtoi sang media ang Tierra Monte kay dira man ang kamatuoran. As I said, malaman at malaman ng Pilipino ang katotohanan sa katauhan ni Manny villar. His means will not justify the ends of his running for the highest position in our beloved country. He will just give it to the dogs.Ang hindi mapagkatiwalaan sa maliit na mga bagay, hindi rin mapagkatiwalaan sa malaking mga bagay, to rule our beloved Philippines in this regard. Hwag na niyang lokohin ang mga tao. As against false statements, the TRUTH is the best defense. Please go to Tierra Monte to verify. Iyon ang isa niyang subdivision, a MONUMENT to his shrewd business practice, hindi kausapin at walang haharap sa mga customers niya. Kung mayroon naman, bagong impleyado, para ulitin mo ang story mo, para magsawa ka. Sa Senado iyon rin ginagawa niya, hindi uma-attend ng hearing niya, umiiwas sa sarili niyang kagagawan. Matino ba iyan? Takot sa sariling kasalanan. Iyan rin ang ginawa ni Cain ng tawagin ng Diyos, nagtago, Am I my brother’s keeper? Kaya hindi rin iyan nagpapakita sa mga taga-Tierra Monte. Paano niya matakpan na hindi niya ginawa ang tama sa mga residente niya doon na bumili. Mahirap ang kalagayan, may private owners ang lupa na kinatatayuan, mga Angulo, Precilla at Andaya families sa Phases 1, 2 and 3. And yet ang mga titulo sa mga lupa na iyan na galing sa Palmera, huwad o carbon copy ng mga numero sa detalye ng Lot 15 ni Melecio Santos, may-ari, basi sa Decree of Title dated 1964 may lawak mahigit 120 hectares. Paano ito nalipat sa kanya na ayon sa mga papers ng Palmera formerly AFP-RSBS property ito? Hindi naman niya binili ang mga lote ng Angulo, Precilla at mga Andaya? Saan niya kinuha? Suriin ang kinalalagyan ng Tierra Monte, walang amenities na maayos, kagaya ng tubig, street lights, defective ang mga bahay, etc. Tapos itong nagsusulat, salamat daw sa Camella? Para mo malaman sa gate ng Phase 1, 2 and 3 ng Tierra Monte nakalagay Palmera Tierra Monte. Malinaw na hindi taga Tierra Monte ang sumulat nito. Nagtatago lamang, dahil nabasa niya sana na PALMERA at hindi Camella ang developer. Kaya PANLILINLANG ito! Ito ba ang type ng inyong iboboto?

  153. lightedcandleinthedark

    Sa totoo lang ang mga kalaban ni Villar whereever he goes are of his own making. He will surely reap what he planted – ang mawala ang tiwala ng taong bayan. Tumatakbo at takot sa sariling anino. Sana pinturahan pa ng puti ang Tierra Monte sa pamamagitan ng isang Tierra Monte resident kuno, KAHULUYA GID, but too late the hero. Ang nitso pinturahan mo man at pagandahin, bulok at kalansay pa rin ang laman. Walang amount of public relations even if he pays his billions OF PESOS to hide the TRUTH which will ruin him definitely, very damaging to him in whatever forum. Ang katiwalian ay katiwalian. We are in a democracy. We are not in a government where a lie repeated several times will become the truth due to mind-conditioning. This is FOOLING the people. But you cannot fool all the people all the time. Can a single resident of Tierra Monte speak for the whole Tierra Monte? Hawak ba niya ang balota at lapis na gagamitin sa election sa May 2010? Bulag ba ang mga residente dito sa kagagawan ni Villar? Nakaranas ka ba malawan ng tubig sa panlilinlang 24 hours ang tubig dito? Nakaranas ka bang singilin ng Northwell ng tubig na bayaran mo na wala naman? Buong puso ka bang magtiwala sa taong ito kagaya ni Dolphy? What is the moral ascendancy nitong kunwari taga-Tierra Monte na ito? Kaya, buong KASINUNGALINGAN. I repeat, ang mga kalaban ni Villar are of his own making. Magsiyasat o bumisita sa TIERRA MONTE. Hindi maliit na subdivision ito, seguro mga 7 to 8 hectares east of Marikina, after Monterey Hills and Fortune, malapit lang sa Concepcion. Marikina makikita sa Google sa Bgy. Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal. Sa gitna nito ang AFP Housing.

  154. Tierra Monte Resident

    Ang tunay na Tierra Monte ay maganda. Kung pangit ang bahay mo siguro pangit din ang maintenance ng nakatira.Siguro isa ka sa mga squatter dito na purpo satsat eh din naman nagbabayad. Libre na nga ang tira dami pa sinasabi. SQUATTER !!! Iyong mga nag sasabi na fake ang title eh yun lang ang mga gusto umiwas sa pagbabayad ng amelyar. PALUSOT NG MGA AMOY UTOT !!!!Madami dito nun. Mga myembro ng squatting syndicate. Kakahiya kayo !!!! Puro kayo satsat eh wala naman kayong ebidensya. Asan ang kaso nyo ? WALA WALA WALA !!!!

    Ganda dito sa Tierra MOnte. SALAMAT MANNY VILLAR !!!!

    Sarap buhay CAMELLA. Tralalalalala.

  155. Butch Francisco

    TINITIRA pati ang Comedy King na si Dolphy ng mga alipores ng ilang presidentiables sa paglabas ng kanyang TV ads endorsing Sen. Manny Villar.

    Kawawa ang mga artistang susuporta pa kay Sen. Villar dahil tiyak na magiging target din sila ng mga black propaganda o paninira ng kampo ng kanyang mga makakalaban sa presidential elections. Ngayon pa lang, may mga text message na kumakalat na nagsasabing “nabili” ni Villar si Dolphy na lantaran ang pagsuporta sa senador na lumaking mahirap sa Tondo.

    Samantala, kahit hindi naman ineendoso nina Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto at Joey de Leon si Villar, lumalabas naman sa programang Eat Bulaga ang segment na tumutulong sa mga mahihirap na halatang sponsor ni Villar.

    Pero kung tutuusin, mas maganda itong klase ng ginagawang kampanya ni Villar na direktang nakatu-tulong sa mga tao kaysa naman puro lang pa-pogi sa ads. Marami kasi sa mga sumasali sa segment ng EB tungkol sa paglaban sa kahirapan ay ’yung mga kailangan ng kapital sa negosyo, kailangan ng pang-matrikula, pampaospital at iba pa.

    Naku, sa halip na intrigahin nila si Villar, bakit ’di na lang nila gayahin ang ginagawa nito, huh!

    Nakapagtataka na kapag kay Villar sumuporta ang artista ay sasabihing “nabayaran,” samantalang kapag sa ibang kandidato ay sasabihing libre at dahil sa prinsipyo.

    Pero paano mo aakusahan ang isang katulad ni Dolphy na tatanggap pa ng bayad sa isang politiko? O kahit pa kina Tito, Vic at Joey na pawang may pangalang iniingatan sa industriya?

    Sa kampo ni Villar, lahat ng artista ay welcome basta naniniwala sa prinsipyo ng manok ng Nacionalista Party.

    Lalo sigurong magpuputok ang butsi ng mga tumitira kay Villar kung pati ang mga senatoriable ng NP na tulad nina Toots “Toots” Ople at Gwen Pimentel ay ieendoso rin ng mga artistang sumusuporta kay Villar.

    Kung susuriin kasi, mga artistang galing din sa hirap ang sumusuporta kay Villar gaya nina Dolphy, Michael V, Jestoni Alarcon at pati si Manny Pacquiao. At asahan na marami pa ang susunod.

    Sana lang, matuto nilang respetuhin ang estado ng isang katulad ni Dolphy sa showbiz industry, na isang lehitimong haligi nito.

  156. lightedcandleinthedark

    Look at that. You cannot move away from the shadow created by Villar in Tierra Monte. Lumilihis sa usapan. Kagaya kayo ng scheme ni Villar sa Palmera office niya sa Cubao, puntahan mo, kagaya ng Northwell company niya sa tubig, palitan ng palitan every month ang mga empleyado, para kung puntahan muli ng legitimate complainants na nakabili ng bahay sa Tiera Monte, iba na naman ang palabasin, bagong na-hire na empleyado na tatanga-tanga at sabihin excuse me kasi bago lang ako dito, para magsawa ang nagrereklamo sa karereklamo. Hanapin mo ang chief ng opisina, tatago ng tatago, kagaya kay Villar hindi sumisipot sa Senado, natatakot sa sariling anino, natatakot sa sariling kagagawan. I suspect now, that this is part of the grand design to sa company niya, lumalabas na practice sa Senado. I dare repeat, ang kasinungalingan ni Villar, all his DECEITFUL conduct will spread like wildfire and will catch up with him come election day in May 2010. The means does not justify the ends for his presidency. Sa ILONGGO, kon taga Cabatuan, Iloilo man siya, KAHULUYA (nakakahiya) gid sa mga ILONGGO ang iya PAGPALAPAW (deceit). He is a shame to the dignity of the Ilonggos because of his deceitful conduct. Tierra Monte alone, as a subdivision of Villar’s company, the PALMERA, is enough to show as an example how shrewd a businessman Villar is. And he can dare to annouce that he is for the poor? Add a line to his political jingle, nakaranas ka na ba tumira sa subdivision ni Villar na walang tubig…. hindi pa sa kanya ang lupa… may Andaya, may Precilla, may Angulo, ginamit pa niya ang Decree of Title ng Lot 15 ni Melecio Santos… sa mga titulo nito.. kung paano niya nagawa…tanungin mo si Villar…. na manlilinlang…. Stick to Tierra Monte, I dare you, and never mind the others…. tiyak na si Villar by process of elimination, una siya to be stricken out of the record by good-hearted voters. Kahit sino pa na well known endorser niya, maubos man ang kanyang pera, YOU CANNOT FOOL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. THE BEST PROOF FOR FALSEHOODS IS THE PLAIN AND SIMPLE TRUTH. I REPEAT THE TRUTH. AND THEREFORE THE BEST WEAPON TO TOPPLE VILLAR’S PRESIDENTIAL BID ARE HIS OWN DECEITFUL WAYS, JUST SHOW IT TO THE VOTERS. Did you hear of the story of the king who was naked and pretending to be garb with the best costume? The child exposed his nakedness. BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TRUTH. This could happen to Villar. Put Tierra Monte No. 1. Puntahan ninyo and research. Beware of Villar’s deceitful tactics. If Villar continues to suppress the truth, the MORE THAT THE TRUTH will run after him, PARA MAKADAGPA (madapa) SIYA PARA INDI NA GID MAKABANGON, para hindi na muli siya makabangon. By the fruits of what he did, you will know him. The lighted candle in the dark no matter how small can lead people to see. Curse to the darkness, hindi ito dapat magpatuloy.

  157. lightedcandleinthedark

    You can easily catch them by their words, nagkukunwari na mga taga Tierra Monte pero going to the rescue of Villar. Marami raw squatter syndicates doon sa Tierra Monte. Hindi ba ang developer dito ang M>B. Villar comany na PALMERA? Camella ka ng Camella to confuse the readers. At dahil Palmera, nandyan yung Jericko ninyo na mga security guards, marami sila. Ano ba ang inyong standard operating procedure para hindi mapasok ng squatters ang Tierra Monte? Failure of management, for short. Dahil si Villar ay kulang sa CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY na nainstill sa kanyang mga korporasyon. Ang importante sa kanya nakuha na niya ang pera sa mga buyers through the lending institutions, pati sa gobyerno. Kaya pwede na siyang magpabaya, and saylike Cain, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Pagpapatay rin niya sa mga mahihirap na buyers ng house and lot sa Tierra Monte ang pagpabaya sa kanila, kagaya ng walang tubig, at pagpasok pala ng mga squatters. FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT DUE TO ABSENCE OF CORPROATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Kaya hindi siya magkaroon ng GOOD GOVERNANCE kung papayagan mo na maging Presidente ng Pilipinas. PA-KAPAL MUKHA LANG. Importante sa kanya nakuha na niya ang PERA. Mga botante kagaya ko, PAPAYAGAN BA NATIN MAGING PRESIDENTE ITONG MAPAGPAKUNWARI NA SI VILLAR?

  158. juan cesar

    Para sa mga gumagamit ng pangalang ito:

    Cristy Fermin
    Anti Hayop
    Tierra Monte

    Meron ba kayong 114 slides para sa SCTEX issue? kasi kami merong 114 slides (mga ebidensya at testimonya) para sa C-5 issue.


    Alam ko na sasabihin nyo, Mangmang ako!, mahirap, walang trabaho, bakla ako!, bungal, kalbo, lahat-lahat na! Dyan nman kayo magaling!

    Sige aaminin ko na, ganyan ako. pero please lang, sabihin nyong hindi totoo yang makikita sa slides na yan. Sabihin nyong peke yan. Ipaliwanag nyo isa-isa. Wag kayong umatake ng personal, dahil lalo nyo lang binababa ang Pangulo nyo.

    btw, di kami iisa ni hustisya. magkakampi lang.

  159. Carl Balita

    The floor deliberations on the C-5 road extension project at the Senate will have to continue without him, Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar declared yesterday.

    Villar said his Senate foes have tried hard but failed to drag him into the fray by recycling accusations that he benefited from the C-5 road extension project. He said his foes have become so desperate that they now resort to name-calling.

    “I was called a coward and a copycat by some of my colleagues. But the truth is I have never evaded the issue. I have answered the issues they threw at me. I stood on the floor of the Senate two years ago to rebut their charges,” Villar said.

    “I have always faced the music. But I did not dance to their music and never will. I addressed the Filipino people directly about the C-5 issue. I am available to media to answer questions. My opponents want to make me a whipping boy to boost their political plans. Why should I give them the satisfaction?” the NP presidential candidate added.

    Villar said he would also stay away from a looming vote on the Senate floor on the motion by his foes to censure him in connection with the C-5 issue.

    He reiterated that the charges against him are all politically motivated. He said it was no coincidence that the C-5 controversy was revived at a time when his ratings were closing in on that of his closest rival, Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III.

    “Look at the cast of characters on the other side, they are candidates for president or their respective allies,” he said.

    Sen. Manuel Roxas III is Aquino’s running mate while another accuser, Sen. Ma. Ana Consuelo Madrigal, is also running for the presidency.

    “The Liberal Party panicked when they saw the surveys. They were the ones who leaked the committee report. It’s obvious,” Villar disclosed.

    Villar had slashed Aquino’s lead in the surveys by as much as 30 percentage points in less than three months. And in a one-on-one scenario, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) put Aquino’s lead over Villar by a slim eight points in a survey conducted in December last year.
    Villar also defended the C-5 project. “I am happy with the C-5 road project because it is now being used by six million of our countrymen from Cavite, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Taguig, and Makati. I had wanted to ease the traffic in our area and I was able to do that. And for that I am proud,” he said.

  160. bustisya

    Aba parang si Enrile na ata ang ginagawa ng may ari ng blog na to. Censorship!!!! yung anti villar eh ni reretain tapos yung mga pro villar dine delete.

    Pag si Villar ang maging presidente kool lang yun sa mga batikos sa kanya at di nagagalit. nagtatampo oo pero di marunong magalit si Manny Villar. Busilak ang puso nya at tunay na maka Pilipino.

    Pag si Noynoy yari tayo lahat. Si Noynoy pikon and nagagalit sa mga tao na hindi sya gusto. Pati sa mga taga Quiapo galit sya. Sa mga taga Hacienda Luisita na inaapi ng pamilya nya galit din sya.

    Si Villar grabe nyo apihin at alipustahin.

    Pero malapit na ang araw na ikaliligaya ng lahat ng Pilipino. Ang pagbaba ni GMA at ang pag prokalama nya bilang 15th presidente ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

    Isang napakalaking tagumpay sa bansang Pilipinas ang maging president si Manuel B. Villar Jr.

  161. Simple, kung totoo na walang kasalanan, kahit anong itanong kay Villar..kaya nyang sagutin at labanan ng katwiran at ebidensya. Kung may kasalanan… mas maganda wag na sumagot para di mabuking..manahimik na lang. Kanino bang style yoN?
    Hintaying manahimik na lang ang mga gustong magtanong hanggang magsawa.ang tanong naman, makalimutan kaya ito hanggang botohan? Sorry!! Villar ako dati, ngayon..wala na syang ipinag iba sa kasalukuyang nakaupo na ayaw sumagot sa mga akusasyon.Kung dalawang presidente lang ang pagpipilian…Jamby at Villar… pipiliin ko pa si Jamby…pero sorry Jamby may pagpipilian pa eh.

    maraming nakinabang sa C5 daang hari rd kasi ang daming dinaanan eh maraming exit… pero mas maraming nasaktan at nanakawan. Mula Luzon hanggang Mindanao po ang tax payer kung nilagay sana sa ayos ang construction nyang c5 at di pinaikot ikot. malamang may magandang Kalsada ring naipagawa sa Mindanao at Visayas at mas maraming masaya.

  162. Bernadette E. Tamayo

    Loren stands by Villar

    COME hell or high water, Sen.Loren Legarda will not abandon her “president,” Sen.Manuel Villar, Jr.

    Legarda, Villar’s running mate, said the C-5 road scandal involving Villar won’t hurt their campaign.

    “I don’t think it is affecting the campaign of Sen.Villar. Si Manny mahal na mahal siya ng tao. Magtutulungan kami. Ako ang taong may paninidigan. Ako ‘yung taong hindi nang-i-iwan. Ito ay base sa ating konsensya,” Legarda told reporters.

    She is one of 11 senators who signed a re-solution exonerating Villar from charges that he benefited from the C-5 road extension project.

    Asked if Villar sought her help to defend him in the Senate, Legarda said no. “He gives me my free will. Hindi niya ako pina pag-absent. My president is not demanding at all. Hindi nakikialam sa trabaho ko. He’s a broad minded person.”

    After 12 hearings conducted by the Commitee of the Whole chaired by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the panel said Villar should be censured for alleged unethical conduct when he inserted ano-ther P200 million into the 2008 national budget to fund the C-5 re-alignment.

    The report, which set off bitter arguments among senators, will be voted upon Monday.

    However, Legarda said that should the voting on the C-5 report pushes through, she expects “a conscience vote for everybody.”

    “I expect votes based on truth and factual evidence. Not based on politics and party stand,” she said.

    ”I think we should not politically persecute Sen.Villar. It smacks of political persecution and the issues have been answered and duly addressed. I think there are proper institutions in government. Tapos na ‘yun eh. It’s been answered already and clearly there was no factual evidence to point to any wrongdoing,” she added.

    She said it is likely that Villar will finally appear at the Senate to face his colleagues on Monday.

    “I believe he will (appear). He’s just (attending) out of town meetings.”

  163. Tierra Monte victim

    SALAMAT ATTY IFURONG. Tulungan nyo kami. Mahal kasi sumingil yung atty ni Sison.

    Magkano fee mo? kailangan ba ibigay sayo yung title namin? Kasi kailangan natin ng lalaban sa camella para hindi na kami nila singilin sa bahay at tubig. Yung pinadala kasi ny kapatid ko eh napantaya ko kagabi sa saklaan. Wala tuloy ako pambayad. Plano ko rin bumili ng bagong celphone sa susunod na padala ng kapatid ko kaya plano ko wag na mag bayad. Balita ko pwede naman daw wag magbayad bastat may atorney kami. Kailangan kita attyyyy!!!!

  164. lightedcandleinthedark

    Some of the entries are not here anymore. But you see, once I see falsefoods here in defense of Villar, I can not help but write to expose Villar of his deceitful conduct. This Tierra Monte victim is misleading sa statement niya – “Kasi kailangan natin ng lalabanan sa camella para hindi na kami singilin sa bahay at tubig.” Please take note, PALMERA is the developer of Tierra Monte. In the case of paying for the house and WATER, why should he not pay for his water? Mga private trucks lang at mga kapitbahay dito and nagsu-supply ng tubig, not Villar’s delivery. Kaya misleading. The Northwell of Villar is not delivering water to the residents.

  165. Hustisya

    Actually, yung ginagawa ni Villar na pagswindle sa nga nakabili ng subdivision niya, ganyan din ang pagswindle niya sa atin nung maging senator na siya.

    For heaven’s sake….don’t ever vote for a con artist. Kawawa tayo.

  166. Nagawa ba ng iba ito?

    200,000 pabahay – check!
    Michael V. – check!
    Willie Revillame – check!
    Alan Peter Cayetano – check!
    Gilbert Remulla – check!
    Dolphy – check!
    Juan Ponce Enrile – tinanggihan yung check!
    Manny Pacquiao – coming soon?

    post-dated kaya yung mga checks?
    meron pa bang susunod?

  167. Nakakatawa, pinagtatalunan nyo pa kung okay ba si villar o hindi, sa totoo lang eh wala namang kwenta ang lahat ng presidentiables, kahit naman sino ang mananalo dyan eh may magbabago ba? Haha. Nakakatawa nga si Villar eh, ang hilig nyang gamitin yung Argumentatum ad Misericordiamn (igoogle nyo na lang para sa mga di nakakaalam dahil alam ko naman na karamihan sa inyo eh di yan alam). Sa mga supporters ni villar, isa lang masasabi ko, napakakitid ng utak nyo. Kung iniisip nyo lang ang mga benepisyong nakuha nyo, napakawalang kwenta ninyo, Sabagay, wala naman kayong mga alam eh, ni wala nga kayong maipakita na ebidensya na MAS madami ang naitulong ni villar. Haha!

  168. joseph76

    I’ve found this article from Inquirer….

    Is Manny Villar Blameless?

    By: Solita Monsod – PDI Commentary

    “WHILE the Senate is declaring a moratorium on the discussion of the ethics case against Sen. Manny Villar, here are some incontrovertible facts, presented in Q & A form. The source of the information is also given.

    * Question: What roadway projects are the subject matter of the Villar ethics controversy?

    1. The Manila Cavite Toll Expressway Project (MCTEP), the original C-5 south extension project, linking SLEX with the Coastal Road;
    2. the DPWH C-5 Extension project (CX-5), which together with
    3. the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Project (LPPLP), also links SLEX with the Coastal Road. Source: Senate Report (SR) 780.
    * Q: Is the CX-5/LPPLP project a realignment, as Sen. Jamby Madrigal describes it, or has there been no realignment, as Senator Villar’s allies insist?A: Technically there has been no realignment, because these are two separate roads linking C-5 from SLEX to the Coastal Road. But they are very close together and, in some areas, overlap, as can be ascertained from a site map.

    Source: interactive map available at http://www.gmanews.tv: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/182541/the-c5-extension-controversy-an-interactive-map
    * Q: Are there any differences between the MCTEP and the CX-5/LPPLP?A: Yes.
    1. The MCTEP is a joint-venture project between the government and a private Malaysian partner, with the government’s financial exposure limited to P2.68 billion for the purchase of the road right-of-way; the private partner is responsible for the construction of the project, for which tolls will be charged. The CX-5/LPPLP is a toll-free, wholly-financed government project costing P6.96 billion;
    2. The CX-5/LPPLP is longer than the MCTEP, its extra length essentially covering the LPPLP portion;
    3. The CX-5/LPPLP passes through more Villar properties than the MCTEP.Source: DPWH project documents cited as Exhibits A, B and TTTT in SR 780; site map from http://www.gmanews.tv.
    * Q: How large are the Villar company landholdings in the immediate vicinity of the questioned road projects?A: At least 50-52 hectares: 40 hectares in the vicinity of the LPPLP; 10-12 hectares in the area between Sucat Road and Multinational Avenue.Source: testimony of Anastacio Adriano Jr., senior vice president and general manager, chief operating officer of Adelfa Properties Inc. and other Villar-owned companies up to 2008; self-styled consultant and political officer of Senator Villar since August 2008. Nota bene: Senate employment records do not include his name. Nota bene: it is not clear whether the 50-52 hectares mentioned above include properties cited in SR 780—roughly 10 hectares in area—to be developed by Villar companies in joint venture with their owners.
    * Q: What is the involvement of Villar in CX-5 and LPPLP? A:
    1. The Project Feasibility Study of the DPWH for CX-5 states: “The conceptualization of and the initial release of funds for the CX-5 Project was initiated by Sen. Manuel Villar whose same efforts also paved the way for the funding of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road [LPPLP]”;
    2. Various insertions and amendments (Priority Development Assistance Fund, read pork barrel) in the national government budget over the years 2002-2008 for CX-5 and LPPLP;
    3. Adriano (cited above), in the office of and presence of Villar, dictating to the director general of the Senate’s Legislative Budget Research and Monitoring Office (LBRMO) Villar’s proposed amendments to the 2008 budget, including a P400-million appropriation for the CX-5.

    Source: documents submitted by DPWH, lawyer Yolanda Doblon of the LBRMO, testimony of both Doblon and Adriano, cited in SR 780.
    * Q: Were the Villar properties bought for road right-of-way overpriced?
    A: SR 780 argues for the affirmative; PSR 1472 (the resolution signed by Villar and his allies exonerating him from all charges) argues for the negative. This calls for a conclusion of the reader.And to help that along, I have—based on the documented prices and acreage of the lands purchased in connection with the LPPLP—computed the weighted average prices that were paid for the Villar and related properties, and those paid for the non-Villar properties.

    The results: The Villar/related properties, comprising 23,455 square meters, were bought for P168.1 million. The non-Villar properties, comprising 11,685 square meters, were bought for P22 million. That comes to a weighted average of P7,168 per square meter for Villar’s properties, and P1,880 per square meter for the non-Villar properties. That has to be a statistically significant difference.

    Given the above facts—which no one can contest, since they are based on official documents, and not on a he-says-she-says set of assertions—it has to be reasonable to conclude:

    1. Since there was already an ongoing project (the MCTEP) linking C-5 to the Coastal Road, it was totally unnecessary to build a second one.
    2. Which means that there was a waste of scarce resources. Instead of using only P2.6 billion of government funds for the first project, the government had to spend an additional P6.9 billion for the second, which practically duplicated the first, except for the additional length which happily for Senator Villar, traversed his properties.
    3. This unnecessary, wasteful project was certainly Villar’s idea. It is specious to argue that it is a DPWH project. As the DPWH feasibility study states (in black and white), both the CX-5 and the LPPLP were conceived and initially funded by Villar.
    4. Villar benefited tremendously from the second project. Certainly, his companies were paid significantly more per square meter for the road right of way (which were mostly bought from him). But that pales into insignificance compared with the tremendous increase in the values of his real estate holdings in the area—at least 50-52 hectares.

    Is he blameless? Is the Pope protestant? ###”

    Conclusion: These ALLEGATIONS are indeed serious. I believe they have to be answered.

    We should note that this is an ETHICS COMPLAINT – substantial evidence (not beyond the reasonable doubt) is enough to convict.

    Like I said, I am not here to condemn and judge the man (Manny Villar), we just want to know the truth….

    Why the truth? Because our law states that “Public Office is a Public trust” The people (the true source of sovereign power)have a right to know. Of course, they need not know the absurd minor details (though some would disagree) but they definitely need an accounting of what was done to their taxes.

    Why? Because that is what the Law says. And the people deserve an honest answer and an honest leader, no more and no less, else, what are elections for?

    Why? For the sake of the people who once voted for you and still trusts you – especially for those who believe in your dreams. Which is elegantly put as “Isang bansang yumayaman”. You said you were once like them – the poor. I think it would do them justice if you would at least submit yourself to investigation – an honest one. You remember the phrase, “Di bale nang mahirap, basta marangal”? That is the old poor filipino ideal. A thing we can be proud of. You have a chance to prove it.

    The issue here is not about who wins the election or who loses…

    It is beyond that…For what does it profit a man (and consequently the nation) if he gains the world but suffers the loss of his (and nation’s) soul. Oh and WHAT WILL A MAN GIVE TO SAVE HIS (AND HIS COUNTRY’S) SOUL?!

  169. lightedcandleinthedark

    It is always good to expose the truth, so that all the falsehoods will have no way misleading the public. Black is always balck. there is no way we could call it white, the truth is, it is really BLACK. In the case of Villar, my observation is through the years since the eraly 1990s. Whatever his Palmera is doing to the legitimate buyers of house and lot in Tierra Monte, this corporate practices, Villar does at the Senate. I have read and I am convinced, Manuel Villar practices COERCION in his leadership, but using the SOFT approach, characterized by such words as INHIBIT, MISLEAD, DECEIVE, DIVERT, DETER, SEDUCE, DISCOURAGE, TRICK, BEGUIILE, SADDEN, etc. Think of the time that he put meaning into these words in his actions, and you will agree with me. We may hate SIN or misdeeds in all its forms. But we always love a repentant sinner. If today, you hear His voice, harden not your heart.


    Losing it all

    Click to enlarge


    That there was a coup attempt against Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile by the camp of Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. earlier this month is no longer doubted.

    But was not the coup attempt made because the camp of Villar was desperate to kill that Senate committee of the whole report that seeks the censure of Villar on unethical conduct with regard to the C-5 controversy where Villar was charged with having realigned the road extension project to benefit his properties and businesses?

    It is being claimed by Villar and his defenders in the Senate that the Senate’s plenary deliberations on the C-5 report amount to nothing but political persecution of Villar by the majority whose members are presidential candidates, as well as senators who are allied with another presidential candidate or running for reelection.

    But aren’t the defenders of Villar engaging in partisan politics too, especially so because they are supporting Villar’s presidential bid and want him absolved of the charges and never mind if they cover-up the crime committed since the goal is to get Villar elected as president of the republic?

    One side of the Senate wants a vote on the resolution censuring Villar for unethical conduct. Another side wants him cleared.

    The Villar camp in the Senate, from the start, was bent on covering up the charges raised against their presidential candidate by having 12 senators, including Villar himself, sign a resolution absolving Villar of the charges, even before the committee had not as yet come up with a report. In that Villar resolution, his supporters even stated that this absolution of Villar was the “sense of the Senate.” That cover up by Villar and his camp was very evident.

    Stated differently, Villar and his boys in the Senate were railroading the result of the ethics investigation in a bid to clear Villar. That’s political and partisan on their part. It was clear they didn’t want the committee report of the Enrile camp to be discussed in plenary because it would hurt Villar, their candidate.

    But with two senators withdrawing their signatures from the Villar resolution, the resolution clearing Villar was dead in the water.

    And with the Senate panel succeeded in getting 12 signatories to bring the matter to the plenary and where deliberations have been scheduled and for voting on the report to take place, the Villar camp cries political persecution because their candidate is now closing in on the survey frontrunner, Sen. Noynoy Aquino, as if the surveys are gospel truth.

    And in yet another attempt to cover up the charges against Villar, they moved to oust Enrile, but failed. They are now back to charging the other senators seeking the Nacionalista Party bet’s censure of his alleged political persecution.

    Not once, however, did anybody in the Villar camp meet head-on the charges raised against Villar. Their defense was always a denial and the claim that this was all about political persecution of Villar to bring his numbers in surveys down.

    They claim too that Villar has answered all the charges leveled against him over a hundred times, in media interviews and ads. Apart from the fact that Villar refuses to appear before the Senate to personally rebut the charges and disprove all that is being leveled against him on the matter of the C-5 controversy, just what has Villar told the media? Weren’t they flat-out denials of the charges without even once coming up with documentary evidence with which to disprove the charges against him? And doesn’t he always claim that these charges are all lies and meant to derail his presidential victory?

    It is Villar and his supporters who are derailing his chances in the presidential race, by his non – appearance before the Senate to answer the charges, on the part of Villar, and not disproving but skirting around the charges in plenary, on the part of his supporters.

    Already, the public sees Villar as a carbon copy of Gloria Arroyo in evading accountability.

    And they see too, his supporters as covering up the alleged crimes, which is no different from the way Gloria’s Cabinet members cover up the crimes of Gloria.

  171. Archie Aguas

    Tagumpay kami. Malapit na maubos ang lamang ni Noynoy kay Villar. As based from SWS ay 6 % nalang ang gettign smaller.May scoop ako sa inyo lahat dito. Merong SWS survey na lalabas next week na statistically tied na ang laban. Yung mga asa dyaryo ngayon na lamang pa si Noynoy ng 6 % ay hindi na latest yan. SWERTRE kayo na mga nagbabasa ng blog na to may scoop kayo sa akin. Im sure lalong mababaliw ang kampo ni Noynoy dito. Another scoop. Mag grand entrance and appearance si Villar tomorrow sa Senate and will deliver the other of all mother of political speeches. Handa na ang lahat. To those who try bring the goo man MBV down well try harder cause all this publicity you are generating are not leading you nowhere. By the way another scoop sa inyo. Open na ang C 5 extansion and thousands of motorists are now thanking MBV for this beautiful road. Kung wala si MBV di pa natuloy to. Go try it yourselves and enjoy the beautifully paved roads. Last scoop for today, there will be a crippling desertation of Lakas stalwarts to the Nacionalista middle of February in time for Valentines Day. Feb 2010 will be an orange day for everybody I promise you.

    Kay Lito Banayo hope you will not delete this post. So that my balance itong blog mo.

    I am willing to bet everything that Villar will win the presidential elections and will be the next president of the Republic. Anyway the new opposition will be majority in the Senate so aleast you will have that as consolation.

  172. @archie: excuse me, naliligaw ka ba? hindi ito blog ni lito banayo. and i only delete pag nagkakabastusan na o paulit-ulit lang. as for your scoops, wow, haharap na si villar sa senate? statistically tied na ang laban? we’ll see soon enough ;)


    ‘Villar tried to bribe me’
    SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile advised Sen. Manuel Villar not to use his money to buy his way out of the controversy hounding him.

    Enrile disclosed Villar’s alleged attempt to bribe him in connection with the Senate investigation of the C-5 road project.

    Click here for stories and updates on the Sinulog 2010 Festival.

    “I would like to caution Senator Villar about his propensity to use his billions to offer favors to people, including his colleagues, to avoid facing the charges against him,” Enrile said in a statement.

    “To use your money to bribe people just because you want to kill the investigation instead of facing the charges against you… is the worst disservice you can do to this nation. The people will see through any attempt to use money to win the presidency. Not everyone can be bought. Bribery will be your downfall,” Enrile said.

    Enrile, who chairs the Senate Committee of the Whole, revealed that he met with Villar, a presidential candidate, at the Japanese restaurant Inagiku at the Makati Shangrila Hotel last year to discuss the Senate’s investigation on Villar’s culpability in the C-5 mess.

    Villar, the country’s richest senator, supposedly made repeated offers to Enrile for help with anything he needed.

    Villar denied Enrile’s claim, saying “No help was asked and none was given.”

    The Senate Committee of the Whole said Villar should return the P6.22 billion the government lost because of the alleged anomalies.

    The road extension was supposedly realigned from the government’s original plan and made to pass through Villar’s properties to gain road-right-of-way compensation, which the Senate found to be overpriced.

    Villar, who has not showed up in the Senate hearings, has repeatedly said the C-5 Road Extension project was not realigned from the government’s original plan, and that he did not benefit from the controversial project.


    Yesterday, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago walked out of a Senate plenary session after criticizing Enrile and fellow senators who engaged in gutter talk during Monday’s floor debates.

    Santiago, in her speech, reminded her fellow senators that the rules of the Senate frown on the use of improper language during debates in the plenary, especially against each other.

    “Our language and behavior did not serve the nation…Our parliamentary immunity entitles us to freedom from liability in anything we say or do against anybody except our fellow senator or against any public institution such as the institution of the presidency, Congress or Supreme Court,” she said.

    Santiago reserved her harshest criticism for Enrile whom she took to task for implying that she had not brushed up on jurisprudence that showed that a senator could be censured by a vote of the majority.

    Santiago said Enrile’s behavior was “unparliamentary,” and urged all her colleagues to resign if they continue to behave in such a way.

    She insisted that the Senate Committee of the Whole report recommending Villar’s censure would need two-thirds of the Senate or 16 votes to adopt the committee report.


    Apart from Santiago and Enrile, Sens. Roxas and Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. also had a rift.

    But Pimentel has decided to apologize for the “insertion” remark that he made during Monday’s session.

    Pimentel made the apology through a prayer that he recited before the opening of the Senate session yesterday.

    He, however, did not categorically apologize to TV host Korina Sanchez. After Pimentel’s remark, Sanchez’s husband, Sen. Manuel Roxas II, urged the Senate minority leader to ask an apology from the TV host.

    “Dear Lord, we, your senators, are embroiled in a stormy debate over a controversy involving a colleague of ours. In the heat of the discussion, some of us tend to use words that are coarse and vulgar. To those who I might have hurt in this chamber by the use of intemperate language or unseemly expressions, I apologize and beg their forgiveness through you, Lord,” said Pimentel.

    At the height of the debate on the case faced by Villar in connection with the “double insertion” of P200 million in the 2008 budget for the C5 road project, Roxas asserted

    that he never pushed for any insertions or amendments in proposed national budgets involving his projects.

    “I have no insertion on any matter. In fact, I have no insertion period because we were in the minority. Let alone an insertion for a road to pass through any such property,” Roxas said.


    Pimentel replied: “Well, I’m sure that after your marriage you’ve had some insertions.”

    Roxas felt insulted by Pimentel’s remark and demanded that “it be removed from the record” because that was “an affront on my wife.”

    Yesterday, Roxas, who remained hurt and offended by the remark, said Pimentel did not need to apologize to him, but to Sanchez.

    Pimentel said he has no quarrel with and respects Sanchez.

    “If I hurt anyone, [I] am ready to apologize but not for imagined political partisan slights,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Roxas’ runningmate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino criticized Villar for his refusal to face the hearing on the C5 extension anomaly.

    Recent surveys have shown Villar placing second to Aquino in the presidential surveys.

    “His problem is not coming from other people. It comes from his actions. He has not answered and yet he is putting the blame on us. We gave him all the opportunity. We did not hinder his right to air his side,” Aquino said. (Sunnex)

    Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on January 27, 2010.

  174. Pinoy I am

    Archie Aguas:

    I hope sa “grand entrance and appearance” ni Manny Villar ay finally, ie-explain niya kung bakit:

    1. Mas mataas binili ang properties niya sa C5 extension (P13,000 ave.) as compared to other lots BESIDE IT (P1,500-4,500 ave)

    2. Yung properties niya sa Daang Hari (Amore, Portofino) ay walang access road from Zapote-Alabang Road. He used his pork barrel to fund an access road going to his properties. And mother of all scam, e binayaran pa siya dahil binenta niya part of his properties para magkaroon ng access road GOING TO HIS OWN PROPERTIES!!! If Manny Villar will not include this in his mother of all appearance, Archie, would you mind telling us it is not true that he has receivables amounting to P1.2B for this scheme. As a realtor, siya dapat ang bumili nung mga access roads for his businesses! Check nyo google earth or google map and look for portofino and amore subdivisions along daang hari. yang propertes na yan ay in-accessible from alabang-zapote road before. pero ngayon, you will see the long road (daang hari) funded by Manny Villar pork barrel (thank you sana, kaso mas malaki pa rin ang pakinabang niya kesa sa atin).

    I am poor and I feel doubly indignant kung ang nagnanakaw sa akin ay yung pang sobrang yaman na.

    Explain this well and you may still have my vote.

  175. Li, an OFW

    Hearing all those scams about Sen. M. Villar’s knowledge and wisdom about realty business, (i’m not saying they’re all facts now), bigla ko pong naisip kung may kinalaman o kakutsaba din s’ya ng BF HOMES INC. for not letting MAYNILAD supply SAFE & CHEAPER WATER to the residents of BF HOMES LAS PINAS PORTION,(mind you, for decades now, we are buying water from dwellers; very expensive water and may not even be safe for consumption); and yet residents of BF HOMES PARANAQUE,& BF HOMES MUNTINLUPA PORTIONS are now blessed with water from Maynilad (just recently though) after a long battle with BF HOMES INC. & with the help of the mayors and congressman of the said cities. Now, p’wede po bang paki-explain kung bakit ang mga NAMUMUNO NG LAS PINAS CITY ay pinigilan ang MAYNILAD to do the same service @ BF HOMES LPC PORTION. Balak kaya ng mga VILLARS na i connect-connect ang mga lupa nila SA bf homes las pinas portion for ROAD ACCESS, at mag-indulge na rin sa big H2O business??? Sorry po at kung ano-ano ang pumapasok sa isip ko.


  177. lightedcandleinthedark

    Talagang itong Villar na ito, I am convinced na gagawin at gagawin ang lahat to turn black into white, at magmukhang inosente. He cannot hide the ugly monument of his own making. Why did he construct several steel reservoirs in Tierra Monte? To command a higher price ng housing units niya doon constructed by his Palmera, sabi pa sa mga leaflets niya noon, with 24-hours running water. Kaya tumakbo na ang tubig, reservoirs na lang naiwan. PROPS lamang, DECEPTION of the highest manner. SILING SANG MGA ILONGGO, GATINDOG DAW KAPAYAS WALA SANG TUGAS (standing like a papaya without strength, without the hard wood within). In due time, he will reap his award come election day with his defeat. Let us pray that this Villar would not be able to fool all the Filipinos all the time. Kawawa lang tayo, if we cast our votes to the pigs, nagpapataba lang ng sarili. I yet have to hear TRUTH coming from Villar. Of COMMITMENT to the welfare of the Filipinos, especially the poor, ,he has none. Hindi nga niya magawa mag-maintain ng tubig sa PALMERA TIERRA MONTE niya, buong Pilipinas pa pangalagaan niya? I am confident, PERSONAL INTEREST lang niya ang habol niya. KAHULUYA GID. What a shame!

  178. Archie Aguas

    February will be the month where noynoy’s lead will disappear.

    Just watch for it. You morons will love it.

    Villar is like superman and you forces of evil led by the devil incarnate jammer madrigal and idiot noynoy abnoy will be kicked of the planet.

    Our forces are now everywhere. In metro manila wher noynoy still has idiot and moron fanatics will bewashed over my march.

    Jamby Madrgial will be facing a 20 million law suit by family members of her dead aunt for swindling them of their inheritance.

    Ping Lacson will no longer be seen but will be extradited to face criminal raps by june.

    Villar will beat Noynoy by a good 2 million votes mostly coming from the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

    To those morons in here you sound, write and post like idiots. Im sure in person you like idiots just like noynoy abnoy and jammy madrigaga. Hey thats the new name of jammy by the way — Jammy Lady Madri GAGA.

    Come to think of it noynoy who is mentally incapacitate as based from his psychiatrist 10 years ago has lots of things in common with Jammy Lady Madri GAGA. Losers, anak mayaman, asa lang sa mana richies and both missing screws in their head. These yabangs are so envious of the poor guy and tondo boy Villar who whipped them in terms of personal wealth. The truth about Jammy Madri GAGA is that the reason why she is so angry with the Tondo Boy is that lowly Villar was able to buy properties previously owned by the Madrigals in Muntinlupa and that their families business was threatened when the Tondo Boy.


    15th President of the Republic of the Philippines



  179. Caloy Carlos

    Check google earth and you will see that Ayalas and the Madrigals were the one who benefitted from the daang hari road. Thats why Jamby MadriGAGA did not make this an issue her complaint since she loved it when the daan hari road was constructed.

    Obviously selective lang naman ang issue raised against President Manuel B. Villar Jr. I sure hope Jamby Madri GAGA will just go to the Ombudsman and file her criminal case against Villar. The reason why she is delaying this is that 85 % of the documents they presented in the Senate are “doctored” documents thanks to Atty. Francisco who has a doctorate degree in presenting false documents throughtout his career as lawyer. Just check this lawyers practice and you will see him admonished several times by trial courts for presenting falsified documents. Thats the same thing he did together with his girlfriend and fuck buddy Jamby MadriGAGA.

  180. Tierra Monte


    Kami mga TIERRA MONTE SAN MATEO ay sumusoporta sa yo.

    Merong mga squatter at galamay ng mga syndicato dito na kasalukluyang binabantayan ng JERICHO security at barangay officials. Pero lalaban kami sa kanila. Lumalapit pa sila kay jamby madrigal at nakikipag kape sa staff ni jamoby since last year. Pero miski jamby eh di bilib sa reklamo nila kasi alam ni jamby na squatter at sytndicato lang sila. Tulad ng isa dito na nakiki sawsaw lang.




  181. Anti Gago

    Ang mga tao kasi di tumitingin sa mapa. Alam nyo ba napakipot ng southern metro manila at wala ng pwedeng daanan ang mga kalsada.

    Kung dumaan man din ang c5 extension sa properties ni villar eh siguro di na nya kasalanan yun kasi wala na naman pwedeng takbuhan ang kalsada. Saan nyo ba gusto dumaan ang kalsada sa harap ng bahay nyo? Saka bakit ganun ba kalaki ang properties ni villar na buong 20 kms ng cg5 extension at dumaan lahat sa lupa nya. eh bakit di yo silipin ang properties ni henry see at brother mike velarde na dinaanan din ng high way. Yung orginal na kalye ay dederetso sa cavite tollway kung saan magbabayad pa kayo ng 30 pesos para lang makapunta sa cavite na traffic din naman pagdating sa talaba bacoor. Problema nyo kasi satsat kayo ng satsat eh di nyo naman naiintindihan ang problema sa traffic sa coastal road. Alam nyo ba na may 30 minutes na waiting time pag nag counterflow sa coastal road dahil sa dami ng dumadaan sa highway na to pag rush hour. Kaya nga gumawa ng bagong kalsada para di na makabigat sa traffic ang mga nanggaling sa c5. Ang importante pa dito ay walang bayad sa mga dumadaan ng c5 extension kung papuntang las pinas, cavite at southern luzon kasi walang toll. Kung dineretso sa coastal road required pa ang lahat magbayad ng 30 pesos.

    Marami kasi dito nakisawsaw para lang maka banat kay villar eh din naman naiintindihan ang issue.

    Punta kayo sa mannyvillar.com at maiintindigan nyo ang c-5 issue.

    Yung mga taga may reklamo sa subdivisions ni villar nakikisawsaw pa dito. kung galit kayo sa palmera eh di ilapit nyo sa hlurb or sa dpwh oh sa denr o mismo sa mayor ng san mateo. Ginawa nyo lapit pa kayo kay jamby eh may napala ba kayo? mapapaganda ba ni jamby ang tierra monte ? nakikisawsaw lang kayo eh di naman daw kayo pinansin ng staff nya kasi wala naman kayong scoop. Balita ko lumapit pa daw kayo kay ping lacson nung november pero pinaiwan lang ang mga pangalan nyo pero di naman kayo tinawagan.

  182. Carl Balita

    Villar ties Aquino in presidential race

    Roxas pulls away in VP race
    By Veronica Uy
    First Posted 10:15:00 02/03/2010

    MANILA, Philippines – Less than 100 days before the May 10 general elections, candidates for president Senators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Manny” Villar are now statistically tied, the January 2010 Pulse Asia survey showed.

    The nationwide survey of 1,800 voting age Filipinos, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent, also showed Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II pulling away from his nearest rival, fellow Senator Loren Legard

  183. joseph76

    With the purpose of trying to find an article FOR Villar’s side, I revisited mannyvillar.com.

    Unfortunately, wala akong nakitang article.

    I also heard Villar’s statement on the C5 issue, but….there was no explanation at all.

    I do hope people here would post Villar’s side – that is, an explanation refuting the C5 controversy.

    There are key issues in the C5 controversy that must be addressed. 1.) overpricing by Villar’s companies
    2.) conflict of interest on the part of Villar for
    a.) allegedly using his CDF (pork barrel) funds to pay his own
    b.) allegedly participating in activities promoting his
    company, etc…. while sitting as senate president
    3.) allegedly enriching himself by using unfair business practices.

    Other relevant issues include an explanation of his Statement of Assets and Liability. 300M 2001, 1B 2009 despite the global recession. And allegedly bribing Senator Enrile.

    The recent survey showed Villar gaining on Noynoy Aquino, that is the popular trend for now. History has shown how volatile the public can be. Time will show if this gain is genuine (based on deep convictions) or illusory. Remember Gloria?

    Mo twister in this blog wrote: “get to really know the man”.

    Well, I most certainly agree.

    The presidential race has seemingly become a one-on-one race between Noynoy and Villar.

    However, for now, on my scale, Noynoy leads by even a bigger margin over Villar. Noynoy has gotten better with his speeches and responses. There are only 2 issues against Noynoy: Hacienda Luisita and SCTEX.

    For Luisita and SCTEX, here are Noynoy’s answers:




    Villar’s explanation for the C5 controversy…. statements saying he was not involved and claiming to have in possession documents clearing his name but has not yet shown. And I have heard Villar’s speeches…

    In the end, the usual will happen. That is, the truth will be so obvious…the public may have a change of heart…

    I just hope that would be before May 10…

    Meanwhile….GO NOYNOY!

  184. Pinoy I am


    Daang Hari will not benefit Ayala Alabang because:

    1. It already has access road from Zapote-Alabang road DIRECTLY, bakit pa sila dadaan dun sa tagiliran unlike Amore and Portofino na WALANG ACCESS ROAD kahit saan. Villar can and should have bought road right of way for his subdivisions, hindi yung gagamitin niya pork barrel dun, tapos siya pa magbebenta ng road right of way for his own properties!.

    2. Ayala Alabang has already been SOLD-OUT decades ago! May konting reselling mang nangyayari , its between the individual lot owners and buyers. Unlike Portofino and Amore, ngayon pa lang binebenta. It stinks to the tune of P1.2B – Sana nga hindi ito tutoo.

    It’s as clear as daylight Archie and Caloy. Give us something more substantial please.

  185. Alpha Phi Betan

    Villar has class unlike jamby who is a nervous wreck and would like to make the senate look like a place for madmen and women.

    Good job Manny Villar. Nobody believes jamby and enrile anyway. Just look at the surveys and Villar is getting stronger stronger despite the senate circus instigated by the evil alliance of noynoy, mar, jamby, enrile and biazon.

    Manny Villar simply has class despite being a Tondo Boy.

    It only proves one thing that even if you are born rich it doesnt mean that you will have class and breeding.

    Manny Villar truly the hope of the masses !!!!


  186. lightedcandleinthedark

    Anti Gago wrote: “Yung mga taga may reklamo sa subdivisions ni villar nakikisawsaw pa dito.” HINDI NAKIKISAWSAW BUT TO PUT TO LIGHT THE DECEIT OF VILLAR IN HIS PALMERA TIERRA MONTE. THIS IS VITAL FOR THE FILIPINO PEOPLE TO KNOW.
    Anti Gago wrote: “kung galit kayo sa palmera eh di ilapit nyo sa hlurb or sa dpwh oh sa denr o mismo sa mayor ng san mateo.” WHY A POINTING FINGER TO THOSE AGENCIES AND MAYOR OF SAN MATEO. LET YOUR DECEITFUL MANNY VILLAR DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE THAT HE FAILED TO DO. IF HE IS FOR THE POOR, BAKIT PINAPABAYAAN NIYA ANG MGA BUMILI SA SUBDIVISION NIYA, NA AYUSIN ANG OWNERSHIP AT AMENITIES PATI ANG BASIC NA PANGANGAILANGAN SA TUBIG? This is what I call, the Cain attitude of Villar, “Am I my Brother’s Keeper? Sarili niyang kapakanan ang gusto lang niya. Nakuha na niya ang proceeds ng loan ng mga buyers. Kaya, pinapabayaan na lang, bahala na kayo dyan. Hindi na kayo makaangal niyan pag presidente na ako. IS THIS RIGHT?

    Anti Gago wrote: “Ginawa nyo lapit pa kayo kay jamby eh may napala ba kayo? mapapaganda ba ni jamby ang tierra monte ? nakikisawsaw lang kayo eh di naman daw kayo pinansin ng staff nya kasi wala naman kayong scoop. Balita ko lumapit pa daw kayo kay ping lacson nung november pero pinaiwan lang ang mga pangalan nyo pero di naman kayo tinawagan.” THAT IS ACCORDING TO YOU ANTI GAGO. WE HAVE NOT GONE TO JAMBY. WE HAVE NOT GONE TO PING LACSON. WHY THE ACCUSING FINGER? THHIS IS TO SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD NA TOTOO ITO. ANTI GAGO, IMBITAHAN MO SI MANNY VILLAR DALAWA KAYO PUMUNTA SA PALMERA TIERRA MONTE NIYA AT MALAMAN NINYO NA TOTOO ITONG INI-EXPOSE DITO, PARA HINDI SIYA IBOTO NG MGA TAO NA MALINLANG NIYA. MAGDALA PA KAYO NG TAGA MEDIA. THE BEST DEFENSE TO FALSEHOODS AY KATOTOHANAN.




    Click to enlarge


    What’s to believe in these pre-poll presidential surveys, especially when the results are inexplicable?

    The Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, with a respondent base of some 2,100 conducted between Jan. 21 and 24, showed Sen. Noynoy Aquino, while shedding two percentage points at 42 percent from his earlier 44 percent rating, still topped the race. Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar was given a rating of 35 percent, showing a sizable increase in his numbers vis-à-vis Aquino’s.

    That was supposed to have been a nationwide survey.

    During the same period, the Manila Standard Today (MST) newspaper also conducted a pre-poll presidential survey — from Jan. 20 to Jan. 27, with a respondent base of 2,500 nationwide.

    But look at the difference between the drops and the increases between the two presidential bets who are slugging each other over the survey war, which may not even be worth it.

    In the MST survey, Aquino and Villar are now on a statistical tie, with Aquino obtaining 36 percent, or a 10 percent drop from the December MST survey figures, pegged at 46 percent while Villar hit 34 percent to Aquino’s 36 percent, or an incredible increase of seven percent, and at a time when the C-5 controversy was starting to boil.

    Never mind the ratings of Joseph Estrada in these surveys. The idea is to bring him down, to get him to withdraw from the race, for either Aquino or Villar to benefit from his withdrawal, which won’t happen. Neither the MST nor the SWS wants him to be elected president in 2010 and their surveys on Estrada just don’t jibe with what’s on the ground — just as the surveys in 2004 hardly jibed with what was on the ground in the case of the race between Gloria Arroyo and Fernando Poe Jr.

    Then note: A Stratpolls survey, conducted from Jan. 16 to 29, which would still be within that same period, has Estrada at 15 percent.

    But here’s the thing: How can two surveys, having roughly the same respondent base nationwide and conducted virtually at the same time, show so much disparity in the increases and decreases in the two presidential bets?

    The SWS survey had Aquino losing two percentage points from last month’s survey, while Villar increased his numbers by at least seven percentage points.

    The MST survey had Aquino losing 10 percentage points from a December survey (46 to 36 percent), while Villar leapfrogged 8 percent from his December survey numbers.

    Also, in the SWS survey, there were only 2 percent that were undecided, while the MST had a 5 percent undecided.

    The thing is, in surveys, one doesn’t just talk of rankings. Every percentage point translates to a million — or at least close to a million survey votes, which should be reflective — as a snapshot at the time of course — of the voters’ preference for the presidency. So how is it that two surveys, conducted at about the same time, fail to jibe, by way of percentage points drop or increase?

    How is it that nationwide, one survey says it has registered 5 percent of undecided, while another says its undecided are pegged at 2 percent?

    That’s way above the error margins, any way one looks at it.

    What these surveys, even it they are claimed to have selected respondents randomly, and with their methodology done scientifically, the fact is that they do not reflect the real sentiments of the national electorate.

    The most that they can mean is that in those unnamed areas where respondents were plucked, this was their vote but not necessarily the national electorate’s vote.

    Besides, whenever surveys are conducted, even the field worker’s way of asking the questions can already show a bias, in much the same way geographical areas can be biased, not to mention the survey outfits playing around with the figures to boost their preferred presidential choices perception that they are the surefire winners in the 2010 polls.

    The more accurate surveys are those that are privately commissioned — and on a qualitative basis.

    Otherwise, all these surveys are intended for propaganda and are not true at all!

  188. Alpha Phi Betan

    Eh di wag ka maniwala sa survey. You not believing it will have no affect it i assure you. Anyway Noynoy thinks that surveys are bought in quiapo thats why their data is false.

    This February is Manny Villar’s break out month. By March and late April Gibo might just statistically tie Noynoy for second place with Erap 6 percentage points behind them. By the end of February Villar will hit 40 %. You can quote me on this and treat this as advance news item for you. If you are a Noynoy supporter get this information forwarded to Abad and Drilon and tell them to change their commercials.

  189. Tierra Monte

    Andito ako ngayon sa Tierra Monte Phase 4a. Ganda ng paligid. Baka may gusto bumili ng house and lot sa Tierra Monte text nyo ako sa number na ito -> 0935 1077707. Text nyo rin sa akin ang problema nyo at ipaabot ko kay Villar ang mga yun. Tutulungan nya tayong lahat. Bigyan ko kayo special discount bastat pakita nyo sa akin na ang ring tone nyo sa cellphone ay yung theme song ni MBV.


    Bastat sa lahat ng bumabatikos ka Villar ok lang yun kasi mabait naman si Villar. Si jamby nga harap harapan na winawalang hiya sya pero tingnan nyo naman cool na cool lang. Ganyan ang taong magaling at gentleman. Hindi maiinitin ang ulo at hindi pikon. Si jamby kahapon parang si ampatuan na. Actually maraming kumakalat ngayon na pictures ni jamby na mag holding hands sila ni ampatuan. BAGAY!!!! :)

  190. Carl Balita

    Villar ties Aquino in presidential race

    By Veronica Uy

    MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) Less than 100 days before the May 10 general elections, candidates for president Senators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Manny” Villar are now statistically tied, the January 2010 Pulse Asia survey showed.

    The nationwide survey of 1,800 voting age Filipinos, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent, also showed Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II pulling away from his nearest rival and colleague, Loren Legarda.

    The survey conducted January 22 to 26 showed that Aquino was the choice of 37 percent of the respondents and Villar of 35 percent of would-be voters.

    Compared to the December 2009 survey, support for Nacionalista Party’s Villar improved by 12 percentage points while preference for Liberal Party’s Aquino and former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada declined by eight and seven percentage points, the media release on the survey said.

    Only six percent do not have a preferred presidential candidate at the time of the survey.

    Apart from Aquino and Villar, the voters’ preference for the other presidential bets were: Estrada, 12 percent; former defense secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, 5 percent; evangelist Eduardo “Eddie” Villanueva, 2 percent; Senator Richard “Dick”Gordon, 1 percent; Senator Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, 0.5 percent; Councilor John Carlos “JC” De Los Reyes, 0.3 percent; little known Vetaliano “Dodong” Acosta, 0.2 percent; and environmentalist Nicanor “Nick” Perlas, 0.05 percent.

    By socio-economic class, Aquino was the top choice among the ABC (37 percent against Villar’s 22 percent) and D (40 percent against Villar’s 34 percent) classes, while Villar led in the E class (39 percent against Aquino’s 31 percent).

    “Across areas, Aquino led in Metro Manila, with 38 percent support against Villar’s 24 percent. The two front-runners register virtually the same preference in the rest of Luzon (Aquino, 37 percent; Villar, 36 percent); Visayas (41 percent; Villar, 38 percent); and Mindanao (Villar, 36 percent; Aquino, 33 percent),” the media release on the survey said.

    By age group, Aquino was the pick among the 18-24 (46 percent against Villar’s 37 percent), the 45-54 (40 percent against Villar’s 31 percent), the 55-64 (38 percent against Villar’s 28 percent), and the 65 and up (42 percent against Villar’s 23 percent).

    Villar was most popular among the 25-34 age group (42 percent against Aquino’s 32 percent) and 35-44 age group (36 percent against Aquino’s 32 percent).

    Based on a predetermined set of reasons for their choice, the respondents said their bet was “not corrupt or has a clean record” (24 percent) and “cares for the poor” (also 24 percent).

    Competence – as expressed in the survey as “can do something, is doing something, will do something” (16 percent), “used to governing” (6 percent), and “knowledgeable/intelligent” (4 percent) – did not rank high among the reasons for respondents’ choices.

    On the race for the second highest post in the land, Roxas took 47 percent of the respondents’ votes, giving him a substantial lead over Legarda, with 28 percent. Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay was third with 13 percent.

    The other vice-presidential bets’ voters’ preference were: former Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani “BF” Fernando, 2 percent; actor Eduardo “Edu” Manzano, also 2 percent; former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Perfecto “Kidlat” Yasay, 1 percent; broadcaster Jose “Jay” Sonza, 0.2 percent; and Ang Kapatiran’s Dominador “Jun” Chipeco, 0.07 percent.

    In terms of area, Roxas led in the race in Metro Manila (42 percent against Binay’s 25 percent), the rest of Luzon (44 percent against Legarda’s 26 percent), the Visayas (56 percent against Legarda’s 26 percent), and Mindanao (46 percent against 38 percent).

    Roxas enjoyed sizeable leads among all socio-economic classes: ABC (54 percent against Legarda’s 10 percent), D (49 percent against Legarda’s 26 percent), and E (41 percent against Legarda’s 36 percent).

    Roxas gained eight percentage points from the December 2009 survey while Legarda lost nine points.

    The face-to-face survey was conducted when the following issues dominated public discussion: the deadly magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti; the impending retirements of Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno and military chief Victor Ibrado; the Senate committee of the whole’s report seeking to censure Villar on the C-5 road controversy; the poll body’s decisions on various candidacies, including clearing the way for the candidacies of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Estrada; the questions on the automation of the May 2010 polls; and the continuing investigations on the Maguindanao massacre and road rage suspect Jason Ivler.

  191. The daughter of manny villar is so pretty and intelligent. Villar despite him being a charmer never had a querida unlike some politicians here in the philippines.

    Family man indeed si Manny Villar. Imagine a billionaire yet loyal na loyal sa kanyang 1 only wife cynthia.

    The kids of manny villar – paulo, mark and camille are all low profile and they are all well mannered. Indeed their father raised them well.

    Couples for Christ will be coming out with an endorsment of Manny Villar on February 14 as well as the Iglesia ni Cristo and El Shaddai.

    If you want a candidate who prays before he sleeps and when he wakes up and prays that his countrymen will prosper in trying times — > vote for Villar.

  192. lightedcandleinthedark

    Tierra Monte wrote: “Andito ako ngayon sa Tierra Monte Phase 4a. Ganda ng paligid. Baka may gusto bumili ng house and lot sa Tierra Monte text nyo ako sa number na ito -> 0935 1077707. Text nyo rin sa akin ang problema nyo at ipaabot ko kay Villar ang mga yun. Tutulungan nya tayong lahat. Bigyan ko kayo special discount bastat pakita nyo sa akin na ang ring tone nyo sa cellphone ay yung theme song ni MBV.


    My COMMENT: If you are from Tierra Monte, bakit Camella ka ng Camella na Palmera naman ang developer ng Tierra Monte? Taga Phase 4A ka pala, hindi mo ba alam na Tierra Monte Phases 1, 2 & 3, ang sinulat ko dito? You are veering away from the issue, hindi yung Phase 4A ang issue, at kahit diyan may mga anomalies rin, walang tubig rin dyan. Sa Phases 1, 2 & 3, dyan pa ang issue ng private owners na mga Andaya family, Angulo family at Precilla family, at may legitimate titles iyan. TALAGANG KASAMA KA SA KASINUNGALINGAN NI VILLAR. KASI KUNG TAGA TIERRA MONTE KA, YOUR SYMPATHY WOULD BE WITH YOUR CO-RESIDENTS. HINDI KA NAMAN BULAG, BAKIT CAMELLA KA NG CAMELLA? Para ilihis sa katotohanan?

  193. Philippine Man

    The surveys seems to change the preference of those 1,200+ people surveyed, but it did not change the fact that, SURVEY OR NO SURVEY:

    1. Manny Villar used his position and influence to the benefit of his properties in the C5 extension

    2. Manny Villar used his pork barrel and anomalous transaction to the benefit of his properties in Daang Hari (Amore and Portofino Subdivisions)

    3. Manny Villar was not able defend his case at the senate despite an hour long privilege speech because he concentrated on motherhood statement of denials instead of point by point or document by document rebuttal. We are willing, the public is actually WAITING to hear his side. Instead, HE WALKED OUT ON THE FILIPINO PEOPLE waiting for him.

    4. Manny Villar DID NOT get rich through hard work. He got rich by MARRYING Cynthia Aguilar, daughter of the RICH Aguilar family (long time political kingpin of Las Pinas (take note of the period: 1963 – 1986 napalitan lang nung people power.) So from mahirap TUMALON kaagad siya sa mayaman – pinondohan siya ng kanyang biyenan. In fairness, mas napalago naman niya yun, kaya lang lumalabas ngayon, through SHADY deals pala!

    5. Manny Villar’s website does not show any answer why his properties were bought by the government at a higher price as compared to other properties beside it. They simply say it is zonal valuation that was used. But precisely WHY use zonal valuation of another location for Villar’s property and use the existing zonal valuation for the property beside it. Ang bilis pa ng presentation ng video, parang ayaw talagang ipabasa yung details.

    Kung sino man yung insider sa Manny Villar campaign na palagi na lang may scoop at naka-assigned dito, can you please elaborate on above points? Thanks.

  194. lightedcandleinthedark

    Talagang itong Manny Villar iwas ng iwas sa katotohanan. This is his style to hide the black by painting it white kaya umiiwas sa mga issue against how he run things both in his subdivisions and in the Senate, and worse ituturo pa sa iba ang mga obligation niya. Absent ang tinatawag na CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Kaya with his pointing fingers to others, wala siyang kasalanan. Ang nakakainis dito, if you are poor Juan dela Cruz, pabalikbalik ka sa opisina niya sa Palmera hanggang magsawa ka. And to think that you don’t have the luxury of time to go there almost always through the years. You can always draw parallel observations both in his private corporations and in his job as a public servant – tainted with CORRUPTION, dahil ang importante, busness interests niya, personal interests niya. HINDI PUBLIC SERVICE. Naku, tell it to the marines. Kitang-kita na, tago-tago by evading. Ganyan rin sa Palmera niya tungkol sa Tierra Monte at Northwell niya tungkol sa tubig. Angkop talaga sa kanya si Cain, “AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER?”. Dito nalalarawan ang tunay na Villar, kunwari after sa mga mahihirap. Hindi totoo. I doubt if Villar will elaborate on the points they need to shed light on. TRANSPARENCY? ZERO, FOR VILLAR. Mention other characteristics of good governance, at wala iyon kay Villar, ACCOUNTABILITY….etc…. Subukan ninyo, at alamin.

  195. Tierra Monte

    Mahina kasi ulo mo. Kung may titulo kamo yang mga pamilya na yan -> Andaya family, Angulo family at Precilla family sa Tierra Monte eh bakit titulo namin pakatapos namin bilhin sa camella ang lupa namin eh galing sa palmera ?. Marunong ka pa R.D ng san mateo. Ikaw saan galingtilte mo? siguro si ka nga nagbabayad sa pag ibig o sa camella kaya puro ka satsat. Yang ang problema ng mga nag aalam alaman dito eh nakikisawsaw. Gustong gusto nyo tumira ng libre sa bahay na tinayo ng camella tapos nung nakarinig kayo ng chismis na yan eh tuwang tuwang kaya ngayon kasi meron kayong kunwari kunwarian na rason para di magbayad. Tanong ko isa lang. Iyang bahay na tinitirhan mo ngayon sino nagpatayo ? yan bang Andaya family, Angulo family at Precilla family na yan? siguro nga matagal nang patay ang mga yan or mga land grabber lang dati or kaya corrupt na sundalo ng AFP yan. Kung matapang ka at bilib ka na may ari yang si Andaya family, Angulo family at Precilla family eh bakit di kayo mag file ng kaso para ipawalang bisa ang titulo ng Palmera sa Tierra Monte. Maraming land syndicates sa buong pilipinas at isa ka na dun. Mga pasaway kasi kayo. Tawag ka sa akin ngayon at mag debate tayo – 0935 1077707. Gusto mo puntahan pa kita ngayon or punta tayo sa DZMM at mag debate tayo sa dos por dos. dalhin mo dokumento mo at dalhin ko dokumento ng camella.

  196. Insider ni Noynoy

    Talo na si Noynoy. Map pinaplano kaming eksena kunwari ambushin sya sa tarlak tapos dalhin sa I.C.U sa st. lukes. Then sabihin nya si Villar nagpapatay sa kanya. Then kunwari i raid ang headquarters ng liberal party tapos susunugin ang Office nila. Mak hidden camera kunwari na naka orange yung mga goons.

    Then tatawag ng people power si kris aquino kasi inaapi sila.

    Then damputin kuwari si rizza hontiveros and mawawala ng 2 weeks. Then lulutang sasabihin nya merong gma- villar -military conspiracy for a no el scenario.

    Then may sasabog na bomba sa cotabato 2 weeks before May 10.

    Asa script to ni butch abad.

  197. Waiting for Reply

    May mga valid issues against Villar na tinatanong dito, bakit kung ano-ano ang mga sinasagot nung mga taga Villar? (conspiracy, etc.)

    Pwede ba, iba na ang i-assign ninyo dito, yung merong sense.

  198. lightedcandleinthedark

    That is because this is Villar style in neglecting the issue, bingi-bingihan at ibahin ang usapan. Hindi maka-focus sa issue dahil talagang institutional culture nila ito ni villar. Puntahan mo sa Palmera o sa Northwell ni Villar, i-assign nila ang bagong hire na employee, at sinasabi, excuse me baguhan lang ako, wala akong alam diyan. Then you repeat your complaint for the nth time, hanggang magsawa ka. Nobody will attend to you sensibly. Ito rin ginagawa ni Villar kahit in his public office. Sasalita siya, but Villar will not give a damn to substantiate his words to fool the vulnerable poor Filipinos, mukhang api kunwari. Take this experience for example, tatanong ka sa Northwell, nag-assure kayo na 24 hours ang tubig sa Tierra Monte, bakit tatlong buwan pa lang wala na. Sagot ng bagong employee, excuse me, bago lang ho ako dito. Hanapin mo chief nila, kunin mo ang pangalan, hindi iyan haharap sa iyo, tatago, dahil takot na ibalik mo sa kanila ang salita nila, and what they will do to remedy the situation. Maraming mga kawawang mga nanay doon at senioir citizens pa ang iba, pinabayaan hanggang magsawa. HIndi customer-firendly. I said, they have no CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, KAYA DELIKADO SA BANSA WHERE GOOD GOVERNANCE IS THE KEY TO OUR PROGRESS AND GROWTH AS A NATION NA MAGKAROON NG TIWALA ANG MGA MAMAMAYAN. ANG KAY VILLAR WALANG GANYAN. BASTA MAPUNO LANG NIYA ANG BULSA NIYA. OKEY NA. KAYA KUNG TANUNGIN MO, BAHALA KAYO DIYAN ANG MAGING KASAGUTAN LIKE, “AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER?” ANSWER OF CAIN TO GOD. HINDI MAGKALAYO DITO ANG UGALI NITONG VILLAR. I BET, HE CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM THIS OBSERVATION. GANYAN TALAGA SIYA AT SA PALMERA NIYA. FULL OF DECEIT, FOOLING PEOPLE, HIS VERY CUSTOMERS. KUNG MA-DELETE LANG NIYA ITONG OBSERVATION, IDE-DELETE NIYA, AND START ANOTHER SET OF FALSEHOODS, DIFFERENT STORIES. IN ILONGGO, THE WORD IS PALIBAN-LIBAN. VERY DANGEROUS ATTITUDE, HARDENED OF HEART, NO EMPATHY AND SYMPATHY, COULD NOT PLACE HIMSELF INTO THE SHOES OF HIS VICTIMS THAT HE AGGRIEVED. Villar would not say, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE, I am responsible for all the mess. I will deliver what I failed to do true to my advertisement to buyers in Tierra Monte.” The same he would do for the country. BEWARE OF VILLAR. This serves as light into the darkness of his business practices in Tierra Monte, para malaman ng lahat. You can examine the truth behind this fact in Tierra Monte. As for surveys, I know my Statistics, kung ang sample mo is taken from a pure substance, say sugar, one molecule of sugar is enough as a sample to tell the characteristics of sugar. But if you are taking a sample from a very large population, the results would merely be an intelligent guess to guide the researchers. The result is never certain. it may be true, it maybe false as all future events are. the danger here if the people do not have their own decision, baka maniwala sa perceived bandwagon, doon tayo kasi doon ang marami sabi ng survey. On the other hand, signal rin ito for the candidates to try hard to campaign based on their platform of government. Huwag naman ang BLATANT LIE pareho kay Villar, hindi good governance iyon.


    Walang kwenta ang mga surveys na gawa-gawa lang dahil sa malaki ang ibinayad!!!!

    Sinong maniniwala na imbes na bumaba ang rating ni Villar e tumaas pa?!!! Pag may issue na laban sa anumang kandidato, it naturally follows na bababa ang rating nya at hindi tataas!!!! Common sense yan at naaayon sa mathematical rule on probability. You cannot go against nature!!!

    Malinaw na nabibili nga sa Quiapo ang mga surveys na yan at di na dapat pag-aksayahan pa ng pansin. Gagamitin lang yang mga surveys na yan para pag mandaya ang isang kandidato e may “justification” sya na “talaga namang panalo ako kasi surveys said that I will win”. Lokohin nyo na lang ang lelang nyo at wag kaming sambayanang Pilipino na may COMMON SENSE!!!!

  200. joseph76

    Villar has tried to defend himself.

    Unfortunately, his defense is NO DEFENSE.

    The evidence is there for us to see. After considering both sides (mannyvillar.com.ph and winnie monsod and my own research)there is in fact DOCUMENTARY evidence (palpable, verifiable, incontrovertible evidence) that Villar as congressman and senator at least USED his influence to benefit greatly and UNFAIRLY in the C5 issue.

    This evidence is not based on hearsay. Villar may fool any person in his speeches or during debates etc… but documents, pictures, SIGNATURES do not lie. At first this has started to be an ETHICAL case but now, due to overwhelming evidence, a case of PLUNDER can be leveled against him.

  201. Hustisya

    Mga kaibigan, we are having a healthy discussion here. Nice. Fine. Kahit sino pa ang kandidato mo, masarap sa loob na naipagtatanggol mo ang iyong kandidato. Congratulations to everyone.

    But whether you are in happy side or in the sad side, wala nang ibig sabihin ito specially when Villar TOOK MATTERS INTO HIS MONEY. Election pa bang matatawag ito eh, paramihan na lang ng pera ang nangyayari ?

    You and I knew already how Villar is changing the rules and complexion of the process by pouring on in gargantuan amount of money. Yes, he is gaining grounds BUT it is only because his huge campaign funds is now working wonders for him. Biro mo, 3 months lang he spent already around 560 Million pesos and in the first week of January alone, ang nagastos na niya sa kanyang mga political ad ay P70 Million na.

    Because of WHAT VILLAR did….ang election ay di na naging electoral process. Naging PARAMIHAN NA NG PERA ang election. The presidency is now up for who ever has the most amount of money.

    Tayong mga electorate, irrelevant na sa election na ito. PERA na ni VILLAR ang magsasalita, hindi tayo.

    Ang mga issues, irrelevant na rin. Pera pa rin ni Villar ang masusunod. Pera na pambili ng advertisement para maibaon sa limot ang mga issues.

    Kaya kita ninyo, walang kagatol-gatol na pinagtaguan lang ni Villar ang senado, NEVER na sumagot duon sa kanyang mga kaso. PERA….PERA at pera pa rin kasi ang sangkalan ni Villar. Anyway, sa kanyang pag-iisip, makakabili siya ng maraming-maraming advertisement na pwedeng lumunod sa senado at sa mga kasong kanyang kinasasangkutan.

    THerefore, maging ang senado ay IRELEVANT na rin for so long as the money of Villar RULES everything in this country.

    Papayag ba kayo doon, mga kaibigan?

    Kung kayo ay pumapayag na mangibabaw ang pera ni Villar, ano ang mangyayari sa ating kalayaan ? Natapatan na rin ng pera ni Villar ?

    Paano nanam ang ating dignidad at pagkatao ? Natapalan na rin ng pera ni Villar ?

    Paano ang mga batas ? Natapatan na rin ng pera ni Villar ?

    Paano na ang ating kinabukasan ? Natapatan na rin ng pera ni Villar ?

    Alalahanin sana natin na…..

    Ang perang pinuhunan….ay pera ring babawiin.

    Di lang natin alam kung magkano ang interest…..

    Pero, pababayaan ba ninyong mangyari ito ?


  202. Die Hard Noypi

    @joseph76=:) i AGREE 101%. LETS HAVE A POSITIVE CAMPAIGN movement coz the pinoy deserves the best team (Noynoy/Mar) in town111

    an OFW proud to be Pinoy anywhere in the world !!!!!

  203. joseph76

    I believe I have overextended myself in the MV (you know, the orange candidate) issue.

    Many have wondered why Noynoy seems slipping in the presidential race.

    I agree with Mr. De Quiros that the reason in simple: MEDIA EXPOSURE.

    The # 2 candidate during December had been virtually everywhere – Radio, countless TV commercials , internet, gigantic billboards etc…

    This blog has been about MV’s involvement. My mom believes that that the best way to stop evil is not to simply ignore it or much worse fight it but rather to do good and to promote the good.

    Therefore, I will promote Noynoy’s candidacy.

    Some may argue that he may be Cory’s son but that does not make him like her. True, but consider the Ghandi’s, the Kennedey’s – genes can certainly influence behavior but it’s really the choices he made or did’nt make that matters. Many people see Cory in him and that has certainly water to hold.

    You can say a lot of things about the guy, how bad his hair is, etc…
    But no one in this blog can give evidence that NOYNOY as congressman and senator embezzled the funds of the government. In fact, I had been on a long search and found nothing.

    No other candidate comes close. Gibo – maybe, but how can he belong to an administration tolerating wrongdoing?. Gordon – same. Villanueva – maybe, but I believe he is crossing the line. Villar – Definitely a no-brainer.

    No one can say that NOYNOY lied regarding his statement of assets and that they are unexplainable.

    Oh yes, he is from the rich. Well, that does not make him belong to the top ten BUT EVEN MORE SIGNIFICANT is the fact that he has earned every cent . No accusations of dishonesty whatsoever.

    Hacienda Luisita and SCTEX are none issues. Fabricated issues that is. NOYNOY owns only about 2% of Luisita. Therefore, If ever there was fraud he was not the major decision maker. To prove this is a no-brainer. NOYNOY has nothing to do with SCTEX.

    With regards to lack of experience – I think his stint as a Presidential son, congressman, senator and businessman will suffice.

    What has NOYNOY done really for the country? You ask. Well, NOYNOY has shown what a senator and congressman should not be. That is, become corrupt. That is NOYNOY’S crowning achievement.

    No wonder Among Ed Panlilio, Roco, Padaca, Chiz Escudero and other influential personalities known to extol good governance supports him. Well, others in his circle may not actually be sheep but that’s how it is on ALL SIDES.

    The news recently came of a mayoral candidate caught with drugs under the LP. Well, he was expelled from the party. NOYNOY did not defend him.

    The last argument is competence. This has no basis. Being an economist, legislator and having had the opportunity to once grace the halls of Malacanang makes him more competent than the rest. Many have heard NOYNOY addressed the MBC and Shipping Business. After hearing him, there was no doubt in that room and in those who heard him that this man is CERTAINLY QUALIFIED TO BECOME PRESIDENT.

    In addition, NOYNOY has mentioned on countless occasions that his vision is “to strenghthen our institutions”. “I do not claim to be the expert in everything. I will listen to the people – the real experts and come up with solutions to problems” he has said.

    We need not be reminded that a democracy works when the people are empowered. Not the privileged few only.

    So let us (the people) exercise, with God’s help, responsibility and intelligence in choosing a leader on the basis of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SINCERITY, and CAPABILITY and especially HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. The one we can really rely on.

    To fellow supporters of NOYNOY, let us continually keep up the fight for GOOD GOVERNANCE and support NOYNOY. Many are still uninformed or ignorant of this good guy.

    The Surveys? they only tell us that much needs to be done…

    To those who love true freedom in this country…

    To those who really want the Philippines to prosper under a loving God…

    To those who simply love a good guy…

    Get to know the real NOYNOY… Not kris, not his hair… but let us examine his qualities and attitudes… as with the rest of the candidates.

    Some of the supporters of MV has time and again reiterated their seemingly undying support.

    I do not have anything against them.

    I have only stated my reasons for choosing NOYNOY – the person who I believe deserves the Presidency of the Republic of the Philippines.

  204. Hustisya

    May joke ako regarding Villar at sa sobrang pag-rely niya sa kanyang mga advertisements;

    Minsan nagpapahinga si Manny Villar sa kanyang mansion nang biglang humangos ang kanyang amuyong;

    Amuyong : Sir…sir…sa subdivision nyo lumalangoy na ang mga tao sa baha.

    Villar : Bili ka commercial. Ipakita mo kunwari pool yung nilalanguyan nila.

    After a few days…..

    Amuyong : Sir…sir…Mga tao sa subdivision ninyo parang lumalangoy na sa dagat. Lalim na kasi na baha.

    Villar : Ah, walang kwenta yan. Bili ka ng commercials. Ipakita mo kunwari resort at sa dagat nagswi-swimming ang mga tao.

    After a few days uli…

    Amuyong : Sir..sir…Mga tao sa subdivision ninyo lumalangoy na sa dagat ng basura. Wala kasing drainage. Naghalo na ang baha sa basura. Nakakadiri…

    Villar : Walang kwenta yan. Bili ka ng commercials, kunwari livelihood. Me kwarta sa basura.

    After a few days pa…

    Amuyong : Sir…sir…nasa gitna na ng kalsada na natutulog ang mga tao dahil talagang di na pwedeng tirahan yung subdivision nyo.

    Villar : ( galit ) Eh di bumili ka ng commercials…sabihin mo namamasko lang sa gitna ng kalsada.

    Amuyong : Sir…sir… Pero di po pasko ngayon.

    Villar : ( Binatukan yung amuyong ) Um,**** !….di ba matagal na nating naloloko mga tao sa commercial natin ? Kung yun ngang mahirap ako eh naloko natin sila, para pasko lang…di mo sila maloko ?

  205. Carl Balita

    NACIONALISTA Party’s presidential standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar has re-claimed his previous number one spot in voters’ choice for president after garnering a 46 percent rating against the 45 percent of Liberal Party’s Sen. Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino in the latest Pulse Asia poll.

    Villar will overtake Aquino by one percentage point under a two-cornered fight based on the survey conducted by Pulse Asia Jan. 22 to 26 among 1,800 respondents.

    The respondents were asked: “Ngayon ay mayroon akong ipapakita sa inyo na iba’tibang listahan, kung ang mga sumusunod ang siyang mga maging kandidato sa pagka-presidente ng Pilipinas, sino ang inyong iboboto kung ang pambansang eleksiyon ng 2010 ay gaganapin ngayon?”

    The “one-on-one” scenario was contained in the similar Pulse Asia survey showing the gap between Villar and Aquino closing in with the NP standard-bearer receiving 35 percent against Aquino’s 37 percent or a margin of two percentage points.

    But with only Aquino and Villar pitted against each other, Villar would actually overtake Aquino to become the new proverbial “man to beat.”

    The same “one-on-one” survey has a plus or minus two percent margin of error.

    It was a tremendous leap for Villar, who was rating only 32 percent as against Aquino’s 62 percent during a Pulse Asia survey conducted Oct. 22 to 30, 2009, also under the “one-on-one” scenario.

    This shows Villar gained 14 percentage points from October last year to January this year while Aquino slid by big 17 percentage points covering the same period.

    Villar took Mindanao with 50 percent compared to Aquino’s 44 percent while solidifying his lead in the class E voters with 50 percent against Aquino’s 41 percent.

    In other regions, Villar likewise overtook Aquino in Visayas with 47 percent against the latter’s 46 percent and both running neck and neck in Luzon with 44 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

    The National Capital Region (NCR) was no longer a Noynoy territory as Villar closes in with a strong 41 percent comeback (from previous 24 percent last October) versus Aquino’s fragile 48 percent (down from 69 percent in October).

    The ABC economic class, which is mostly pro-Noynoy, remains an Aquino bailiwick with 52 percent (67 percent) against Villar’s 37 percent (22 percent).

    The D economic class is now a “free zone” as Villar is just three-percentage point away from Aquino’s 47 percent (60 percent in October).

    In the separate Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey held Dec. 27 to 28, 2009, Villar was already closing in on Aquino by bridging the gap with 44 percent against Aquino’s 52 percent if there’s only two of them contesting the presidency.

    The latest Pulse Asia survey was conducted on the same week that the Committee of the Whole of the Senate led by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile was reporting out on the floor its committee report finding Villar guilty of road funding irregularity

  206. Cristy Fermin

    Ipinakilala ni Camille Villar si Sarah Geronimo as the ambassadress ng KaTropa Movement na hiwalay daw sa kampanya ni Sen. Manny Villar. Ayon pa kay Camille, right person si Sarah for the job dahil kahit sikat na, very humble pa rin at handang tumulong.

    Honored at privileged si Sarah na mabigyan ng chance na makapag-contribute sa ikauunlad ng mga komunidad na kailangan ng tulong.

    May campus tour si Sarah para palaganapin ang KaTropa Movement. Nag-record din si Sarah ng version niya ng Naging Mahirap na ‘di niya masyadong inaral dahil malakas ang recall ng kanta sa lahat.

    Sabi ni Sarah, matagal nang in-offer sa kanya ang KaTropa movement at naniniwala siya sa advocacy na tatakbo kahit tapos na ang elections.

    Sabi ni Camille: “Isa sa mga rason kung bakit namin siya kinuha para tumulong sa movement dahil marami siyang naaabot na kabataan kahit ‘di siya makita ng personal at idol siya ng maraming kabataan.”

  207. joseph76

    I’m here to post Noynoy’s platform…


    A National Leadership in Need of Transformational Change


    Its legitimacy is under question;

    It persecutes those who expose the truth about its illegitimacy and corruption;

    It stays in power by corrupting individuals and institutions;

    It confuses the people with half-truths and outright lies;

    It rewards, rather than punishes, wrongdoing;

    It offers no lasting solutions for the many problems of the country;

    It weakens the democratic institutions that hold our leaders accountable.

    It hinders our local governments from delivering basic services;

    It has no vision of governance beyond political survival and self enrichment.

    A People Crying out for Change


    Corruption robs our children of their protection, nutrition and education.

    Corruption destroys our families and communities.

    Corruption steals from our farmers and workers.

    Corruption deters businessmen from investing in our economy.

    This has eroded our spirit as individuals, as communities, as a people.


    We have lost trust in the democratic institutions we so courageously re-established after the dictatorship.

    Our proven capacity for collective outrage and righteous resistance has been weakened.

    We have ceased to depend on the patriotism and civic engagement that used to animate many of our efforts.

    We have become divided and alienated, focusing only on ourselves and on our individual pursuits.

    Our moral faculties as a people have been paralyzed.

    We have retreated into a dark world of self-absorption and cynicism. Our collective despair has reached its lowest point.

    Then finally, the gift of Light

    Cory Aquino passed on to the next life. From our sadness, we awakened to a shaft of light cutting through the darkness. She left the Filipinos a legacy of selfless love for country and people. Filipinos’ connection with each other was rekindled.

    In death, she enabled us to hope again for decent government. The millions who connected with Cory at her funeral represented something more than euphoria, sentiment or transient emotions. They represented the reverent memory of a good leader in the past and the firm hope of having a similarly good leader in the future.

    A People’s Campaign of Renewed Hope …


    Anchored on Ninoy’s and Cory’s legacy of change through the ways of democracy

    Embraces the qualities of integrity, humility and trust-worthiness in public leadership

    Recognizes the absence of these qualities in government as a major cause of widespread poverty, misery and despair.

    The Vision for the Philippines:

    A country with


    A re-awakened sense of right and wrong, through the living examples of our highest leaders;

    An organized and widely-shared rapid expansion of our economy through a government dedicated to honing and mobilizing our people’s skills and energies as well as the responsible harnessing of our natural resources;

    A collective belief that doing the right thing does not only make sense morally, but translates into economic value as well;

    Public institutions rebuilt on the strong solidarity of our society and its communities.

    Our Mission:

    We will start to make these changes first in ourselves—by doing the right things, by giving value to excellence and integrity and rejecting mediocrity and dishonesty, and by giving priority to others over ourselves.

    We will make these changes across many aspects of our national life.

    A Commitment to Transformational Leadership:


    From a President who tolerates corruption — to a President who is the nation’s first and most determined fighter of corruption.

    From a government that merely conjures economic growth statistics that our people know to be unreal — to a government that prioritizes jobs that empower the people and provide them with opportunities to rise above poverty.

    From relegating education to just one of many concerns — to making education the central strategy for investing in our people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness.

    From treating health as just another area for political patronage — to recognizing the advancement and protection of public health, which includes responsible parenthood, as key measures of good governance.

    From justice that money and connections can buy — to a truly impartial system of institutions that deliver equal justice to rich or poor.


    From government policies influenced by well-connected private interests — to a leadership that executes all the laws of the land with impartiality and decisiveness.

    From treating the rural economy as just a source of problems, — to recognizing farms and rural enterprises as vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for sustained productivity.

    From government anti-poverty programs that instill a dole-out mentality — to well-considered programs that build capacity and create opportunity among the poor and the marginalized in the country.

    From a government that dampens private initiative and enterprise — to a government that creates conditions conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small.

    From a government that treats its people as an export commodity and a means to earn foreign exchange, disregarding the social cost to Filipino families — to a government that creates jobs at home, so that working abroad will be a choice rather than a necessity; and when its citizens do choose to become OFWs, their welfare and protection will still be the government’s priority.

    Government Service

    From Presidential appointees chosen mainly out of political accommodation — to discerning selection based on integrity, competence and performance in serving the public good.

    From demoralized but dedicated civil servants, military and police personnel destined for failure and frustration due to inadequate operational support — to professional, motivated and energized bureaucracies with adequate means to perform their public service missions.

    Gender Equality

    From a lack of concern for gender disparities and shortfalls, to the promotion of equal gender opportunity in all spheres of public policies and programs.

    Peace & Order

    From a disjointed, short-sighted Mindanao policy that merely reacts to events and incidents — to one that seeks a broadly supported just peace and will redress decades of neglect of the Moro and other peoples of Mindanao.


    From allowing environmental blight to spoil our cities, where both the rich and the poor bear with congestion and urban decay — to planning alternative, inclusive urban developments where people of varying income levels are integrated in productive, healthy and safe communities.

    From a government obsessed with exploiting the country for immediate gains to the detriment of its environment — to a government that will encourage sustainable use of resources to benefit the present and future generations.

    This platform is a commitment to change that Filipinos can depend on. With trust in their leaders, everyone can work and build a greater future together.

  208. lightedcandleinthedark

    This person na Tierra Monte ginagamit is simply out of his mind. His words reveal that he is not from Tierra Monte.He is saying that there is too much water in Tierra Monte.KAHIT WALA. Saan na iyong Northwell, props lang para makabenta ng mataas na presyo ng mga bahay doon. Let the HLURB and the National Water Resources Board go to the area, and what I am exposing here of Manny Villar is true, kahit ulit-ulitin mo pa, itong tao na Tierra Monte daw siya. And now this person, Tierra Monte is also attacking another presidentiable para umiwas sa isyu ng Tierra Monte. If you want to know the facts, kumuha ka ng kopya ng Compromise Agreement ng Court at dyan ang detalye how Andaya, Precilla at Angulo ay malinaw na sila ang may-ari sa Phase 1, 2 and 3. Tingnan mo ang Tersa del Sol dyan ni Villar sa taas ng Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte, may pinatayo na iyan na gate, di ba napatigil ng korte dahil hindi si villar ang may-ari? Sino ang may-ari? Tanungin mo ang nagpatigil at malaman mo. ang KLARO, ginagawa ni Villar ang subdivision niya sa hindi niya lupa. Huwag ka magtakip ng kalokohan dito at huwag mo gamitin ang internet sa pagpalaganap ng hindi totoo. Through you, kampo ka ng DECEPTION, ikaw rin ang isang rason sa pagkstalo ni Villar sa May 2010 elections, dahil sumasakay ka rin, papreho kay Villar sa KASINUNGALINGAN. Isaid magdala ka ng media ( TV, radio, print) at malaman mo, puntahan niyo ang Tierra Monte at talagang totoo ang lahat na inexpose ko on Manny Villar, kampon ka ni Satanas….

  209. joseph76

    What follows is the Transcript of Sen Noynoy Aquino’s answers at the DLSU Youth Forum, Jan 29 2010

    Noynoy Aquino at the DLSU Youth Forum

    From: Ingga Bianca Sobreikerri of St. Scholastica College:

    Question: Senator, kayo po ba ay sang-ayon sa Reproductive Health Bill at paano po ninyo ilulunsad at ipaliliwanag sa ating mga kababayan ang ganitong batas gayong ang inyong pamilya ay kilala bilang maka-Diyos?

    Senator Noynoy Aquino:

    Ang posisyon po namin ay tinatawag na responsible parenthood, ang statistics po namin ay ganito, ang sabi po kanina ng isa nating katunggali wala po tayong population problem. I think we will all agree that if you at one parameter for instance education, there is a problem in classrooms anywhere from 20 to 40 thousand, we are not already able to meet the needs of the people who are already here and that responsible parenthood basically says each parent should be reminded, ipaalala natin sa bawat magulang may dinala kayong anak sa mundong ito, mayroon kayong obligasyon na paaralin, pakainin, may tirahan na maayos, damitan at iba pa.

    Hindi po puwdeng bahala na kung ano ang mangyari dun sa anak, yun lang po ang minumungkahi namin. Ngayon po, ano ang solusyon po diyan? Mayroon po tayong educational campaign na ipapaalala po itong mga responsibilidad na ito, yung paghuhubog ng konsensiya at yung values po, iniimbitahan po natin ang bawat isang simbahan na maki-lahok at ibahagi yung kanilang mga pagtu-turo para maliwanagan yung paghuhubog ng konsensiya, nasa atin pong Saligang Batas na mayroon pong separation of Church and State, tayo ay isang demokratikong bansa, hindi po marapat na ang gobyerno po natin ay magdi-dikta sa sinoman kung ilan ang anak na dapat nilang dalhin sa mundo, kung paano nila pa-planuhin ang kanilang pamilya, pero mayroon pong obligasyon nandiyan pos a Saligang Batas na ang gobyerno, ipaalala sa bawat isa na mayroon po tayong tungkulin sa pamilya na nagiging “nuclear family” o susi sa lahat ng pagre-resolba sa lahat ng ating problema.

    Huling paalala lang po, noong EDSA po, mayroon tayong humigit kumulang 50 milyon katao,ngayon po ay nasa 93 hanggang 97 ang tinatayang mga mamamayang Pilipino. Geometric ang progression sa population at kung tayo ay parang walang nakikita, walang sasabihin at walang naririnig, siguro po yung mga bata na hindi na nagkakaroon pagkakatong matunghayan ay lalong hindi magkakaroon ng pagkakataon kung tayo’y patuloy na mananahimik.


    Question: Sa pagpasa ng batas ukol sa contractual employment sa mga kumpanya, paano po ninyo ire-resolba ang mga issue ng security of tenure o employment sa ating bansa?

    Senator Noynoy Aquino:

    Yun nga po ang problema, contractualization does not have security of tenure that there will be mutually exclusive, ang tanong nga po dito, mayroong kontrang isyu po dun yung comparative advantage natin versus other countries, labor lang po for the most part ang ating dear value added, tapos we’re pricing ourselves out of the market, yung aming plataporma, stresses education and education enhances the skills, the skills and job potentials that will open up because of an enhance and more skill full labor force hopefully will ensure the tenure and potentials for having meaning full and dignified jobs here in the country and as well as abroad.

    Gusto kong sugpuin ang “contractualization” at the same time ayoko namang patayin yung mga negosyo na kakaunti na lamang nandiyan na ang dami na nga pong lumikas sa ating bansa, wala naman ho talagang makikita sa solution sa extreme positions, saan ba yung happy compromise dito? Natutugunan yung kapakanan ng mga manggagawa, natutugunan din naman yung pangangailangan ng mga negosyo para maka-compete sa global market, huwag po nating kalimutan malapit na po tayong ma-obliga under various treaties na magbukas ng ating mga pinto sa dayuhang mga kalakal at mga produkto, so kailangan na po tayong maka-laban sa ating domestic market at mangyayari po yan, kung talagang naka-focus, yung isa po saking mga panukalang batas yung kung paano ibalik yung konspeto ng bawat kompanya na ang pananawa dapat ay hindi kayo o kami kapag nagtutugunan at nag-uusap ang management at labor pero bumalik tayo dun sa tayo, kompanya natin ito, paano natin palalaguin ito? Ang mga minungkahi natn dito ay yung productivity incentive.

    Question: Sinabi po ninyo sa inyong palatastas na hindi po kayo magnanakaw, pero paano naman po ang ibang opisyal? Ang taong ko po, mayroon na po kayong nagawang kongkretong mga paraan bilang isang mambabatas para siguraduhing mahuli at mapanagutan ng mga ahensiya o mga opisyal na napatunayang nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan o naging kasama sa katiwalian?

    Senator Noynoy Aquino:

    Salamat sa tanong mo, palagay ko naman hindi ka absent nung nandoon tayo sa mga ZTE hearing, nandoon tayo kasama sa impeachment, nagtatanong tama ba yung paratang dun sa hello Garci, among other things, kasama ako sa impeachment for that matter, sinubukan narin nating iwasto yung sistema, doon sa AFP, DND budget, pagka-tagal tagal, 1974 pa po, hindi po subject to public bidding yung kanilang paggugol ng budget na yun, isang taon po ay umabot ng P1.8 billion ang tinatayang savings is between 5 to 10 percent, we could have save a hundred and 80 million and devoted it to something else. Pero ang dulo po nun, I think I have proposed an amendment accepted to GAA for something like 9 or 10 budget seasons already kaya lang pinapalusutan at ginagawaan ng paraan para magkaroon ng failure of bidding, ang dami pa po nating ginawa, na hindi lang tayo naging interesadong itaas yung sarili nating bangko dahil tumutugon lang po ako sa ipangako ko na paglilikungkuran ang taong bayan, hindi ko na kailangan pang ipagmalakihan pa kung ano iyong ating nagawa.

    TED FAILON / QUESTION: Mayroon bang nagawa si Pangulong Arroyo na dapat niyang panagutan pagkatapos ng kanyang term?

    Senator Noynoy Aquino0:

    Sa akin po pananaw, YES. Ang problema po dito….

    TED Failon: Kung YES sa paano pong paraan?


    Dapat po magkaroon tayo ng closure sa lahat ng issues, ang issue nga po dito yung kulang ng transparency, mayroon po tayo for instance yung fertilizer scam na kalian naimbestigahan, 4 years after the crime was committed, kailangang may katiyakan sa kaparusahan, kung tao po ay hindi mamamansin dito sa mga issues na walang closure, para narin nating sinabi na ituloy natin itong sistema na mali sa atin pong palagay. Paano natin hahabulin yan? Nandiyan po ang ating mga korte, nandiyan po yung ating mga investigative arms, pero may obligasyon din naman tayo na protektahan ang karapatan ng lahat, dahil sabi nga po ng aking ama, yung pagtatanggol sa karapatan lalo ng kalaban mo ang talagang batayan kung talagang may demokrasya o wala, yun po ang hahabulin natin.

    Pangako ko po ay closure on all of the issues, kailangan pong magkaroon ng resolution kung sino ang may kasalanan ay kailangang may tiyak na kaparusahan.

    Ted Failon: Ginoong Aquino, ano po kaya ang pinakamabigat na isyu na dapat nyang panagutan?

    Sen. Noynoy Aquino: Napakahaba po ng listahan, baka kulangin po tayo.

    Ted Failon: Isa lang po.

    Sen. Noynoy Aquino:

    I think she has destroyed a lot of institutions that we have replied upon to have a vibrant and functional democracy. Ang dami na hong nagkwestiyon. Pati simbahan kinukwestyon. Pati ang ating mga korte nakukwestiyon. Dulo po nito, may gagawing kasalanan, sasabihing sagot pulitika lamang at parati hong nabibinbin na malaman natin ang katotohanan. Tuloy yung dapat mali ay tila sa ating pananaw ay naging sistema na. Naging syang palakad at kalakal po sa ating bansa na talagang nagpapahirap sa ating mga kababayan.

    Last words of Sen. Noynoy Aquino:

    Magandang hapon ho sa lahat. Ako’y nagpapasalamat sa pagkakataong ito. Palagay ko po ang pinuno, klaro ang mga posisyon sa lahat po ng isyu. Mahirap po sundan kung pabago-bago o naliligaw paminsan-minsan at bumabaliktad ang kanyang mga desisyon. Sa katanungang mayroon bang kasalanan si G. Arroyo, dapat mayroon tayong paninindigan. Tama o mali ikaw ang mgadidikta sa buong gobyerno kung uusigin o hindi. Pag tayo po ay sasagot na nakakakaba ng konti, bakit ang unang papasok sa ating kaisipan ay hindi ko idedepensa ang sagot ng isang katunggali. Bakit ho depensa kaagad kung gayong nasa oposisyon sya? Kailangan ho suriin natin kung ano ang pinanggalingan natin, dahil sinasabi ng lahat, marami ang mali sa kasalukuyang sistema. Tayo ho ba ay nagpanatili sa sistemang yun o tinututulan natin yung mali? Pakitingnan po ang aming mga record. Maraming salamat sa lahat.

  210. joseph76

    Kanino bang political platform ang hindi ginawa ng staff or partido….? There is none in existence.

    Perlas Platform is quite impressive (6 pillars…..). However, it does not seem to directly address the main problem.

    The Philippines has a steadily rising GNP despite the crisis (this is a fact). This would mean better jobs, higher salaries etc… However, this has not transpired…

    Why? Our Economists would say that there is a maldistribution of wealth. Hindi daw kasi pantay pantay ang pag ulan ng biyaya kumbaga.

    Reason? You guessed it! CORRUPTION

    NOYNOY’s platform

  211. joseph76

    Oops masyado akong maaga sa pag press ng enter… sori po…

    To continue…

    Ganito kasi: The Philippines is growing but the benefits do not seem to reach the poor because of Corruption.

    NOYNOY’s platform focuses on the main problem. Binanggit nia yon sa una.I believe he knows that when corruption is eradicated or at least minimized people (the poor) will certainly reap the benefits.

    The rest will follow…As the government would have more collections…As abusive politicians would be punished…our country would in fact be much richer. I’ve heard NOYNOY said that as an economist, his specialty is in the fair and efficient distribution of resources.

    That makes NOYNOY’s platform PRO-POOR more so than the rest who focuses solely on economic and environmental issues – not that they are concerns. Rather, they are merely symptoms.

    MV may flaunt “Isang Bayang Yumayaman” as if the entire country is poor. No, it is not! The problem is in CORRUPTION. That is the problem.

    SOLVE IT and the boxing match is done.

  212. joseph76

    After reading DE Quiros article “TRUST”. I could’nt agree more. There is yet a more important reason why NOYNOY has dropped from the ratings…

    To see it, we need to ask the former question: Months ago, NOYNOY was barely in the political radar.

    Then all of a sudden…BOOM! His ratings went up (despite #2’s ads). WHY?

    The reason is the death of CORY…not her death really…The nation really mourned her death. And they have wondered if there was still someone like her…It was actually her legacy…

    Then from out of the blue…people turned their attention to the son – NOYNOY. People remembered NINOY and CORY and thought that they have left us a legacy in NOYNOY.

    Yet, NOYNOY’S campaign did not even at least highlight this fact. They highlighted NOYNOY- good but quite inadequate.

    Well, there is still time. I believe the EDSA Revolution commemoration is coming up. I think this time we need to focus more on that legacy…

    I think the ads of NOYNOY needs to show this. Cory and Ninoy.

    I remember hearing NINOY speak and CORY in her last SONA. They were really exemplary public servants.

    Let the Spirit of EDSA live again. Let us remember it and pray for it to happen.

    When that happens, no amount of ads or money can beat that. Remember Marcos vs. Cory in 1986….

  213. Hustisya

    Nung lumabas ang latest result ng pulse asia., tuwang-tuwa yung mga alipores ni Villar. Syempre si Villar ang pinaka-tuwang-tuwa. 35% na si Villar….si Noynoy ay 37%. Dikit na dikit, hane ?

    Villar : Ha-ha !Paano ba kayo nag-survey? Paano ako umangat agad ?

    Amuyong : Simple lang ang teknic, boss. Ang ginawa kasi naming tanong ay—Sino ang pipiliin ninyo si Noynoy o si Money ( sabay pakita ng two thousand pesos ). Syempre boss, marami yung kinuha yung P2,000. Malaking halaga rin yun.

    Villar : Ha-ha ! Brilliant ! Me utak ka pala ngayon ko lang nalaman. Pwes, sa susunod na survey gawin ninyong P5,000.

    So, dumating yung next survey. Sino ang pipiliin ninyo, si Noynoy o si Money ( P5,000 ) ?

    True enough, naging ganito ang result— Villar : 50% Noynoy 30%. Tuwang tuwa si Villar, Sabi niya, ” sa susunod, gawin ninyong, P10,000. ”

    So ang sumunod na naging tanong sa survey; Sino ang pipiliin ninyo si Noynoy o si Money ( P10,000 ).

    Naging 60% – 20% ang result. Pabor kay Villar.

    Sumunod, ginawa nilang P20,000. naging 70% – 10% ang survey result. Pabor kay Villar.

    Sumunod, ginawa nilang P50,000, naging 80%-5% pabor kay Villar.

    Sumunod, gusto nang itodo ni Villar para ma-zero na si Noynoy sa survey. Ginawa nilang P100,000 na !!!

    Lumipas ang araw, umuwi ang amuyong na lulugo-lugo. Malungkot…

    Villar : O, bakit malungkot ka ? Ano ang nangyari ?

    Amuyong : Boss, 75% – 15% ang naging resulta. Pabor kay Noynoy.

    Villar : Wwwhat ? Paano nangyari yun…Tang@#$%^^^*&$ ! Tinanggihan nila ang P100,000 bawat isa?

    Amuyong : Opo. Kasi po…tunay na election na po at hindi survey. Ayaw talaga sa inyo ng mga tao.

  214. Aquino said he has already asked his extended family – relatives of his mother, the late former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino – to find ways to distribute the land to 10,000 farmer-beneficiaries before the end of the government’s five-year agrarian reform program.

    Aquino’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Noynoy is committed to ensuring the distribution of Hacienda Luisita land EVEN IF HE LOSES IN THE MAY ELECTIONS.

    “It’s not just a campaign promise, it’s a matter of principle,” Lacierda told GMANews.TV over the phone.

  215. Die_Hard Noypi

    the official election campaign has just began and the survey still point to Noynoy/Mar tandem in the lead pack. its too early to predict what can happen in the next three months but my educated guess is that when the Cory Magic is re-enlightened/re-kindled as DeQuiros has opined, there’s no chance for Money VillaRROYO to catch up and overtake the run-away lead in the final stretch. Let them spend,spend on the gas while the fools will just join the rush to push a golden caravan of empty promises! Remember this a fight between the forces of good and reign of evil empire. to Noynoy/Mar continue the FIGHT!

  216. Ngoy-Ngoy

    Lahat ng mga paninira kay Villar galing yan sa kampo ni Noynoy at sa kanya mismo nanggalingng ang iba, ng sabihin niya kandidato ni Arroyo si Villar.Paano ka maniniwala sa cridibilidad ni Mr.Aquino?Puede mo bang paniwalaan na ipamimigay ng pamilya nila ang hacienda luisita lalo na sa 2015 pa? napaka BOBO ng mga victima kung maniwala sila, kung tutoo man bakit hintayin pa ang limang taon.Ang dahilan bakit siniraan si Villar bilang manok ni GMA? para palabasin na ang pinsan niyang si GIBO ay dinoble cross ng lakas kampi ni GMA at masolo niya ang boto sa Tarlac at ibang lugar na may hold ng mga Cojuangco sa dahilan na walang pagasa manalo si Gibo at same time kiss of death para kay villar ang support ni Prs.Arroyo.Lumang tugtugin na ang mga gimmick na iyan papunta pa siya ang mga pinoy pauwi na.Hindi ba isa si Noynoy sa author ng panukala na pro abortion na kinalaban ng simbahan katolico at si Villar ay against it.parang hindi niya nerespeto ang kagustohan ni CORY bilang katolico.

  217. Poging Beda

    cgurado bng c ngoy ngoy gagawa ng mabuti??e mukhang sunud sunuran lang yan kay roxas e,kaya nga pumayag c roxas mag step down alm nya sya rin naman mamamalakad dahil wala nmn sariling desisyon c ngoyngoy,..anu yung slogan nya,hindi po kami magnanakaw,anu kaya yung sa sctex dp nmn sya nagpapaliwanag dun,asan kinita nila??

  218. Carl Balita

    Villar warns vs black propaganda PDF Print E-mail
    by Raul Beltran
    Wednesday, 10 February 2010 19:59

    BLACK propaganda, it seems, is again becoming a favorite election tool of certain candidates and political parties.

    So says the Nacionalista Party, claiming that there is a new text message in circulation saying that a foundation of its standard-bearer, former Senate President Manuel Villar Jr., is giving away cash prizes to the public.

    The NP says the text message has already reached the attention of its presidential bet.

    The alleged misleading text message reads: “The auditors of Manny Villar charity foundation informed you that your cell phone number won P950,000 second prize winner drawn last 02-05-10. Handog Pabahay sa mga OFW.”

    Yesterday, the NP secretariat warned the public not to fall for such text message.

    “This text message is fake and meant to mislead people and is obviously politically motivated. The text message even indicated a DTI permit number and a lawyer’s name to look authentic. But we would like to inform the public that Senator Villar’s foundation has not launched any promotions or contests,” according to the NP.

    The NP said that other text messages have begun to attack Villar, especially after the latest results of the Pulse Asia survey showed that he has come into a statistical tie with Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate.

    Only during the last weekend, the NP said derogatory text messages were circulated, claiming that Villar is the “secret candidate” of Malacañang.

    The same message claimed that Villar had a secret meeting with First Gentleman Miguel Arroyo at the house of former presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor purportedly to make President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the Speaker of the House of Representatives once Villar is elected president in the forthcoming elections.

    The senator has vehemently denied the accusation, describing it as a sign of “desperation” of his opponents who want to malign his reputation and pull him down in the race for the presidency.

  219. Cristy Fermin

    IRITABLE ngayon ang karamihan sa mga mamamahayag na naka-assign para ikober ang buong kampanya ni Liberal Party presidential bet Noynoy Aquino.

    Ang dahilan, isang media staff ng senador ang sobrang yabang kung umasta na sanhi upang magkawindang-windang ang ilan sanang magagandang “media plan” ng kampanya ng tambalang Noynoy at LP vice-presidential bet Mar Roxas.

    Kung ilarawan ng mga beteranong mediamen ang nasabing staff, matindi ang “attitude problem” nito na sa salitang kalye’y may pagka-abnoy kung umasta.

    Ang feeling kasi ng kumag, alam na niya ang gagawin sa mga kampanyang tulad nito, higit lalo kung paano “i-sheperd” ang mga “embedded journalists.”

    Ang hindi niya alam, maraming bigas pa ang dapat isaing at kainin nito para matuto ng “proper media handling” lalo’t tumitindi ang labanan ngayong nalalapit na May 2010 elections.

    Sa unang araw ng sigwada sa kampanya, nag-primadona kaagad ang lalaking staff na halatang nagpa-power trip para lamang ipamukha sa mga nakakakita sa kanya na siya ang “on top of everything” sa kanilang media operations.

    Utos dito, utos doon ang drama sa buhay ng ungas. Ito tuloy ang dahilan para siya’y bansagan bilang si Boy Mando as in trip na trip mag-mando kahit wala namang kabuluhan ang kanyang mga pinaggagawa.

    Ang media staff ni Noynoy ay binubuo ng ilang masisipag na staff mula sa tanggapan ni Senator Chiz Escudero at Mar Roxas at pati na rin sa nagtatagong senador na si Ping Lacson.

    Walang duda sa “harmonious relationship” na nangyayari ngayon sa mga naturang media staff dahil alam nila ang kani-kanilang “tasks” at ambag para mapaganda ang media handling ng kampanya.

    Ibig sabihin, may kanya-kanya na silang kortesiya sa isa’t isa. Maliban na lang sa naiibang kumag na staff na halos panggigilan na sa inis, hindi lamang ng kanyang mga kasamahan, kundi ng mga mamamahayag mismo.

    Noong Lunes, pinili ng ungas na media staff ang binigyan nito ng kulay pulang sticker para sana maging “access pass” sa pagpasok sa ancestral house ng pamilya Aquino sa Concepcion, Tarlac.

    Ang nangyari tuloy, kumuntik nang hindi makapasok ang ilang Manila-based reporters sa “old house” ng mga Aquino na ang ilan pa ay miyembro pa mismo ng Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).

    Sa loob ng mansion house, nagmarunong din ng inirereklamong staff kung saan dapat gawin ang naka-schedule na press conference.

    Kung hindi sa maagap na tulungan ng ilang media staff, malamang ay nadiskaril ang dapat sanang media briefing na pilit dinidikta ng kumag na staff.

    Sabi ng isang lalaking broadsheet reporter, kung hindi madisiplina ang kumag na staff, baka pagtulungang bugbugin na lamang ito ng mga Manila-based mediamen.

    Sa kasalukuyan, pinag-iisipan ng mga embedded journalists na personal nang magsumbong kay Noynoy at Mar laban sa naturang staff dahil hindi pa man sila nauupo sa palasyo ng Malakanyang, may mga tao na silang sa porma at kilos pa lang ay abusado na kung turingan.

    Ang kumag na staff ay may letrang A sa kanyang pangalan. Letrang A as in Atomic Bomb ang tiyak na lalagpak sa pagmumukha nito kapag hindi nakapagpigil ang mga mamamahayag na gumawa na “manifesto” para ipasibak siya sa puwesto.

  220. lets be educated, its our children’s future at stake here, think!

    lets not think of who can give us money for now but who can be a

    good leader for the next 6 years, let’s choose someone who’s not

    going to do business with our funds, or not to grab anyone’s land.

  221. Cristy Fermin

    lets be educated, its our children’s future at stake here, think!

    lets not think of who can give us money for now but who can be a

    good leader for the next 6 years, let’s choose someone who’s not

    going to do business with our funds, or not to grab anyone’s land.


  222. Cael Balita

    Villar campaigns in Binan public market

    BIÑAN, Laguna, Philippines—Market vendors momentarily stopped their work here Thursday morning to get a glimpse and shake hands with Nacionalista Party’s (NP) standard-bearer, Senator Manny Villar.

    Villar campaigned at the Binan market as early as. 7:30 a.m.

    “Ang gwapo pala (Very good looking)!” some women vendors exclaimed when they saw the senator in person.

    “Sipag at tiyaga, manang mana kami sa inyo (Hard work and industry, we’re just like you),” an old woman shouted at him, in reference to the senator’s slogan.

    “Sino ngang vice president nyan (Who is his vice president)?” another woman asked while waiting for the senator to pass by her stall.

    When she finally saw Villar, the woman jumped in joy, saying “Ay ang gwapo pala (Good looking).”

    Villar’s popular jingle “Akala mo” was playing in a portable speaker while the senator was making the rounds in the market.

  223. Just Reading

    Accusations remains as such until brought to courts for proper adjudication. Courts have jurisdiction, not the Senate. If they firmly believe that Sen. Villar has committed acts of corruption, why not file a case against him?

    Some of his colleagues have already initiated and investigated a supposed “ethics” case against him. They said Villar is guilty of “double insertion” or whatever they call it. But this is just plain and easy GRANDSTANDING. Its not hard to explain. Do the words “election time” immediately ring a bell? Mud slinging is good media practice – so did PR people say.

    I make no conclusion, but I could not expect justice to be served plain hot in the Senate. They play by the numbers, not by facts. Its like, are you one of us, or one of them? Or, hey buddies, Villar is running for President, he’s in our way, help me, why not gang up on him?

    As a legal inquirer, i dare to ask: If one is alleged to have committed a crime, why not file a criminal complaint against him in our proper courts? Lawyers, who are amicus curae, and who are supposedly more knowledgeable about laws and justice, such as the brilliant Text and Electricity defender, Sen. Enrile, should encourage this. Elementary is the rule in our system of government that the Senate or the entire Congress, is no trier of facts. They craft laws for the protection and betterment of this country. Hence, they should not act as justices or magistrates.

    Privilege speeches should be reserved to aid legislation. It should not be abused to shame another (for personal reasons) or elicit public attention. But it seems that they have now crossed the line in order to defame one of their own. This is bad practice.

    One reason why I believe our respectable law drafters have turned their backs on the courts in Villar’s case is the Subjudice Rule. This rule simply refers to barring against statements that tends to affect the rulings of judges. Another reason perhaps, is the slow pace of criminal prosecution as our senators finds urgency to bring the matter to their own where the media is eagerly waiting to cover. Election is coming near and throwing mud is an effective way, generally, to discourage voters from supporting the ALLEGED criminal mind.

    The point im driving at is the word abuse the privilege granted to our lawmakers. Its for you to define and point who did what.

    Justice demands fair trial. A trial not instigated by personal interests aired via abuse of privilege, but by the filing of appropriate complaints in our courts of law. Anyone who doesnt know that, I borrow the words of Sen. Enrile (if Im not mistaken) should “Go back to your lawbooks!”

  224. Noynoy right now is dead in the water. He is a like boat who suddenly discovered that the current is no longer there. With no means to propel himself, the Noynoy boat is not moving and is anchored on where it is. Worst, there is understream current which is pushing his boat where it came from.Since the death of Cory, Noynoy has been riding on this current on misplaced TRUST, MISPLACED BELIEF, MISPLACED FAITH and MISPLACED CONFIDENCE. The liberal party speciually Drilon thought that the current will be strong enough to push Noynoy. Now their worst fear is coming to life. NOYNOY’S PLEDGE OF NO-CORRUPTION is an example of an empty promise which just makes him in the eyes of the voter as NAIVE. The problem with Noynoy is that he is offering himself as a virgin with no experience whatsoever on corruption yet he belongs to a family who is mired with issues on corruption, scandals, murder and incompetence. Peping Cojuanco (trapo, corrupt, incompetent, selfish.), Danding Cojuanco ( you name it he is one), TESSIE AQUINO ORETA ( Pro erap PRO GMA) , Kris Aquino ( sloth) etc etc. Cojuancos and Aquinos are political names whos aftertaste is as bad as the waters in pasig river.

  225. Justin Baltazar

    I respect Cory Aquino, who was a bad president but a significant rallying symbol. Her funeral was an emotional event and Noynoy tapped into the emotional susceptibility of many filipinos. Still, it doesn’t mean that because he made us feel an emotional rush that he should be President. It only means that IF he improves his performance in the Senate and actually produces good bills in the days to come, that maybe he is capable of more that what he has shown so far and that he might be considered for Vice President or President in the future. So far, he hasn’t shown that he is capable of being more than mediocre in ANY public position he has held.

    Also, much is made of Noynoy’s “integrity”. But serious questions need to be asked. What is the extent of his ownership in Hacienda Luisita? He says he owns only about 1%. The actual equity he holds in the holding corporation and or the layers of corporations that control and manage Hacienda Luisita should be examined because it is very important in determining whether he is really a man of integrity. Please bear in mind that many of the workers in Luisita have a take home pay of only P10 a day, way, way , way below the legal mimimum wage. Please also bear in mind that hundreds of armed policemen and or military men were brought in to truncheon, beat up and eventually kill 7 Filipinos in what is described as the Luisita massacre. There have been allegations that Noynoy oversaw this. Certainly, he gave an angry privilege speech the night of the massacre to bully another Congressman who was calling for an investigation, into silence.

    And what about the Tarlac councilor who spoke for the Luisita strikers, and was assassinated? What about Bishop Ramento, a man of peace and a man of God, who defended the Luisita strikers, and received death threats. Bishop Ramento said that if something were to happen to him, it would be because of his support for the Luisita strikers. In the early hours of the morning, someone entered his house and stabbed him 7 times. Hacienda Luisita and the people who own it have blood on their hands.

    Perhaps, Noynoy really owns only 1%. Then again, maybe Noynoy’s claim is a convenient legal fiction and if we examine the layers of corporations and holding companies that supposedly own it, we will find that Noynoy Aquino owns a large portion of it, that he is one of those who controls it, and that he played a decisive role in making the decision to send the hundreds of policeman and military men to supress the strikers.

    The question needs to be asked about his actual role in the Luisita Massacre. If he participated in it whether by instigation or approval, then all this talk about his integrity is baloney.

    Let me speak for myself. I am a simple Filipino and I love my country.

    Because I love my country, I cannot in conscience vote for Noynoy Aquino.

  226. Why will you vote for Noynoy, he is dumb, like what Tommy Osmena said that napasubo siya Kay Noynoy kasi nalaman niyang bobo pala ito kaya gusto na niyang mag-backout but he already took his oath as liberal party member, now he is having a second thought kasi nga bobo, paano pag nanalo si Noy pag may problema ang Pinas magtatanong muna yan sa mga kapatid, kay Kris o baka si kris ang maging presidente, I ask the filipino people,do you want to have a weakling president, then go for Noy sariling buhay di niya maayos tapos ipauubaya ninyo sa kanyang mga kamay ang buhay ng 91 milyong pilipino, tignan ninyo si Noy, 50 years old walang asawa, walang sariling bahay, nakatira sa nanay ang alam ko noong congressman ito sa upisina niya sa CAT central nag mamarijuana ito kasama ang isang friend ko kaya pinoy mag-isipisip kayo baka bumalik ang kamag-anak Inc.

  227. Why does everybody assume that Noynoy is good and honest just because he says so? He is his family’s hatchet man in government so the Cojuangcos can keep holding on to Hacienda Luisita which they illegally acquired many years ago. The number of shares he holds is irrelevant. He was a congressman of Tarlac when the massacre happened. He was the one who had the military sent to shoot people during the strike. If he is really honest, is he up to a lie detector test during the next presidential debate? None of the other candidates except Noynoy had the gall to say on national TV “I have never lied”. He should be challenged to prove it.

  228. True Blooded Upsilonian

    9 years in the legislature, 9 bills authored (and co-authored) ONLY.


    Yan ang gusto niyong maging presidente?!?!?

    Noynoy is nothing like his parents. He did not inherit their good traits. KRIS DID. Kris inherited Ninoy’s eloquence and intelligence, as well as Cory’s charm and charisma.

    Noynoy got nothing. But you know what, there is NO PROOF that just because someone is the son of two people, they will necessarily be like their parents.

    Even if Kris inherited her two parents’ good traits, SHE USED THEM WRONGLY when she went into showbiz.

    Kris is a disgrace.

    In like manner, Noynoy is an underachiever. He never really did anything or accomplish anything impressive. Wala talaga. His only real claim to fame is his name.

    Noynoy, just like Kris, will not live up to his parents’ expectations. Kris was sexually promiscuous, Noynoy is a loser.

    Both of them are disgraces to Ninoy and Cory.

    Noynoy will be a lousy president, beholden to his Haciendero backers.

  229. lightedcandleinthedark

    No matter how Villar would have buried the whole truth I expose here in this blog, with lengthy write-ups to Villar’s defense, yet the residents of Tierra Monte are one in pointing to Villar as INCOMPETENT in running the country. Para siya sa greater majority of the poor Filipinos? NO, NO, NO…. HINDI! kanyang mga kagagawan sa tierra Monte in fooling the people too buy there the house and lot, 24 hours daw ang potable running water, saan na? Ano ang purpose ng mga RESERVOIRS na iyan bilangin mo kung ilan na walang tubig. Sino ang mga may-ari ng lupa sa Phase 1, Phase 2 at Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte? HIndi ba lumabas sa korte, na mga Andaya, Angulo at Precilla families ang mga may-ari? May execution pa ng compromise agreement ang korte sa San Mateo, Rizal ng August 18, 2009 on the matter. Ano itong mga tagasulat ni Villar, bulag ba sa katotohanan? Ang importante kay VILLAR ang business interest,personal interest niya. Wala siyang pakialam basta makuha lang niya ang pera at nasa bulsa na niya. Wala siya ng pakialam kung maghirap man ang mga taga Tierra Monte. Dyan rin ang mapang-api niya na mga security guard ng JERICKO security agency niya sa Tierra Monte, may mga kaso ito sa barangay Silangan, kasi akala nila kasin laki rin sila ng kalabaw na nakaapak lang sa ulo ng kalabaw. Kung kalabaw itong si Villar tumaba ito sa kakakain ng mga damo na inipon niya na mga kakaunting pera ng mga niloko niya. Tanungin ninyo si Villar, nakaranas ba kayong gustong maligo sa Tierra Monte ni Villar na walang tubig? nakaranas ba kayong tutulong sa gabi ng mahimbing na hindi naman pala lupa ni Villar ang kinatatayuan ng bahay mo sa subdivision niya… Kung nakaranas ka at nakikiisa ka sa mga niloko niya,… HUWAG MONG IBOTO SI VILLAR…..Sabi ng mga taga-Tierra Monte, sa Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal… KASI TIYAK LANG NA HIHIRAP ANG MGA PILIPINO! Kung gusto mong malaman ng personal pumunta kayo sa Tierra Monte, magsaliksik at mag-interview…… Walang kasinungalingan dito sa par-expose na ito….

  230. lightedcandleinthedark

    “One thing we learned is that you have to be yourself and to be truthful, because if you put something in TV commercials which is not true or you put someone there who is really not, it will show. People will see.( Source: http://www.mannyvillar.net/, February 12, 2009″

    That is why I reacted from your TV commercials and have written here, kasi puro kasinungalingan. And I have written, Villar’s practices in his Palmera and Northwell companies in fooling the people (that there is 24 hours potable water supply in Tierra Monte, that he is a good developer), the cutomers and the clients believed him. Look! Ano ngayon? Wala na ang tubig ng Northwell, para sa ano yong mga reservoirs na iyon na matingala mo sa Phase 1, Phase 2, at Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte, PROPS para maibenta ng mahal ang mga bahay na iyon? Add to that the agony, na hindi rin kay Villar ang lupa na pinatayuan ng bahay, kasi mga Angulo, Anday at Precilla families ang nagmamay-ari. This is an eye opener for Villar’s only daughter sa practices ni Villar.Can she now claim that his father is HONEST? or his father, Manny Villar, is a person who does not practice CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in his companies, PALMERA (developer of Tierra Monte) and NORTHWELL (for the water system). Look at Teraza del Sol subdivision ni Villar adjacent to Phase 3 of Tierra Monte. Diyan GATE na lang naiwan, pinatigil ng may-ari ng lupa through court order. Ano ang malinaw. KLARO, binubungkal ang lupa patayuan ng subdivision ni Villar. Lahat ito MONUMENT ng GREED. kasakiman ng pera. Will you entrust the whole Philippines to Villar as President. Sgot ng mga taga Tierra Monte, magiging milking coa ang mga Pilipino sa kasakiman ni Villar. Villar is a LEECH. Linta ang halimbawa niya in tkaing advantage of the poor. Magyabang pa siya ng entrepreneurship na tulong niya sa mga mahihirap? What empowerment would he model to the poor. If I have my way to broadcast this to the media, if I could only bring all the Filipino voters to Tierra Monte, tiyak na ang DEFEAt o pagkatalo ni Villar. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY na hindi manalo itong taong si Villar na ito, very shrewd ang businessman na ito. in Ilonggo, BUTIGON man ang ati, mas labi pa ang NEGOSYANTE (the natives may fool you, a businessman could outdo more to fool you), now this is MANNY VILLAR…As I keep on repeating, go to Tierra Monte in Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, and you will discover the TRUTH. There was even a time when, at the height of the typhoon, the owners of at least 2 houses complained to the media of the mud flows into their homes, but TV cameras were prevented by the security guards to take footages. One of the owners who complained, was transferred to the main road of Tierra Monte, from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Kahit pa man sa nilipatan doon, kahit maganda ang location, wala namang tubig ang Northwell ni Villar. Kaya to her daughter, your statement is the opposite of the REALITY that your father MANNY VILLAR is. I only speak of the TRUTH I know. Walang credibility and mga TV ads na iyon pati yung political jingle na nakaligo ka na ba…. rather nakaranas ka na bang gusto mong maligo sa walang tubig na Tierra Monte ni Villar? if yes, HUWAG MONG IBOTO SI VILLAR….Nakaranas ka na bang lokohin ni Villar bumili ng bahay sa Phase 1, Phase 2 o Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte ni Villar, huloghulogan mo ng sweldo mo o deduction pa sa sweldo mo, na hindi naman mapunta ang bahay sa iyo kung hindi mo bayaran ang tunay na may-ari ng lupa… if check… HUWAG MONG IBOTO SI VILLAR. Nakikiisa ka ba sa mga niloko ni Villar… if check… HUWAG MONG IBOTO SI VILLAR….Lalong maghihirap ang mga Pilipino… uunahin niya pa rin ang kanyang bulsa…HINDI NAGSASAWA SI VILLAR MANGURAKOT MANLOKO….

  231. Having read and reread regarding the Hacienda Luisita issue (Both sides)

    There is nothing there implicating NOYNOY. Fact: he owns less than 2% (if you put his siblings in the equation)of the hacienda. Therefore he is not a major decision maker regards the affairs of the Hacienda.

    And with regards the November 16, 2004 Hacienda Luisita Massacre issue, the shots were fired by the PNP and AFP (Under Gloria of course). The COJUANGCOS (Not Aquinos) wanted a dispersal, NOT A MASSACRE. After the incident, we should note that the PNP according TO THEIR OWN REPORT mentioned that the first shot was fired by the farmers. Sir, the massacre was instituted by the PNP and AFP and they justified it. That is a fact.

    I remember Mendiola (I hated Cory during that time) but after all is said and done, it really wasn’t Cory’s fault. It was the police and military (who swore to protect innocent) who decided to kill instead of a simple dispersal. You respond:So what?! They called for them anyway. Sir, the killings started EVEN BEFORE 2004 (remember the journalist killings?) all in name of a presumed anti-insurgency campaign. Up to now, this issue has not been solved. Why? Ask PNP and AFP.

    NOYNOY is innocent in this. His role therefore, almost zero.

    If you ask me, I think our military needs a major change in their strategy.

    NOYNOY has mentioned and this is verifiable that Luisita is partly owned by the banks. The reason is because of poor if not negative profits. The farmers till the land but get no benefit. Why? The farmers went to the banks to secure loans. The profit oriented banks lend them (despite the farmers’ minimum ownership – all they have is the land they till). Eventually, many lost their lands, so they went back to work for the Cojuangcos.

    So some of the people who claim to own part of Luisita has in fact forfeited their right.

    Now, the farmers want the Cojuangcos to pay the banks and give them their lands back. So you see, it has become complicated. NOYNOY has mentioned HIS RELATIVES will eventually transfer ownership of the lands. That is a good start.

    So in effect sir, you have failed to assail NOYNOY’s integrity…

  232. With regards the layers of corporations, this is the first time I heard this. Sir, what is your source?

    NOYNOY as congressman has passed only a few bills. That maybe a fact but it misses a lot.

    First, there is a difference between the legislative and executive department. A person maybe good at writing laws but quite poor at implementing them (Gloria?). What is relevant in the executive is your STAND on issues.

    Second, we have tons of laws, thousands of them. Day in and day out bill proposals come from a lot of sectors. We have no lack of bright ideas in our country. But what is lacking is moral ascendancy or moral leadership.

    Third, how do we pass laws in our country? Many steps actually. But the major one is, one must “convince” the minds, if not stomach , bank accounts, portfolios etc.. of the majority. Meaning, compromises. In this regard, this is the reason why I don’t think NOYNOY would be effective in the present congress. Because of his principles and his unwillingness to surrender them.

    That’s why I believe he can bring about the needed change.

    WE DESPERATELY NEED CHANGE IN OUR COUNTRY but It won’t be done by leaders who will DO THE SAME THING – compromising principles etc… to meet ends and who end up the same the same way we find ourselves in the end. But it can be done by one who still despite issues thrown at him remains HONEST and true…

    That’s NOYNOY AQUINO for me and for those who know they can TRUST him.

  233. The roads and developements brought by Manny Villar’s intention to provide a lasting impression among the benificiary of the projects are just among the many wonderfull ideas of the man. Whats doubtful though un announced most of the time is that Manny Villar and Cyntia Villar are public servants. Where is the conflict of interest? The C5 road is located in Las Pinas while the Congresswoman there is Cynthia Villar… the Senator coming from the place is Manny Villar…. You may ask, “what then is wrong?” DELEKADEZA!!!! Where do find an accomplishment that is riggered with so many questions? A Congresswoman can request to have a project; much more a Senator can dictate a project. Whats wrong? Is it sweet to taste a chocolate from another persons box? I mean, lets accept it, money for the project may have certain allocations already and added cost due to the realignment, compromises other projects. Where are the Villars in this insinuations? Not on the center line, not even on the sideline, they are the signatories, so they are what you call the moving unseen force behind the project. Much like Jedi’ies, in star wars… in this case C5 sky road wars….

  234. Tanong:

    Bakit po lahat ng pork barrel ni Manny Villar at Cynthia Villar ay ginagamit sa pagpapagawa ng mga kalsada? Hmmn, BAKIT kaya?

    Coincidence ba na lagi na lamang tinutumbok nito ay patungo sa mga Properties nila? At binabayaran pa sila (C5 at Daang Hari).

    Sa Las Pinas, bat di man lang mag-appropriate ng pork barrel nila para sa ospital? BAKIT puro kalsada?

    Kung sakaling manalo si Villar, siguradong pagkakakitaan niya ito, gaya ng mga ginawa niya nitong mga nakaraang panahon.

    Wag na lang natin bigyan ng pagkakataon.


    “9 years in the legislature, 9 bills authored (and co-authored) ONLY.

    Because Aquino is a fiscalizer.

    Joker Arroyo, Villar’s supporter, did not author ANY bill or law. ZERO, NOTHING, WALA. Why? Because he is devoting his time as a fiscalizer.

    A fiscalizer does not make ANY law but makes a law better.

  236. True Blooded Upsilonian

    Fiscalizer ba si noynoy? kailan pa?

    How can he be a fiscalizer he is not even a lawyer.

    All he does is loiter aroung the senate halls and stare blankly in opens space. In fact he was seen numerous times by hundreds of Senate staff as talking to himself. Yes this is true. Ask senate employess and you will hear this.

  237. Tierra Monte








    Magandang subdivision facilities.

    Sa mga ngababasa dito mag ingat po kay sa mga ahente ng Angulo, Anday at Precilla families na ang kanilang titulo daw ay galing kay Datu Puti at may endorse ng Hari ng Espanya. Lolokohin lang kayo ng mga yun.


    Si MANNY VILLAR and hinirang ng Maykapal para sa bansang Pilipinas.

  238. Carl Balita

    Bro. Mike hints he’s for Villar

    EL Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde “indirectly” endorsed the presidential bid of Nacionalista Party standard bearer Sen.Manuel Villar, Jr. when he invited the latter during the religious group’s prayer rally in Hong Kong yesterday.

    Villar, together with his wife, Rep.Cynthia Villar, and the former’s running mate, Sen. Loren Legarda, flew to Hong Kong Saturday upon Velarde’s invitation to attend the anniversary of El Shaddai’s Hong Kong Chapter. Among the presidential aspirant, Villar was the only one invited by Velarde to attend the prayer rally held at the Central business district Sunday noon.

    Addressing members of El Shaddai, Hong Kong chapter, wearing orange and white shirts, Velarde said: “Sabi ko, I have a friend. Hindi ako tatakbo. Ikaw na lang. Kung sino ang nakakaalala, atin s’ya, ating tatanggapin.” Orange and white are the “campaign colors” of Villar and Legarda respectively.

    “Iyung nakaalala sa atin, siya yung dumating,” Velarde said, apparently referring to Villar. He added: “We don’t endorse. We are going to vote as one this election. So, we will examine all candidates. Pipili tayo ng hindi tayo nahihilo at hindi tayo hihiluhin.”

    Velarde had earlier expressed the desire to run for President but decided not to push through with his presidential ambition after getting negative feedbacks from his followers. Mel Robles, Villar’s spokesman, told reporters in Hong Kong that Velarde and Villar “are close friends.”

    “Dahil si Bro. Mike (Velarde) kasi real estate developer. Manny (Villar) was starting also as a businessman so magkakakilala na sila. So as far as I know, they are very close noon pang hindi pa natin sila parehong kilala,” Robles added.

  239. Carl Magandang Balita

    El Shaddai for us, Villar, Legarda confirm

    SENATOR Manuel Villar, Nacionalista Party presidential bet, returned home yesterday from Hong Kong where the Catholic charismatic movement El Shaddai intimated its support for his candidacy.

    Villar with his vice-presidential candidate, Sen. Loren Legarda, arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport about 11:30 a.m.

    “Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang supporta sa amin ng mga miyembro ng El Shaddai sa Hong Kong dahil sa mainit na pagtanggap at orange-white na kasuotan habang nagdaraos ng prayer rally noong Linggo ng Hapon kasama si El Shaddai lea-der Bro. Mike Velarde,” Villar said.

    The NP titular head and Legarda arrived in Hong Kong last Saturday mor-ning to participate in the Sunday prayer rally held on Chatter Road in Central Hong Kong upon the invitation of the El Shad-dai community and Velarde.

    “Bro. Mike made us so proud that through his gesture that we are the ‘Chosen One’ whom they will give their support this coming election,” Legarda said.

    “Hindi puede sabihing directly sa amin dahil prayer rally iyon. But lahat ng indications ay nandoon na,” she added.

    “This is the greatest Valentine gift to us given by the El Shaddai,” the senator further said.

    Villar thanked Velarde for the warm welcome given to them by his followers and his indirect support for his (Villar’s) presidential quest, saying, “It’s a great feeling when we saw the true sign of support and trust.”

  240. […] While that contention may be legally debatable, would Manny Villar leave his wife the congresswoman to answer this complaint singly? Can he simply shrug these charges off as “recycled” and “old” or leave the explaining to his faithful political acolytes, as he did the mystery of the 200 million double entry which would cross through properties he and his wife own, and for which monies of the Republic were used to compensate for road right of way? ” Read on. […]

  241. Mike Velarde and Manny Villar: PERFECT COMBINATION kasi kung naniniwala kang isasalba ni BRo. Mike ang kaluluwa mo, Malamang maniniwala ka rin na Payayamanin ka ni Manny Villar. Habang sila pareho yumayaman….

    Dagdag pa natin si Cong. Gloria.

    Happy days para sa mga corrupt.

    Kawawa naman mga bata ngayon paglaki nila. Anong klaseng PILIPINAS pa aabutan nila?

  242. Li, an OFW

    Mr. Cenon, I quite agree with you. Taimtim po tayong manalangin na matuto na tayong mga Pilipino kung paano pumili ng isang tunay na President; ‘yong hindi “SAKIM” at kapakanan talaga ng ating bansa ang nasa puso nito.

    We had bright presidents in the past; even Madam president is an inteligent one; but look where we are now; what we need is a president with a good heart,& one who could not be manipulated so he would not allow himself to be corrupt. When I was young, I always said that the leader of one nation must be someone who’s exceptionally bright, pero ngayon sabi ko, p’wede na siguro ang college graduate kahit ‘di masasabing matalinong tunay basta nasa kanya ang mga katangiang nabanggit ko kanina. This time, let’s just consider the CHARACTER of the candidate as the basis of our choice.

    Sinong iboboto ko; I’m sure you know who I may choose.

  243. Carl Magandang Balita

    The massacre did not put an end to the workers’ protest. Nor did it put an end to the violence.

    After the wake for the victims, the picket lines were reestablished at various points around the hacienda. Soon after, however, eight people UED
    who supported the farmers’ cause or had evidence supporting their case were murdered one by one.

    The killings began on the night of December 8, 2004, when Marcelino Beltran, a retired army officer turned peasant leader who was about to testify on bullet trajectories at the Senate and Congress on December 13 and 14, 2004, was assassinated in his house. Beltran’s 18-year-old son Mark said in a December 10, 2004 report of the Philippine Daily Inquirer that his father stepped out of the house to see why the dog was barking. Mark said he heard his father call out “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. Seconds later, he heard gunshots.

    Beltran was rushed to the hospital by family members in a tricycle, but he bled to death along the way. Beltran was home on the day he was killed spending his birthday in advance with his family, because he was set to join a march on December 10, Human Rights Day, the actual date of his birthday.

    Noynoy escorts tagged in shooting

    Less than a month later, on January 5, 2005, picketers George Loveland and Ernesto Ramos were shot at the west gate of Las Haciendas subdivision inside Hacienda Luisita, where they were manning a checkpoint. Both survived, but suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach.

    In his sworn testimony on January 12, 2005 at the Senate hearing on the shooting, Loveland said he recognized his assailants as plainclothes security men who were with then-Congressman Noynoy Aquino’s convoy when Aquino entered Las Haciendas subdivision three days before (January 2, 2005).

    Something else Loveland said in his testimony seemed immaterial at that time, but is worth noting now in light of the SCTEx (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) issue hounding Senator Aquino.

    Noynoy ‘s “superhighway”

    Before entering Las Haciendas on January 2, 2005, Loveland said, Aquino alighted from his vehicle and addressed the picketers about a “superhighway”.

    Loveland’s account of what Aquino said is in the transcript of the Senate hearing.

    LOVELAND: Sinasabi niya po yung hinihingi daw po niyang pabor yung sa superhighway na hinihingi niya . . . (He was talking about a favor for the superhighway that he was asking for . . .)

    SENATOR OSMEÑA: Ano tungkol sa superhighway (What about the superhighway)?

    LOVELAND: Project niya daw po, sir . . . (He said it was his project . . . )

    OSMEÑA: Ano ang hiningi ni Congressman Aquino (What did Congressman Aquino ask for)?

    LOVELAND: Yung ipatupad, sir, yung kuwan expressway, sir (To let it happen, sir, the expressway, sir).

    OSMEÑA: Yung galing sa Subic at Clark (The one from Subic and Clark)?

    Long before the rest of the country had even heard of SCTex, the farm workers back then were protesting the construction of the Luisita interchange of the highway, and had even tried blocking it with their bodies. The construction led to the loss of a large tract of the hacienda’s land, which the farm workers were claiming, to non-agricultural use.

    In his testimony, Loveland said one of the men who were with Aquino went up to him and said the picketers should agree to a settlement. He warned them to be careful, then entered the subdivision.

    Three days later, Loveland said, the man and some companions figured in an altercation with the picketers and opened fire on them at the gate.

    The January 5, 2005 Shooting at the West Gate of Las Haciendas Subdivision
    On January 5, 2005 (or nearly two months after the Luisita massacre), some 20 picketers were manning the picket point at the west gate of Las Haciendas subdivision inside Hacienda Luisita.

    According to Police Chief Superintendent Angelo Sunglao of the Tarlac City PNP, at about 10:40 pm, a Nissan Patrol drove up to the gate from inside the subdivision, and an altercation ensued between the picketers and the men on board the vehicle. Continue reading

    Sen. Aquino declined through his staff to be interviewed. Questions sent to him about the above incident went unanswered. But GMANews.TV combed the web and newspaper archives for any statements he made about the incidents in this series of reports. His staff also emailed to GMANews.TV several statements of Sen. Aquino on other Luisita-related issues. These statements were included below and other parts of the series.

    Noynoy denies link to SCTEx project

    In November 2009, an investigation into the SCTEx project was launched in Congress by Aquino’s political rivals. Cavite Rep. Crispin Remulla, an ally of Senator Manny Villar, accused Aquino of lobbying for the Luisita interchange of the SCTEx, saying the government paid Hacienda Luisita, Inc (HLI) an inflated amount of P83 million for the road right of way, and assumed the cost of building a P170-million interchange to connect the Central Techno Park inside his family’s hacienda to the SCTEx.

    The SCTEX Issue
    The 94-kilometer Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) is presently the longest highway in the Philippines. It connects the Subic Bay Freeport, the Clark Freeport, and Tarlac City.

    The Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) was the government arm that oversaw the implementation of the project. According to the BCDA, 85% of the P27 billion cost to build the SCTEx was financed through funds borrowed by the government from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). Continue reading

    In a November 12, 2009 report of GMANews.TV, Aquino denied he had anything to do with the project. He attributed the reports linking him to the SCTEx issue to character assassination because he was leading surveys for the presidential elections.

    Loveland’s statements about Aquino and the superhighway, however, were recorded five years ago, before anyone had an inkling Aquino would run for president.

    City councilor murdered

    On March 3, 2005, Councilor Abel Ladera, the man who led the mourners’ procession during the wake for the massacre victims, was killed in broad daylight by a sniper bullet to the chest while buying spare parts at an auto shop.

    Ladera was a former sugar mill worker who grew up in one of the barangays of Hacienda Luisita. He became an engineer, then a city councilor. Ladera was at the forefront of the fight against land conversion.

    He was also scheduled to make a presentation on March 8, 2005 to an assembly of barangay captains to disprove the claim of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that the violent dispersal on November 16, 2004 occurred because shots were fired from the ranks of the strikers.

    The day before he was killed, March 2, 2005, Ladera accessed critical documents regarding Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option (SDO) and Land Use Conversion Plan from the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). The documents were sealed from the public, but Ladera was able to access them because he was a government official.

    In its March 4, 2005 report on the shooting of Ladera, the Philippine Daily Inquirer said Ladera told the paper in an interview a few days before he was killed that resolving the conflict in Hacienda Luisita was going to take time because management did not want to settle matters. The Inquirer reported that Ladera, who was supporting the hacienda’s two labor unions, had earlier sponsored resolutions in the Tarlac city council calling for a congressional review of Luisita’s SDO and other issues.

    Rep. Noynoy Aquino denounced Ladera’s murder in the report, saying, “Although he was a leftist, he was willing to talk. He shouldn’t have been killed. Even though we had differences, he believed in dialogue rather than in taking up arms to achieve their goals.”

    The murder of Abel Ladera
    Tarlac City Councilor Abel Ladera, who was murdered on March 3, 2005, was a former sugar mill worker who grew up in one of the barangays of Hacienda Luisita. He became an engineer, then a city councilor.

    Because of his background, Ladera was very active in issues involving human rights and labor and employment. He played a key role in negotiations between the management of Hacienda Luisita and the two unions, ULWU (United Luisita Workers’ Union) and CATLU (Central Azucarera de Tarlac Labor Union). Ladera was also at the forefront of the fight against land conversion. Continue reading

    Priest and peasant leaders shot dead

    On March 13, 2005, Father William Tadena, an Aglipayan priest who had mobilized his parish to regularly donate rice and groceries to the workers at the picket line before saying a weekly mass for them, was shot dead in his owner-type jeep on the provincial highway in La Paz, Tarlac while on his way to his next mass.

    On March 17, 2005, “Tatang” Ben Concepcion, a 67-year-old peasant leader of party-list group Anakpawis in Pampanga, who supported the strikers in Luisita despite his old age and lung and heart ailments, was shot dead in his daughter’s house in Angeles City (40 minutes from Tarlac City). He had just been released from the hospital and was recuperating in his daughter’s house.

    On October 15, 2005, Flor Collantes, the secretary general of party-list group Bayan Muna in Tarlac, was killed while cleaning fish in his carinderia.

    Union president killed

    On October 25, 2005, Ric Ramos, the president of the union of the sugar mill workers (Central Azucarera de Tarlac Labor Union or CATLU), was killed by an M-14 sniper bullet in his hut where he was celebrating with some companions.

    Hours before he was killed, Ramos finished distributing cash benefits to the sugar mill workers after he successfully got the sheriff to confiscate sugar from management a few days before, says Lito Bais, current acting president of the union of the farm workers (United Luisita Workers Union or ULWU). According to Bais, management had been claiming it had no money to pay wages and benefits due to the workers.

    “Pumunta si Ric Ramos sa DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment), pina-sheriff niya ang bodega ng mga Cojuangco kung may mga asukal pa. Nakita puno ng asukal. Nagkasundo na ibebenta ng DOLE ang asukal, pagkatpos ibibigay ang pera sa mga manggagawa (Ric Ramos went to the Department of Labor. He asked the sheriff to inspect the warehouse of the Cojuangcos. It was full of sugar. An agreement was made for the Department of Labor to sell the sugar, with the proceeds to be given to the workers).”

    After the sugar was sold, management tried to take charge of the distribution of the proceeds, says Bais. “Ang sabi ng mga Cojuangco, ‘andito ang payroll, dito na natin ipapamahagi ang pera ng mga manggagawa. Yung mga may utang sa amin, ipe-payroll deduction namin’ (The Cojuangcos said, ‘The payroll is here. We should give out the workers’ money here. We have to make payroll deductions for workers who have loans’).

    But, Bais says, Ramos refused. “Sabi ng DOLE, ’Bigay niyo sa amin ang payroll, kami ang bahala. Kami ang gumawa ng paraan, kami ang gumawa ng pera, kami ang kailangan mangasiwa’ (The Department of Labor said, ‘Give us the payroll, we’ll take care of it. We were the ones who found a way, we made the money, so we should be the ones to administer’).”

    It was agreed that the distribution of wages and benefits would be done at the barangay hall of Mapalacsiao, one of the villages inside Hacienda Luisita where Ramos was the barangay captain. “October 25 yun, masaya ang mga manggagawa ng sentral dahil natanggap nila ang benepisyo nila (That was October 25. The workers of the sugar central were happy because they got their benefits),” says Bais.

    Ramos then held a small thanksgiving celebration. “Meron siyang kubo na ganito kataas. May lamesa sa gitna, nag-iinuman sila (He had a small hut that was about this high. There was a table in the middle, they were drinking),” says Bais. “October 25, mga 8 pm o 9 pm, binaril si Ramos ng sniper doon sa kubo nila. Makikita mo ang pinagdaanan ng M-14. Tamang-tama sa ulo niya. Kaya sumabog ang utak niya sa bubong niya (October 25, between 8 pm and 9 pm, Ramos was shot by a sniper in his hut. You could see the path of the M-14 bullet. It was aimed squarely at his head. That’s why his brain splattered all over his roof).”

    Another version of the story
    On October 27, 2005, two days after the murder of Ramos, Rep. Noynoy Aquino’s statement was reported in the Philippine Star: “I am shocked. My mother even more so. Ricardo Ramos has always treated me fairly, even at the height of the Luisita problem. The timing was also shocking, at a time when an agreement had been reached with two unions of the hacienda. In fact, Ramos was at a celebration when he was killed. It had been close to two years since the strike, and he was celebrating the end of a problem.” In the same report, the PNP said leftists were suspected of killing Ramos because he was cooperating with management. Continue reading

    Luisita killings in impeachment complaint

    The murders of Marcelino Beltran, Abel Ladera, Father William Tadena, Ben Concepcion, Flor Collantes, and Ric Ramos, as well as the shooting of George Loveland and Ernesto Ramos “by unidentified bodyguards of Rep. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino”, were part of the list of human rights violations described in the impeachment complaint filed against President Gloria Arroyo in Congress in October 2008. In the complaint, Arroyo was accused of turning a blind eye to the Hacienda Luisita killings “in collusion with the hacienda owners”. (Arroyo and the Cojuangco-Aquinos were close allies until the latter half of 2005.)

    “The Cojuangco-Aquino family, in conspiracy with the military, the police, the paramilitary groups such as the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units (CAFGU), and other hired agents/gunmen, has continued to harass, threaten and violate the rights of the hacienda people,” the impeachment complaint stated.

    “Hello Garci” and Luisita

    The year 2005 was a crucial turning point in the farm workers’ struggle in Luisita, and once again demonstrated the transcendental link between the hacienda and Malacañang that has been manifesting since the time of President Ramon Magsaysay.

    Under pressure from public outrage over the November 2004 massacre, the Arroyo administration, through the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), formed Task Force Stock Distribution on November 25, 2004 to study the causes of the workers’ strike. The Task Force was later renamed Task Force Luisita. In March 2005, teams were sent by the DAR to Luisita’s 10 barangays to investigate the SDO.

    Three months later, while the investigation was ongoing, “Hello Garci” hit the country—and possibly turned the tide in Luisita.

    Cory and Noynoy defend Gloria

    In early June 2005, tapes of wiretapped phone conversations between President Gloria Arroyo and Comelec (Commission on Elections) official Virgilio Garcillano surfaced. This led to accusations that Arroyo cheated during the 2004 presidential elections, and a clamor rose up for her to resign.

    The late former President Cory Aquino and son Noynoy initially defended Arroyo.

    Even after Arroyo delivered her famous “I am sorry” speech on TV on June 27, 2005, which the public took as an admission of guilt, and which prompted Susan Roces, widow of Arroyo’s 2004 election opponent Fernando Poe, Jr., to deliver her own famous “not once, but twice” speech, Mrs. Aquino defended Arroyo, saying: “I am glad the President has broken her silence. Her admission of judgment lapses leading to improper conduct on her part is a truly welcome development. Tonight the President has made a strong beginning and I hope she will continue in the direction of better and more responsive governance. Let us pray for her and for all of us Filipinos.”

    Rep. Noynoy Aquino, for his part, said in a June 29, 2005 report of the Philippine Star that President Arroyo should be commended for admitting her mistake. He said her televised apology was “a good start” for her administration.

    Two days later, on July 1, 2005, the Philippine Star reported, “Cory went on TV yesterday and… warned against using extra-constitutional means to oust President Arroyo.” The article quoted Mrs. Aquino as saying she had gone to see Susan Roces to congratulate her on “the passion of her speech and the sincerity of her convictions”, but also to stress that she would always stand by the Constitution.

    Noynoy votes against playing Garci tapes

    At the fifth Congressional hearing on the Garci issue on June 30, 2005, three days after Arroyo’s televised “I am sorry” speech, Rep. Noynoy Aquino voted against playing the “Hello Garci” tapes.

    “Tarlac Rep. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III disappointed his colleagues in the House when he voted on Thursday night against the playing of the audio tape, although an overwhelming majority had voted yes,” reported the Philippine Daily Inquirer on July 2, 2005.

    “(Aquino’s actions) are no less than political payback” because President Arroyo was the “most powerful and influential patron” of the Cojuangco-Aquinos in the Hacienda Luisita dispute, Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano said in the July 2, 2005 Inquirer report. Mariano said Arroyo knew what really happened during the Luisita massacre, and that was why Rep. Noynoy Aquino played “guardian angel” to Arroyo.

    (Arroyo, whose candidacy in the 2004 presidential elections was supported by Noynoy and Kris Aquino, and who originally ascended to the presidency in 2001 after Cory Aquino and various groups led the campaign to oust President Joseph Estrada from office in EDSA 2, was suspected of aiding the Cojuangco-Aquinos during the November 2004 strike in Hacienda Luisita because of the involvement of the military in the dispersal and the Assumption of Jurisdiction that was declared by the Department of Labor.)

    Unfazed by the criticism, both Noynoy and Cory Aquino continued to stand by Arroyo.

    Cory and Noynoy drop Gloria

    But on July 8, 2005, just a little over a week after Rep. Noynoy Aquino voted not to play the Garci tapes and Mrs. Aquino lauded Arroyo for her “I am sorry” speech before admonishing Susan Roces, the Aquinos dropped their support for Arroyo.

    “I ask the President to spare our country and herself . . . and make the supreme sacrifice of resigning,” Mrs. Aquino said in statement issued to the press.

    The day before she gave this statement, Mrs. Aquino met with President Arroyo in Malacañang. There were rumors of a shouting match, which Mrs. Aquino denied. “Yes, we met last Thursday, but there was no shouting,” she said in a July 12, 2005 report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “We just kissed each other goodbye.”

    From then on, she and son Noynoy actively joined the calls for Arroyo to either resign or be impeached, and to this day the scorching rift between the Aquinos and Arroyos continues to rage.

    Luisita—the reason behind Aquino-Arroyo rift?

    Luisita farm workers that GMANews.TV spoke to believe the Aquinos’ abrupt withdrawal of support for Arroyo had something to do with the hacienda.

    The Aquinos broke ties with Arroyo in July 2005, the same month the DAR’s Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its investigation. This formed the basis for the government’s decision a few months later to revoke Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option (SDO) and order the distribution of the hacienda’s land to the farmers.

    The farm workers believe widespread condemnation of the involvement of the military in the massacre pressured the Arroyo government into taking action to absolve itself, causing the breakdown of its ties with the Cojuangco-Aquinos. The original petition the farm workers submitted (mentioned in Part 2 of this series) lay dormant at the DAR since it was filed in December 2003, but began to move after the November 2004 massacre.

    By August 2005, a special legal team was formed by the DAR to review the report submitted by Task Force Luisita in July 2005. On September 23, 2005, the special legal team submitted its terminal report recommending the revocation of Luisita’s SDO agreement.

    (It was reported in part one of this series that the Stock Distribution Option was included in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law enacted during the Aquino administration. That crucial provision enabled landowners like the Cojuangcos to give farmers shares of stock instead of land.)

    On October 1, 2005, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported Mrs. Aquino’s reaction to the allegations that she only wanted Arroyo to resign because of the hacienda. “To underscore the point that Cory Aquino should start behaving in a politically correct manner,” Mrs. Aquino told a gathering of teachers and students at Miriam College, “the Hacienda Luisita [issue] was resurrected, a familiar refrain from the years of the Marcos dictatorship.” She added, “If Luisita were the reason, then shouldn’t I have made sipsip or at the very least kept quiet?”

    Cojuangcos suffering from “withdrawal syndrome”—Miriam

    A few days later, Senator Miriam Santiago, Aquino’s former DAR Secretary in 1989, the year the SDO was implemented on Hacienda Luisita, reinforced the belief that the hacienda was a major motivating factor in the Aquinos’ moves to unseat President Arroyo .

    “The Cojuangcos are suffering from acute withdrawal syndrome over the hacienda,” Santiago said in an October 3, 2005 report of the Philippine Star.

    The report said “Santiago, for her part, recalled that in 1957, Jose Cojuangco, Sr. purchased Hacienda Luisita with money partially borrowed from the Central Bank of the Philippines Monetary Board and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) on the condition that the land would be distributed to small farmers.”

    In 1985, Santiago said in the report, the Manila regional trial court (under President Marcos) ordered the Cojuangcos to sell the land to DAR for distribution to farmers. The Cojuangcos elevated the case to the Court of Appeals. Then Congress (under President Aquino) passed the agrarian reform law that allowed the SDO option in lieu of actual land distribution.

    “For heaven’s sake, give it up and store up treasures in heaven,” was Santiago’s concluding advice.

    DAR orders Luisita SDO revoked

    On December 23, 2005, the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) formally ordered Luisita’s SDO revoked, and its lands put under compulsory acquisition.

    Outside the hacienda, PARC’s order was seen as reprisal for the Aquinos’ call for President Arroyo to resign. Inside the hacienda, however, it was seen as justice served. Accustomed to political horse-trading deciding their fate, the farm workers rejoiced.

    But the Cojuangco family would not give up the land without a fight. A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was obtained from the Supreme Court by June 2006 preventing PARC from revoking the SDO and distributing Hacienda Luisita’s land. This TRO has been in force for more than three years now.

    More murders

    Meanwhile, another union leader was killed on March 17, 2006. Tirso Cruz, one of the directors of ULWU, was walking home with his father and two brothers past midnight after attending a pasyon at a friend’s house when two men on motorcycles intercepted them and shot Cruz six times at close range.

    In a report carried by the Philippine Star the next day, March 18, 2006, Cruz’s brother Ernesto said the gunmen, whose faces were covered with bandanas, made sure his brother was dead by shooting him one additional time after he already lay lifeless on the ground. In the same report, the Central Luzon chairman of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, which Cruz was a member of, said that Cruz had been leading protest actions against the construction of the Luisita tollway of the SCTEx and the withdrawal of the military from the hacienda’s 10 barangays.

    On October 3, 2006, Father Alberto Ramento, the Supreme Bishop of the Aglipayan church who took up the cause of the slain Father Tadena by tending to Luisita’s farm workers, was stabbed to death while asleep in the rectory of his church. The killing looked like a robbery, but persons close to Ramento believe it was related to Luisita.

    By the end of 2007, the construction of the SCTEx was complete. The Subic-Clark segment was formally opened to the public in April 2008, cutting travel time from Subic to Clark to just 40 minutes. The Clark-Tarlac segment was opened in July 2008, enabling travel from Clark to Luisita in just 25 minutes.
    – With additional reporting by Howie Severino, GMANews.TV


    Within the seven days between February 2 to February 9, 2010, a number of positions regarding land distribution in Hacienda Luisita were communicated to the press by the staff of Senator Noynoy Aquino.

    On February 2, 2010, Akbayan party-list representative Risa Hontiveros, a party-mate and guest senatorial candidate of Senator Aquino, said in a press conference that “Senator Noynoy is on record here that if he becomes president, he would implement CARPER (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program with Extensions and Revisions).”

    “I believe the issue in Hacienda Luisita is one big, important and valid agrarian issue,” Hontiveros said. She added that she already told the lawyers of Hacienda Luisita in a congressional hearing that the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) was no longer allowed under the new land reform law CARPER. CARPER was signed into law on August 7, 2009.

    Hontiveros also said that the Hacienda Luisita massacre should be treated as a human rights issue. She emphasized that the victims of both the 2004 Luisita massacre and the 1987 Mendiola massacre had yet to receive justice.

    Senator Noynoy Aquino, on the other hand, said on February 5, 2010 in Davao City that the Hacienda Luisita issue could not be resolved easily even if he became president.

    He cited Luisita’s status as a private corporation as the reason why the government could not intervene.

    (The corporation Hacienda Luisita, Inc was created as a result of the SDO clause that was inserted in the 1989 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law during the term of Aquino’s mother, the late former President Cory Aquino.)

    “Maybe I can sponsor a dialogue. But at the end of the day, [a solution to the problem] cannot be dictated upon by any government officer,” Aquino said.

    However, on February 9, 2010, Aquino modified his stance and said at the kickoff of his election campaign in Concepcion, Tarlac that he would ensure Hacienda Luisita would be distributed to farmers by June 2014.

    On this occasion, he cited bank mortgages, not HLI’s status as a private corporation, as the prime reason why the land could not be distributed.

    “Ang problema lang po kung paano ililipat nang wala na pong utang doon sa aming mga kasamahan doon (The only problem is how we will distribute the land without the debts that have been incurred),” Aquino said.

    “Ang kalaban ng mga magsasaka, hindi si Noynoy at yung kanyang pamilya, [kundi] ang mga bangko dahil ang lupain ay nakasanla sa mga bangko (The enemies of the farmers are not Noynoy or his family, but the banks because the land is mortgaged to banks),” added Aquino’s running mate, Senator Mar Roxas.

    The farmers liable for debt?
    To illustrate how HLI’s debt complicates land distribution in Hacienda Luisita, it is worth revisiting the mortgages that the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) discovered after it recommended the revocation of Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option (SDO) in 2005.

    On October 4, 2005, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that HLI spokesperson Vigor Mendoza confirmed rumors that certain portions of the hacienda technically belonged to banks because they were mortgaged by management when losses were suffered by the company.

    Romeo Capulong, one of the lawyers of Luisita’s farm workers, said that the farm workers were unaware of these loans and did not benefit from them, therefore it was unfair to force them to assume the burden of these liabilities.

    “Let it be the personal obligation of those who benefited from the loans,” Capulong said, referring to the Cojuangco-led management of HLI.

    Capulong urged the DAR to ask HLI management to give a full accounting of all operations from 1989 to 2005 and stop all further transactions involving the sale, joint venture, lease, or mortgage of the disputed hacienda’s land.

    Because of the mortgages, the banks became additional claimants to portions of Hacienda Luisita. Titles for certain parcels were transferred to banks through dacion en pago when some loans could no longer be paid.

    The June 2014 date for land distribution mentioned by Aquino is significant because CARPER states that final land distribution should be completed by June 30, 2014. Once CARPER’s five-year term expires in 2014, land distribution to farmers will become more difficult if not impossible to enforce. The farmers, therefore, are in a race against time to have land distributed as soon as possible before June 2014.

    (At the third and final reading of the CARPER bill at the Senate on June 1, 2009, Senator Noynoy Aquino was one of only two senators who abstained from voting to extend the land reform law for another five years. The other senators all voted to extend the law.)

    In reaction to Senator Aquino’s vow to distribute Hacienda Luisita to farmers by 2014, Danilo Ramos, secretary general of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) said in a statement, “Why wait for 2014 when they can relinquish their immoral and unlawful control of Hacienda Luisita any time today, tomorrow, or next week? We will not buy this gimmick. He is politically hurt by issues raised against him on the hacienda, and he just issued this eyebrow-raising, jaw-dropping statement to stop the falling trend in his ratings at the electoral box-office.”

    Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano said Senator Noynoy Aquino’s mother, former President Cory Aquino, made a similar promise to distribute Hacienda Luisita to farmers when she was campaigning for president in January 1986, but those promises were not fulfilled. Mariano said that if the Cojuangco-Aquino family was sincere about distributing the hacienda to farmers, they should immediately withdraw the petition they filed at the Supreme Court in 2006 that prevented the Department of Agrarian Reform from implementing the order to revoke Luisita’s SDO and distribute land to farmers.

  244. LAWMAKERS yesterday described Sen. Noynoy Aquino “childish and unpresidential” after he complained about the alleged bias shown by a moderator during a presidential debate.

    Camiguin Rep. Pedro Romualdo said it is sad to note that Aquino landed in the news not because of his issues or political platform but for picking a fight with Tony Lopez, who moderated a forum sponsored by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tuesday.

    “Aquino’s allegation that the moderator was biased towards another presidentiable is uncalled for. He should have concentrated his time and energy in answering the issues thrown during the forum instead of putting up a fight with a mediaman,” Romualdo said.

    “Hindi siya dapat mapikon. He should face a situation positively with high regard even for his political opponents,” the lawmaker said.

    Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez was also disappointed by Aquino’s attitude during the forum.

    “His action is unbecoming of a statesman. He should examine himself and think hard whether he has what it takes to lead this country,” Suarez said.

  245. The previous submission is actually part of the GMA news report…

    Again, a careful reading of the report shows that:

    1. With regards to George Loveland and Ernesto Ramos statement that they recognized the shooters as bodyguards of NOYNOY – does not imply that NOYNOY ordered it. This testimony is nothing unless corroborated. Saying “they looked liked…” is weak testimony. And that is hearsay. Compare with MV’s C5.

    2. With regards to Loveland and Ramos’ SCTEX testimony. Sir, they were picketers. How did they manage to make this allegation? What is their basis? The fact that they mention Aquino does not make him one.

    3. With regards to the murders, can we really put the blame on the Aquinos? Of course not. And what would be the motive? Killing the farmers will only worsen the situation. In short, there is no valid motive on the part of the Cojuangcos most especially that of NOYNOY.

    4. With regards to Cory’s statement: “I am glad the President has broken her silence. Her admission of judgment lapses leading to improper conduct on her part is a truly welcome development. Tonight the President has made a strong beginning and I hope she will continue in the direction of better and more responsive governance. Let us pray for her and for all of us Filipinos.” Cory lauded her confession NOT HER CORRUPTION CHARGE THAT SHE USED HER INFLUENCE TO WIN IN THE PREVIOUS ELECTION.

    All the more shows how principled Cory was. Cory was once an ally of Gloria. But is Hacienda Luisita the reason? I don’t think the evidence points in that direction.

    5. As to NOYNOY voting not to play the “Garci” tapes even after the “majority” said yes. Can anyone be convicted because of a tape record? That tape has no value. It is a waste of time. But after Gloria’s virtual admission that she is the voice of the tape, that tape has become priceless but only to the public. And what did the majority do after hearing the tape? Cleared Arroyo anyway. But what did NOYNOY do after? Asked for her resignation.

    That explains NOYNOY’s seemingly conflicting statements.

    I think that’s how a statesman should act. HONEST and JUST even to your opponents but has COURAGE in acting for the people if need be.

    6. With regards to the SDO, is it not a fact the farmers consented on this. I really don’t buy the statement that the farmers were somehow tricked into this. Better, let the Supreme Court decide. This is a very complicated matter.

    7. As to NOYNOY’s abstention on whether to extend CARP or not. Yes he should. If he says yes, people will doubt the new law. If no, people will complain that he is protecting his interests.

    8. As to NOYNOY’s motivation as hinted by the farmers. Let God be the decide for our motivations. But let us examine evidence if its the real thing.

    The other issues — are none issues.

    So in the end, nothing that has been written here proves NOYNOY’s alleged involvement. With regards the killings, let us see the evidence. Else, EVERYONE (PNP,AFP, NPA, FARMERS, STUDENT ACTIVISTS,. JOURNALISTS including the Aquinos ) can be considered suspects…

    Our laws cannot convict based on false testimony or evidence full of loose ends…

    Before you malign NOYNOY, FIRST, see clearly and be FAIR. As there is no documented evidence and even a valid allegation yet presented, I will wait and see…

  246. NOW, in the spirit of FAIRNESS…I believe some people have used STEPHANIE DYCHIU’s report found in this site:


    as evidence that NOYNOY did wrong. This is because of the way the language was used. But nowhere in the story does it CLEARLY show the alleged involvement of the Cojuangcos.

    But what is the basis of the allegations linking Cory and NOYNOY to the massacre? Let us go to the source.

    They are in fact testimonial evidence of people in the strike. Two of them are cited. Another is the so-called “independent investigation” of BAYAN, a leftist organization who used a series of testimonial evidence as proof.


    PNP also presented its own investigation. They cleared the Cojuangcos and themselves. They noted however that the PNP had “convincing” documented evidence showing the involvement of the CPP-NPA. This was cited in Fred Roxas MB article: AFP links CPP-NPA to Hacienda Luisita KILLINGS.

    BAYAN MUNA, a leftist org party-list cried: It’s the PNP’s fault and COJUANGCOS effectively clearing the CPP-NPA.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, who do we believe? I don’t know about you but I will side where the true evidence lies. If I will base this on where evidence is more documented, I will side with the PNP report. Still, let us try to see…

    They say that in crimes involving land quarrels, there is always the issue of motivation – who will benefit?

    For the Cojuangcos…..,just what is the motivation? That is, what is their motivation for killing? If they are really trying to hold on to that land, wouldn’t killing even a few of the farmers detrimental to that goal? Unless they are just mad murderers which historically has not been shown.

    For the PNP….Yes, some of them are just plain rotten but what is their motivation for killing innocent farmers. 2 possible reasons: 1. they are just plain bad (we should definitely leave the country then. hehehe)2. they were incited as they claim and were forced to shoot(not a good excuse but understandable). Would killing the farmers lift the already low moral of the PNP and AFP? Of course not.

    Now for the CPP- NPA, whY would they kill some of the farmers? What is their benefit? IS IT NOT A FACT THAT THESE EXTREMISTS HAVE PROMOTED VIOLENCE AS A MEANS TO AN END? Is it not a fact that some of the farmers were in fact NPA members? So, would it help their cause. YES.

    Note: Satur Ocampo and Casino and BAYAN MUNA are not supporting NOYNOY. They are supporting MV

    So, I will side on the PNP report until it is challenged by evidence on the contrary.

    As a reminder…

    Let us not put our TRUST on someone who claims of being only a GOOD MANAGER, who reeks of promises to the poor, putting honesty and integrity second to money making, using ads to deceive the public and who has unfairly enriched himself or worse, stole taxpayer’s money yet calling himself “isang taong may integridad”. He will only leave our country in ruins.

    I just find it amusing that the more they destroy NOYNOY’s integrity, the more his INTEGRITY surfaces.

    Sir, NOYNOY’s integrity has remained unassailed. He deserves to become President. It is definitely good for the country for a simple good person like NOYNOY to become president.

  247. Huwag nga magamit-gamit ng mga aktibista(?) yung Hacienda Luisita “massacre” na yan. You lost all credibility when your leaders (SATUR and LISA MASA) allied (whored?) themselves to Manny Villar and Bongbong Marcos for POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY. Sabagay nawala na yung kredibilidad ninyo nung NAGTAGO si JOMA sa Netherlands. Mahiya naman kayo sa mga naniwala na may prinsipyo at ipinaglalaban kayo.

  248. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20080929-163491/Tillers-file-plunder-raps-vs-Villars

    Comment please. Ano masasabi ng mga Anak Pawis/ Anak Bayan / Anak et. al. na magja-justify sa pag-anib nina Satur at Lisa Masa sa isang land grabber at isang oportunistang negosyante? Ginagawang SUBDIVISION ng Kandidato ninyo ang mga bukirin ng mga magsasakang ika ninyo’y ipinaglalaban ninyo. Buti sana kung sa Bulacan lang siya nagkakamkam ng lupa. May kinonvert din siya sa Iloilo (Savannah). Tapos kapartido pa ninyo ang PRINSIPE ng MARTIAL LAW at mga balimbing na mga kongressmen ni Gloria.

  249. The AFP claims that their agents in the NPA are being killed. Just what will happen to the AFP and us ultimately if Satur Ocampo, a known supporter of the NPA and Communist becomes Senator. He would have greatly improved access on the intelligence division of the Military (I hope not). Yet MV is funding their campaign. To MV: Sir, tama na po siguro ung pagiging congessman nila. But the senate? that’s too much. These are people who uphold the misguided philosophy that sometimes violence is necessary to create peace.

    What will happen to the journalist killings?

    I would like to appeal to voters not to vote for these people and give them further power. Vote for those who will uphold Democracy, who has a track record not merely of generic accomplishments but of TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY and GOOD GOVERNANCE.

    Beware these people. They have learned to operate deceptively and in the dark

  250. lightedcandleinthedark

    This person code name Tierra Monte writes and I will answer him in enclosed in parenthesis:

    “Tierra Monte on February 15th, 2010 at 10:50 am

    (Bakit kaya ang unang sinulat niya Mabuhay si Manny Villar? It shows na taga campaign siya ni Manny Villar, kundi caught in the act ang kasinungalingan niya. I said punta kayo sa Tierra Monte para malaman ninyo ang katotohanan. Lahat ng kalaban ni Villar, running for President. And there you are, makita ninyo ang katotohanan sa na-expose ko tungkol sa Tierra Monte Subdivision niya sa Barangay Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal. Pagsinabi niya, 24 hours na supply na tubig, ZERO ito, tiyak na wala. Pagdating mo pa lang sa gate sa Phase 1, tanungin mo ang mga tao sa kanan at kaliwa ng main road kung saan sila kumukuha ng tubig, kung kay Villar ba. Tanungin ninyo rin kung nag-ooperate pa ang Northwell company ni Villar sa kanan ng gate lang sa Phase 1. Wala na. May kaso pa nga ito sa National Water Resources Board. Pinabayaan ang Tierra Monte.)

    (Murang pabahay o deceptive scheme na walang tubig ang mga bahay para mamulubi ang mga kawawa na homeowner sa pagbili ng tubig per drum na mula P16 hanggang P30 ang isang drum. Noon, come-on ng Northwell, P125 for a minimum of 22 cubic meters. Hanggang sa huli pinataasan ng mahigit P300 ang minimum at mababa pa sa 22 cubic meters, hanggang nawala na. Hindi na magamit ang mga flushing toilets at mga showers. Props ang so called 24-hours supply of potable water para mabenta sa mataas na selling price ang mga bahay. Dahil nag-sialisan ang ibang homewoners sa mahal ng tubig ne private delivery o sa mga wells, tubo pa rin si Villar dahil ang kanyang mga ahente, patuloy pa rin sa pagbenta ng mga bahay na iniwanan, changing hands several times, see? Kundi tubo pa rin si Villar, kahit iwanan ang bahay, sa downpayment pa lang malaki ang kita nito pati sa tinatawag na second REM.Kaya bingi sa legitimate complaint ng mga residente dito tungkol sa tubig.)


    (Kinukumpara niya ang mga bahay sa Tierra Monte sa mga bahay sa Forbes Park. Tiyak na hindi taga Tierra Monte ito, baka sa Forbes Park ito nakatira si Tierra Monte campaigning for Manny Villar. Itong mga bahay bitak-bitak, kinakain ng anay, kasi ang mga wooden portion ang mga amba ng pintuan, nakabaon hanggang sa lupa, pagkatapos senemento ang flooring kaya, doon nagdaan ang anay paaakyat sa mga kisami, kinain na ng anay. May kaso ito sa HLURB at ang Palmera ni Villar na developer was ordered to repair the houses built in sub-standard condition. Just go to HLURB to prove that this person campaigning for Manny Villar is practcing deception just like Manny Villar. Remember that deception is synonymous with Satan the devil, the source of all lies. kahit ano gagawin nitong si Villar para manalo. Sabi pa ng mga taga San Mateo, tagilid ang mga taga Tierra Monte kung manalo si Villar, ito ang pinaparating dito. Kay dangerous itong si Villar kunwari may solution sa kahirapan, pero ang totoo he ran for public office para proteksyonan ang business interst niya. TELL IT TO THE MARINES. Akala mo maloko mo ang mga botante. May kasabwat pa itong si Villar na Bahay Fiancial Services o BFS. Ang mga homeowners pinapadalhan ng mga notices, ang mga tumatakbo sa kay Andaya at angulo, hinharap nitong mga may-ari sa korte. Takot ang mga abogado ng BFS, lalo na kung tanungin kung ano ang kaugnayan relationship ng mga kompanya ni Villar like Palmera, Northwell, Camella, Carissa, Crown Asia. Tanungin lang kung bakit napakarami naman nitong mga kompanya at kawawa naman si buyer Juan de la Cruz sa tierra Monte who has to content with running from one office to another of Villar in differetn locations. Pinapadala ang lawyer ng mga papeles nitong mga kompanaya, alas, hindi na sumulpot. Takot sa PIERCING THE VEIL OF CORPORATE FICTION.)





    (Sa nasabi ko na, these are all lies: 24 hours water, WALA, 24 hours kuryente, mahiya naman si Villar sa MERALCO ito na serbisyo not Villar’s, 24 hours security, sa Phase 1 na gate lang ito. Dyan rin ang fake na homeowners association officers sa gate na ito na kulay orange ni Villar. ang iba dito nag-uutang, niloloko ang mga kapwa nila homeowners at hindi nagbabayad. ang iba sa kanila nagpapanggap na caretakers ng mga vcant houses sa tierra Monte, kasabwat ang BFS. Paano sila paniwalaan, kunwari matino, lalo na sa pinagkautangan nnila? Mga kapal mukha. Kailan sila naitalaga? Ang office ba ng homeowners dyan dapat sa gate sa parang makeshift bodega na ginawa ng mga salbahe na gwardya ng JERICKO? ang spelling nito J E R I C K O. At tiyak na nagpapanggap lang na taga Tierra Monte itong nagka campaign na ito kay Villar. The more they write, the more that they expose their dark picture.)

    Magandang subdivision facilities.
    (Perhaps, he is is telling about the amenities here in Tierra Monte. Maganda raw. Tingnan mo ang clubhouse sa Phase 3, most of the parts there werre cannibalized. Maganda ba iyan? Ang children’s playground, ang baseketball court, ang pangit-pangit, kasi ginawa lang ng sub-standard, para sa nagka campaign na ito ni Villar, Forbes Park daw ito. In previous write-ups of this person, sinabi niya ang baho-baho daw na parang basura ang Tierra Monte, pinasukan daw ng squatters. Nandiyan naman ang Jericko security agency ni Villar, ano ang ginawa? Hindi ba si Juan Tiope, Jr. na chief security officer ng Jericko dyan assigned sa gate ng Palmera Tierra Monte Phase 1, utak rin sa pagpapasok ng mga squatters, pinapaupahan nila ang mga vacant units?)

    Sa mga ngababasa dito mag ingat po kay sa mga ahente ng Angulo, Anday at Precilla families na ang kanilang titulo daw ay galing kay Datu Puti at may endorse ng Hari ng Espanya. Lolokohin lang kayo ng mga yun.

    (He is fooling people like the Dolphy political advertisement. Kundi kayo lang ni Dolphy maniwala hindi na lolokohin ninyo ang Filipino voters dahil sa paniniwala ninyo. I, for one, bakit ba ako susulat at sasalungat sa sinulat ninyo o pahayag niyo kung totoo, as in THE TRUTH IN ADVERTISING. Biro mo, ang kapal ng mukha mo sabihin, na 24-hours ang tubig sa Tierra Monte? Kantahin mo. Nakaranas ka na bang gusto mo maligo sa Tierra Monte na nawalan ng tubig ng Northwell ni Villar?… Kung check…. HUWAG MONG IBOTO si Villar…. Nakabasa ka na ba ng sinulat ng pakunwari na ito na supporter ni Villar? Kung check… at dahil alam mo na DECEPTION at mali… HUWAG MONG IBOTO SI VILLAR…. Kung duda ka pa na totoo ang ini-expose dito PUMUNTA KA SA TIERRA MONTE, hanapin mo mo ang MONUMENT OF DECEPTION AND DOWNFALL OF MANNY VILLAR na mga reservoirs dito, na walang tubig, as in EMPTY, and RUSTY since 1993-94.)

    Si MANNY VILLAR and hinirang ng Maykapal para sa bansang Pilipinas.

    (Demonyo lamang ang gumagamit ng DECEPTION o PANLILINLANG para maka-impluwensiya ng boto. Hindi bulag ang mga Pilipino to observe Villar na tat na atat kahit anong immoral actions ang gagawin para manalo to protect his personal interest, lalo na ang kanyang business interests. Palapit-lapit pa sa El Shaddai at Couples for Christ.Pero alam ng lahat ng mga Katoliko, pati na ako, even the devil could use the word of God to tempt man. Kahit nga our Lord Jesus during this season of Lent,pinapaala-ala sa atin, we are reminded in yesterday’s Gospel, that even Jesus was tempted by the Devil, after he fasted for 40 days, using the very word of God na nakasulat. But Jesus said, it is also written “Do not tempt the Lord your God.” To Villar and his cohorts, I repeat the same message, by fooling the voters. “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world (business and personal interest of Villar, as example)but suffers the loss of his soul? Fellow voters, pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, beware of Villar, he is the downfall of the Filipinos, judging from his past actions. Walang sisira kay Villar kundi ang sarili niyang kagagawan. that black shadow is always following him. If today you hear his voice (God’s) harden not your hearts.)

  251. lightedcandleinthedark

    Sagutin ko rin itong sinabi nitong taong nagka-campaign kay Manny Villar na si tierra Monte sa sinulat niya na:

    “Sa mga ngababasa dito mag ingat po kay sa mga ahente ng Angulo, Anday at Precilla families na ang kanilang titulo daw ay galing kay Datu Puti at may endorse ng Hari ng Espanya. Lolokohin lang kayo ng mga yun.”

    The lands of Andaya and Precilla and Angulo families are based on Lot Plan No. PSU 153551. The Andaya and Precilla families have their 1977 titles TCT Nos. N-22712 and N-22713, the subject of their compromise agreement in a court order in San Mateo, Rizal dated October 20, 2008, and executed on August 18, 2009. The ownership of the Angulo families for Lots 1 and 4 is undisputed in the same Lot Plan 153551. The said owners are peace-loving and God-fearing people, and they want the law to prevail in this case. they never claimed they were descendants of Datu Puti as labeled by this campaign person of Villar. I met two of the Angulo grandchildren, and they were tearful recalling how their late grandfather Severino Angulo, “nagmamakaawa kay Engineer de Guzman ng Palmera ni Villar nabinubuldoze ang mga halaman at puno in the late 1980s, huwag ituloy dahil sa amin ito sinasaka”. But they were helpless, ang sinagot sa kanila, magkaso kayo sa korte kung may papeles kayo. Ang iniiyak nila, is tantamount to, your voice is unheard if you are poor and you don’t have the money and the education to protect your rights. hanggang may tumulong sa kanila at na-locate ang mga papeles, including the CFI of Rizal Decision in the case of Tuazon v. the director of lands dated July 17, 1972, baring all on the ownership of the lands under Lot Plan PSU 153551. There is no mention in this decision of Datu Puti as alleged and concocted by this deceptive campaign person of Villar. Interestingly the source of Villar’s Palmera data on Tierra Monte location can be traced to that of Melecio Santos’ Lot 15 under PSU 127711 including the decree of title granted to Melecio Santos. The owners of the land in Tierra Monte researched on this because they are in a quandary how Villar was able get into their property. These owners are saying that the truth and the documents they have speak for themselves. This campaign person of Villar is putting words into their mouth. They never said their title came or descended from Datu Puti. Question, bakit tinigil ng Palmera ni Villar ang pag construct ng Teraza del Sol sa itaas ng Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte? Dahil itong mga may-ari rin na ito ang nagpatigil sa bisa ng hawak nila na dokumento. Kahit sa San Mateo, magtanong ka, walang lupa ang mga Villar sa San Mateo. Ang katwiran naman ng mga may-ari, kung naipanalo nga nila ang kaso ng lupa nila kay Tuazon, kay Villar pa, na walang lupa dito sa San Mateo. Let the TRUTH prevail. The more that this campaign man of Villar writes, the more that the TRUTH is exposed about Villar. In Ilonggo, inang Savannah nga ina sa Iloilo, madamu ang naga txt sa akon parti diri, but I can’t talk about it, I do not know, something fishy is written about it in this blog. Ining si Villar ginakuot niya ang alimango nga nagapamunong sa buho, gani makagat gid siya. Villar tries to put his hands in hot waters solely by his own acts, he can not blame any one, for the love and greed for wealth and power.)

  252. lightedcandleinthedark

    So, my curiosity is now substantiated on the Savannah Subdivision of Villar in Iloilo. Makita dito ang GREED o KASUWAPANGAN ni Villar for wealth and power. Greed, greed, greed. Gusto niya maging Presidente para maging poderoso pa siya, to white wash his bad business practices, dito sa Savannah ginawa niya na subidivision pati palayan o rice land sa Iloilo, at binili ang adjacent rice lands, dahil he effectively coerced the owners to sell the rice lands to him para gawing subdivision, kasi hinarangan ni villar ang irrigation. Clever, bad President for the country na dapat HUWAG IBOTO, dangerous for the Philippines to have a President like Villar! Purely personal interest. So, parallel ito sa mga company practice ng Palmera ni Villar sa Tierra Monte in Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, kahit ano na immoral o illegal scheme pasukan niya para mapuno ang bulsa niya. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul? Biblical ito. Learn from the Lord Jesus himself,as in last Sunday’s Gospel to resist Satan’s temptation. Villar seemingly is deaf and blind to this reality, kasi he is in the dark of Satan’s influence of GREED and DECEPTION. Please read at malaya kayong mag-decide:

    Villar’s Iloilo Scandal
    Source: http://propinoy.net/2010/02/15/villars-iloilo-scandal/http://propinoy.net/2010/02/15/villars-iloilo-scandal/, Feb. 23. 2010, 4:06pm
    On February 15, 2010, In Columnists, Graft & Corruption, Villar
    Villar has another land scandal in Iloilo
    By Neal Cruz
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

  253. Li, an OFW

    To be honest, ‘di ko po alam kung nasaan talaga ang Tierra Monte Subdivision, but I’m sure that this is a younger vllage compare to BF Homes Paranaque and the las Pinas portion of BF Homes; yes, this has nothing to do with our topics; but my point here is we really should not vote for a candidate who might be engaged in unlawfull business. Okey, sabihin na nating “LEGAL” ang mga subdivisions ni Manny Villar; pero nakikiramay ako sa mga residents nito; for having problem when it comes to “WATER”= one of the most basic needs of mankind.

    I pray na ‘wag silang matulad sa mgs residente ng BF HOMES; but actually the Paranaque and Muntinlupa portions of BF Homes are already enjoying water from Maynilad,( it took 2 decades bago po nagawan ng solusyon ang problem nila sa TUBIG; SA TULONG NG KANILANG MGA MAYORS).

    Balita ko lang po sa inyo na sa BF Homes LAS PINAS PORTION ay pinahinto ang pagpasok ng MAYNILAD. Hindi raw po kasalanan ni Mayor Aguire na kamaganak nila Sen. Manny Villar; sabi ni Mayor Aguilar ‘di p’wede ang ginawang solutions ng mga mayors ng Paranaque at ng Muntinlupa, tiwali daw sa batas ang mga paraang ginamit nila.I WONDER,in the Philippines; what is correct in Paranaque and in Muntinlupa may not be correct in LAS PINAS; Mayor AGUILAR SAID,”REAL OWNERSHIP of theLAS PINAS PORTION OF BF HOMES” ang isang dahilan kung bakit nahinto ang pag-work ng MAYNILAD; LALONG GUMULO, ANO PO? AT SA ISANG SIMPLENG RESIDENT NG BF HOMES LAS PINAS PORTION, MAHIRAP UNAWAIN ITO. Mahigit 20 taong niloko ng BF HOMES INC. ang mga homeowners dito; NOON PA DAPAT NAKIALAM ANG ISANG MAYOR, ‘di po ba?


    SORRY FOR USING THIS WEB, wala na po kasi kaming mapuntahan about this problem; eh dahil sikat ang web na ito at maraming fans…. baka sakali…. at para malaman ng mga residents ng TIERRA MONTE na they have to act together about their water problem; para ‘di sila matulad sa mga taga BF HOMES.

    Marami pong salamat. GOD BLESS.

  254. lightedcandleinthedark

    At the bottom of this problem in Palmera Tierra Monte Subdivision of Villar in Barangay Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, is the corruption prevailing in Villar’s Palmera realty company, a classic example of how Villar runs his company.

    The equation of CORRUPTION is:


    Villar has the monopoly with regards to his subdivision. He has the discretion of what to do in his subdivision. But he is lacking in ACCOUNTABILITY made more manifest by the lack of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and TRANSPARENCY in his private companies, mga katiwalian, that he would like to protect by continuing as public official that means, MORE GREED and MORE POWER to him for CORRUPTION. Kaya nga this early, we have to expose his bad practices, na dapat good practices, like true preferential option for the poor and the underprivilege providing equality of opportunity.

    Hindi tinupad ang binitawan na salita ng mga agents at mga managers ng Palmera sa opisina nila sa Aurora Blvd sa Cubao, na ito naman ang expectation ng mga buyers. May panlilinlang o DECEPTION. Kung ibalik mo sa kanila ang sarili nilang salita, magtago ng magtago, dahil ayaw aminin at panagutan ang kanilang katiwalian sa pag-deceive sa cliente nila na buyers ng house and lot nila. Take note of this corporate practice if done in government, kawawa ang poor Filipino citizen, si Juan de la Cruz.

    Noong wala ng tubig sa gripo at mga showers, naglabas ng mga drums ang mga residents para lagyan ng mga private delivery trucks ng tubig. Nag-ikot ang mga security guards ng Palmera ni Villar, na ipasok ang mga drums sa bahay dahil may tripping ng pagbebenta ng mga bahay, para hindi daw ma-discourage ang mga buyers na bumili, magiging obvious kasi walang tubig. See? Pandaraya ito, deception. I could remember, isang agent ng Palmera na resident, turned into a rebel against Palmera of Villar, went around the subdivision with megaphone, announcing: “Huwag kayo makinig sa mga guardia na iyan, ilabas ninyo ang mga drums ninyo, paano iyan malagyan ng tubig kung nasa loob ng bahay ninyo at nag-opisina kayo. Madagdag pa iyan dito sa problema natin na walang tubig iyong magti-tripping na iyan kung malinlang ni Villar sa Palmera na iyan. Hindi tinupad ang responsibilidad nila sa buyers nila.”

    That is why, boboto ka ba kay Villar? Hindi nga niya ma-manage ng maayos ang Tierra Monte niya, buong Pilipinas pa? The Bible is clear, ang hindi mapagkatiwalaan sa maliit na mga bagay, hindi rin mapagkatiwalaan sa malaking bagay, as to be the leader of the whole country, na atat na atat naman si Villar basehan na lang sa mga paid political ads niya na pawang kasinungalingan at kunwari sympathy sa mahihirap, para botohin siya! Tell it to the marines. Sana mature at hindi na malinlang tayong mga botanteng Pilipino. Kahit si Senator Inday Miriam Defensor, parang madala pa ni Villar to campaign for him, very shameful indeed na manalo itong si Villar, dahil ba mapera? Saan ba iyan kinuha niya? Sabi ni Villar legal ang lahat, but look at the moral angle in it. Karapat-dapat siya? HINDI, HINDI, HINDI, na maging pangulo ng ating bansa. His past actions is bereft with CREDIBILITY! Hindi pwedeng pagkatiwalaan. Surf the net. Ang mga tao kaya sumusulat laban kay Villar na walang basehan? Remember, ini-expose itong si Villar, para malaman ng tao ang totoo sa mga hindi kanais-nais na practices sa corporations niya, kasi reflection ito ng totoong Villar. Villar cannot wash his hands away from all the mess in his businesses. Kaya nga gusto niyang maging Presidente, para ma-cover up ang mga tiwaling corporate practices niya. SELFISH and PERSONAL BUSINESS interest lang niya. No more no less. In the unlikely event na manalo itong Villar na ito,God forbids, it is like giving the whole Philippines to corruption, to his monopoly, to his discretion, but without accountability and also transparency. Now, we realize how dangerous Villar is.

    Kaya, ang selling point ng Palmera company ni Villar in the early 1990s noon is that this Tierra Monte is the biggest subdivision of Villar (Palmera Company was so proud of its name as an M.B. Villar Company, tatak Villar daw ng Las Pinas). The good thing daw about this subdivision is its 24-hour supply of potable water, kasi malakas ang mga bukal dito at may mga waterfalls pa, Falls 1, Falls 2, Falls 3. Mas maganda pa daw ito sa Springville project ni Villar sa Molino sa Cavite. Isang tourist destination daw ang Tierra Monte, at sana kung hindi lumayas si Pres. Marcos sa Hawaii, gagawing mountain resort ito ni Pres. Marcos. Maganda daw talaga, malapit lang daw sa Concepcion, Marikina, may dalawang daanan, either sa Monterey sa kanan or sa Fortune-Modesta sa kaliwa, sa bulubundokin na lugal overlooking Quezon City and the whole Metro Manila (this location can be checked sa Google earth, and you will see the white housing units in white, spanning around 8 hectares). Itong isa sa mga agents ni Villar, sinabi niya, believe us, kasi doon rin kami nakatira. (Ironically, itong agent na nagsalita na ito, ito rin ang nagkaroon ng landslide at putik sa loob ng bahay nila, nasira ang kagamitan nila in the 90s ng bumagyo, i-cover sana ng TV crew, hinarang sa gate ng mga security) Kaya naakit karamihan sa mga opisina, including a lawyer, who by the way binenta na ang unit due to disappointment, WALANG TUBIG. Ang mga reservoirs, mga flushing toilets, at showers sa mga bahay naging props to command a high selling price for the units. Before the Holy Week in 1994, when members of the family of residents here planned for a vacation, they all went home in disappointment, wala nang tubig! Add to this the problem of ownership ngayon of the land where it stands, hindi kay Villar, kundi sa mga Andaya, Precilla at Angulo families for its Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Sa Phase 4, ang marker doon ng Tierra Monte Phase 4A, na-demolish na ng may-ari ng lupa, at binakuran, hindi rin kay Villar, hindi napigilan. See? Ang Teraza del Sol ni Villar, sana designed as subdivision ng mayayaman, sa taas ng Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte, gate na lang ang nakatayo ngayon as Villar’s MONUMENT to his GREED, naudlot, pinatigil ng mga may-ari through court order habang binobuldoze ni Villar, kasi ang lupa hindi rin kay Villar.

    Now, we realize kahit pala sa Bulacan o sa Iloilo, where Villar claims taga-Iloilo ang tatay niya, hindi man lang nahihiya magpakita kahit doon ng GREED, kasuwapangan niya sa lupa sa realty niya, kahit may nagmamay-ari, kahit palayan gawin niyang subdivision. Magyayabang pa at may mukha sa TV na he will put an end to Poverty. GRAND DECEPTION. ask an Ilonggo the meaning of the word, SALIMPAPAW. This is Villar, mabola at sinungaling, in the real sense of the word. I really wonder if he does not shiver to the word SALIMPAPAW siya na tao. Could not be trusted to run our only country, our BELOVED PHILIPPINES.


    Talagang tuloy tuloy ang pagdami ng mga tao na sumusporta kay Manny Villar.

    Sa mga taga San Mateo lalong lalo na sa mga taga Tierra Monte, magkitakita tayo sa linggo for caravan for MBV na iikot sa San Mateo patungo sa Marikina. Wear ang in na in na orange.

    Pagkakataon nyo na iparamdam ang pagmamahal nyo kay Manny Villar.




    Salamat salamat at maraming salamat.

  256. Magdalo throws support for Villar.

    MAGDALO = TRILLANES = Reimbursed P250,000 for local travel expenses while in jail = 4th Biggest spender in the Senate (P17M) while in jail.

    Birds of the same feather flock together!

  257. Rumors has it that Noynoy threw a fit last night infront of his shocked staff after being informed of the Pulse Asia survey. Easy noynoy. There will be more bad news forthcoming. I suggest you marry your girlfriend on March 15 or 30 to generate some free publicity. Too bad the Ayalas pledged donation is coming in trickles. Also you need to make your t.v commercials more attractive by having your image digitally improved. You jut dont come out as “worth voting” in t.v commercials. Anyway you still have 3 months to go.

  258. Scoop. Noynoy will not be seen starting feb 26 to 28. Rumors has it that our presidentiable is having some emotional / psychological issues currently is taking some medication to cool down his nerves. Cant really blame Noynoy since his presidential bid was not planned and that he had virtually no time to prepare himself emotionally for this tough grind unlike some presidentiables out there like the Money Guy and the Aviator.

  259. Tierra Monte

    The residents of Tierra Monte here in San Mateo Rizal are lucky that we have invested and bought houses here in this pristine subdivision.

    Yes there are squatters here and syndicates. There are a lot of bogus claims regarding ownership. In fact they are peddling this bogus claim to legitimate buyers and trying to “brain -wash” them in discontinuing their payments. Because of these falsehoods, a lot of residents of Tiera Monte who put their faith in theses bogus peddlers of evil have been ejected thru court order.

    Anyway its rather funny that a regualr poster here hates Villar so much just because for him or her Tierra Monte is in shambles. Well atleast nobody gets killed here in Tierra Monte. How about Hacienda Luisita, do you know that farmers leaders there are being killed by the security escorts of Noynoy since 1987. If Tierra Monte is to Villar then hacienda Luisita is to Noynoy. In Hacienda Luisita you will be robbed, killed and permanently silenced. Here in Tierra Monte you get an affordable house via Pag Ibig ( 4,500 monthly – lower than rent) and get to live in a peaceful and secured community. Anyway the real Tierra Monte residents especially in IV-B are already sick and tired of the syndicate members and their false promises. Anyway police and NBI police authorities already know who you are. And if you really think that Villar is a land grabber, then how come you are occupying the houses that he has built. Diba dapat lisanin nyo yung mga bahay na tinitirhan nyo kasi si Villar ang nag patayo nyan at hindi kayo. Peace.

  260. lightedcandleinthedark

    The Tierra Monte Homeowners Association, kunwari officers, nasa orange tarpaulin ang mga pangalan na naka kabit sa makeshift bodega-like structure ng Jericko Security Agency ni Villar sa Gate ng Tierra Monte Phase 1, ay fake! Mga alipores sila ni Villar, it now surfaces, sa sinulat just recently dito ng taga campaign ni Villar. Do you think binoto iyan ng mga residents? Kailan? Do you mean to say pumapayag ang mga tao na residente sa Tierra Monte na patuloy lolokohin sa CORRUPTION ni Villar? This Jericko really is galamay rin ni Villar sa CORRUPTION. Dyan, sa kunwari mga homeowners officers na fake na iyan, maraming inutangan sa tierra Monte, hindi nagbabayad, MANLOLOKO rin. See? What is new? Money works for CORRUPT people, full of DECEPTION. Kahit punuin pa ninyo ng mukha ni Villar ang Tierra Monte, his DECPETION making people suffer there without water and the land belonging to Andaya, Precilla and Angulo, is enough to make people hate him and not vote for Villar. Ano, coercion ang gamitin niya using MONEY?

    This DAMAYAN Association sa Phase 4A ng Tierra Monte is headed by Eleanor Sison, isa ring CORRUPT na nagbebenta ng mga vacant housing units, lalo pa yong mga may nakabili na at wala pang move-in. May isang mag-asawa binayad nila ang kanilang kotse na puti sa binenta ni Eleanor Sison na bahay sa Phase 4A, ginawa pa ang kasabwat niya na Punong Barangay na witness. Ngayon taga-suporta kay Villar? Where is her credibility. Kung sa bagay, birds of the same feather flock together. Take note, naka-usap ng marami yong mag-asawa, buntis pa noon, nagkakandarapa kahit hating gabi. They have put everything in that house, binayad nila, pinaayos pa, only to find out may nagmamay-ari pa na taga-Quezon City. alam ito ng marami dyan sa Phase 4A. See how the moneyed Villar works for CORRUPTION.

    EVILS polarize with fellow EVILS. The people could easily discern them. So, ano pa ang bago dito? Ang CORRUPT na si VILLAR kahit ano pa ang pag-package ninyo CORRUPT pa rin. Like yung story ng pakunwari na hari na walang damit na nakasuot daw ng pinakamagarang damit, at kung hindi mo makita, ibig sabihin makasalanan ka, may lilitaw pa rin na inosente na bata o mga tao na i-point out ang KATIWALIAN ni Villar! If today, you hear His voice, harden not your hearts. Biblical ito, but it is always good to remind Villar and you to turn away from your wicked ways.

  261. Tierra Monte

    Perhaps it is Andaya, Precilla and Angulo family na yan ang original and true squatters dito sa Tierra Monte. Ikaw nga lang ata ang may kilala sa mga yan. Im sure you are their agent. Mag kano comission mo? If im not mistaken mga care takers lang dati yan before ng AFP or mga nag AWOL na sundalo ng AFP. Yung title nila is MADE AND PRINTED IN RECTO.

    The people of TIERRA MONTE PHASE 1,2,3 AND 4 are all solid and love MANNY VILLAR.

    Yung issue issue nyo sa title ng Palmera Home Inc. wala namang pumapatol sa inyo kasi imbento nyo lang. Imagine sa tagal tagal na yan eh wala namang tumutulong sa inyo kasi lahat ng government officials na nilalapitan nyo bistado na syndikato kayo. Ni hindi nga pinapansin ni Mayor and Vice Mayor ng San Mateo yan kasi alam nila walang basis. Yung media nyo eh hanggang sa mga radio stations na walang nakikinig kayo pumupunta. Pati sa mga newspapers nilalapitan nyo yung mga columnist na binabayaran nyo pero wala rin.

    Matagal na kayo galit kay Manny Villar and you are taking things personally against him because hindi nya kayo pinapansin and would not like to deal with squatting syndicates. Alam naman ng lahat na humihingi kayo ng pera dati sa mga officers ng Palmera parta tumahimik na kayo pero di kayo pinagbigyan kaya ngayon galit na galit kayo. Mahilig kayo manakot at magsabi na ilalabas nyo sa media pero ang mga taga Palmera nanindigan na hindi sila makikipag usap sa mga squatters and their syndicate representatives.

    Anyway understandable ang galit nyo kay Manny Villar kasi di nyo nakuha ang gusto nyo. Ok lang tutal naman ni di kayo rehistrado na voter kaya di naman kayo malaking kawalan. Tingnan nyo ang magiging resulta sa eleksyon at mababatid nyo na SAN MATEO WILL GO VILLAR !!!!! Si Noynoy kakain ng alikabok dito.




  262. lightedcandleinthedark

    Let us remind Villar, his alipores, and for all of us: THE BEST DEFENSE AGAINST LIES AND DECEPTION IS THE TRUTH. Light as against Truth that is suppressed on the belief that LIES when repeated several times become the truth. Black is black and white is white. Kaya nga sa isang nabasa ko sa sinulat ng supporter ni Villar, nagsulat sa blog itong babae na seguro binayaran ni Villar, there is no criminal act if there is no law punishing the same in defense sa mga katiwalian ni Villar. But a saintly retired judge, I heard and listened to his lecture, may his soul rest in peace now – what sometimes appear as legally right, may not be morally right after all. So that good and upright lawyers should always uphold what is MORALLY RIGHT also. That saintly judge used to say: Observe all the things around us, even in nature there is harmony, in small things and big things, from atoms to heavenly bodies in the universe, the set-up has order and harmony, of electrons going around its nucleus, of planets going around the sun, and even galaxies seem to go around its center. So that man could readily discern to also sing in harmony. Embrace the TRUTH and work for the ULTIMATE GOOD. He said where there is DECEPTION, LIES being peddled, that is DEMONIC, DIVISIVE, and DESTRUCTIVE. SATAN is the father of all LIES. Dagdag pa niya kung nakikialam tayo na may alam tayo, that is our duty to instruct to awaken those who are in the dark, to guide them to the light. And yet, one priest last Sunday in his sermon said, mahirap ang makialam na wala namang alam to confuse the people with their right to know the TRUTH.

    Ito applicable sa lahat ng mga kandidato. But to us who knew the practices of VILLAR and his reallty company the Palmera Homes, hindi siya karapatdapat for the Presidency, add to that his Iloilo Savannah project, ang yung sa Bulacan, of mortgaging the properties of the poor people there to the Central Bank while his own Capitol bank went Bankrupt, pero dumami ng dumami yung pera niya. I know that in the accounting equation that ASSETS = LIABILITIES + PROPRIETORSHIP, applied to Villar, lumaki ang assets ni Villar, kasi that part of the true liabilities niya hindi niya tinupad ang services sa tao sa mga buyers ng ouse and lot niya.

    And worse pati itong proprietorship niya like land where his subdivisions were built, marami hindi niya properties, kasi hindi naman binayaran ang mga may-ari, sinakop lang. So, nang mabenta ang mga bahay at lupa na ito, tubong lugaw ang nakuha niya sa mga bumili ng bahay. Worse kung iwanan nila, as in Tierra Monte, ibenta pa rin ng mga agents niya kahit more that ten times pa, paulit-ulit na may downpayment, may 2nd REM pa. In early 1990, consider that yung mga gumawa were paid a small sum of P6,000 for every unit built na bahay at P30,000 lamang per my interview with the contractor ang materyales ng bahay, at enough na ang binayad na 2nd REM dito. Kaya, substandard ang construction, sabi ng contractor, kung lima kayo gumawa, tag P600 lang makuha ng isang trabahador.

    Kung nag-loan ang buyer sa SSS o GSIS ng housing loan, example, P275,000, at makuha ni Villar, so, apat lang na buyers may P1M na siya na maliwanag. Ang masama lang dito, substandard ang construction, pabayaan niya ang pagsupply ng tubig, at, later, malaman mo na lang hindi sa kay Villar ang lupa, as in Tierra Monte.

  263. lightedcandleinthedark

    Since when, pakunwari na taga suporta ni Villar code name Tierra Monte, na lightedcandleinthedark is endorsing a candidate? You are wrong. What is the point here, is to expose the CORRUPTION of Manny Villar na hindi siya kanaisnais maging PRESIDENTE. Put this in your head.

    Ikaw, you yourself, is campaigning for Villar and you would like to turn black into white. Remember, the Andayas, Precillas and Angulos put their trust on the rule of LAW. They said the papers they hold are the very same papers why Villar stopped his construction work at Teraza del Sol sa itaas lang ng Phase 3 ng Tierra Monte. At hindi sila mga sundalo nor utusan ng sundalo, dahil nauna pa sila sa pagpatayo ng AFP Housing ni Marcos na napalibutan na ngayon ng Tierra Monte ni Villar. the whole truth is slowly given exposure here. Hindi gawa-gawa kundi may basehan.

    Why not answer squarely yung issue na walang tubig sa Tierra Monte, at ang issue sa hindi pagmamay-ari ni villar ng lupa sa Phase 1, 2 and 3? Why don’t you react, sinabi mo na taga Phase 4 ka sa concrete dyan na may pangalan Tierra Monte Phase4A na ngayon ay tinanggal at nabakuran na, dahil hindi lupa ni villar ang pinatayuan? Bakit sabi mo marami kayong tubig sa Phase 4 na sabi mo parang Forbes Park na hindi naman? I told you, the best defense to LIES and DECEPTION is the TRUTH. Dalhan mo ng TV camera na live kung mapatunanyan mo ang mga salita mo na kasinungalingan. Kung totoong taga Tierra Monte ka, your heart would be for your fellow residcents there. Saan ang kaluluwa mo?

  264. Rumor has it that Manny Villar married Cynthia for her family’s wealth. Instant mayaman overnight! Masipag nanligaw at pinagtitiyagaan na lang.

    Rumor has it further that he USED his elected position to gain advantage for his companies – like C5 and daang hari (billions of pesos)

    What do you mean.. it’s not a rumor?