the boob song

seth macfarlane was new to me, and i’d already “heard” via facebook and twitter how sexist and racist his script was, but i’m glad we watched the replay anyway because ina and i actually enjoyed the show, loved the irreverence from beginning to end, no sacred cows, not even jews.  what does that say about us kaya.  bakit tawang-tawa kami sa “we saw your boobs” rather than offended? i think what tickled me pink was how rare  and candid a confession by men it was, that seeing boobs, especially the boobs of hallowed hollywood beauties, is quite a thrill worth singing about, why not?  i know, i know, politically incorrect and all that, these women are more than their boobs, absolutely, but hey, seth wasn’t saying otherwise, was he?  so why can’t we take a little teasing, where’s our sense of humor, let’s pick our battles naman…   oh, and that lincoln-booth joke and the too-soon punch, that was good.  148 years later is too soon?  cracked me up.  so did seth as flying nun, telling sally field how hot! she was then, what-a-babe? as a young nun,  o baka naman, hot as in mainit ang costume, heh.




  1. manuel buencamino

    Tawang-tawa din ako sa boob song at sa reaction shots ng mga artista sa audience. Liked the Lincoln joke too. But I was pissed that a propaganda film won best picture. Besides, yun mga suspense scenes ng Argo lalo na sa ending ay napaka-cliched. Tapos diniin pa yun mga arab stereotypes. Pinagmukang bobo sila. Di bale na na hindi pala totoo yun storya. Pina-award pa kay Mrs Obama. Ano kaya kinocondition ang mga amerikano para sa invasion ng Iran? Anyway, ang choice ko was Django Unchained.

      • manuel buencamino


        The true story was canada helped american hostages escape. In the movie a CIA agent helped American hostages escape.

        Would the movie have been less suspenseful if it revolved around a canadian agent and the efforts of the canadian ambassador and the home office?

        Hence the details were changed to fit the needs of propaganda. To glorify the CIA and the courage and heroism of its agents against the evil Iranians.

        • GabbyD

          uhm, the movie was about the CIA account, declassified about 10 years ago.

          prior to this, CIA involvement was a secret.

          theres lots of embelishments in the movie to service suspense movie tropes. the whole airport scene, with the mini interrogation, didnt happen. affleck was open about these, which were necessary to build an exciting third act.

          canada was in the movie. the movie was quite clear about the role of canada, and the canadian ambassador.

          • manuel buencamino

            uhm, President Carter, who was president when it happened, said that the US was only a little more than a bystander in that Canadian operation. I’d take his word over that of the movie maker who claims it is based on the truthful account of a declassified CIA document.

          • GabbyD

            bystander? what does that mean? wala silang ginawa? thats a bystander right?

            is that what you are alledging? sabi ni carter 90% is due to canada. the agent, mendez, was there for a day.

            yes, thats true. the movie agrees with it too. did u see the movie? whats the beef?

            your attitude towards this is weird.

            also, angela, the link is about the iranian hostage crisis. argo is only tangentially related to the hostage crisis.

          • manuel buencamino

            “is that what you are alledging? sabi ni carter 90% is due to canada. the agent, mendez, was there for a day.”

            “bystander na nga.”

            “yes, thats true. the movie agrees with it too.”

            No the movie makes the CIA agent the hero.

            “did u see the movie? ”


            “whats the beef?”

            I wasted my fucking time on propaganda.

            “your attitude towards this is weird.”

            well, i also never liked pablum. is that wierd too?

  2. GabbyD

    as seth himself says, you can’t win in comedy. i can’t help but find parallels between his jokes and the example of the kid in the philippines dancing to a sexy dance. the parents found themselves being investigated. (remember that?)

    lots of people were offended by that, even though there was no evidence that the dance was meant to be erotic in any way. put it another way, the ONLY reason to be offended is to believe that that dance WAS erotic.

    contrast that to seth’s joke that quivenche and clooney could have sex. people were offended by that too — even tho the whole premise of the joke is that its crazy to think a 9 year old would have sex with a man. Or put it another way, the ONLY reason to be offended is to believe that it was believable that clooney would have sex with a 9 year old.