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vice pangit

so what does this tell us about viceganda.  s/he’s not dumb — it takes smarts to do stand-up comedy, even the bastos kind — surely she knew she was crossing a line.  is it a measure of his/her contempt for social and moral no-no’s?  or was she testing the limits of her audience, among them “ma’am charo,” and the fouler she got, the louder they laughed.   no one walked out.  all is fair in the network war?

the boob song

seth macfarlane was new to me, and i’d already “heard” via facebook and twitter how sexist and racist his script was, but i’m glad we watched the replay anyway because ina and i actually enjoyed the show, loved the irreverence from beginning to end, no sacred cows, not even jews.  what does that say about us kaya.  bakit tawang-tawa kami sa “we saw your boobs” rather than offended? i think what tickled me pink was how rare  and candid a confession by men it was, that seeing boobs, especially the boobs of hallowed hollywood beauties, is quite a thrill worth singing about, why not?  i know, i know, politically incorrect and all that, these women are more than their boobs, absolutely, but hey, seth wasn’t saying otherwise, was he?  so why can’t we take a little teasing, where’s our sense of humor, let’s pick our battles naman…   oh, and that lincoln-booth joke and the too-soon punch, that was good.  148 years later is too soon?  cracked me up.  so did seth as flying nun, telling sally field how hot! she was then, what-a-babe? as a young nun,  o baka naman, hot as in mainit ang costume, heh.