Imperialism 2.0

The Philippines will extend once more the rights of a foreign military power on its islands — and it will welcome the continuing betrayal of its constitution. But a national unconscious also drives it, creating emotional binaries, and a lack of alternatives in this game of chess over Philippine seas. In a weird nesting-doll of historic inversion, Filipinos will accept U.S. planes and warships on its soil, spurred by anti-Chinese animosity once legalized by old U.S. biases, tying it once again to U.S. interests — while China remains ascendant. Meanwhile, eight Philippine Marines wait for their provisions on their ruinous battleship, stranded guardians of kalayaan, or freedom, on the shoal.  ~ Gina Apostol


  1. manuel buencamino


    The reality, for the next decade at least, is we have no defense capability. Parang our choice is limited to being a vassal of China or America. What should we do in the meantime?