“anonymous source” #cj trial

what goes on kaya behind the closed doors of a senate caucus, especially the one today yesterday where they “refined” the decision to compel bank officials to bring and testify on corona’s bank accounts, with the caveat of course that this is an exception, bank secrecy laws hold.  of course. they also have to be protecting their own interests — they have SALNs and BIR records, plenty properties and huge bank accounts too — but with the second-envelop fiasco on everybody’s mind, they are bending over backward and allowing the prosecution to subpoena practically any and all documents desired, never mind defense objections, para hindi sabihin ng taongbayan na kumakampi sila kay corona at meron silang itinatago o ipinapatago.  a boon to the prosecution.

it’s a highwire act for the senators, keeping a balance, keeping the people out of the streets.  yesterday was tense.  would the senate order that corona’s bank records be subpoenaed or not.  but it was like the decision had been taken out of their hands.  media was already feasting on the juicy details of alleged dollar accounts based on documents provided  the prosecution by an  “anonymous source”.  the senate could not have said no, never mind that that anonymous source is an illegal source.  probably a concerned citizen, said the prosecution lawyer who received the documents.

i wonder about this concerned citizen.  did she act independently?  motivated only by personal anti-corona sentiments?  or did she act upon instructions from someone powerful who’s pulling strings behind-the-scenes?  sana she acted independently.  because if she didn’t, then that’s bad news.  worse even, we’ll probably never know.


  1. remember the “little girl” hoax from last year? now, it’s a “short girl”, according to one of the prosecutors.

    remember the “2 CDs” that landed on top of someone’s table in 2005? now, bank documents landing on the palms of one prosecutor.

    concerned citizen daw?

    i think there’s more reason to doubt.
    some clandestine operation most likely took place…

    “bourne legacy” fever…

    • RA 1405 is a general law wherein no currency was stated.

      RA 6426, the Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines, is a special law.

      Specific TRUMPS general.

      Only ONE (1) exception in RA 6426, i.e., written permission from foreign currency depositor.