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almost everyone’s saying senator panfilo aka “ping” lacson should surrender and prove his innocence in court instead of forever playing the unfairly accused fugitive.   but when i think of the vizconde massacre and how there is so much reasonable doubt as to the guilt of hubert webb et al and yet they’ve been in jail for 15 years now and counting, i can’t blame lacson for staying away.   lalo na after rereading my september 2009 post, the dacer whodunit.   at the time there were still all sorts of questions and allegations re two ex-presidents who were known to be closely involved with dacer.   questions that have not been addressed or answered, at least not in public.   tipong bigla na lang, basta, si lacson ang mastermind, sabi kasi ni mancao.   but i find it hard to believe that ping acted on his own and not on orders of a higher-up, if indeed he had anything to do with the double murder.


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  1. Die Hard Pinoy

    @UPnn, :=)
    If we to follow the statement of Sen. Ping on the elements of crime investigation, I can only conclude that 1) motive for the murder-we know that from the political events during the impeachment trial of Erap that FVR has axes to grind against Erap for exposing the Amari and Centennial scam which runs in billions. 2)instruments-FVR had dedicated generals who have control over covert military operations, namely, Gen. Almonte, ex-national security adviser and Victor Corpus 3)opportunity-because of the high profile of the Erap impeachment case,the murder of Dacer-Corbito will shift the blame on Erap-Ping collusion for obvious reasons.
    Since Sen. Ping is a no-nonse and strong advocate against corruption in govt, esp. vs- GMA, the triumvirate of GMA-FVR-Devenicia gang up on him to destroy his presidential ambition, hence, the murder case.

  2. UP nn grad

    Siguro, maski malakas siya kay Noynoy, ayaw pa ring makipagsapalaran si Ping with Pilipinas Department of Justice and Pilipinas courts. Takot siguro si Ping na magaya siya kay Hubert Webb. 15 years in jail bago naging “… not guilty”.

  3. Here is a quote from Antonio Carpio before he joined the Supreme Court:

    THE HAND-WRITTEN affidavit of Supt. Glenn Dumlao is like a map that leads us right on the very doorsteps of Bubby Dacer’s killers. Who killed Dacer and why? In his affidavit Dumlao points to “Malacañang” as the mastermind, adding that then PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson knew from the very start about the operation to kill Dacer.

    This is either an error, or an attempt to mislead.

    The text of Dumlao’s affidavit runs as follows:

    Mancao: Noy, ano ba ang Special Operations na ito?

    Aquino: Kay kuwan yan Mr. Dacer. OK na yan sa Malacanang, pinag-usapan na yan.

    Mancao: Clear ba ito sa Boss natin, kay 71 (Lacson was from PMA class 1971)?

    Aquino: Sila na daw bahala sa kanya.

    It is also clear from the question that Mancao did not know anything about the special ops. So his sudden recollection after prodding by Raul Gon renders his testimony incredible, as the Court of Appeals has so ruled.