the dacer whodunit 2

kadarating pa lang ni michael ray aquino, pinawalang-sala na niya sina erap at ping in the dacer-corbito murders.  at wala daw siyang alam tungkol sa kaso.  of course no one believes him, least of all the dacer sisters.

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  1. I wonder why. It seems to me that there are far more compelling leads that should merit attention but why are they being ignored? Mancao’s account, for all intents and purposes, is so obviously/glaringly/manifestly weak and slim yet why do they keep hammering on it? Mainstream media seem to share the same bent. Yesterday, I posted a comment on Inquirer’s editorial on the same subject with a link to John Marzan’s blogpost followed by questions that no one there seems interested to ask, I get a red flag -27 (which means I have a very low reputation score) instead.

    How the h–l did I get that?! What’s more, i get a reply that I am part of Lacson PR group hahaha! Kakatuwa.