abusing the webbs

justice secretary leila de lima’s latest statements unequivocally declaring the webbs guilty of lying re the whereabouts of hubert on the night of the vizconde massacre — new evidence daw shows that hubert was in manila and not in the u.s. — smacks of gross injustice to the webb family.  and that she’s not here to answer questions and face the webbs — nasa berlin daw for some conference — makes me wonder: was it deliberate, making her statements on the eve of her departure, so as to avoid the firestorm she set off?

and what about, making her statements on the eve of the lapsing of the 20-year statute of limitations on murder cases.  all the time i thought that the nbi/doj were looking at other suspects.  ang hirap ba masyado?  easier to just go back to hubert, lalo na’t lauro vizconde insists he’s guilty?  really, what makes de lima’s new witnesses so credible, after 20 years of silence?  and again, what about u.s. immigration records that prove hubert arrived in the u.s. when he said he did?  nabayaran din lang?  LOL

all the talk about how former senator fredddie webb was so influential, he was able to have records doctored to reflect hubert’s departure before the murders, is i think misplaced — if he were so influential, hubert wouldn’t have gone to jail at all.

the one who is really influential, it seems to me now, is lauro vizconde himself who i hear is a board director of ibc 13 and a consultant in pagcor, thanks to gma.  ano yon?  reward?  pampalubag loob?  preferential treatment?   if he hadn’t gone overseas as ocw baka buhay pa ang asawa niya’t dalawang anak?

and what about the aquino administration?  masaya ba sila sa ginawang ito ni leila de lima, refusing to respect the supreme court ruling?  or is this part lang of a continuing campaign vs the supreme court?  sana hindi.  there must be other ways to skin that cat without using the webbs who have suffered enough.

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  1. Angela, a problem with this case is that acquittal on reasonable doubt can be consistent with preponderance of evidence that the accused did as charged. That, for example, was the outcome of the OJ case – he won acquittal but lost the civil suit on wrongful death – because the burden of proof is different.

    A seemingly still unanswered question is thus one relating to civil damages. Did the SC rule that the victim’s family could not recover on civil damages?

    What is mysterious is that the victim’s family seems uninterested in the civil aspect, but seems more interested in pushing its views in the court of public opinion. And the accused does the same. Why is that?

  2. GabbyD

    de lima has responded. she completely ignored why she had to bring out the “evidence” from the webbs, when they cant be tried anymore.

    had she kept her presscon about NEW suspects, that wouldve been fine. but she didnt. and she’s totally ignoring what she did. pnoy too.

  3. Speaking about liars, Lauro himself is a big liar.

    First he claims to have talked regularly to Carmela and the rest of the family. Unbelievable. Ask anyone from BF/BF Resort nad he will tell you there were still no phones in BF during those times.

    He admits however Carmela never mentioned Hubert’s name but just one “Kulit” and “Tisoy”. Hubert’s name came to him … in a dream!

    He also said the moment he heard of the news, he flew back to the Phils. Whoa, whoa! There were no flights that day and few days after because the the ash of Mount Pinatubo has reached Manila! Why was he here already? Was he already here at the time of the crime? Did the NBI bother to check that?

    He and Mrs Vizconde were already separated he will not have material gain if he kills her, the kids inherit all. But if the children were also killed, then… Ask the wife’s relatives!

  4. It was only Art Sacaguing among the NBI seniors who did not want the NBI to pursue the Webb angle based on Alfaro’s testimony. In Sacaguing’s own words “because she was never there”. Sacaguing is still alive, unlike most of his predecessors and successors who died untimely deaths while sitting as Director.

  5. tongue!!! long time :) talaga, i’ve always wondered about this vizconde guy, and everything i’ve read about him and his family did not inspire confidence in his stories. so i can’t believe the doj and media are so credulous, grabe!