traffic and the class divide

stark show of the class divide:  the traffic problem solved in favor of car-owners, never mind the masses of public transpo commuters who are oppressed, disenfranchised, marginalized enough.

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  1. One of the issues that i havent read any pundit write about is non-franchise (colorum? what a strange name… bakit collorum?) PUVs. let me call them illegal puvs.

    the southern terminal is in part a response to the regulation of private publicly accessible transpo.

    dealing with the illegal puvs isnt clear at all. its a problem in poor neighborhoods anywhere in the world.

    but i’m surprised that the problem is this huge (assuming the ltfrb/mmda is correct).

    can’t we legislate that puvs should have certain markings clearly visible, that mark it as a franchise holder. the lack of such a market is prima facie evidence of illegal puvs, which any police man can arrest you for (and this means criminal liabilities)?

      • yes, i looked into the fines and they were pitifully low and too forgiving.

        first offense is 5k and suspension of drivers lic, and taking away of the plate.

        why not impound it immediately? why leniency?

        considering the social cost of being an illegal puv, bakit ayaw nilang taasan? 5k is small in terms of the monthly income of a puv. (btw, this is for the operator– 1k fine for the driver seems closer to the monthly income of a driver)

        and to incentivize the cops, give them at least 50% of the fines in terms of bonuses.

        the last part, incentivizing cops, may require a new law; not sure.