three years na lang

i would have ignored kris’s latest drama, especially after reading BUSTED! Kris wags the dog, saves the king, but there’s a couple of things about this one that gives me pause.

for one, it would seem like kris has reached the limits of her powers.  last wednesday, she was on the offensive, getting a 30-day temporary protection order against ex-husband basketball idol james yap on alleged grounds of unwanted amorous advances in front of their 5 year old bimby three months ago, and which she seeks to make a permanent protection order, the hearing set na for april 8.  but that very night, james went on tv and disputed kris’s narrative, accused her of turning bimby against him, even quoted her as saying, “baka nakalimutan mo, three years pa ang brother ko.”  (which gloating threw me for a loop.  power-tripping to the max!)  kris went on the defensive the next day, denied saying it, but only on tv patrol, not on jessica soho’s sona (correct me if i’m wrong), and disputing james’s narrative, as expected.  what was unexpected, however, was the announcement that she is quitting showbiz for the sake of bimby; it surprised because it is NOT what the occasion, the problem, is calling for, which is that she continue to work at meeting james halfway for the sake of bimby.  so what happened in the hours between offense and defense?  was the powerful kuya livid?  or is this just a strategic goodbye, complete with sacrificial-lamb effect, a temporary hiatus lang, before she sashays into  oligarchic politics, running (it has been rumored) for no less than president in 2016!  *ARGH*

for another, it amazes me that kris didn’t anticipate that james would fight back?  with a kick-ass lawyer like lorna kapunan?  sorry, frank chavez, but if you’ve got no better strategy than to count on a suggestible five-year old’s testimony, then you’ll deserve to get your ass kicked.  besides, no matter how intelligent bimby is, the boy needs his father, too, especially in these formative years, even more at puberty and adolescence; too much identification with the mother, in this case kris, who is not exactly a model of maturity and balance and stability, is not good for the kid at all, as any worthy psychologist would tell you.  the obsession, for instance, to deprive james of all of a father’s rights by legally adopting the child as a single parent and changing the boy’s name from aquino yap to cojuangco aquino, speaks volumes.  it is to deny not only reality, but the boy’s paternity.  ano na.  parang immaculate conception baga?  for the sake of the child?  in what universe?


  1. Fascinating. So you don’t see Kris as a victim, but as an instigator of trouble? By filing a court case she is not defending, but attacking? I’m rather stunned, getting a clear sense from you that Nicole was victim. I don’t see the cases as much different.

    • 3yrs. to go! Wow!!! Power tripping to the max! I wish ABS-CBN grant her wish so she can get looong vacation and spare us the replays of her tele-drama inperson. Its not entertaining anymore. Is she on self-destruct mode or blinded by popular survey????

      • It would be worth a doctoral dissertation, I suspect, the world showpeople inhabit, and how some personalities get consumed by their role, as if the show were real life. Count the rock musicians who have self-destructed from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson and many in between. Ms. Aquino probably spends the better part of most days in the lala land of entertainment. Must be bizarre. Still, my own personal brush with her reveals that she is charming, intelligent and kind. I simply wish her the best and don’t think any woman who has to fend off a sexually aggressive male ought to be made the victim again by the press or people in general.

        • JoeA@ :=) I am also very much an avid fan of Krriss because i find her articulate, intelligent,frank & down to earth though a show-off, but to mention of her brother’s term of office, sounds intimidating, rocks me off the chair and dangerously playing poker games of power politics just to hide behind the apron of legal protection.

          • Yes, apparently a bit of an unfortunate pull of power. Still, I’m glad no one had recordings of me when I was ranting wildly, illogically, and unkindly against one of my many ex-wives. ahahahahah. So I hope it gets worked out after cooler heads prevail. Paris seems like a good place to wind down.

  2. @JoeA.:=(…Paris i find a place of an “effete snubs of impudent nationalists”,doesnt bite your english even if they understand you. . Not a good winding down for family bonding.specially for 5 yr.old Bimby. Better go to Boracay or or HK Disneyland.