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three years na lang

i would have ignored kris’s latest drama, especially after reading BUSTED! Kris wags the dog, saves the king, but there’s a couple of things about this one that gives me pause.

for one, it would seem like kris has reached the limits of her powers.  last wednesday, she was on the offensive, getting a 30-day temporary protection order against ex-husband basketball idol james yap on alleged grounds of unwanted amorous advances in front of their 5 year old bimby three months ago, and which she seeks to make a permanent protection order, the hearing set na for april 8.  but that very night, james went on tv and disputed kris’s narrative, accused her of turning bimby against him, even quoted her as saying, “baka nakalimutan mo, three years pa ang brother ko.”  (which gloating threw me for a loop.  power-tripping to the max!)  kris went on the defensive the next day, denied saying it, but only on tv patrol, not on jessica soho’s sona (correct me if i’m wrong), and disputing james’s narrative, as expected.  what was unexpected, however, was the announcement that she is quitting showbiz for the sake of bimby; it surprised because it is NOT what the occasion, the problem, is calling for, which is that she continue to work at meeting james halfway for the sake of bimby.  so what happened in the hours between offense and defense?  was the powerful kuya livid?  or is this just a strategic goodbye, complete with sacrificial-lamb effect, a temporary hiatus lang, before she sashays into  oligarchic politics, running (it has been rumored) for no less than president in 2016!  *ARGH*

for another, it amazes me that kris didn’t anticipate that james would fight back?  with a kick-ass lawyer like lorna kapunan?  sorry, frank chavez, but if you’ve got no better strategy than to count on a suggestible five-year old’s testimony, then you’ll deserve to get your ass kicked.  besides, no matter how intelligent bimby is, the boy needs his father, too, especially in these formative years, even more at puberty and adolescence; too much identification with the mother, in this case kris, who is not exactly a model of maturity and balance and stability, is not good for the kid at all, as any worthy psychologist would tell you.  the obsession, for instance, to deprive james of all of a father’s rights by legally adopting the child as a single parent and changing the boy’s name from aquino yap to cojuangco aquino, speaks volumes.  it is to deny not only reality, but the boy’s paternity.  ano na.  parang immaculate conception baga?  for the sake of the child?  in what universe?

kris aquino, ‘wag tularan

i find i can’t ignore her ’cause she’s so in-our-face and i worry about the values our girls are picking up from her endlessly cheap dramatics.

so she’s back, and, boy! (abunda?), her media handlers certainly made sure she’d be talked about, as if taking over wowowee wasn’t big enough news, nah, they had to throw in rumors din that she’s preggy and that she’s being linked to chiz and junjun and robin atbp. all of which she happily giddily gleefully denied on nationwide tv, sabay amin na type niya si junjun.   as for her marriage to james, well, she’s quite optimistic that it was void to begin with.   destiny daw, lol, omg, wtf.

BOY: Based on the interview, I think with the lawyers, na may na-mention na maaaring mayroong posibilidad na your marriage was null and void to begin with. Ano ang iyong take?

KRIS: Probably because the premise kung paano siya nagsimula, na hindi ko inamin sa pamilya ko right away, part of destiny ‘yan. Kasi siguro kung kumpiyansa ako na it will really be okay and all, hindi na tayo nagtago sa bahay mo. [Laughs] Siguro regalo na ‘yan ng tadhana sa aming dalawa. I don’t know, Boy, I have to sit down with the lawyers. I have to see the papers. It has to go through the process in court. But kung totoo ‘yan at mayroon kaming mga requirements na hindi na-fullfill, at yung technicality nandoon at maru-rule nga ng korte na null and void to begin with, then maybe it’s really a lesson for me.  That no matter how I tried to avoid it and no matter how much my family tried to accept James, if ever, Boy, in the future—and I’m saying malayong future ito, ha—sisiguraduhin kong I’ll do it correctly this time. Wala nang mga patagu-tago pa.

so because she and james were married secretly, and she kept the marriage secret for some time, the marriage is invalid?   the spin being, she kept it secret because she must have lacked confidence that she was doing the right thing, so the marriage is void?   ganoon?   how old was she ba when she married james?   sweet-16-never-been-kissed?  ano namang drama yan.   she was 34, with a string of scandalous love affairs behind her, and if she still didn’t know what she was doing, then yeah, she’s sick.

but hey, i’m not biting.   it’s more likely, i’m told, that she kept the marriage secret muna out of concern for some multimillion-peso product endorsements she made while she was single that may have required her to remain single for the duration of the contract.   she would have needed to break the news gently to her sponsors, which sounds more credible, di ba.

and now she wants another chance.   with another man.   never mind that james is wanting to work things out.   pagod na daw.   ayaw na niya.   so there.   brat pa rin.   well.   let’s see how that legal process goes.   if she gets her way, so should all other pinays na walang pera pambayad sa abogado at sa korte but who want out of worse marriages, lalo na yung mga binubugbog at yung mga basta iniwanna lang.   fair is fair.

and what about that promise to cory.

James: …nangako ako kay Mom Cory na hindi ko pababayaan ang pamilya namin. Na-aalagaan ko si Kris, si Josh at si Baby James. Nangako rin kami ni Kris sa harap ni Mom Cory na hindi kami maghihiwalay.

sagot ni kris, wag nang idamay si mom.   ganoon?   she’s dead anyway?   so, were her fingers and arms and legs crossed when she made the promise?   cory must be turning and tossing in her grave.   ninoy must be shaking his head and making buntong-hininga.   bishop soc must be desperate for divine guidance, what to do with this wayward witch, i mean, bitch, i mean, sheep.   she with the sparkle in her eye.   malinaw naman what the real problem is.   in-love na naman siya and she’s so fecklessly recklessly messed up, she doesn’t even have the sense to keep THAT secret.

kris strikes again

di ko na sana papatulan itong latest drama ni kris aquino — na grabe naman ang timing, segue na segue ang launching ng bago niyang teleserye — kaya lang we are getting / being given only one side of the story which is really quite unfair to james yap, and to mayen austria na rin.   sino ba talaga ang biktima dito.   si kris nga ba?   o si james?   o si mayen?   o tayo?

of course i’m coming from the point of view, generally accepted, na there’s no affair going on, austria is just a fan kind of friend, which sense i get from two sympathizers of james : his teammate marc pringis, husband of vic & dina’s danica sotto…

Purefoods teammate defends James

MANILA, Philippines — Purefoods forward Marc Pingris defended his teammate James Yap and the latter’swife Kris Aquino on reports that the actress-TV host made a scene outside the house of an alleged girlfriend of her hubby.

Pingris said being linked to their fans is part of their lives as basketball stars.

“‘Wag silang basta-basta naniniwala sa hindi nila nakikita, kasi sa showbiz andyan na ‘yung paninira,” he said.

… and jaemark tordecilla of the sports blog firequinito

I feel a bit sorry for James Yap in this situation. He couldn’t be thrilled that his wife threw him under the bus on national TV while she played victim; how’s that going to help salvage their marriage? I think everyone can agree that the girl wasn’t his girlfriend, although her calling him up might have been inappropriate.

(Like the rest of the country, I wonder why that girl was calling him for romantic advice. Is he the Papa Jack of PBA players, and was this his own little “True Love Conversations”? Can PBA fans just start doing this? I’m also a huge Purefoods fan. Can I just start calling up Jondan Salvador the next time I need love advice? He seems like he’s a good listener. Or should I start sending him cupcakes first? …)

my guess is, austria called not so much to ask for advice but to cry on james’ shoulder, figuratively speaking, and share with james, her basketball idol-friend, the latest hurt in her life.   she’d have called too, i bet, if something wonderful happened, like a new boyfriend, or a lotto win.   whatever.   it’s the kind of thing some avid fans do to connect somehow anyhow with their idols.   pero usually, mababaw ang kaligayahan ng fans.   makita lang ang idolo nila ay okey na, mangitian o makindatan lang sila ay happy na, makausap lang nila sandali ay heaven na.   which is not to say that it can’t go deeper or farther, but that depends na on how the celeb handles the situation.

basketball players like james, let us remember, are well-advised to be nice to fans, because some fans can be very vicious when snubbed or ignored, which would mean negative publicity not just for the player but also for the team and for the company sponsor that’s paying him / them a lot of money for promotional purposes.   and james yap, if tordecilla is to be believed, already sounds to me like freddie webb in the sixties and jaworski in the eighties, please correct me if i’m wrong:

Yap is not only one of the best players in the game, but he’s also the most popular (with fans) and the most despised (with critics)–which makes him pretty much the most relevant PBA player of his generation.

so he must have a lot of female fans, the more the merrier, and the wife — nakalimutan na siguro niya that she herself started out as a fan — will just have to learn to deal with it if she truly wants the marriage to work and to last.   just because me tumatawag kay james na mga babaeng fan, just because kinakausap niya itong mga babaeng fan, ay hindi ibig sabihin na james is being unfaithful or not being a good husband.   dealing with fans kindly, nicely, is part of the job, as she should know.

my first reaction upon hearing kris’s story was : okay, what if di sinagot ni james ang ringing celfone, would that have made a difference?   i doubt it.   i can imagine an alternative script :  kris demanding to know (immediately or later), why dont/didnt you answer?   who’s calling ba, why is she calling you, why not answer it and tell her to stop calling, what’s going on ba, if you don’t answer it i will.   ang bottom line : james was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

which makes me wonder if kris was on naghahanap-lang-ng-away mode para mapag-usapan siya for the sake of her new teleserye and, maybe, para mai-promote niya si noynoy as the very moral brother.   who knows.   showbiz savvy, media savvy, that’s kris for you.   for us.   which may even explain why she did what she did : after insisting she wants to save the marriage, she ups and leaves james, she needs space daw.   ano ba yan.    that’s no way to work at a marriage.   poor james.   but well, wow, imagine a reconciliation scene, imagine the ratings, kris and james back in each other’s arms, around valentine’s day of course, which is her birthday, which coincides with the chinese new year, hmmm, i wonder what she’ll be launching then, i wonder what’s cooking (sniff sniff).

in fairness, kris actually does the public, especially women, a service, everytime she goes on nationwide tv to discuss her marriage woes, which is to show & tell (in a manner of speaking) what NOT to do if you really want to keep your man.