the problem with lolit solis

is that she is even less credible than kit tatad.  she really should just stop with the pasabogs, and arnold clavio should just stop with the radio interviews, unless she is willing to name her sources, and/or clavio has other sources to confirm lolit’s allegations.

nakakalabas si napoles sa fort sto.domingo para maligo sa bahay niya sa alabang?  kung totoo, explosive nga, but this would mean that the entire police force tasked with her security is in on it, and could it happen without the okay of the palace?  hard to believe that the palace would condone such special treatment on top of all the speculations with regard to the surrender.

easier to speculate that lolit is engaged in major major disinformation as part of a plot to drag down the palace along with her showbiz alaga, bong revilla, who is in deep shit together with enrile and jinggoy estrada, the first three senators to be charged with plunder along with napoles.

curiously enough, lolit is said to admit to being a recipient/beneficiary of napoles’s generosity.  read LOLIT SOLIS, JULIA ABAD AT ANG PORK BARREL SCAM.

Sinong hindi matutuwa kung bibigyan ka ng P50,000 o P100,000?

Sabi ni Manay Lolit, ito ang mga natanggap niya kay Janet sa pagdalo-dalo nito sa paokasyon ng pork barrel queen sa ngayon.

a total of 50,000 o 100,000 as of now?  o baka naman 50k to 100k on every occasion, and on how many occasions kaya as of the last time?  manay lolit, handa ka na bang mag-accounting at magsoli ng datung sa kaban ng bayan?

kung sabagay, napakadaling bumawi from whomever is putting up the datung for all these pasabogs.  if there’s anything we can be sure of, it’s that lolit isn’t doing this  for free, much less for nation.


  1. What is sad is that this scandal is really transforming into a circus freak side show complete with tinseltown’s gossip personality, hehehe.

    If what she claims is true then Kapunan has some explaining to do regarding Ms. Porky Pig Napoles “fear’ for her life just to attend her arraignment and yet brave enough to take a shower in he house at Alabang? LOL.

    Indeed, the police and the palace has a lot of explaining to do if what Solis says is true. But then again in a society where lying is considered an art form and no one gets reprimanded or made accountable for doing so, what is stopping her? hehehe.

  2. manuel buencamino

    I wonder why Arnold Clavio allowed his radio talk-show to be used? Bayaran ba yan si Arnold or is he one of those haters who propagates anything they believe will undermine the trust of the people in Aquino?