the malu-gma connect

malu-bigfoot-in-her-mouth-fernandez strikes again, this time dissing bloggers (slacker’s job daw, unless you get paid for it, how mercenary) who crucified her once for dissing ofws, and all in a sophomoric kind of bad writing that’s full of herself and her perfumed hot-air existence. to top it all, she has the gall to call herself a journalist. omg, i swear, professional pinoy journalists should raise a stink. there ought to be a law barring the likes of this woman from thinking herself in the pro league, and naming herself to the pro league. she gives philippine journalism a bad name.

and of course, being the aunt of the gma cohort (supposedly senator) migs zubiri (whose mom is her sister), the tacky bitch just had to weigh in on a bloggers’ campaign to unseat the lucky bitch:

It’s just like all this hullabaloo about ousting GMA. You deposed ERAP in Edsa Dos. Now you’re unhappy with his replacement. Make up your minds. (For the record I’m not pro anybody I’m pro whatever lesser evil is out there). You can’t overthrow one president then decide you made a mistake with your second choice. I’s not like buying a green Hermes bag and suddenly deciding, oops I should have gotten the black one instead. Unfortunately that’s the kind of nation we have become, a bunch of wishy-washy whiners who whine about everything under the sun and found the blog sphere to be the new medium for whining. Yes we do what we have to do as a nation to get things done and stop corruption and evil (I’m all for that) but we never seem to be happy with what we have, hence the complaining and whining. It just never stops.”

grabe. if i were the supposed senator zubiri, i would cringe in shame at being associated with such drivel.


  1. I found her article dissing the OFW’s really funny, like watching that documentary about Imelda. What she said there were true: pinoys clapping the moment the plane lands Philippine soil, or the airplane cabin reeking of cheap aftershave.

    It’s her burgis reaction that’s funny. It’s satirical, although she didn’t intend it to be.

  2. funny naman talaga ang pinoy, di ba. and we know how to laugh at ourselves din. puwde ngang pang sitcom yung sitwasyon. pero yung kanyang burgis take ang naka-offend kasi nag-ilusyon siyang she’s better than the rest of us.

  3. ah yes, the infamous blog + comments that reminded malu of her own crucifixion by bloggers not so long ago. interesting the way this brian just keeps going i wouldn’t be surprised if the sosi peeps pay up, ambagan blues, just to shut him up.