the buck stops with the president

PNOY … could say, “As the buck stops here, with me, in Mamasapano, I take full responsibility; I regret my failed effort to check terrorism, and I will answer to history.”

that’s from senator rene saguisag.  read Widows and orphans and an apology?  the president should simply apologize, everyone makes mistakes.

read, too, this from dante ang:  PNoy ordered AFP, SAF to stand down.  elephant in the room.

the president will be addressing the nation this afternoon, or so goes a text from a palace insider to the inquirer.  sana totoo.  at sana patotohanan niya ang balitang kahapon pa umiikot tungkol sa resignation ni purisima.

at sana mag-sorry na siya.

man up, mr. president.



  1. Failed? These guys killed 200 in a Bali bombing and may have been planning an attack on Pope Francis. These are not nice guys. They are bloodthirsty killers like ISIS.

    Expensive, yes.

    Failed, no. Even the parents of the fallen get it. (Inquirer article today, “Absolving Aquino”) Why can’t the emotional ordinary people not find their bearings, too?

    Oh, yes. Stoked by tabloid journalism. The information of the masses.

      • Do you know how many battlefield losses there have been over the course of history? Exactly as many as there were wins. Every nation has met with its humanity and failure to anticipate all circumstances and lost. It’s what happens when hundreds of people are running around with high powered guns and other armaments. Learn from it, yes, indeed. Find culprits among the brave? Not for me . . . but I will defend them.

        As they defend us.

  2. john c. jacinto

    According to Col. Noli Talino of SAF, the sacrifice of the SAF44 was worth it. Why are we diluting the heroic sacrifice of these 44 dead policemen? They are now in heaven for killing that goddamn terrorist.

  3. oh my. i hear now that there was collaboration at the start, and then the milf made demands that weren’t met, and shit happened…? parang consistent with dante ang’s story…? the senate hearings should be interesting.

  4. angie,
    They could have avoided senseless deaths if the SAF ground commander, Napenas, was not greedy for rewards and honor. Thats the bottomline. Besides, the temporary negotiation for ceasefire was tactically utilized to favor the BIFF/MILF forces and to save the BLL agreement. Why did the remaining 300 SAF forces not cover their comrades with fire power while the frontliners were surrounded by the rebel groups. Sure they got Marwan, but politically and militarily they lost the battle to power trippers who have no respect for Constitutional law and makes mockery of the peace process under the apron security of Malaysia who is supposed to be neutral but has acted as the protector of international terrorist. Shame on our Pres. Pinoy, he should be not trusted or agreed to Malaysian Muslims as part and parcel of the negotiation. I therefore, charged these officials as traitors to the interest of our nation.