Satur Sulit

We are missing the point, I fear
going around in circles
we are at systems failure
but we act as if we weren’t
it is a failure of government
our democracy does not work.

we prolong our agonies
teaching an old horse
or whipping a dead one
how stupid must things get?
before we scream, “Enough!
it does not work!”

the poor have long known it
they’ve been poor long enough
they rely on no government
and go their own way
poor maybe in the things of the rich are they
but richer in life in their own way.

they’ll have none of the speeches
it’s all been said before
just the people with the money
fighting over the spoils
the poor are too busy making ends meet
life without money keeps them on their feet.

all government is in the breach
it serves only its own
the poor are a statistic, unfortunate but heck
the rich own the government
a law unto their own
the constitution a traffic light, run it if you can.

nothing operates according to law
only the parts that are meant for show
the rest is sleight of hand now we see it now we don’t
–how do they do that?
get around laws, get away?
the answer is simple, they invented it that way.

constitutional anarchy is the name of the game
the secret is in the fine print
the hidden meanings and obscure legalities
what is apparent does not apply, the opposite is true
who has power is exempted
only the poor must do.

they pretend it is government
but we know better, we do
countries with governments become rich, not the few
they pretend it is democracy
but we know better, we do
countries with democracy hold elections that are true.

we don’t expect more
this government we know
it was created by empires, dictators, and gold
all the lawful protections
they provide us are clearly
for the ruthless and greedy to govern us freely.

change the charter! is their constant refrain
but it is only false hope
they have no idea how to make things work
it is only a script
read closely, you’ll see
the rulers will still rule, but beware, with more teeth!

Ay, who can we turn to?
what can we do? I say
Dissolve the government, in our minds it eschew
it does not exist
it is only a deceit
only a bad dream, Awake, and it disappears!

We are anarchy, behold!
the best in the world
the failure of government to have and to hold
anarchy is our way
it is nature’s own way
‘tis what saves the day when empires lose sway!