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this one’s for nonoy marcelo and “alapaap”!

Senator Vicente Sotto reinvents himself as the anti-RH champion
Let’s not forget what happened when he was the anti-illegal drugs champ
by Raissa Robles

I’m watching with fascination as Senator Vicente Sotto III reinvents himself – this time as THE opponent of women’s reproductive health rights.

Still, let’s not forget how he used another hot button issue to propel himself to political prominence, so much so that he was once touted to become the vice-presidential running mate of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the 1998 presidential polls.

Arroyo dropped him like a hot potato after he was embroiled in one of the hottest political scandals involving a senator in post-Marcos history.

Many of you probably know I am referring to the scandal involving Sen. Sotto and suspected drug lord Alfredo Tiongco. I had to cover that extensively forSouth China Morning Post (HK) because Tiongco fled to Hong Kong and became the first – and only – person to be extradited from there upon the request of the Philippine government.

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  1. this is actually for raissa:
    i have no personal knowledge about the issue of sotto-tiongco. But what I have personal knowledge of is how sen. sotto is so genuinely serious about the non-passage of the RH bill. Assuming arguendo that he is indeed connected with tiongco, i still believe that people change, and that your past doesnt define your future. Sen. Sotto’s stand on the rh bill is founded on solid, competent, reasonable and acceptable grounds. I dont believe that his stand on the issue has anything to do with the catholic views. It just so happened that they are one in saying that Humans cannot intervene with God’s will. But aside from that, he got objective arguments, such as the redundancy of the rh bill, the abortifacient effects of some contraceptives, the side-effects/carcinogenic effects of the family planning supplies, the questionable organizations backing it up and the unconstitutionality of the bill itself. i hope we give senator sotto the benefit of a doubt on this one.. because we will all benefit from his stand on the rh bill.